tagNonHumanA Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 15

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 15


***I sometimes 'complete' characters visually. That is, I have an idea but nothing visual at the outset. I might be looking at something and they come to me. It didn't work that way with Dahlgren.

For Dahlgren, I happened to be looking at the cover of a PC game and there was a guy in the background. He's not Dahlgren, but if you saw the picture, you'd get it as far as the clothing and his physique went.

When I invented the character who would become Faith, I was looking at a drawing with nothing relating to my story. There was a thin thing in the back of a bunch more and he was male, but I already had the backstory in my head. I just knew that it was the bodystyle that I wanted. As far as her mannerisms, it came from her growing up poorer than dirt, but trying awfully hard to get by. Her speech pattern had nothing to do with that, coming mostly from where she grew up. I wanted a character who could make me smile just by being herself. She has nothing, but she has her own charm and there's a dignity in that which works for her. It worked for me. 0_o


Book of the Merren Part 8

She heard the morning songs of a few birds and she opened her eyes. Faith found herself still lying on her front and still on top of Dahlgren, but he had moved up a little somehow or, maybe she had moved back. She lifted her head to look at him and he groaned. She was very careful as she moved and hugged him very gently.

"That's alright," she grinned, "I've gotta pee too. I understand how it is." She kissed the center of his chest and pushed herself up and off him using her hands on the blanket.

"So tell me," she said after they'd both come back, "What would you be doing now, back where you live? I know I'd be heading over to the town again to look for some food, and then I'd likely just amble off. There's a little place that I like to hole up in sometimes and it's pretty cozy and out of the heat of the sunshine. What would you be doing now?"

He smiled at her, liking her for her mannerisms and the rather endearing way that she looked to him today, a little tousled and not really awake yet. They seemed to have become closer as they'd slept. He really couldn't explain it- even to himself, but there was a pleasant familiarity there that he found so appealing. "I'd just fly back to my home. I have a daughter, and she's very nearly six now. I think that I'd be trying to think of something to give her on her birthday."

She slipped her arm around his waist and began to lead him to the pool, "Tell me about her -- and also tell me about her mother."

"It's not like that," he said, "I never met her mother. She's an orphan and I've adopted her. Her name is Nahl'een and she's like us, a little of two kinds. She lived alone for the first few years of her life, and she's a little slow in learning to speak properly, but she's coming along pretty quickly. She loves to talk forever now, and I love to listen to her."

Faith looked at him a little pointedly, "You know, I don't know what it is with you, but I ask a question and you answer it -- some. Sometimes, you don't tell me what I want to hear at all, like last night when I almost had to jab you with a stick to get your name outta you.

Don't you know nuthin' about girls, Dahlgren? I asked and I got told a bit about your little girl. That's really nice to hear and all, especially the way that I can feel that you just love her to death. That's what a good daddy ought to be like. But I asked about her mother to see if you've got somebody for you. Now you said that her momma's dead or somethin' like that. What I want to know is if there's a female in your life."

He smirked as he looked down and he laughed after a moment, "You mean other than my mother?"

"Lookit here," Faith scowled at him, "You ain't one of them momma's boys, are you?"

It made him laugh more. "I never used to be," he grinned, "but ever since Nahl'een has been with me, my mother comes there fairly often, I'd say. I'd even say that she's there a little too often, by my old standards. But she doesn't come for me, really, and I'm not under her thumb or anything like that. She comes to help with Nahl'een.

It doesn't matter that there's no blood connection between them, my mother took Nahl'een as her granddaughter on first sight. Sometimes that's helpful to me, since we live alone, mostly. So she looks after my daughter if I have to be away - like I am now. If she can't come, then Nahl'een goes to the orphanage where I first brought her after I found her. She's always welcome there, and there are other children for her there to play with."

He looked at Faith a little fearfully. "I know. Sorry. You want to hear the answer to one question and now it seems that I'm dodging it. There's no one, Faith. There hasn't been anyone in a long time, since before I came back here to do what I do -- whatever that is when I'm not killing red demons. There was somebody that I might have gotten a little close to a little while ago, but it didn't happen."

"Well," Faith said brightening, "would you want somebody?"

His expression made her laugh at him. "I know, I know," she said sweeping her hand out toward the desert floor below them, "it was a real close thing in so many ways and so hard for me to choose. There's all these hopeful men out here, ... all of 'em lusting after my little ass the shameless way that they do,... all of 'em needin' the soft touch of a quiet little girl such as I am. Why it's lucky there haven't been fistfights and duels fought over me, just sayin'."

She looked down as they walked. "I know I ain't much to look at, Dahlgren, "she bent down for a moment to pick up a stone and throw it down the slope. "But I like you an awful lot, and I ain't exactly got me a full dance card around here at the best of times, like right now."

"Right, uh, ... now?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said, "Don'tcha see all them men out there just waitin' to grab me and make me their girl, bangin' me all night long? Why, there's whole herds of them, there's -- "

"I don't see anybody, Faith," he said softly, "but I know what you mean."

She nodded and was silent for a moment. She picked up another rock and threw it hard. Dahlgren watched as it sailed on almost out of sight.

"If you know what I mean," she said almost as a whisper and he had to listen hard to catch her words, "then you might see that I'm already yours - leastways if you'll have me. I ain't pretty, like I said, bu-"

"You're more than pretty," he said, "I think you're lovely. You ought to stop hitting yourself over the head."

She shushed him a little impatiently, "Dammit, Dahlgren, can't you see that I'm trying to tell you something?"

She moved to stand in front of him. "Listen," she said, her black eyes almost pleading with him all by themselves, "I know we only met yesterday, and, ... well, after last night, and how good it felt to have a man like you to lie on, well I'm, ...

I want to tell you that I think I love you, Dahlgren. I know that you likely don't love me, but give me a chance. Something like this doesn't ever happen to me. I've only ever been alone and - well I ain't never been in love before."

She looked down at his chest and laid her hand against it. She was a little surprised to see just how small it looked there, and how very good it felt to touch him again. She knew that he'd probably listen to her make a fool of herself like this and she knew that he was only being polite to be hearing her out the way that he was.

He'd fly away in a little while and she'd be alone again. She'd never minded it all that much, once she'd gotten used to it since there was no alternative.

But she knew that this time it would be very different. This was going to hurt a lot.

"I'm nuthin' like what you'd want, but if you'd take me with you, I'd let you fuck me all you want to, Dahlgren. I think that maybe I need that now. I'd try really hard to make you love me. I promise I won't even talk if you're with one of your better friends so's they don't see how rough I am. I won't shame you. Just take me with you. Please?"

She didn't dare to probe with her thoughts. She just knew that she'd lost, that was all. She leaned forward and placed her forehead against him, wanting to feel it one more time. She'd never meant for it to happen and she knew that she didn't really know any better, though she supposed that she should have known, the way that he'd made her feel. All that she knew was that she needed him. It was long past a want in her.

She squeezed her eyes shut but even so, a couple of tears came to her to betray the last depths of her heart's desperation. They left her cheeks to fall onto his feet, as lost as she was.

"Please, Dahlgren," her voice came out of her as a tiny thing, "I'm begging now."

He reached for her and held her tightly. She looked up in shock and gasped as his head was suddenly against her own. "Don't beg," he said into her ear, "You don't have to try really hard to make me love you. I'm a little lost here, I guess. I don't know how to do it yet, but you can come with me."

She pulled her head back and saw his smile. He watched her eyes glaze over happily in the way of demons, "You really mean that?"

"Yes," he said, "I can't promise anything yet, really. There will be at least some problems, and it has nothing to do with how 'rough' you might think that you are. It has to do with your blood. "

He kissed her hard enough to make her groan and press herself against him.

"What are we gonna have to do?" she asked in the second that she felt that she had for it.

"I don't know yet," he said, honestly.

They stood holding each other for a moment longer before they walked the rest of the way to the pool and the little cascade which fed it. "You ought to go first," he said, "there's blood and goo all over your back from when your wings came in."


He shrugged, "It's a nicer way to say runny scabs." He watched her pretty nose crinkle and he nodded, "I'll wash it off for you and I'll be gentle."

She stood under the cold water, struggling just to breathe around her gasps. "Ah!," she hissed in a little pain and looked at her hand to see if it was injured, "What's in my hair?"

Dahlgren smirked a little as she felt her head tenderly with her fingers. She looked at him as her jaw dropped.

"Horns." He said, "A couple of rather small horns. I thought you knew about them before now. They're not big, they're probably not very visible when your hair's dry, Faith."

"Horns," she said, rolling her eyes, "I get farther and farther from being the girl that I want to be every minute. Great."

"I think they're kind of cute," he smiled.

"You just shut up now, Dahlgren, before anything else shows up. Is it bad, this goop on my back?"

"Not really," he said, wiping carefully with his hand, "A lot of it is already coming off, and the scabs will fall off by themselves. Just don't scratch, no matter how much it might itch." He looked at her shoulders and her back with her new and still-soft wings before his eyes drifted down a little lower. "Did you mean what you said about, ..."

"About falling in love with you, or about letting you fuck me?" she asked.

"About falling in love," he said, "the rest was just you being a little desperate and I can understand where it came from."

"I meant it," she said, "every word. And I was serious about the other thing. You might not want to hear it like that, but there's two things here, Handsome. I really am in love with you, and I love what you did to me last night, so I'll be wantin' quite a lot of that. I think it's good for my heart or something, the way that you make me feel then. It felt to me like it was more than just fuckin' but I ain't never done that before, so I wasn't sure. You were falling a little for me too, I'da guessed, but I didn't know."

She turned around, "Do you think that we need each other? I mean, not just for that. There's something more, isn't there?"

He smiled and thought about it, "I guess there is. It felt a little different to me. I have to say that I've never felt as, ... involved in it before. I've done that before, but never felt it like that."

"Well didja like it?" she asked, seriously, "Was I good for you and did I do everything right? I mean, besides the part where I was suckin' on you. I had a bit of trouble then."

"You were really good," he smiled as he saw her fingers reaching for his maleness again. "What are you -- "

"You just shush, Dahlgren," she said as she looked at it there in her hand while it hardened a little magically to her," Ima be needin' a little practice at this, that's all."

She sank to a squat, out of the stream of the cold water. She leaned in and kissed the point where it joined the rest of his body, licking with her tongue as well before she leaned back to look at it. Faith planted a very soft and warm kiss on the end of it while looking up at him before she looked back to his throbbing shaft.

"Oh, Momma," she said to herself, "I wish that you'da had a chance to teach me a little about how to do this right for a man."

She sighed and opened her mouth to take him in.

Four minutes later, Faith was still struggling with something as she worked, but she did come to a realization at last. She was certain about the way that she felt about him. She was fully cognizant of her being bone-tired of her life in the desolation all around her, and he was her way out. That was only a factor here. She was aware that he could -- and had -- raised feelings in her that were a whole new way of living, if it went on and she knew that she wanted it to. But there was that other thing which had come up.

No matter how she tried to look at it, she just knew how she felt. She could try to separate all of the other things out and she was still left with how she felt inside. What was the issue for her was that she'd never experienced it before.

She just knew that she loved him, and it was a huge thing to her, as it would be for anyone, she guessed. She just knew it, and she also knew that she felt that there was more to it, but she was already at the edge of her ability to grasp it, since she was so inexperienced at any sort of relationship. Faith just had a sense that there was something more for her and him. She just didn't know what it was or might be.

She shelved it and thought about being with him. They didn't know all that much about each other, but she wanted to learn all that there was because ... well, she told herself, because she wanted to be his. She didn't know how that would work, but she knew that it was what she wanted to be.

Because that would make him hers.

Well, she thought, if he was hers, or going to be, then the way that she figured it, she had better get back to the task at hand.

Faith redoubled her efforts, ignoring the messages which her jaw was sending her brain. She pulled back and used her long tongue to lick his scrotum gently, very thankful that she had gotten at least some instruction about male parts from her mother long ago. She held his shaft up, stroking it as she played with his sack and the stones which it contained, loving the way that -- if she was slow and languid about it and her breath cooled them a bit -- she could feel them moving a little in there besides what she felt as she pushed them around herself.

That was when she made a rather strange discovery. As she changed her position to get at it a little from the side, she found that if she grasped his cock near the base and lifted, his scrotum would lift a little as well, and that gave her the room to ...

He gasped as he felt her tongue wrap itself almost completely around his balls. He'd never known that this was possible before, since it wasn't with any of the partners that he'd ever been with. But Faith could do it, and he thrilled at the way that she held him, her warm tongue holding him captive and squeezing so gently. She lost it for a second as her tongue looped a little tightly over his saliva-soaked skin and he looked down.

He saw her looking up at him and he saw something in her face that he didn't think that he'd ever seen in a female's face before, no matter whether she was human or any of the demons that he'd bedded down with. Not like what he was looking at now. He knew right then that she hadn't been lying.

Not even to herself.

"Is that good for you?" she whispered.

He nodded and she grinned for a brief second. He watched her inhale and then her mouth was coming for him again as she lunged the short distance and extended her tongue again, pressing her face against him and that tongue, ... that marvelous tongue slid hotly around his balls again as she found a way to hold that sack so that it wouldn't get away and he felt her teeth pressing against his body while she tugged so gently to pull it toward her open mouth with a groan. Her eyes gleamed the overhead sunlight back at him as they glazed just before she closed them in her happiness for a moment.

The look that she'd seen in his own shining eyes was almost enough for Faith. Her whole body tingled and her cunny -- as her mother had termed it, felt as though it was on fire and humming -- and she hadn't even touched herself yet.

She remedied that situation by releasing him and planting her knees instead of squatting. She kept one hand on his rock-hard shaft, working it as she brought it back to her mouth. Her other hand went to her little tits, from one to the other.

They'd only been another pair of things which she'd hated about herself. When she'd changed into this mess that she'd become, it had seemed almost an insult to her -- a cruel way that nature had chosen to rub salt in the wounds of it all. Her breasts had been developing normally up to that point. They hadn't been anything to write your aunt about yet, as her mother had teased once gently, but they'd come in just fine in a little time, she'd said, and she'd have to bat the boys off when they did.

But as she lay in her bed in pain, she'd finally been able to fall asleep the second night of it. The cruel joke became apparent to her the next morning when she'd awoken to another round of agony inside her changing body. They'd actually shrunk away to little more than swells, and her nipples had grown to a size which took up most of what had been left to her. She had tiny tits and nipples the size of small eggs frying in a pan.

But those nipples were hungry now. To her own hands, they felt as though they'd suddenly changed, becoming a substance which must surely be the hardest material known to man. And they were so sensitive, like they got during those rare occasions when her time came to her. It didn't happen often, maybe twice a year, by her reckoning, but when it did, she'd been known to change the landscape around her in her misery.

Right now though, they felt so good under her hand. She almost couldn't bear to let her hand move lower. She stopped stroking him and her right hand came to her other nipple for a moment, before she moaned for the way that it felt to her as that hand slid down her hard little belly, deep down under herself. She thought that she must be dripping, she was so wet. She brought her drenched fingers up and regarded the wet shine on them for a moment.

His fingers came into her view then as they took her hand in his and be bent down a little. She almost lost him, her lips just managing to keep him a she watched the tender way that he licked and sucked her hand after lifting it up to where he could reach it.

She actually felt her eyes roll back from the sensation which seemed to come from her vulva, breasts, and most of all, the middle of her chest then. Something happened in her then, a spark which flickered between all three places and Faith came. It was really short, but she almost jumped off the ground from it. Her hand flashed out from her breast just afterward to grasp what she could of his hip so that she didn't fall backward.

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