A Big One for the Nurses


“ I think you’ll have to jump on, I can’t really move. “

“ Don’t worry, I’ll make sure not to touch your scar. Okay?” I nodded and she climbed on my torso, bending over and caressing my large pecs with her erect nipples. My cock stood between her asscheeks, quivering with excitement as we kissed passionately on my hospital bed. Our tongues were still sticky with my juice, and we swapped dribs of saliva mixed with my cream for a long time. She was wanking my cockhead, coaxing some much-needed lubricant out of my replenishing balls. When it was slick enough, she raised her hips and aimed the large mushroom head at her awaiting cuntlips. Surprisingly, the head slid smoothly into her love canal. I normally have to work my head in for minutes before being able to achieve full penetration. Her cunt must have been so moist with lust that it felt like slicing through butter.

“ Oh, shit, Tim, you’re so big! Let me get used to that huge cock! “, she moaned. Slowly, she twisted her hips around my invading monster head, lubricating it even more with her vaginal dampness. After a while, she seemed ready to impale herself further on my massive shaft. One inch, two inches went in before she screamed from the top of her lungs. That was her first orgasm of many yet to come. In the meantime, Shauna had returned with the head nurse, a blond mature woman of around fifty years of age. Her shape was remarkably well kept considering her age. I did not notice an ounce of flab on her muscular frame. I however noticed the beautiful African-American young nurse that was standing behind her. She looked barely older than twenty, tall and athletic, truly a black goddess.

“ What on Earth is going on here? Oh my God, is this thing real? “, exclaimed the head nurse upon seeing my monster rod stuffed up Kelly’s cunt. The other newcomer was giggling enthusiastically, showing me a perfect set of white teeth and giving me the most ravishing smile I had ever seen. This sudden intrusion encouraged me to push harder, so as to display my virility to the new babes. Kelly screamed and I felt her pussy twitch as more inches of wrist-thick cock invaded her private depths. Shauna quickly sat on the bed next to Kelly and surrounded my exposed shaft with her long fingers, gnetly pulling on the taut, distended skin. Rivulets of Kelly’s cuntjuices ran down the length of my stiff rod, coating Shauna’s fingers with its stickiness. Meanwhile, Brenda and the other nurse, who I later found out was called Kiana, had started to disrobe, displaying their wares to my eager eyes. I was most interested in seeing the gorgeous body of Kiana and I was not disappointed when it came into view. Her skin looked flawless, her stomach firm and her large hips complimented the whole package. I could hardly wait to caress her sculptural bronzed thighs.

“ See, Kiana, penises come in all shapes and sizes. This one here is probably amongst the biggest in the world. Kelly, get off so that nurse Kiana can get a better look! “, ordered Brenda. Kelly hesitated to dismount me, bouncing up and down my shaft a few more times before obeying the headnurse’s order. My shiny prick came into view to gasps of Kiana. Brenda held the younf black nurse’s hand and led it to the midpoint of my hard column. “ Feel how hard it is! Now I’ll show you how to measure a man’s penis! “. Brenda took a measuring tape out of her blouse pocket and handed it over to Kiana. I was surprised she was carrying such an object with her and thought it probably wasn’t the first time these horny women had fooled around with a patient’s dick. I wasn’t complaining, however, as I felt Kiana soft hands gently caress my mammoth python, as a new surge of blood engorged it even more. Her delicate fingers tickled the bulging surface of my sex piston as she helf the measuring tape along the top end of my glistening knob.

“ Now push the tape into the pelvic bone and unroll it to the very end of the glans. “, instructed Brenda. Kiana looked mesmerized as she followed the headnurse’s instructions.

“ Fifteen and a quarter inches! “, she announced, nearly stuttering from the excitement of seeing such a massive appendage for the first time. I beamed with pride as she measured my girth, which she called at 9 and a three quarters inches.

“ A normal penis, especially for such a young man, should be around five inches long. Tim here has what is know as penile gigantism. It’s very rare and in his case, doesn’t seem to have led to any other pathophysiologixal problems commonly associated with his condition. “, explained Brenda, assuming the role of the medical teacher. The other nurses were barely listening, however and all had their hands tightly gripped around my “ gigantic “ rod, jerking me off in unison. Well, at least I now knew why I was so huge.

“ I think he also has testicular gigantism! You should see how much cum he can eject out of those big boys! “, laughed Kelly, fondling my huge smooth seedmakers in the palms of her hands. She need both hands to completely encircle just one of my giant eggs.

“ I see, indeed! “, replied Brenda. She was now completely naked and ready to feel my pussy-pleaser deep in her womb. The other nurses backed off reluctantly and obediently as the fifty year-old big-breasted horny nurse jumped on the bed to get the fucking of her lifetime. I had never fucked a woman her age, so I was very excited at the prospect. My aching knob was again leaking pre-cum at a steady rate, coating Brenda’s encircling hands as she guided the angry helmet towards her wide-open tunnel. This time, it took a while to fit the giant head inside, since she was tighter than Kelly. Brenda was puffing like a sprint runner as I invaded her moist vagina. After about eight inches, I entered her womb and drove forward till my pointy knob hit the back of her uterine walls. She screamed in pain, but quickly got used to my pummelling monster. The other nurses encouraged me to stuff her cunt to the max, maybe out of a desire to hurt her. They commented on how my knob was so thick that it pulled her pussy lips completely outwards on Brenda’s upstrokes. I could indeed feel her hairy lips scrape the veiny surface of my dong, but the constant outpouring of both our juices kept my knob glistening with pussy lubricant. For over twenty minutes, I layed on my back while Brenda furiously rode my rockhard mega-cock. She climaxed over and over again, a seemingly endless stream of noisy orgasms rocking her whole body. Her large melons jiggled up and down with the motion of her pelvis, as she sank her quivering cunt further down my shaft. At twelve inches, a shattering orgasm shook her frame ; she was trembling and digging her fingernails into my beefy pecs while her pussywalls clamped my monster whopper so tightly that I could feel the blood beeing squeezed into my engorged glans.

“ Mmmh, AAHHH! Fuck me harder your fucking stud! Oooh! “, she moaned over and over again. Kelly and Kiana were noisily frigging themselves while Shauna massaged my tense nuts, feeling the heavy sperm churning inside them. I was on the verge of unloading a massive dose of cum deep inside the headnurse’s spasming pussy when Shauna, feeling my overloaded balls, clamped the base of my giant rod with a extremely tight grasp to delay my impending explosion.

“ Not so soon, Tim! We all want a ride on that monster fuckstick of yours! “

“ Fuck you, Shauna, I want to feel his sperm flooding my pussy! “, screamed Brenda angrily.

“ Calm down ladies, I think I can manage to dump my load and get hard again pretty quickly. “, I said matter-of-factly. Brenda violently pushed Shauna aside with her arm and continued to ride my cock to reach another mind-shattering climax. Shauna, not wanting to be left out, climbed on the small and stuck her leaking pussy right in my face. The musky smell of her cunt filled my nose and I immediately dived into her shaking fanny with my rough tongue. I licked widely around her sensitive clit, occasionally sticking a finger or two up her vaginal cavern. She moaned in approval every time I rubbed her pelvis mound with my thumb and gently swirled my tongue around her swolllen cuntlips.

At the other end, Brenda was getting delirious, her mature pussy engulfing over a foot of my huge crank on the downstrokes. I could not resist any longer and unleashed the first of many gushers deep in her womb, filling her cavity with unending torrents of seed.

“ Aaanuugghh, raaah, I’m coming, ohmygod, it’s so strong! “, I bellowed as the intensity of my orgasm overtook my senses. Giant wads of filthy scum poured into Brenda’s overflowing canal, as a creamy froth appeared at the junction between my forearm-thick shaft and her puffy cuntlips. Soon, a creamy mixture of my juice and her vaginal secretions was forced out of her overstuffed cunt. The squishy noise of large amounts of sperm being squeezed out of her love tube filled the room. For nearly a minute, my relentless cum cannon unloaded new salvos of fresh seed deep into Brenda’s sweltering pussy. She had long since collapsed from exhaustion, being held up merely the huge hard pillar of manmeat planted deep up her trunk. My whole groin area was already coated with multiple layers of goo when Kelly and Kiana helped an unconscious Brenda off my still-spurting cock. As soon as my knob was released from its previous heavenly tunnel, an ultra-thick, foot-long streamer of spunk erupted from its angry end and coated Kiana’s big knockers with half an ounce or so of cum. When Brenda was removed from my torso, my cock slapped loudly against the thick slabs of my abdominal muscles, splashing man-cream everywhere. The end twitched a few more times, vomiting its copious content all over my large pecs, before it settled down and merely oozed liquid cum in spasms. My whole front was coated with my own scum and, by the looks of it, both Brenda and Kiana got their fair share of the immense load I had just delivered. Cream poured out of Brenda’s gaping cunthole, while Kiana was still busy cleaning up the dripping excesses of my cream that ran down the sides of her perfect breasts. I caught my breath and flexed my cock a few times to keep it rockhard. I had no problems retaining my giant hardon and Shelly commented on how incredible it was for someone to stay hard four times in a row.

“ My turn, now! I want that monster cock pounding my pussy! “, blurted Shauna. Her hands resting on my glistening hard pecs, she moved forward along my trunk to position herself. A thin string of her juices escaped her moist pussy, trailing along my chin and torso. I slurped it up until it snapped, while she licked my abs clean of my creamy outpouring. She was helped in her task by Kelly who lapped up as much cum as she could muster from around the base of my turgid shaft. After a few minutes, my groin was spotless and Shauna mounted me with her back to my face. While she rested her hands on my ankles, I stuck my mammoth prickhead in her tight pussy, to monas of delight of my female audience.

“ Oh, fuck, fuck, SHIT, it’s so big! “, she groaned. Eventually, my whole head fit in and I pushed further. I was feeling ultra-horny and wanted to impale as much of my cock as possible up her cunt. “ Hang on, ooohh, SSHHIITT! “, she repeated again as six, eight, then nine inches of wrist-thick shaft plowed her depths. I felt a resistance in her canal, and drove mightily forward, lifting my ass in the process. My giant cockhead drilled past her second gate and entered her womb, knocking heavily against the back of her uterus. “ STOP, pull back, you’re splitting me in half! “, she begged.

“ I thought you said you wanted my monster cock pounding your pussy. “, I retorted, while pushing further, nearly dislocating her hip joints. Her cries and moans slowly turned into puffs and groans as I jackhammered my tool in her lovebox. Most girls think it won’t fit, but after a while, the constant rubbing of my bulging manhood over their sensitive cuntwalls brings them over the top. “ Yeah, now you’re getting into it! Can you feel my big knob? Is that what you wanted? “

“ Oooh, yes, YYEESS, Tim! Don’t ever stop, Give me your HUGE fucking cock till I die! “, she bellowed like a wild animal. I could feel her distended vaginal membranes quiver and shake with the furor of exploding orgasms. For over twenty minutes, my raging ramrod brutally pumped her helpless slit, bringing her to numerous shattering climaxes. Sweat glistened over her entire body as my colossal schlong pile-drove her inner cavities over and over again. She was grunting ecstatically, shuddering with blissful anger. Her cuntjuices poured down my tumescent shaft, coating it with a slimy coat. I held her hips tightly while I forced my battering ram as deep as possible, pushing aside her internal organs with my immense cockhead. Suddenly, my balls tightened and a lengthy rope of sperm travelled up my urethra. It splashed violently against the back of her womb. Surprisingly, it was not followed by the usual twenty or so spurts my dong regularly ejected. Instead, my rockhard schlong turned to granite and a sublime wave of pleasure coursed up my cumslit. I sometimes had near-dry orgasms but this was beyond my previous experiences. It lasted for several minutes during with I barely breathed until my muscles were so tense that I had to stop and lay back to recover.

I gasped loudly while Kiana replaced Shauna. She was the first black girl I had ever fucked, a memory I shall always cherish. Her dark skin was in stark constrast to mine and the added thrill of interracial sex brought my surging cock to new mammoth proportions.

“ Go easy, Tim, please, you’re much bigger than any guy I’ve ever had! “, she pleaded.

“ Even the black guys? “, I asked proudly.

“ Sure baby, by a wide margin! Oooooooh, shit, you’re so big! “, she replied as the blunt end of my leaking knob penetrated her pussymound. I could clearly see the shape of my knob as it created a growing lump on the surface of her firm stomach. Soon, the lump reached her navel and she whimpered softly. She slumped her body against my immensely muscular chest, her mouth level with my mine. We kissed passionately while my rod continued to pound her tightening pussy. My hands were malaxing her soft buttcheeks and her erect nipples rubbed along the length of my bulging pecs. Theughout this sumptuous fuck, her tongue barely left my mouth. Only when her orgasms were too intense did she withdraw her swirling tongue to moan loudly, her eyes closed and crying from the excruciating joy my pistoning rod was giving her.

The other nurses had gathered round, shouting obscenities, encuraging me to fuck her harder, while they rubbed their pussymounds. I settled for a slow, sensual fuck instead. After cumming three times already, my stamina was greatly increased, and the fuck session with this black goddess lasted seemingly forever. Eventually, my refilled seedmakeers decided to pour their virile content in Kiana’s clasping womb. A geysering plume of spunk erupted from my cumslit, hitting the back of her love canal, filling her womb instantly with a magma of seed. It was followed by several more, equally voluminous, giant wads of sperm. After only four or five spurts, her lovebox was filled to capacity and cream leaked copiously out of her cunt. Brenda ans Shauna seized this unique opportunity to lick the outpouring sperm, noisily slurping up large amounts of my salty cum. They pleaded for me to withdraw my disgorging crank, but I preferred to remain in a blissful embrace with Kiana, discharging my potent seed every few seconds, while she shrieked with agonizing joy. Even after fifteen plus copious sprays of jizz, my cock remained turgid, only slightly deflating while the plentiful post- orgasmic syrup continued to ooze out of my satiated cumhole. I fell asleep still holding Kiana in my arms, my dwindling dong buried in her pussy.

The rest of my stay at the hospital was a blur of naked, panting bodies. I even did my sister once when she came to visit. The doctors commented that my recovery was remarkably slow, but they didn’t know that the nurses were to blame!

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