tagRomanceA Bed Time Story Ch. 04

A Bed Time Story Ch. 04


He walked out of the tent and started down the road to the inn. The moon light lit the road and the sounds of the make shift encampment filled the air. He could hear snoring from some tents, sexual noises from others and the though of what was going on inside made him smile. And he wondered if the people inside were enjoying their romp as much as he did his.

The road left the field and wandered into some of the out buildings of the town. The moon hung low in the sky, casting weird shadows from the building that littered the sides of the track. Soon he could see the inn's sign on his left come into view and then the inn itself. Passing trough the doors he entered the commons room and surveyed the group still there. Mostly they were town's people and a few sprinkling of travelers. They looked up when he entered, some made salutations to his person but most remained in conversation and their cups. He slipped up the stairs and down the long hall way to her room. Knocking in the code he had set up he waited, still it was silent, so he tried again and he heard her moving to the door. The sounds of her unbarring the door and unlocking it came to his ear. The door swung open and she stood before him in a light sleeping shift.

"You are well my Lady?"

"Aye, sir and you this night?"

"Better now that I see you, and know you are safe and warm."

"Pray come in sir, and refresh your self with wine, after your long walk, and concern over my safety."

"My thanks." He entered the room and she barred the door behind him. He went and uncorked the wine that was untouched on the table and poured a glass that he turned and offered her. She drank and turned the glass from her lips to his for him to drink. He drank and as he did he looked at her over the rim of the goblet. Setting the glass down he put his arm around her and pulled her close to him, she looked up and kissed him. Their tongues met in a dance of exploration. She reached up to hold the back of his head, and ran her fingers through his hair. His arms went around her waist of their own accord and he inhaled her scent. It intoxicated him, and his desire rose and thickened. Feeling him, she slipped her leg up his to his hips as he slid a warm hand under her rear end and supported her while their mouths remained locked together.

They stayed like this for what seemed like hours but it was only moments. She steered him back to the bed and pushed him flat on it. Climbing on top of him she busied her hands with removing his shirts. Exposing his chest, she ran her hands over it and fingered the scar that ran down from his shoulder to navel. She asked about it once a few nights ago and he off handedly remarked that he jumped back just in time. She would have liked to know the full story, despite her reluctance to hear how close he came to death. His body certainly wasn't the smooth body of a young man, but it retained the shape and tone of a warrior, a little thick around the middle perhaps, as the time spent in front of a fire grew longer then the time training for battle. He had a smile on his lips as he watched her looking at his chest, his hands rested on her hips and just held her. She slipped up on him, lying full on him and kissed his nose and cheeks in playfulness. In turn he slid his hands over her rear end and back warming her soul with his touch.

The candles burned on and they shared another glass of wine together, finally getting use to the passion that simmer just below the surface. Time was their ally and it felt right just to hold each other. They had removed their clothes so they could touch bare flesh where they wanted to, he dallied with her haunch and breasts. Soft, slow finger strokes on her body that pleased her and caused a shiver now and then. Putting the wine glass on the bed table she felt the desire to taste him, sliding down his chest she found his manhood waiting and willing for her pleasure.

Looking at it in its erect state, she marveled at the color and shape of it. Not that she had seen many cocks, but his, to her mind was perfectly shaped. Not overly big or miss shaped, the crown was rounded, flared and wore a distinct ridge around it gathering underneath to form a slight upside down "V" leading to the slit that crowned its head. The blue lines that ran in traces up his shaft were translucent, a ghostly image lying just under the silky smooth skin that slid over them like a covering. It was so unlike the rest of his skin she wondered how it could be part of this bronzed warrior. The shaft ended at the gathering where his soft male sack hung, wrinkled and parted by a thin line into two sides, each containing one egg shaped ball that felt so wonderful, and unique in her mouth. His sack would at times hang loose and free like the pendulum of a clock and at other times be a tight to his body. She loved that ether by nature or other means he had little or no hair, all the other men she had laid with had their groins covered by thick course hair that stuck in her mouth and felt rough on her face, he was smooth and sweet to look at and to touch.

He looked at her looking at his cock.

"Lady is something amiss?"

"No M'Lord, why would you ask?"

"You seem intent on my cock, does it displease you."

"Oh no, I was just feasting my eyes, before my mouth." True to her words her mouth went to him and began to lick his shaft while it was pressed against his belly. Up and down she ran her tongue on it then ran it around his balls, lifting them up and letting them drape on ether side of her tongue. She was rewarded by his sighs and leg twitches. Picking up her wine glass, she let a few drops of the red liquid spill on the crown of his shaft and quickly licked them off as they ran in little rivers down its length. Next she half-filled her mouth with the wine and slurped his cock, swishing the wine around his shaft and head, until some drops of the wine forced their way from the corners of her mouth. Releasing his organ she sat up astride his massive thighs and ran her fingers lightly around his groin, watching the reaction as the tiny electric sparks from her touch fired his muscles involuntarily. She knew in this aroused state, any light touch around his engorged, standing member was almost too much for him to bear. Riding his legs like this she could feel him twitch, his whole body reacting to just her finger tips and the sexual power she felt, intoxicated her like no drink could.

Before she would let him be, she could resist placing a well-aimed slap on his balls, not overly hard but with the right force to watch his face contort for just in instant. She knew he enjoyed it, and she was happy to oblige his needs, as he was to hers. Stretching out over him she laid full length on his body, feeling her hard nipples press into his chest as his stiff cock warmed her belly. Their faces didn't quite line up and she found her lips kissing his jaw line, and the hollows along his neck as he pressed his lips and held them to her forehead.

Neither of them felt any need to hurry with the merging of their bodies, the warmth of them together was enough...for now.

"My Lord?"


"A blanket over us if you please, or put some more wood on the fire, I don't want my bum to catch cold."

"Mayhap, I should warm your lovely ass myself." She couldn't see him but felt his smile none the less. "As you wish my lord, do what thou wilt."

He pushed her off, in a playful way and sat up, pulling her back across his lap so that her rounded ass cheeks sat across his middle. It took some adjustments to get her rear in the right position; she squirmed and he seated his cock so that it lay against the open lips of her vulva. She felt his hands doing a slow, gentle circular rub over her rear cheeks and she flexed and relaxed those muscles as he kneaded them...lifting and spreading them apart to expose the deep cleft then pushing them together again. His fingers lingered over the dimples that marked the bottom of her spine, and he trailed them down over the smooth mounds.

Wetting a finger in her mouth he sought out her rosebud and slid it over and around the puckered opening, applying just enough pressure to make her think he would penetrate her. As he fondled and amused himself with her ass, she pushed back against his cock, still pressed against her swollen vulva, using her hips she hunched up and down on its length, feeling it push and fold her inner and outer lips as her hips lifted and then fell against his thighs. She felt his hand remove itself from her ass cleft and lightly cup the cheek closest to him. Then it was gone.

He brought his open palm down on the bottom of that ass cheek in a flat arc that ended with a sharp slap. Involuntarily she tried to move herself away from the blow, but he held her fast in that position. She felt the first burst of pain fade, replaced by the warm sensation of heated flesh. A second slap sounded on her other cheek, this time she barely moved feeling the warmth spread across her whole lower ass. His hand, gentle now, cupped the warm skin and squeezed the blushing globes. Methodically and with long pauses between blows he covered her ass in slaps. This was not a punishment but an expression of love, and trust. The warmth she had felt was replaced by heat... and his blows reverberated down to her wet and open sex causing her to be on the brink of release. At each pause in his spanking, she continued to hunch herself on his erect cock trying despite the impossible angle, to lodge it up inside her. Failing this she worked even harder at rubbing herself up and down his shaft.

She loved that when he paused he laid his hand gently on her rump, or ran his hands down her legs and then back up the insides of her thighs or along her rib cage along the outer swell of her breast. Rising up on her elbows she allowed him more access to her breasts and he took full advantage of this, running his hands under her to feel her hard nipples and the weight of her breast. His hands on her breasts, pulling her nipple combined with the latest series of blows to her ass cheeks sent her over the edge of orgasm; it started in her lower spine and reached her in waves. Her legs squeezed tight around his shaft as she spent her liquid over it, he could feel the warmth of it as it coated his shaft and ball sack, dripping down to moisten his own ass.

Looking down, he savoring the feeling and the view of this woman, in the sweet afterglow of climax, stretched out over his lap. Still trembling from her spending, her ass maintained a rose colored blush from his spanking and he ran his hands and fingers over its surface in absent minded pleasure. The fire had burned low without being tended and as much as he was reluctant to do so, he lifted her up and laid her down on the bower, still with her rear end displayed. As he moved her she whimpered slightly as his cock left its place against her vulva, sending a final tremor through her body.

Lying there in contentment she turned her head to watch him as he crossed the room to fetch a few logs to place on the fire, his cock bounced and swayed as he walked, and when he bent over to pick up the wood from the pile, she could see his heavy ball sack come into view between his strong thighs and under his tight ass cheeks. Her mind recorded all of this as if in a fog, he placed the logs on the fire and stirred the coals to catch the new wood alight. In the fire's now brighter light she could better see his frame and face; his calves looked like one large horseshoe shaped muscle and from there flared out to his tree trunk sized thighs. She also noticed (with some disappointment) the relaxing curve of his erection as his mind wandered from sex to providing warmth from the fire. She knew that as soon as he was done and returned to her side, it wouldn't take her long to raise his standard to full length once more, and she smiled at that thought.

True to her thoughts, as soon as he returned to her, she turned on her side, and laid a leg along and on top of his, resting her head on his chest, she teased his nipple with her tongue and teeth while her hand slid down to cup and squeeze his ball sack. His cock jerked and stiffened as it rose up to its fully erect state once again. His arm circled around her shoulder and softly stroked the side of her breast. Up and down his shaft she trailed her fingers, sometimes running them over his balls and down the delicate patch of skin between his sack and anus. He sighed gently when her fingers lingered here and then circled around and lifted his heavy sack, pulling on it, causing his cock to rise up off his belly. Pulling harder on his balls caused his sigh to change to a moan as his cock was pointing straight at the ceiling. Letting go of his sack, his cock fell with a slight slap, which brought a smile to her face. She could tell by the way his ass cheeks flexed up and down that he sought his release, as he contracted his ass his hips pushing upwards, his cock jerked and danced in the heat of needing to spend. Sliding down his body, closer to his ridged manhood, she softly stroked his shaft with her whole hand. A few precious drops of clear liquid emerged for the crown of his cock, much to her delight. Using the pad of her thumb she used those drops as a lubricant, sliding her thumb back and forth across the velvet head of his member, and down around the ridge that flared, and pulsed.

She wanted him to spend, and continued her soft strokes. Her mood was still one of afterglow and she wanted his seed inside her, but not in an explosive eruption, but like a slow thick river. She knew that if she used slow, light strokes on him and waited for the tell tail signs of his coming and then stopped he would spend in slow, measured, thick spurts. The contractions of his cock became quicker and quicker, each one sent it jerking up in the air off his belly as the head flared even more. She lowered her head on to his stomach so that she could watch his cock as he came. More of the clear pre fluid seeped out of the slit on his cock head and dripped down on his belly and she knew it was time to stop her strokes and watch. His cock contracted in waves and her finger on the underside of his shaft would feel the contractions that forced out his seed. The clear liquid dripped and then became a solid trickle. Another contraction and a thick flow of his white, hot seed flowed out of his cock, she watched it in fascination, not even hearing his moans so intent on what her eyes were seeing, the thick seed flowed and dripped down on his belly and her fingers felt yet another contraction of his cock.

Moving her head she took his cock in her mouth just in time to catch the next flood of thick come. It flowed into her mouth and coated her tongue, as his cock head surged and filled her. She throated him deeper and ran her teeth along the sides of his shaft. More thick seed ejected from his cock and she felt its heat as it filled her throat. Her teeth dragged their way up his shaft and over his ridge and she sucked on his head as the contractions went on, filling her mouth with his thick, hot, salty come. She swallowed it down, marveling at its texture and weight on her tongue. His contractions started to die off and she ran her tongue around the head of his cock, he moaned, and it was the first time she heard him, so intent was she on her own pleasure. She pulled back, releasing his staff, and licked up the puddle of seed from his belly. Looking at his cock it still pulsed and flared in the attempt to drain as much come from his ball sack as possible. Taking the head back in her mouth, her tongue played with the crown's slit and tasted the continuing drops of his ejaculation. She loved the feel of him in her mouth, and rested her head on his belly closing her eyes she kept him in her mouth as his passion died away and sleep overcame her.

He lay awake for a while after her, in a twilight doze of contentment; the night was getting old and he need to return to his pavilion, loth as he was to leave her bed. She sighed gently in her dreams as he slid from under her and dressed quickly. After reviving the fire he went to the window and looked out, it would be unseemly to be seen leaving her room at the hour, and with her asleep she wouldn't be able to bar the door behind him. This left the window, it was only a 12 foot drop to the courtyard, but he wasn't 20 years old anymore. He silently opened the leaded glass window and swung one leg out, feeling with his boot toe for the edge of the timber. Straddling the window ledge he realized how tender his groin was and shifted his weight to keep off it while he swung his other leg out. Closing the window behind him, he judged the jump perfectly and landed with his knees bent taking the shock lightly. I guess that all the years of training come in handy for more than war, he thought to himself as he made his way down the road that led back to his camp. But long before he arrived, the sky opened up with a heavy, driving, cold rain which soaked him to the bone. Slipping inside his tent he noticed that the serving girl from the tavern was still buried under the skins and blankets in his bed, just her face peeked out from the pile of covers. Stripping off his wet clothes he hung them to dry next to his armor stand, dried off as best as he could and slipped into bed next to the girl. He had to admit it was better to slip in beside her than it would have been cold and alone, he only wished he had more energy, she certainly did have a delectable ass he smiled to himself before falling asleep.

The day, what there was of it, was as cold and rainy as the night had been. He shook himself awake and listened to the rain blowing sideways, billowing out the side of the tent with each gust. He unwrapped himself from the covers and washed with the water from the water in the pitcher on the table. Turning around he noticed the serving girl watching him from the bed. "Good morning lass, best you be off home it is a dreary day out. I'll lend you a cloak to protect yourself from the worse of it; you can leave it for me at the inn." "M'lord can't I stay for a while? It is so cold and wet out, it is far better to remain abed this morning." As she said this she removed the covers, displaying a set of hardened nipples on her ripe breasts and slowly spreading her legs to show her sex.

"No lass, last night was enjoyable, but that was last night and I have duties to attend to, now off with you." She pouted and flung the covers off. Dressing, she cast long looks at him and displayed her firm bottom far more than was required for the job at hand. He wrapped a spare cloak around her, gave her one last kiss on her forehead and shooed her out of his tent, and back to her own life.

As he made his way back to town, and the inn, he noticed that during the night a group of gypsies had made camp in the field. Their colored wagons were pulled in a circle with canvas covers stretched between them making one large pavilion. These travelers moved in a wide area, between the various fairs and city events to sell their wares and talents. Medicines, various herbs and roots were their main products, along with cures for ailments best left unknown to the local population. Love potions and reading the future were the most popular of their talents and many a young maid sought them out to cure the product of a hot August nights delight that would become Aprils fool. Cooking fires were lit in the wagon circle and the smoke that carried with it the scent of a rabbit stew clung to the ground, and made his stomach growl in hunger.

Stepping in to the inn, out of the rain he saw his spare cloak hung up from one of the pegs in the hall. He also saw his lady already seated in the commons room, enjoying a breakfast of eggs a half rasher of bacon and toasted day old bread. Taking off his wet cloak he hung it over its brother and went to chase the chill away by the fire.

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