tagLoving WivesA Beautiful Friendship

A Beautiful Friendship


I lay in bed next to Jared, my face resting in the crook between his neck and shoulder. Breaths coming regularly, my body pressing against him with each movement of my chest, I was content. Today we were man and wife, a married couple, something more adult than I’d ever imagined that I would be. I could hear the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the sandy beaches outside of our hotel room, our honeymoon just beginning.

“You awake, Sarah?” Jared asked, his face twisting and my nook’s availability gone. Looking up, I smiled sleepily at him.

“I love you,” I whispered, tightening my arms around his torso and pulling him in for a good morning kiss.

“I can’t believe we did it,” he whispered, his voice filling my ears and making me tingle all over. A soft laugh escaped my throat and I threw a leg over his waist, pushing my warm crevice against his hard leg. “You’re my wife now, you realize that?”

“And you’re my husband,” I said, snuggling impossibly closer to him. His lips were barely a hair away from mine, his sweet breath filling my nostrils. I closed my eyes and kissed him again, caressing the soft lips with the tip of my tongue. “Mine for ever and ever.”

“Until death us do part,” Jared agreed, rubbing his nose against mine. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, angel,” I replied, opening my mouth and kissing him again.

This time my tongue went further than his lips, flicking the edges of his white teeth and feeling their smoothness. His moan filled my throat as he succumbed to my tongue’s caresses, and underneath my bare leg I felt his groin stir. The lovemaking we’d had not six hours ago had already been forgotten, only a vague soreness between my legs serving as a reminder of the enthusiasm my husband had pumped in to me. Twisting my body a bit, releasing my arm from underneath his heavy weight, I pulled myself atop him, either leg on either side of his firm body, our lips still connected as I explored under the blankets with my recently freed hand.

“What’re you doing?” Jared asked, his voice boyish as he smiled at me.

“Shhh...” I cooed. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

My fingers found his still growing member and wrapped themselves around the warm staff. Arching my back to get a good grip, I held tight to his mouth as I began to tease his cock. Beneath me Jared groaned, once again filling my body with his deep voice as he pushed his hips up towards mine, pushing his cock into the palm of my hand, an artificial orifice created by my fingers.

“You’re so warm,” I teased, squeezing the head of his cock lightly between my fingers and thumb. I felt a drop of hot liquid on the tip of my fingers, and smiled as I moved further down his body.

When my lips separated from Jared, he moaned again, throwing his head back.

I imagined that he closed his eyes as he directed his face towards the ceiling, but I couldn’t be sure. I didn’t care what he was doing with his eyes, all I cared about was the soft body I was sliding down, the feeling that the hot skin inspired on my body as I moved my face towards his chest.

Jared gave a tiny jump when I put my mouth on his breast, teasing the small, hard nipple with my lips. Reminding myself of how mercilessly Jared could tease my own breasts, I nipped the nub playfully with my teeth, squeezing it softly.

“Sarah!” Jared said, his body practically writhing underneath me. “What’re you doing to me?”

I only chuckled and licked the nipple with my tongue, tasting the sweat that had seeped out the night before, a taste of our bodies combined in lovemaking. Pulling my mouth away, I blew lightly on his nipple, chilling it and making it wrinkle before my eyes. In my hand, his cock swelled larger, pulsing against the palm of my hand as I continued to stroke it slowly.
Teasingly I pinched the foreskin, pulling it up over the swollen head of Jared’s cock. I was rewarded by another groan of pleasure from my husband, and smiling to myself I made my way further down his body.

Jared’s hands moved across my smooth back, sending a tingle down my spine. He felt my shiver, I was sure of it, and moved his hands up to my shoulders, practically pushing me the last few inches towards his cock.

The tip of his member was exposed through my fingers, the rest of my hand wrapped around the hot staff still pulling the skin up and down with regular, slow strokes. Smiling, I lowered my face towards the dark head, kissing it lightly with my lips. Jared’s tension was tangible, the sour taste of his arousal on the tip of his cock.

Enjoying the feel of the heat radiating from Jared’s soft body, I rubbed the side of my face against the head, teasing it with my skin before letting my lips at it again. Pursing them together, I kissed it noisily, smiling to myself when my husband thrust himself up towards my mouth.

“Not yet,” I teased, kissing him again and moving my mouth down, past my hand, between his legs where his scent was almost intoxicating. Knowing my intentions, Jared parted his legs, allowing my mouth access to the sensitive spot just below his balls.

My tongue darted out from between my lips, tickling Jared’s wiry hairs, pushing its way up his body and bisecting his warm balls. I could feel them pulsing on either side of my mouth as I traced my way up the bumpy skin, through the long, thick hairs, up to the base of his manhood, where my tongue began to trace circles around the thick staff of flesh.

Tickling my way up with the very tip of my tongue, my mouth made its way towards the head of my husband’s cock once again. My hand released each finger as my tongue arrived, closing around it nearly right again to pull the skin softly up and down.

Jared’s hands moved from my shoulders to my hair, his fingers twisting their way into the strands, his palms pressed against my ears making his moans muffled. I opened my mouth and taunted the thick head of his cock with my tongue, prodding the small hole there with my mouth, and Jared finally couldn’t stand any more teasing. Holding my head in place by the hair, he thrust upwards with his hips, penetrating my mouth and burying his cock deep in my throat.

My hand unwrapped from around his staff and reached up to his wrist, tugging on him, telling him silently that I would have it my way. With apparent reluctance, Jared’s grip on me eased, and I carefully pushed his hands back to my shoulders, where his fingers rubbed my muscles softly as I continued my work.

Slipping my mouth off of his cock, releasing it from my throat, I began to lick it softly again with the thick middle of my tongue. Leisurely I drew each lap, dragging the foreskin into my mouth, nibbling it softly with my lips before releasing him and starting again. He wasn’t getting much serious play, only teasing, and I could feel his body tensing with every taste I took of his flesh.

“Oh god, Sarah,” he moaned, pushing himself upwards, trying to spear my mouth again.

I moved back, thwarting his movements, chuckling at him again.

“You want my mouth?” I taunted, thrusting the tip of my tongue into the tiny hole once more, relishing the sweet liquid gathering there.

“Please,” he whispered, his hands digging softly yet frantically into my flesh. “I want to be inside you...”

“Soon,” I promised, opening my mouth and taking just the head inside.

I closed my lips around the thick flesh and lapped at it inside my mouth, twisting my tongue around it faster than before, darting into the hole and out, trying to coax every ounce of patience he had out of him. When he moaned and frantically began moving his hips underneath me, that’s when I knew I had him.

Taking a deep breath through my nostrils I cleared my mind and allowed his whole length into my hot mouth, sucking on him softly as I swallowed him whole.

The round head of his cock pushed at the back of my throat and I had to concentrate not to push it out. Taking deep breaths through my nose I fucked him fast with my face, making sure he didn’t have to do any of the work. He’d done enough of the work last night, and now it was my turn to make him feel good. I pulled my mouth off his staff and lowered it quickly, keeping the thrusts fast and regular, like the thrusts he’d pumped into my pussy last night. Imitating his own rhythm, I closed my eyes and concentrated fully on replicating the sexual encounter of our first night together.

It didn’t take much before Jared was gripping my hair again, not taking control but more or less along for the ride as I moved swiftly up and down his cock. His body seemed to be vibrating underneath me, his belly flexing each time I dove down on his staff, his flesh quivering when I pulled up. I could feel it with my mouth, feel the surges flowing through the thick flesh between my lips as I pulled and pushed and thrust. His climax came almost right away, much sooner than I would have imagined, hot cum shooting out of the tip of his dick and coating my throat. Surprised, I moved off, only to get a spurt on my face.

When he relaxed again, I crouched above his organs, panting for breath. My eyes were still shut, my face warm where the sticky cum had coated it, and my lips were parted.

“You’re wonderful, Sarah,” Jared murmured, grabbing me around the waist and pulling me up to him.

Even with his cum on my face he nuzzled me, kissing my lips and pulling my body close to his.

“I love you, baby,” I smiled, tentatively opening my eyes and looking at him.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” Jared said, smiling back at me.

I giggled and nuzzled closer.

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