tagNonHumanA Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 35

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 35


***Dragons are complex and magical creatures. In Yuan's case, the emphasis is on complex but in many ways, she's a rather charmed individual.

Oh, and somehow, in my own inimitable fashion, I've managed to bugger up the parts of the various books.

~sigh~ I knew that would happen. 0_o


Book of the Dragon Part 10

The next day, Yuan was outside, marveling at the cold temperature of the night before for one thing, but also the beauty that it left behind in the patterns of the frost on various surfaces. She hadn't planned anything much for the day. With it being so cold, she was just so thankful that she had a place to be now and one person who cared. For all of their patience, dragons can sometimes be studies in contradictions. Lust aside, in the bygone days when they were many, it could be a rather long affair to find a prospective mate which one liked and then there were the lengthy and oh so careful and cautious introductions, and if that went well, the courtship could last for years.

Then again, it might just be settled after a few really satisfying fucks, as long as both sides were pleased. All of that, for Yuan's kind of dragon, was often only the precursor -- sort of a pre-choosing of suitable partners for when the want to breed was on the female. She'd find one of her pre-chosen males, they'd spent some time in mating to breed her, and then the male would leave.

Those days were gone now, as were those dragons. The previous night had been embarked upon with hopes, surely, but still it had started out to be some casual mating and other than what was beginning between Yuan and Sheth, that was still what it was for now as far as Drene was concerned and it was obvious.

Drene's noises about love faded as the dawn approached, and Yuan had finally asked for a plain explanation as to what that meant. What she'd heard had been non-committal and that was fine, but Sheth had asked a little more pointedly and at that point they heard that Drene really still had hopes for her male demon.

"Do as you wish, Drene,"Sheth had said then, "but I can tell you how this will go with that one. You will ask and be told nothing of his intent -- if he does not lie to you then. You'll want something specific to hold onto and he will hand you a patch of fog. If Yuan wants me in either way, I am happy to stay with her, though I think that Yuan also wants a female and I can live with that, since I will not be alone anymore."

Yuan asked for a description of this male demon and what she heard mystified her a little, but at least from it, she was sure that it wasn't Ayt'han.

"If it is a demon that you truly want for yourself," she told Drene, "I know of a very fine one who has a female, but I think that after the passion, they will both want another female, since they wish to begin more than one little family. Let me know if you have an interest, but do not wait too long."

With everything out in the open now, Drene said that she'd have to see and she prepared to leave. Yuan wasn't surprised and they spoke a little at the entrance to the cave. Drene left shortly afterward.

Sheth walked up, "Well that's perfectly usual. She didn't even say goodbye -- not that she ever does."

Yuan and Sheth stood as they watched her go and he felt her take his hand to hold. "She will never leave you again," Yuan said quietly.

"She is leaving me now," he smiled, "and for the first time, I don't feel badly for it. I actually don't care. But how can she never leave me again?"

He looked at Yuan who smiled, looking down "I told her that I wish for you as my male and that if you agreed then we would pair. I told her that I could accept her as my female -- though I do not think that I can trust her somehow -- and I said that. I knew that she would not agree by not disagreeing and then filling the air between us with her nonsense.

So I waited for her to finish and then I shook my head and told her that she either stayed with us or she left, and that it was her choice, but that if she left, she was not to return thinking to mate with you or I would kill her. I made that plain as well."

Yuan chuckled a little, "But it was Drene and I know her already. She told me that she might want to come and mate with me, and I told her that in such a case, I would mate with her and then I would kill her right afterward."

Sheth nodded, understanding the way that dragons were so similar to Wotroth and that it had been said as an insult.

"It would be a meal that we would not have to hunt for," he said and she nodded with a grin, seeing that he'd understood her insult at Drene and had added to it.

She said, "I told her that I give one chance and that this was the time to speak. She said that she understood, but said nothing else. I knew this would happen. That was why I took the talk between us all in that direction earlier, to get her to say something. She talks much but says little. She does not think that I meant it, and so she has wasted her chance."

He stood listening, but he didn't move after she stopped. Yuan stood waiting and finally nudged him. Sheth looked at her a little wide-eyed, "Come back inside," he said, and as they turned, he placed his hand on her hip and Yuan's heart flew over the small gesture, "I need to know things about you and us and how I fit in to everything," he said.

Yuan shrugged and reached with her hand to cup his genitals as they walked, "It is the same all the time," she smiled, "we get this hard, I must get it wet somehow and then you push it in. You do the same for me when we see how I fit into everything."

Sheth laughed, "It was not what I meant, but I like the thought. I want to know if we are to be as a pair only, or what you wish. You are all that I need, I think, but I see more to you and so I ask," He looked down for a moment and then Sheth looked right into Yuan's eyes.

"I can see in visions," he said, "Sometimes I seek to see and often they only come to me. There will be dragon children here, Yuan. I see us with our children, but they will not be the first. I am happy, but I wish to know your thoughts, I guess."

He looked at her as she walked slowly with her head down and wished that he was better at relationships than he was. It just hit him that it was perhaps a little soon to speak of these things, but he really wished to know. More than anything, he wanted a love with Yuan -- in any way that it worked for them both. He just didn't see them alone and he wondered about it.

Yuan pulled them both to a stop. She looked into his eyes and he found her melting against him. "You saw our young, Sheth? They were ours, yours and mine?" She held his gaze and watched him carefully.

"Yes," he said, "I just ... wanted to know."

She held him to her tightly, "That is so good to hear, because I want to make young with you, Sheth. I am also the same as you and I want a female to breed as well, but there are no other dragons, besides Drene and she has chosen her path -- though she thinks that she can come back any time as is her way. But I am not like you, Sheth. If she returns one day and I am not here, then you may not mate with her if we are to breed between us. I will not allow it."

He nodded and agreed before she went on.

"I think that Wotroth are just the same as dragons here," she said, "and so we love to mate. But because of what we are, I think to make room for that in a careful way."

She reached up and toyed with his hair a little and without knowing it, she stole the last of his heart from him for the way that she looked to him then as she went on, "I do not want to see you feeling left out, Sheth. Never. You are what I want, and I know that it is the same in you. I wish to be your female, and not part of a flock. I want to hold you as MY male and not part of a harem. But at the same time, think of how we two have shown ourselves to be to each other.

If you have seen us making our babes, I feel such joy you cannot know, but I wish to see you mating with others and I wish to mate with others as well, but at the root of it, I wish to build this as our family. The others -- whatever they might be, and I do not wish to know that here -- they must be chosen, and it is not for today to even think on it. I just want you to know, and I wish to know if you think that you want this. Underneath everything, I wish to be yours and I need you to be mine. Do you agree?"

He kissed her neck and whispered to her, "I want this with you, Yuan."

"Good then," she sighed against his cheek, "but that is for the far future. First we must know each other. Come, and let us eat something other than each other for a little while."


"Am I enough for you?" he asked after worrying about it for a little while as they ate, "I need to know this before anything else and I wish for the truth, even if it is a little cold."

Yuan nodded vigorously as she did something a little uncharacteristic of her and spoke around a half-mouthful of food because she knew that he was uncertain of himself.

"Oh yes, I think that since both of us can be two things in some ways, we have more ways to be happy with each other. If other kinds come to us, we'll need to see," she smiled, "but I love mating with you in either way and I know that you do as well. We are what we are and that means that this can easily work because we can be patient.

You are a fine male to me, Sheth. You think you are not, but I made my sounds, didn't I? Did you think that I did that because I wanted to fool you?"

She shook her head and smiled warmly to him, "No, Sheth. You drove me to my pleasure very well each time and the little words that I spoke into your ear so quietly were for only you to hear and I meant them. When I had you in my mouth, I would have been frigging myself -- it was what I wanted to do, but Drene kept doing that every time, jamming her fingers into me the hard way that she did. If I was not loving you then, I'd have hit her for it. It felt a little nice because I was as a captive then, but if it had only been her and I, she would have only tried it once. Drene is a very cold lover and she is selfish.

We need to learn of each other, but I already know that you are a good lover for me -- more than enough for me to know that I want to be your female, and I know that you would be a good father. You are different, but so am I. What does this matter if we are happy?"

"So, will you take a female?" he asked, "Of some other sort?"

She laughed, "Sheth, I have only just found you. But I know what you ask. When I fucked you, it was like nothing I had ever done before. No matter what comes for us, I will always want that."

He laughed then and kissed her as she hugged him, the food forgotten.

"You don't mind, ..."

She shook her head, "You were fine for me when you mounted me last night several times. Throw the doubt away. What you have pleases me really well. I think that you have caused yourself to have doubts and since Drene would never stay with you, I think that they became fears. Drene left every time because she is Drene, not because you did not or could not please her. A large part of a female's want and the pleasure that she receives comes from her own mind, and anyway, that doesn't matter.

Think a moment. How many times in her life has she had a male such as what I can be -- if I am so large, from what she said? I am the only dragon that she has ever had in her. She is gone because she seeks something which cannot exist; a lover that she wants to belong to on her terms. That is Drene's trouble, but she would never hear of it.

What matters is that you can please me, and you do, Sheth, very much. When I took you, it was far better than it was with Drene. I am more concerned about traveling. Can you leave here if I have to go?"

He nodded, "I'll go where you go, Yuan."

She smiled and dragged him back to the bed with a happy giggle, "Then I am going back to bed with you."

Their loving was playful and happy at first, but then it became quiet and Yuan could see that he was putting a lot of tenderness into it for her, so she stopped him. "I wish for you to see me a little differently now," she said, "since you are being so heartfelt to me."

He found himself lying on someone else and he moved to stare. He was looking at a different creature altogether. "This ... is what the humans look like?"

She nodded, "Some of them. Is it alright Sheth?"

Sheth was looking at something far different from anything that he'd ever seen in a female, but he liked it. "You behave differently now," he said quietly, "Is something wrong?"

She nodded very slightly, "Only that I need to know if you like me this way -- and that you have pulled out of me in surprise. Like this, I can only be one way for you, Sheth. I am much more of a pure female this way, inside and outside. This is how I would look if I have not gotten the egg that I carry inside my chest, though I would have grown up empty in my mind.

I have all of the fears and doubts of any girl and I hide nothing of myself from you like this. Is it enough?"

Sheth knew that like this, she was just as vulnerable as he'd been before when she'd been the large male. Sheth moved closer to her slowly and laid her down, taking her into his arms, "I never had the thought that one day, I could ever have one such as you. Wotroth females who looked this soft and gentle are prized and every male wants them. You are far more lovely than any of them. Thank you for letting me see this."

He kissed her softly and her sigh passed right through him like the most gentle late-spring breeze and feeling the way that his maleness hardened for her, Yuan pulled him onto her hesitantly and when she held him after a moment of his soft kisses, she raised one leg and they rolled onto their sides as her other leg went over him.

"I want no fucking now," she whispered, "I need to feel you make love for my heart. Please put it back in and love me, Sheth."


She was outside again, two weeks later. She was happier now than she'd ever been in her life and it was rather obvious to her that Sheth felt the same.

Yuan hadn't planned to stay out long, even though she could handle the cold fairly well. The only practical thing that she'd had on her mind had already been done, and that was the stretching out of a ram's hide. Living in a place such as this meant that one didn't waste things such as this, though from what she'd seen, Sheth had a fair pile already of different types of skins, and they were already comparing notes on she sorts of clothing which might be made.

Yuan turned and was surprised to see Narreth not far off and riding toward her on the back of Tanra. She was more surprised to see them travel in the middle of a pack of wolves. It was a joyous meeting nonetheless and Sheth came out into the bright morning sunshine to be introduced. Narreth was saddened that things hadn't worked out for Yuan in the way that she'd hoped but she smiled when she reminded Yuan that she'd seen that her goddess hadn't forgotten her after all.

But then the talk turned serious as the ghost witch told of some others who needed Yuan now. "A small family of demons was found, a mother and two little ones, starving and not far from freezing to death all alone about ten days ago. The female is not of this world, and neither is she of mine, but she is so close to a Tarkroth that it amazes me, though she wears the marks of no tribe on her, not even her face."

"What must I do?" Yuan asked.

"They are with one other who we found before, half-dwarf girl, and half one of these humans, she is. She has taken the three into her home -- such as it is, and would bring them to the Quarn of my son, where I think that they would be welcomed. But she does not know the way, and it is too cold to leave my friends here behind me, and they will not go into the dwarf's home. This is the dilemma," Narreth said.

"I would go with you," Yuan said, "but I cannot carry a mother and two small ones, especially not today. It would freeze them in little time where I fly."

"You do not need to carry anyone," the witch smiled, "the dwarf's home moves. But she needs you to guide her, and the three should have food. Water and soup, they have, but that is all."

Yuan blinked, "The home moves?"

"Yes," Narreth nodded, "from what I was told, it is an ancient thing of human making. Will you come?"

"Narreth," Yuan smiled, "I am beginning to wonder if I work for you somehow. Yes, I will come, but I have no wish to tramp far in this snow. How far?"

"Over the ridge," she said, "Give us a little time and then fly to meet us."

As Narreth and her pack of wolves moved off down the slope, retracing their steps, Yuan told Sheth that she'd likely be gone a while, but would return as soon as she could, and he agreed, but she held his arm.

"I am not just talking here," she said, "I will always return to you. We seek to build for ourselves and each other between us. I already do not want to leave you -- and it is only over the ridge."

He nodded smiling, but then he turned serious, "I will prepare a little, "he said, "I don't know about all of this. If something goes wrong, we may need to keep the mother and the small ones warm and this is a good place for that," he said, "I'll try to prepare some sort of bed for them somehow with the skins."

Yuan smiled. She knew that to Sheth, 'somehow' might easily become a fine bed to anyone else. She looked at him and noted his expression. "There is something more here, isn't there?"

He nodded in a cautious way, "I will leave it up to you," he said, "I have already learned to trust you in all things. The ones in this -- the mother and the little ones, and the dwarf-girl..."

He smiled, looking down in that way of his that always made her want to hold onto him. "You may not make it to the other place and if you follow the current of things in a way like you might follow where a soft breeze might lead you, then you may find ones which would be wanted here."

Yuan's eyes widened, "Have you seen my female?"

"I cannot say," he replied, "I am not really sure at all. It may also be that nothing will happen and you bring them where they are to go and it is done."

They tried to discuss just what sort of house this must be which could move, and then Yuan stood blinking at him.

"What is a dwarf?" she asked, "I forgot to ask this."

Sheth only shrugged and said that he had no idea either.


Copper muttered a few mild curses from spilling a little of the hot soup on her hand, but she was thankful that she'd managed not to spill all of it as she stepped toward the bundles sitting together on the bunk that she'd rigged up for herself.

Her 'home' hadn't been designed with one. It only came with sparse seating for any passengers along for the ride. The only decent seating was for the original crew of three and that wasn't the greatest, she thought, though it was home to her for much of the time.

She'd come across the little family a short while ago, and been so surprised. At first, the mother and Copper couldn't understand each other at all and everything was hand signals for a time. Copper had tried to get the demon to speak so that she might learn a few phrases and with luck, pick up enough to get by in a conversation -- at least for the important things, since she'd taken them to the place where she lived -- when she wasn't where she was now.

But the demon female had amazed Copper, picking up more than enough English in little time. They became friends and that was fine, but there had been a few problems.

For one thing the demon was thankful and never ceased to be. It got to be a little annoying to Copper after a while, and even though she made it clear that constant thanks were not necessary, it still went on. Then it became a little clear that there was more than spoken thankfulness involved, and the dwarf had awoken in the middle of more than one night to find Simmit -- for that was her name - against her, since there was only the one bed which they both slept in.

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