tagBDSMA Belittled Couple

A Belittled Couple

byEnglish Bob©

George was a hard man, and a professional gambler. A long winning streak on the tables and at the track had left him considerably wealthy. Not wishing to push his luck any further, he had retired from the gambling scene and now loaned money to whoever needed it.

George also possessed a massive sex drive which he enjoyed indulging as often as possible with both women and men. He was once asked if he was bi-sexual, his answer was simply that he was just very sexual!

Part of George's business was obviously to collect late payments on the loans that he made, and for this he employed two "assistants" Carl and Freddo. Both men, like George, were muscular and fit and both were completely loyal to their boss.

Gary Beech had borrowed money from George 12 weeks ago, and despite several reminders, George had still not received so much as a penny. George was pissed off now. Gary was an arrogant little bastard, a racist and very homophobic and had been shouting his mouth off that he had got the better of George. George had to set the record straight and protect his reputation.

Pulling up smoothly in his Merc outside the house that Gary shared with his wife, George told Freddo to watch the back door in case Gary ran that way. The ring on the doorbell was answered by Gary's wife, Susan. A good looking woman in her mid thirties. George noted that she maintained a nice trim body with long black hair in a straight pony tail, green eyes and a pretty face. As Carl and George pushed their way into the house they were met in the hall by Freddo with his arm locked around Gary's neck.

"You were right boss" said Freddo "the cowardly little shit tried to run out the back, but I got him!"

"Well done Freddo," replied George, "now you two sit there and shut the fuck up" he said pointing at Gary and Susan and then at the sofa.

"This is very simple" continued George to Gary when the two were seated. "Either you give me my money or ... Carl and Freddo make life difficult for you."

Gary just sat there with an arrogant smirk on his face as Susan started to plead with George.

"George p...p...p...please" she stammered "He doesn't have any money...please don't hurt him .please...can't we do anything? I heard rumours of what happened with the wife of another man that owed you money and couldn't pay...maybe...maybe I could settle Gary's debt for him that way?"

George's anger was showing on his face as Gary continued to smirk and let his wife try and bargain his way out for him.

"OK. Firstly... If I take a customer sexually it is NOT to settle a debt...it is a punishment for repeated late payment... The debt still remains. Secondly, Sue, you are a good woman and this is not your debt it's your useless husband's."

"Oh PLEASE George" Sue continued "don't hurt him, just give him one more chance?"

George thought to himself and remembered Gary's racism and homophobia. Maybe some ritual humiliation would have more effect than directing his assistants to harm him.

George signalled to Freddo to put Gary onto his knees on the floor. As Freddo reached for the surprised man he was met with fierce resistance. A twist of the arm, though, was enough of a reminder for Gary that things were not going well and that perhaps, he should rethink his actions. Gary dropped to his knees as suggested in front of George and Carl.

Carl was a very large man. His family originated from Africa giving him a dark, almost black complexion and he had a serious contempt for all racism. Carl knew what was going to happen even if Gary didn't and swiftly unzipped his suit trousers.

George spoke quietly to Gary "My associate is going to show you how to suck a big black cock. If you refuse, we will have no alternative but to return to our original plan. Do you understand?"

Gary was now quite frightened. He knew that if he refused further he may well live to regret his decision. Gary looked over at his wife and then nodded his reluctant agreement. He watched with horror and some fascination as Carl fished inside his trousers and released a monster penis. Even slack it must have been at least 8 inches long, and as he started to pull on the heavy foreskin, it began to swell to unbelievable proportions.

Freddo continued to hold the back of Gary's head as Carl began to slide his enormous cock over Gary's sobbing face.

Carl started to moan. "Mmmmmm ...I gonna fuck your face with my big black cock...you gonna suck it down like a whore, white boy... You gonna be my bitch today!"

Gary had his eyes tight shut as Carl started to feed his now erect tool into his mouth.

"Aaaahhhhhh oh yesssss" continued Carl "you gonna suck me bitch...you gonna love my thick meat down your throat"

With this, Carl pushed his cock to the entrance of Gary's throat. He felt Gary gag as he pushed his tool deep in to the other man's throat.

As Carl grabbed Garys hair and started to fuck his face, George pulled out a small camera and started to take pictures of the luckless Gary in this obviously homosexual situation. As George clicked away he looked over to see Sue. She was not, as he had expected, horrified or disgusted. She was staring intently at her husband sucking on the huge cock with obvious lust in her eyes.

Carl, meanwhile, had built up quite a head of steam and was pistoning his giant cock in and out of Gary's throat. Gary, for his part, seemed to have changed his opinion, his eyes were now open and he had both his hands around Carl's huge hanging balls, pulling them and massaging them.

Carl was now shouting obscenities at Gary as he continued to use his throat and mouth.

"Aaahhhh yes that's it my little bitch . Cup my balls...suck my big cock...AAAhhhhh oh yesssss ...you want my cum don't you, you little whore?... gonna get it soon... soon...soon...ahhh...ahhh... YYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS SUCK IT BITCH"

George, Freddo and Susan watched as Carls cock exploded in Gary's throat. They could clearly see Gary's throat convulse and bulge as he attempted to swallow the copious amount of seed that now dribbled out of the corner of his mouth and down over his chin.

Carl pulled his cock out of Gary's throat and mouth with a *pop*, totally spent.

"Hey boss" he laughed to George "He sucks cock like a Pro now Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Gary seemed now a changed person and totally submissive. Gone was the arrogant, sneering attitude as he looked over at his loyal wife with cum glistening on his lips, trying to get his breath back and breathing hard.

George sat next to Susan on the sofa and let his hand rest on her leg. "How long is it since you had sex with a REAL man, Sue?" he asked.

Susan was surprised at his forwardness but was in a state of sexual excitement. "Well...I guess Gary keeps me fairly happy in that department." she replied.

"Well...you lie back and we will see how you feel about the attentions of an EXPERIENCED lover!" said George, comforting her. "And maybe we can teach your useless husband how to please you properly at the same time!"

Susan lay back against the sofa as George slowly undid the buttons of her dress letting it fall open. Gary watched the proceedings closely. His mind was in a state of turmoil. He had never before thought about the possibility of his wife being unfaithful, let alone right in front of him, but now all he could feel was pure animal lust at the thought of watching her being taken by another man.

George slipped a hand inside the top of her dress and, realising she was not wearing a bra, cupped a large warm breast gently. Susan closed her eyes and moaned slightly as she felt George's expert fingers start to roll her distended nipple. With her eyes closed she could still imagine her husband, on his knees with Carl's long hard cock in his mouth. As George slowly stroked and occasionally pinched her nipples, she continued to imagine Gary and Carl together. As her thoughts continued she was brought back to reality by the feel of two hands on her knees. She realised that with her dress unbuttoned and open she was exposed to all the men in the room. Part of her wanted to open her eyes and find out who the hands belonged to, but for some reason she kept them tightly shut and just enjoyed the sensations she was feeling.

George had silently indicated to the now submissive Gary, to crawl on his knees towards his wife. Without needing further direction, Gary seemed to know what George wanted and was happy to oblige. He had at first been disgusted as Carl's cock had invaded his mouth, but after getting used to the taste and the texture of it, he found that it wasn't as bad as he thought and started to actually quite enjoy the sensations. He just wished it hadn't been quite so fucking big!

As Gary knelt between his wife's thighs, he instinctively knew what to do. Sliding his hands up the outside of her legs, he firmly gripped the elastic waistband of her small pink panties and started to pull them down. To his surprise, Sue lifted her buttocks from the sofa slightly to help him pull them past her ass and then over her knees and off her bare feet. Gary returned his hands to her knees and gently parted them. There was no resistance and Gary saw her trimmed pussy start to unfold before his eyes. Shuffling forward with his ass in the air, Gary started to lick up the inside of his wife's thigh's.

Gary then felt Sue's hands on the back of his head pulling him into her wet pussy. He licked the little erect bud of her clit as she held him with her hands. Unable to move his head away from the wet slit, he moaned into his wife's pussy.


Susan felt the vibration of the lips on her open cunt as George twisted her nipple hard.

"Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeesssssssssssssss...goddddddd...Im CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG" she yelled

Susan was still trembling and shaking as she released the head between her legs. She opened her eyes to see her husband's juice covered face smiling up at her. She realised that Gary was now completely submissive.

"Now that you've got her ready for me," Said George, "I think it's about time she was treated to a REAL man!"

In a second, George was between Pat's open legs, his suit trousers and underwear around his ankles. Pat looked down and saw the massive cock that was about to penetrate her. She didn't want him to stop now. She needed this, needed to be filled completely and taken hard by this man.

"Do it George. Fuck me ... fuck me hard!"

George smiled as he entered her. He always got a thrill from taking another man's wife while he watched and today Gary had leaned a lesson that he would never forget. Pat's pussy was soaking wet and, despite the size, his cock slid easily and smoothly into her warm tunnel.

Pat gasped out loud as she felt George's dick fill her completely and shuddered into her second orgasm as he slifted her legs up and began to pound into her juicy hole.

George smiled as he heard Patricia moan her excitement. He looked over at Gary.

"Your wife is one great fuck, man! Thanks for getting her all juiced up for me!"

"Ohhh God, George. Fuck me hard...harder...please...cum for me George...cum in my wet pussy!"

George could feel himself approaching the point of no return. His balls were twitching wildly and his cock felt as hard as a rock. He slammed his thick meat, one more time, deep into Pat's body, and with a howl of satisfaction released the contents of his balls deep inside her.

Gary smiled as he saw his wife buck her hips up towards the other man, trying to get every inch of his massive penis inside her. Her nipples were still hard and swollen and he could see the excited flush on her face as she met George's climax with her own, spine tingling orgasm.

"That was so good George" she said gasping for breath as she felt her lover slip from between her open labia.

"Gary, You will pay George his money next week without fail, and then, as a reward, we can spend the whole day fucking each other. You can eat me again, I'll suck your cock for you and you can fuck me in the ass - I've always wanted to try that. Would you like that honey?"

"Yes, my darling... I'll do what ever you say, from now on I'm yours to do with as you please. I think that you and the guy's here have made me into a better man and a better husband."

As George and his associates smiled and got up to leave, Susan was cuddling her new husband on the sofa.

"Don't worry George" she said "You will be paid next week for sure! But you know that you and your assistants will always be welcome to come back and fuck me or my husband whenever you like. Next time, perhaps you can intoduce us both to the delights of having a big cock in our butts!"

"You know what?" said George as he walked to the door. "I think we just might do that!

The End

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