tagInterracial LoveA Big Decision for Tammy

A Big Decision for Tammy


Tammy wasn't the brightest of girls. Her parents became aware of this as she was growing up and, like any well-heeled family, they engaged special tutors and trainers.

It wasn't as if you'd notice anything amiss. Tammy was bright, cheerful and always smiling. She radiated good health and a great physique from a very young age. Her enthusiasm for fun was infectious and her curly blond hair and twinkling blue eyes encouraged everyone to like her. But her IQ worried her wealthy middle class parents whose other two children were quite clever.

Clearly, Tammy was never going to do well at college even if she managed to get in. Her parents decided the best thing would be if Tammy married young.

Neville Young, was the son of some friends. He was staid to the point of dullness but reliable and a reasonably good physical specimen who excelled at sports as well as being extremely good at maths and physics.

Tammy found herself teamed up with Neville in high school and they soon became an item. He was only two years older than her, so the parents arranged that they would be married soon after Tammy graduated from High school. That was neatly just a month after Tammy's eighteenth birthday.

But although she kept up her usual cheerful front, Tammy felt a small core of unease about the whole thing. It was as if a great iron door was closing on her life. By the time the wedding came round Tammy had been carried along with the preparations like any bride. She selected a dress, looked over her mother's shoulder as the guest list was compiled and shopped happily enough for her trousseau. She and Neville pondered over their choice of honeymoon venue and the length of their stay there.

At last the great day arrived. On it's eve, Tammy went out with her friends on their respective stag parties. She went with the crowd to a number of clubs. Each one seeming a seedier one than before. Finally, Tammy was confronted with her friends' pre-wedding gift, a well built black fellow with greased up body and wearing only a thong.

He danced around them, gyrating his body seductively in time with the music. Naturally he paid special attention to Tammy after one of her friends had pointed out who the bride-to-be was. This somewhat puzzled the man, Nathan, who reckoned he could normally pick out the prospective wife from any crowd of women.

Nevertheless he had his professional job to do, so he performed some exotic dances for her which caused a slightly far away look on her face to dissipate as he got her attention. Tammy was wearing a cream silk blouse, a knee-length dark green skirt and sheer nylon stockings with open toes white high-heeled shoes.

Nathan dragged her up to the little stage to dance with him. She was reluctant but she was too unsteady with booze to offer any real resistance. He whirled her around, her skirt billowing out, giving the gathering a tantalising glimpse of her white satin panties.

The next piece of music was slower, so Nathan held her close and ground his erection into her mound as he had done on innumerable previous occasions. Sometimes women objected and then he would quickly ease off. Sometimes they lapped it up and got aroused so he would dry-hump them to the point of orgasm if that was what they wanted. To him it was a job.

But this time, with this pretty young blond in his arms, he sensed her vulnerability and acceptance. If he had been a nineteenth century 'cad' he would have recognised that he had 'swept her off her feet,'

She was smiling at him and as the music quickened, she went along with his stylish tango, swirling around not caring that her stocking tops and panties were on clear view to their audience. The cheering simply encouraged her. The trio of musicians who were playing enjoyed it too. They switched to the Can-can. Tammy cheerfully high kicked blithely displaying all, as she held her skirt up to the level of her waist.. The audience cheered raucously, especially her girl-friends who were having a great time.

Tammy was hot sweaty and breathless when Nathan took her back to the table.

"I don't want to stop," she cried.

He whispered in her ear, "I have to, honey, or I'm going to have to fuck you right up on the stage."

He looked expecting a hostile reaction. But he wasn't completely taken by surprise to see Tammy smiling up at him. She was still breathless as she too whispered just two words,

"Yes, please!"

Nathan pulled her up and started to go back on stage with her. As they stepped up, he asked, "Are you sure?"

There was a small ripple of applause as they reappeared, just like the usual encore.

"Of course," Tammy said smiling at this supple, muscular hunk who had triggered a powerful arousal in her.

It was a slow dance, allowing Nathan to stand behind, running his hands up and down her body several times. He moved his strokes from her sides, gradually running up and down her front until he was openly caressing her tits at the end of each stroke. The gathering was now noisily voicing their collective approval of this.

As the music paused slightly, Nathan slid one hand down to Tammy's thigh. She responded by lifting her leg. His hand went swiftly under her skirt, up her stockinged leg until he was able to slide his middle finger ostentatiously into the crotch of her panties. The audience were now going wild. There were shrieks of encouragement from her friends. Nathan wondered if he would still have a job at the end of the evening.

"Get 'em off, Tammy," and other cruder remarks from some of the men in the crowd, such as one guy who called out, "Go on Nathan, fuck the bitch!"

Tammy reached behind her with both hands. She took hold of the laces on either side of Nathan's thong and pulled. She tugged it free and waved it triumphantly over her head before throwing it towards her friends' table.

Drops of sweat were forming on Tammy's neck and rolling down her cleavage.

"You look hot, darling," Nathan said as he undid the buttons of her blouse, easing it off her shoulders to more cheers as it slid to the floor. Now his deft fingers were at the zip of her skirt. There was an even bigger roar from the crowd as she stepped out of it, now clad in bra and short petticoat.

Nathan stepped out from behind her to a tumultuous shriek as he displayed his erection openly for the first time.

Tammy gasped too. It was nearly a foot long, thick and glistening jet black. For Tammy it was love at first sight. She fell to her knees in front of him and grasped his tool with both hands. She worked it a little and then licked it. Then she tried to get as much as possible into her mouth. All this to a hair-raising noise from the crowd.

Nathan was still keeping time with the music as his cock went in and out of Tammy's pretty mouth. He had gone way past the bounds of his normal performance, casting aside fears about the job as his pure animal lust for this lovely young blond blotted out any other emotion. He felt he was close to coming and he didn't want to waste his cum in her mouth. He wanted to fuck her properly.

He stepped back, pulled her to her feet. He hooked his thumbs in the elastic of both her panties and petticoat and pulled off them down together. Another roar from the crowd. They were getting more than their money's worth tonight!

Nathan moved her round till she was sideways on to the crowd, then he told her to touch her toes. He stood behind her, holding his cock against her slit. He moved it up and down, She moaned.

A woman's voice in the crowd cried out, "Go on. Fuck the bitch!"

Tammy recognised one of her best friends.

Nathan's great prick was now sliding smoothly into her cunt. It was delicious. Tammy and Neville had been fucking regularly- 'too darned regularly' thought Tammy -- so she was certainly no virgin. But Nathan's cock was a different kettle of fish. She whimpered a couple of times as the pain from his monstrous erection hit her.

At last it bottomed out and after a moments pause, Nathan, long past caring about the job or anything else for that matter, began a rhythmic fucking motion in time with the music. The crowd was now stamping, clapping and yelling encouragement. If anyone had tried to stop proceedings at this point there would have been a riot.

Tammy felt Nathan beginning to come. He tried to tell her but it was already too late. He began pumping his cum into the cheerful blond's cunt as she reached her own orgasm. The audience cheered as they saw white frothy bubbles at the base of Nathan's cock, signifying that Tammy was being well and truly fucked.

Tammy felt on top of the world as her whole body shook with the sensation of coming. It was the best she had ever experienced, light years from anything that Neville had induced in her. Nathan kept pumping away until he had shot the last little drop of cum into her. The rapturous applause from the crowd rose to a crescendo as Tammy and Nathan disengaged, turned to face them, held hands and bowed together. They went off stage with Nathan's arm around her waist. Neither of them made any attempt to dress until they were back at the table.

"Well done you two, that was terrific," said one of Tammy's friends as she took her hand out of her panties.

When she was dressed, Tammy was approached by the club owner.

"I hope you are over eighteen, young lady," he said sternly..

Tammy flashed her ID and he seemed satisfied.

"I have to ask that sort of thing to protect my licence. But if you and Nathan here want to perform again, let me know. There are plenty of places where you could make a penny of two on stage like that," he continued with a smirk.

He nodded towards one of Tammy's friends who had been going round collecting notes and coins that the appreciative audience had thrown on stage. When they counted it all up there was over a hundred dollars.

As the evening ended, Nathan went out of the club arm with Tammy on his arm.

"I'll take Tammy home," he told her friends. Ten minutes later, Tammy found herself at Nathan's home, a seedy looking apartment. Outside it looked dilapidated, although it wasn't all that bad when they got to Nathan's own place.

"I shouldn't really be here, Nathan. I'm due at the church at eleven in the morning," she told him.

"No problem, Tammy," he replied, easily reassuring her that there would be no trouble getting her to the church on time.

By his bed, they hurriedly helped each other undress. Tammy was soon lying on her back with her legs wide apart as Nathan eagerly fucked her, filling her cunt with his cum juices twice and making Tammy moan in ecstasy several times before they even paused for breath.

With the wine, heat and exercise they had had at the club and now another energetic fuck, they soon fell asleep.

When Nathan awoke, he found the space beside him empty. He sat up suddenly as Tammy came out of the bathroom. She was dressed and ready to leave.

Nathan made his own decision. He wanted Tammy to stay with him, to become his girl. He knew he would do whatever it took to keep her away from the church. He couldn't bear the thought of her marrying someone else. The very thought of her going to bed with that someone, fucking him, bearing his children, made him want to puke.

As Tammy went over to kiss him goodbye, he pulled back the bedclothes and showed her his morning boner. Nathan was very proud of his cock as it stood up like a tall black lighthouse. He smiled at her and she laughed. She bent to give the tip of his prick a farewell kiss. As her lips touched it, Nathan thrust upwards and the last inch went into her mouth. For a few seconds she swished her tongue round it, savouring the taste of that globular head and the small drop of pre-cum she collected in her mouth. Nathan's cock grew an extra inch as she did this..

"Tammy, you can't leave me like this," he exclaimed, "I just need a quickie."

"No way," Nathan," she replied, "I know your quickies," although of course she didn't!

"Just sit on my cock and give me a bit of relief. You know you shouldn't have sucked on it like that. It's not fair," he pleaded.

Tammy realised there was some truth in what he said. She pulled up her skirt and straddled him, letting his cock lie against the gusset of her panties/ She moved herself gently over it as Nathan joined in, moving with her. They had a good rapport in that way.

"Would you mind if I came on your panties, Tammy?" he asked.

"No, of course not," she answered.

As he moved against her he could feel his cock getting stiffer and stiffer. He pulled right back, held her close and thrust. His cock went up the leg of her panties and was lying right up against her cunt. He could feel her wetness and the heat between her legs. He heard her sharp intake of breath as she took in the situation.

Tammy raised herself up a few inches and took hold of Nathan's cock to put it back where it had started. But she froze as she felt his cock-head brush against the wet lips of her cunt.

They looked at each other. It was twenty past ten. She only had forty minutes to get to the church.

"I love you, Tammy," he said quietly.

He thrust upwards ever so gently. His cock moved a quarter of an inch into Tammy's wet cunt. She sighed and lowered herself another quarter of an inch onto it. It felt so wonderful. It surely must be right for her. He thrust up gently again, another quarter inch. He moved his hands up the front of her blouse until he had both her tits cupped, massaging them, fondling them. He felt her resistance finally fade.

"Oh! Fuck the wedding," she cried, as she began lowering herself all the way down onto his engorged prick.

"Yes," he agreed, "Let's fuck it."

He put his hands on the collar of her blouse and pulled. The cream satin blouse was ripped all the way down to her waist at the back and most of the buttons at the front were gone too. There would be no change of mind for Tammy now.

Without withdrawing his cock, he rolled her over, ripping her skirt off as he did so.

Then, as he began to fuck her wildly, he told her, "Tammy, you're my fucking bitch now, for better or for worse."

"Yes! Oh,yes! Fuck me, Nathan, fuck your bitch hard," she agreed.

She only managed a few minutes of respite between successive orgasms, while he shot her full of cum over and over again.

They paused briefly as a distant bell tolled the eleventh hour. They kissed passionately, their tongues intertwining, their saliva mixed.

"Your wedding's well and truly fucked up," Nathan declared with a grin.

He went down on her, dragging his tongue from her neck to her nipples. There he paused, licking and nibbling until they were at attention. Then he continued down across her belly, into her muff, driving his tongue into her saturated cunt. It tasted of her juices mixed with his own cum. It wasn't bad. He pulled her over him and they started fucking in the sixty-nine position.

Then they went back to sleep for a while.

When they awoke, Nathan found a needle and some thread with which Tammy repaired her skirt. Her blouse was beyond any hope of repair, so she used one of Nathan's big T-shirts

"I reckon I could get away without a skirt wearing this thing," she remarked.

"You just like showing off your panties," Nathan told her.

But that's how she went out to shop for groceries and a new blouse.

When she got back, Nathan was on the phone. He put it down.

"Guess what! They want us to go to another club and perform like we did last night. Are you up for it?" he asked.

"You bet!" she affirmed. She enjoyed displaying her body and she thought sex was too delightful to be forever hidden like some dirty, guilty secret. She looked forward to Nathan fucking her in public again.

At the next venue, they were spotted by a maker of porn films. He gave them some erotic and pornographic work. They made money, except while Tammy was pregnant. And when Nathan got ill, Tammy also did some work as an escort which brought in plenty of cash. Nathan always asked - and she always told - just how many of her jobs included sex with the clients.

But what she loved best was being on stage,stripping to loud music and the cheers of a raucous crowd..

After the birth of her first baby, Tammy looked for and got plenty of work as a stripper. She often posed as a member of the audience, dressed normally, and got the compère to ask for volunteers. She sometimes expanded her act to include a wimpy-looking white 'husband' who would try to pull her back. On other occasions, it would be the 'husband' who volunteered her services. And sometimes her stripping act would end with her being fucked by a burly black -- usually the bouncer -- while the 'husband' was held down by the staff.

Nathan insisted that she only allowed black men to fuck her and also that she told him all about it , blow by blow. After which he would kiss her and fondle her, eventually making love to her as if to imprint his own seed in her, rather like a dog marking his territory.

All in all, they made a good living and had a lot of fun, especially Tammy.

But even Nathan had a good feeling about having a much-lusted-after woman as his girl friend.

"Think of it, Nathan, if I'd worked really damned hard I might have made it as a nurse or even a teacher and I'd be living on a quarter of what I make now," she remarked.

"You would have been well enough off if you'd married what's-his-name!"

"It's Neville. Yes but I think we would have been divorced by now and trying to make ends meet after the split," she argued.

After their second child, even Tammy's parents were prepared for a reconciliation. They had little choice if they wanted grandchildren. Tammy's brother came out as gay and her sister had acquired a live-in girl-friend.

Tammy never regretted her decision to say, "Fuck the wedding." And neither did Nathan.

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