tagRomanceA Bed Time Story Ch. 03

A Bed Time Story Ch. 03


The morning started as always when on a trip. A breakfast consisting of the re-cooked dinner from the night before and packing up the camp. Despite the passion of their nights they both worked diligently at breaking camp and resuming the journey. The day promised to be a fine and warm, perfect weather to travel. Regaining the main road they set a good pace with the outside hope of reaching the small town of North Stratford by nightfall. Typical of the smaller towns that lay out side the main city it boasted a well known inn, the Royal Dragon it was favored by travelers, since it was an easy days ride fro the city proper.

During their brief mid day stop she brought up the topic of when they reached the inn she would be lodging in her own room, and that they would have to observe the proper distance. His eyes said disappointment as his mouth voiced the proper response. To soften the blow she did say that one never knew what could happen in the coming and going of a busy inn at night, she added a wink to further explain herself. And she received a smile and nod for her efforts.

It was on their afternoon ride they met fellow travelers also on their way to the fair. Mostly they were merchants that were going to sell their products. Some of their wares were useful or even necessary but most were of the cheap frivolous kind that people loved once a year. Also there were the food venders and the toothsome smell of baked bread and the other delicacies excited the taste buds. Seeing that she was of high birth the various hawkers circled her, forcing him to ride knee to knee with her and keep them at a respectable distance from her horse.

The sun was setting as they road into North Stratford and made their way to the Royal Dragon. The inn bustled with the various travelers all going in the same direction. Handing their horses off to a young stable boy they entered the inn. It was little problem for her to obtain a room for the night, her name and breeding were enough, as well as dinner for her and her escort. He retrieved her bags from the pack horse in the stable and retuned to her bower. She was waiting for him, and with proper voice and tense she directed him where to place her luggage. Until the door closed, then she hugged him and kissed him full on the lips and fondled him through his clothes. Between kisses she kept up a chatter of orders to him, all the while making suggestive movements and gestures. He smiled from ear to ear at her playfulness as he stowed her luggage in the room. He stopped and extended his hand to her. She took it and pressed herself against him, feeling him through his clothes as she laid her head against his shoulder.

They would meet again that night at dinner; a noisy common room in a well traveled inn could be a dangerous place, and he insisted that he be there. The sun was well down when she arrived to dine. He was already there leaning against the fireplace with a tankard of ale in one hand while in conversation with another knight. He saw her come in the room, made his excuses and went to escort her to her meal. They sat at a corner table not too far from the fire place which felt rather cozy in the damp night air.

"Good evening Lady."

"And to you, good Sir." She said as he held the chair out for her to sit down on, leaning down to her ear he whispered. "I find myself envious of that chair bottom, right now." She blushed at that and glanced around to see if anyone caught her reaction. Seating himself across from her they sat in silence, he surveyed the room looking for any threat to her safety. The people in the commons room were a mix of men-at-arms, richer merchants and a few landed nobles with retainers. Serving girls circulated around the room dispensing drink and taking money, as the host brought out platters of meat and cheese for the supper patrons.

Presently the host came to their table to ask their food request. She chose a platter of chicken and ham with some hard cheese and a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. He simple asked for another ale.

"You will not dine with me, Sir?"

"It would be unseemly for you to share food with a man servant Lady"

"You are NOT a man servant Sir, but a valued knight at arms as well as my escort and protector."

"Many thanks for you words my Lady, but it would be better this way, I will take your leftover food back to the pavilion with me when I see you safe to your room."

"Will you also see me to bed?" She smiled at him coyly.

"Tis a tempting offer, to be sure. Mayhapes I might have to check on you in the middle night...just to be sure you are safe and whole."

"That would be well good Sir, since it is well within your duties as my escort and protector."

The food arrived and she ate and drank mostly in silence. She watched his eyes as he looked about him, and marveled that the military in him was never far from the surface. In his mind he weighed every person he saw as a possible threat or opponent. Some he dismissed out of hand. The young and old his glance barely lingered on, the women only if she was comely. One in particular seemed to be staring holes in him and she commented on it to him.

"Sir, it seems that the lass in the sky blue dress is desiring your attention."

"Her? Lady she is barely old enough to be my daughter."

"My Lord many a young girl desires a...ah...seasoned partner."

"You jest with me lady, what would she want with this old man?" In response she slid a slippered foot up the inside of his leg, and her toes nudged his crotch and lingered there a moment. He looked at her and smiled at her actions.

The host made his rounds and he asked for her left over meats and cheese to be wrapped for him to take back to his tent. She also gave him coin and added another bottle of wine to bring to her room. Leaving the commons area they ascended the stairs to the second floor and her room. It seemed that half the people in the inn were gathered in the hall to her room. She unlocked the door and entered, he stood in the doorway.

"Lady be sure you lock this door when I leave, put the wood across the door as well, when I return I will knock thusly." He knocked three time quickly, paused and then twice more. "As you wish my Lord, I will await for that signal to unbar the door, although, I don't think it is necessary." "Please lady, trust me in this...there are many...questionable people about and you are not in the safe keeping of the kings protectors in the city...yet."

"Even if I was Sir, I couldn't be any safer then when under your care."

She watched him leave the doorway and go down the hall. Closing the door she locked it and place the wood and iron beam across the back of the door in the iron holders. Having secured her safety she went to the window and watch for his leaving, truth be told, she wondered if he would leave alone or with the lass in the sky blue dress. Soon he came out alone and cast a look at her window; she moved her hand to her brow and watched his return salute. With that he moved off into the dark to retire to his pavilion.

The room was comfortable enough after two days on the road, she kindled a fire in the place and it drove the chill out of the air. The wine she purchased sat on the table unopened, she hoped that he would interrupt her sleep and help her to drink it as well as her other needs. Heating the washing water that was left, she washed herself and dabbed herself with pretty smells. Changing into a sleeping shift she retired to the bed, and slipped into the twilight between sleep and dreams.

Having left his charge, he returned to his tent in the field just outside the town proper. Since this afternoon many tents had been set up, most had shields outside of them and he recognized many of them from his long military service. His own shield identified his tent and he entered it. The camp bed was set up but it looked lonely without her in it. He had brought back a leather flagon of ale as well as the rest of the cold chicken and ham. He settled down on the bed, propped up on his travel cloak and began to eat his supper. He was half way through his ale when a rustle at the door carpet disturbed his thoughts, he sprang to the ready drawing the dirk he had at his side and moved to the doorway. Pulling aside the carpet he saw the young girl in the blue dress standing unsure before him.

"Lady...can I help you in some way?" He asked in a confused voice, his mind went to what she had said at dinner about young women wanting older men.

"Sir knight, I sought you out because the host forgot to send the half loaf of bread that was your due before you left the inn" She said this with down cast eyes that fluttered up to his eyes and back down.

"My thanks My Lady, but he shouldn't have sent you so far out of range for a half a loaf of bread."

"It was my pleasure Sir." She stood looking lost and needing something else.

He asked her to come in to the tent and she ducked under the door curtain, the smell of sandalwood, and leather assailed her nostrils and it started a vibration in her body that she was unused to. "Please Lady be seated, and relax... tis a longish walk to here from the inn, would you like a drink?"

"My thanks kind sir, I would." He passed her the flagon of ale and she took a tentative sip.

He looked at her; she was all of 20 years, maybe younger, but certainly well built. Not beautiful but young and nubile, she was an honest working girl from the low lands, and he thought how easy it might be to seduce her. This thought came and went as fast as a winter's gale off the North Sea.

She drank the ale he offered, and sat looking at him with soulful eyes and many hair flips.

"Sir Knight?" she started. "Have you seen many battles?"

"Aye, I've had a belly full of them lass."

"In many lands?"

"Aye, many places far from here and some not so far."

"What are those places like; I've never been anywhere but here."

"Count your self lucky lass; it is good to put down roots in one place."

"But nothing exciting happens here, just people coming and going."

He sat and looked at her, young and bored at a life tied to a small town inn, soon she would marry and breed another generation of the same. To her, his life was exciting to him it was just dangerous.

"Shouldn't you be returning to the inn?"

"Oh no sir, I've done my work for the night."

"So you were on you way home then?"

"Not really sir, my home lies on the other side of the town proper, I came here to deliver you the loaf and to see you." The last part was said with a coy downcast flirty glance at him, causing a tingling in his groin as well as a slight swelling of his trapped manhood. "And so you have seen me lass, what now?"

"Do you find me pretty sir knight?"

"Lass you are way too young for this old man, but yes, you are comely."

"I'm not that young...and you are a handsome man." Saying this she rose and came to him, pressing her breasts to his face. He could feel her nipples through the fabric they were large and stiff. Lifting her skirt she sat on his knees and started to cover his face in kisses.

"Lass you don't want to get me started, because you might not want it to continue to its end." Pausing in her kisses she held his face close to hers. "Aye sir knight I know how it will end and I cannot wait for it."

"As you wish lass, you know I will be gone on the morrow and you will still be here."

"I know that but we have tonight, that is all I want from you." Saying this she slid off his knees and placed her self between his. Her fingers busied themselves with his pants laces and she look on in wide eyed wonder as she slid his riding pants down, exposing his semi erect cock. "Ohhhh." She said as it came into view, smiling she slid one hand under his balls, cupping and lifting them up, weighing them. Her other hand laid his cock back onto his stomach and then let it go to spring back, causing her to giggle.

"You are amused by my cock stand lass?"

"Aye sir...it is a wonderful thing, how do you make it move so?"

"I have nothing to do with it; it is all your hand work that makes it move."

She stood up and unfastened her dress, letting it fall to the ground; her shift she pulled over her head dropped it on her dress and stood before him proudly naked. She had wonderful breasts, not overly large but extremely firm with large nipples that were hard and the color of Port wine. A small waist set off nice curving hips that sloped down to strong legs. He asked her to turn around, doing so she smiled over her shoulder at him as he looked at her exquisite rear end. Firm, high and full it was shaped perfectly and he sucked in his breath at the sight of it. He reached out to run his fingers over the cheeks and her rear cleavage, letting his hand wander where it will. She moaned softly and closed her eyes still looking back at him. Putting his hands on ether side of her hips he pulled her back to him so he could kiss those wonderful cheeks. His lips found them firm, smooth and warm and he took his time exploring them with his mouth and tongue.

Turning from him she grasped his hands and bade him to stand, she pulled his shirts up over his head, with his help and she kisses his bare chest. Taking his nipple in her mouth she sucked on it as her own rubbed against him. His hands went to her ass cheeks and lifted them up so she was on her toes against him. Holding those meaty cheeks in his hands he began to lust over them, to feel his tongue and mouth on and between them, then his hard cock between them, forcing his cock head into her tight rose bud anus. But that could wait as he explored the rest of her charms.

She knelt and pulled his pants all the way off, and kissed his thighs, stopping to look at the scars on his legs from battles past, some were there even before her birth. She ran her fingers up his legs to his groin and massaged his balls; that hung heavy in front of her face. She nuzzled them and slid her tongue around the sack, feeling the two egg shaped testicles inside. As she did so his cock rested on her forehead and she slid her head back and forth letting it slide on her. He reached down and lifted his cock up and released it, letting it slap her across the nose and brow.

At this reminder she released his ball sack from her mouth, still covered with her saliva and licked his cock. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft from the very base where it joined his sack to the nerve rich ridge around the head, and back again. His hands went to ether side of her head and guided her to his pleasure. Leaning back slightly she filled her mouth with him, getting almost all of him in her mouth; he could feel the back of her throat as his cock head slid down it.

He let her feed herself on his member, listening to her slurping sounds as his cock went in and out of her mouth, he felt no hurry to climax and enjoyed her oral attention. He raised her up and she reluctantly released his cock from her mouth, he kissed her long and with a open mouth letting his tongue find hers and play, her hand went right back to hold his balls and he instructed her to message them, pulling them and bouncing them in her hand. Her other hand held his ass cheek and she squeezed it over and over. Turning slightly away he slid a hand down her belly and brushed her pubic hair aside to cup her mound in one hand, she was wet and her lips were parted and distended. He slipped a finger into her and she mewed in response, then he put another finger into her and the mew turned to a moan. His fingers turned busy inside her flexing and spreading her apart as her legs trembled. Coaxing her movements he had her slip her hand down his ass crack and to use her fingers to play with his anus. The sensation of one of her hands playing with his balls and the other probing his ass felt wonderful, his fingers still moved inside her and his other hand played with her ass, squeezing and separating the cheeks.

Releasing her he took a long drink of the ale, she stood flushed before him, breasts full and nipples red and swelled with lust, her pubic hair was parted and he could see the hood of her clit tenting up. His cock bobbed and swung as he moved about the tent. She watched him move about with that wonderfully shaped cock bouncing and his ass muscles clenching and unclenching as he walked. He went to the chest and sought out a long thick candle and the pot of soft tallow. Walking back to her he stood in front of her holding the candle.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and he knelt between her open legs, and bade her to hold her lower lips open with her fingers which she did. He ran the thin end of the candle around the opening of her slit and applied pressure. It slipped into her and she let her head fall backwards, slowly he stroked the candle in and out of her never going too deep, but just enough to fill her. Leaning over he licked her clit in small cat like strokes and she moaned, softly at first then louder as he pushed the candle in and out in time with his tongue strokes. Gasping for breath she asked when he would fill her with his cock.

"Nay lass, I'll not be taking a chance of leaving you with child, this candle will have to suffice for you needs."

"But what of your needs sir?" she spoke in ragged breaths. In answer he dipped a finger in the soft tallow and spread it on her anus, pushing his finger past the elastic ring of the opening and up to the knuckle. Her hips bucked and she pulled back a bit, until she grew accustomed to the intrusion. He resumed his tongue work and candle strokes while leaving his finger still in her ass. Soon she relaxed and his finger slipped a little deeper in her rear, so he was able to stroke it in and out as he did the candle. His mouth on her clit began to drive her to coming, and her body vibrated and shook. He removed his finger and candle and used his fingers to stroke her hood and clit. She came in rushes and her body jerked and convulsed in response to her spending, he watched her slit spasm as her clear honey poured out and dripped down, it covered her anus that pulsed in and out in time with the waves of orgasm.

Waiting for her climax to ebb he once again lubed his finger with tallow and worked it into her ass, she moaned and bit her lip, but pushed against his pressure none the less. Moving his finger in and out she relaxed and it became looser for him, he inserted the candle now, well lubricated and watched it slide in 3 or 4 inches. As it went in she inhaled sharply and when it came out she moaned. After some minutes of this he felt she was relaxed enough to accept his cock.

He moved her slightly off the edge of the bed so her ass was angled down to him, he asked her to use her hands around her hips to grasp her ass cheeks and hold them open for him. His cock was red and ridged as he used the tallow to lubricate it; he also spread it on her rose bud that was now slightly open from his finger and candle training. On his knees he aimed the spongy head and nestled it against the opening, and told her to wiggle and push against it. The head bulged, resisted then slid inside her. The feeling was wonderful as her channel grasped his cock head, her head whipped back and forth, he told her to relax her hands on her ass now that he was in. As she did so the warm cheeks of her ass closed around his shaft. He waited for her to relax before he pushed a little more, she groaned and her hands went to his face, her eyes searched his and became misty as he pushed his cock further up her ass. Again he paused and let her relax, he had no desire to hurt her and by letting her accept his cock slowly she would enjoy it as well. Slowly she stretched and accommodated his full cock, and his balls rested against her ass cheeks, she could feel them against her.

Slowly he began to slide in and out of her ass, pausing now and then to apply more lubrication to his shaft, or if she became uncomfortable. The feeling of sliding in and out of her ass was indescribable; both his hands held her ass cheeks and her legs were over his shoulders. He told her to reach down and play with herself, with one hand she held herself open and the other rubbed and played with her wet swollen lips and clit.

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