tagNonHumanA Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 43

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 43


***Knowing a little better now what was needed, Dakhete begins to shape her land. But there is trouble brewing in Napata, the ancient capital and it comes as rumors from out of the depths of the jebel there of things which run the passageways in the darkness. 0_o


Book of the Djinn Part 6

When they'd found themselves alone, Yasmin and Khyan smiled at each other for a moment before he looked to see her holding onto his hardening shaft. "If there is a little left for me tonight, I think that I would want it now," she said quietly.

He reached for her and she found herself in his arms again, but it felt a little different to her this time. There was much more familiarity which seemed to go right along with the hopefulness for them and her love of him. It felt so good to feel him slide into her slowly and with all of him inside, they lay still and looked at each other again.

"I have had daydreams of this for as long as I have known you," he said and then he smiled, "Of course, if I had one of them cross my mind when I was in a private place..."

"You were lucky," Yasmin whispered with a grin as she moved her hips a little, "I had the same thoughts often, but very few truly private moments. But that is past, Khyan. I have you now and I love you so. I only wish that it was the beginning of the evening, I am a little tired."

"Then I must love my tired girl in a way that suits the circumstance," Khyan said.

Yasmin smirked, "Khyan, I hear what you say, but I do not think that you can do that. I think that it will feel so good to us both. .. oh, never mind," she grinned a little, "fuck me however you like."

But he understood what she'd meant and so he did it slowly, and with as much in it as he could manage. He was inexperienced, but he did have a heart in him, and to Yasmin, it was the perfect dreamy loving that she'd had in her mind.


She awoke looking at his back, which was a little convenient, she thought, because she had to pee and didn't wish to disturb him. She eased herself out of the bed and then she noticed the slight shift in the weight at her chest and looked down.

That had to be one of the most wonderful things about what had clearly been the most wonderful birthday that she'd ever had. They weren't much to likely anyone's eyes, but Yasmin actually had real breasts now, and Khyan loved them, he'd said and he hadn't left them alone for very long after Dakhete had gone. She smiled as she cupped them for a moment, still in wonder.

When she came back to bed, Yasmin looked at the boy who she was so in love with that it hurt her sometimes just to think about. Her eye was drawn farther down on him and she smiled, hoping that she never grew tired of looking at his bottom. But she stared after a moment. His legs were together, but all of his, well, his balls and his manhood were there and she wondered how he did that. Shouldn't that be facing the other way?

Then she thought that it offered her a chance for a little fun, though not in a teasing way. As she looked at it, he was hardening a little, but by his breathing, he was asleep.

She slowly reached out and very lightly touched it and it made her smile, the way that it responded instantly. It was just too bad that she couldn't do more with it like this – at least she didn't think that she could. But he moved then and rolled over onto his back and she moved quickly to get out of the way. Yasmin smiled. There was her reward, she thought as she looked at that thing of his standing rock hard and proud.

He was still asleep, and so she crept forward like the thief that she'd been and opened her mouth. When he awoke a minute or two later, Khyan was amazed to find that his girl had managed to get his foreskin back and was suckling contentedly, her smiling eyes regarding him happily. He ached with the need to relieve his bladder, and this was the sweetest torture that he could think to ever enjoy, but he wouldn't ever dream of asking her to stop.

A little later, Yasmin sat looking at a banana. An actual banana. To her, it symbolized the task. To eat it signified her acceptance of another day of punishment. Khyan walked into the room then and the thought of the unpleasantness fled from her mind as she pushed two bananas toward him.

"What is this?" He asked.

"Piankh says that you have more to tear down, so you need more bananas, "she chuckled, "I usually lose mine somewhere on the road running, but I am getting better at keeping it down longer."

She was a little annoyed at the way that he just seemed to shrug and reach for one, so she pushed the second half of hers at him. He looked up curiously, "Why?"

"I don't want any more of mine and you probably need it, since the thought of eating one doesn't bother you. Eat this for me before Piankh comes back, and I'll give you a kiss..."

Yasmin thought that she should be even more annoyed now, but she laughed about it. He hadn't even blinked, he'd just taken her banana, peeled the rest in a flash and it was gone. She smiled at him evilly, feeling certain that she'd see that banana again a little later.

They stopped by Dakhete's chambers on their way out. Khyan wanted to ask about maybe bringing his sisters to visit in a little while. It was a little difficult to ask the question.

Saddiq lay on his side with his head up and looking at them. He had one foreleg over Dakhete as she smiled and agreed that they should speak of it a little later in the day as she lay with her head on Sha-sha's ribs. Sha-sha didn't move, but she watched them as they stood in the doorway to the bedchamber.

The pair walked away to join Piankh.

In the bedchamber, Dakhete smiled as Sha-sha rolled onto her back toward Dakhete.

"I thought they'd never leave," Dakhete chuckled. As they changed to appear human, she pressed her hips back for Saddiq and raised her leg to help him inside of her. As he began slowly, Dakhete looked for Sha-sha's nipple.


After miles of running, they had to stop for Yasmin again, and by that point, Khyan didn't mind the break as Yasmin stood trying to keep her stomach down and grudgingly admitting to herself that she was getting better at this while managing to keep her bananas down as well. To her surprise and pleasant amazement, she was able to keep pace with Khyan now rather easily and the two of them could run for miles.

As always, Piankh was full of disgustingly cheerful encouragement for her, though she knew that he meant well.

"We will run back to Meroe, but more slowly now before we begin with the swords once more. You will need to do little today, Yasmin. I wish to teach Prince Khyan to block better. Tomorrow, you begin with the bow. Sheershepsut wishes to begin and needs to know if the one who vanquished Piankh can come with her prince so that both can be measured for a bow."

"But I already have a bow," the young prince said as he watched Piankh smile slowly.

"Sheershepsut trains only one way," he smiled, "and the most important thing to her is to grow good archers out of the dirt as a gardener grows plants. Simple is the best, and no matter how good you may be with your bow, she will make you better with one of hers, but it is a road which must be walked all the same."

"I do not understand." Khyan said.

"See how Yasmin can run now," Piankh said, "faster and farther and faster still. But I did not only take a girl and cause her to run that way in an afternoon. Sheershepsut's way is the same. You tear down the old to build the new. Forget your bow. She will give you a warbow with a light draw, and you will not be able to hit a thing for a few days as you relearn everything. But then it will change and then you will give back her bow and take a new one with a heavier draw, and so on and so on, until at last you have a bow that you are strong enough to draw all the day long and kill foes with every shot. That one will be her gift to you. You have seen her, yes?"

The pair nodded.

"Sheershepsut has a strong back and shoulders – as one might expect in one such as her, though she is still as lovely as she always was. But I will tell you a thing now," he said, "Neither of you could lift and hold her bow up for long, and neither of you can draw it even a little. She will tell you that the ability comes from the building of the body, certainly. But if you press her, she will also tell you that it comes from WANTING this.

I have seen her fight and shoot and fight and lead her women and the few men who she accepts into her ranks for whole days at a time, her bow never leaving her hand. I can draw her warbow," Piankh smiled, "But I cannot hit a single thing with it for the draw of Sheershepsut's mighty bow is heavier than my own."

He stopped then and they followed his gaze to the next hillside. Dakhete ran there with her spear and the large cats as they loped along with her.

"Where is she going?" Yasmin asked.

"They hunt, from what I can see," Piankh said quietly, "Her two friends there need to eat and I think that she helps. Come if you are ready, Yasmin." He turned and they began the easy trot that he'd promised back to the city.


At Saddiq's insistence. They'd been slow to start with it and though it might have looked a little odd, it was wonderful to Dakhete. She was on her knees and Saddiq had mounted her, but he was mindful to be slow and gentle. He eased in and out, only thrusting a little when he felt that she'd want a little of that. Dahkete's face was hidden against her forearms as she moaned and sobbed quietly, and yet if Saddiq stopped, he'd find her bucking back against him to make him begin again. It had just happened and with his first thrust, the Kandake had sounded as though she was in real pain, so Sha-sha held her palm up to Saddiq with a motion to go softer still.

She got to her knees herself and brought her face to Dakhete's head, "Too much Dakhete?"

"No," Dakhete sniffled as she lifted her tear-streaked face, "It feels so good." She sniffled and was about to wipe her face, but Sha-sha did it for her carefully.

"It doesn't hurt now," Dahkete said, "It feels so warm and nice. I have had my bliss here softly over and over, but I feel something in me – something rising and I know that soon I will want more."

Sha-sha leaned in and kissed Dakhete softly for a moment before she withdrew a little. "Dakhete is brave," she nodded, "You shame Sha-sha a little. When I do this again, want be like Dahkete, do this as girl."

The Kandake looked at her, not comprehending, so the other girl smiled, "Sha-sha do this many times with Saddiq, but not as Dakhete does now. Sha-sha want be like you, Dahkete, but now, I tell what must be, yes?"

Dahkete nodded a little as she pushed back harder and began to grunt a little, "Go on, Sha-sha," She lifted herself a little and hung her head as she panted.

Sha-sha moved a little closer and slid her hand under Dahkete to tease one of her nipples a little as she brought her head against her friend's ear, "Lean on Sha-sha," she whispered, "Dakhete is so beautiful to see always. Like this, more – much more. Listen now.

When you go harder, not hold back," she touched Dakhete's throat gently, "Not be quiet then, Dakhete. My friend not see – she is like cat. BE cat now, Dakhete."

Sha-sha kept up her toying caresses under Dakhete's nipple and she kissed the rim of the ear there close to her lips, "Not know why Dakhete not know this, so I teach now. Girl cats make noise when they do this, yes? Not all noise is because of his thing in you. Remember this, Dakhete.

We make noise from a little hurt, and noise from how good is to feel this." She kissed Dakhete's cheek, "We also sing, Dakhete, because we do this and we are happy to do it – "

She shook her head, "Not know word. You scream and sing because you – happy to have Saddiq and no other girl does then, not even Sha-sha."

Dahkete groaned as she began to fuck harder. "Proud," she gasped heavily.

"Yes!" Sha-sha nodded, "When it come to you, scream and sing, Dakhete. Loud and long. Sha-sha make noise to help then, you see – will be better then." She sat back on her haunches slowly, keeping her hand working that nipple just so, "Girl cats PROUD we do this. Give everything then. You BE girl cat then. You know what you are now, Dakhete. Be what you are."

When her moment came at last, Dakhete took Sha-sha's advice. She bucked and howled and screamed out how she felt, a little surprised to see Sha-sha crying out with her, sharing her joy. It felt so deliciously primal to her – especially because Sha-sha had helped to make it so. The sounds of the forest died away suddenly as everything stopped to listen for a moment.

In the middle of that long moment, Dakhete opened her eyes to look at Sha-sha there on her knees in front of her, her mouth open just as her own was, both of them smiling as they cried out. Saddiq pounded into Dakhete and the wails rose until she felt Saddiq press into her and quiver as he roared out his own feelings.

Dakhete screamed again as he pulled out of her and she looked for a place to collapse. All that she saw was Sha-sha wanting to be what she collapsed on and the three of them rolled in a happy embrace.


Dakhete lay back in the grass watching Sha-sha mate with Saddiq again. Their mouths were open and they panted hard as they worked at it here in the shade of a large tree. Sha-sha raised her head and opened her mouth, showing her teeth as she yowled and bucked backwards a little.

Saddiq had offered once again to change his shape to be a human or a Djinn male for her earlier, but Dakhete had refused unless it was what he wanted for himself. Dakhete looked down for a moment, still feeling the heat from her own vagina. It had been done with a lot of her frenzied screams, but it had been worth it, she thought happily.

She felt the three of them growing close so quickly. When Saddiq had mounted her from behind, it had been so beautiful and natural to her. It had hurt like hell and she'd never felt anything so incredibly wonderful at the same time.

It had surprised them all, Dakhete's scream then, because what came from her was definitely not the scream of a woman, though it ended in human-sounding sobs of happiness as she'd hung her head to rest against Sha-sha's neck, astounded at the love that she heard in the dark girl's soft whispers .

She'd never been fucked like that in her life, though she was a little bothered by what Saddiq had said yet again, that he could see that she was a cat, no matter how she'd told him that he was wrong. Sha-sha hadn't argued, she'd only nodded when he'd said it and it made Dakhete wonder all the more. But in the middle of that long moment, Dakhete had felt the change come to her and she knew that they had all been right; the gods and the cats.

Over her long life, she'd had a lot of males of all sorts and she'd felt pleasure and satisfaction, but she'd never felt this right afterwards. But right now, she thought as she looked at Sha-sha's rising passion, she wanted to do what had been done for her, so she knelt in front of the other female and offered her encouragement in the same way.

Sha-sha showed her teeth as she screamed and Saddiq growled over her back as he came. Dakhete smiled at them joined in their moment of triumph, yelling ans screaming right along with Sha-sha.

It only seemed to be the right thing to do and it felt very good to her at the same time.

As she lay on her back holding Sha-sha, she turned her head and looked at their kills, glad now that she'd brought her knife. Three impalas would be a bit to carry, but not after you removed what you wouldn't be eating.


As the next days passed, Dakhete found herself to be very happy and surprised to find how close she and Sha-sha were becoming. The girl amazed her often, showing how similar she was to a Djinn.

When she was in her natural form, she wore a very short skirt and stood near to Dakhete but never in the way. She fit right in with Yasmin and Khyan, even showing them some surprising techniques with the weapons which she could just pull from the air, just as Dakhete herself could. In return, she learned to speak a little better from them. Khyan knew what she was not long after it had been explained to him and Yasmin, but it didn't bother him. The young pair saw her as a friend almost from the first minute.

Saddiq was gone fairly often over the next few days, needing to see the state of where he came from, and trying to learn what he could of Nasira's state of mind. He often dropped little warnings about Khyan's mother in a slightly worried tone. Khyan nodded then, concerned himself, as he admitted that the queen had become increasingly less like herself lately. He was worried for his sisters after Saddiq told them all that demons ran through the passageways under the jebel. It was his theory that this lay at the heart of the madness somehow.

When they found themselves alone, Dakhete and Sha-sha often liked to hunt together, with Sha-sha shunning the cheetah form more and more at Dakhete's urging. Dakhete was determined to help, and she did her best to insist that if Sha-sha was a girl, then that was how she ought to finally learn how to live. Sha-sha grew more comfortable with it, and as her confidence rose, she managed to find a bit of pride in herself as well. Dakhete thought it was a good thing to see as it developed.

They became almost inseparable, sharing everything from food to their thoughts. Between themselves, they often said that they were Saddiq's females because it felt good to them to say it, and as such, they were a family now. During those nights when they found themselves alone, they shared their late evening meals together, and spoke of what needed to be done for the kingdom.

They also came to admit that Saddiq's females loved each other, and if he was not there, then they shared their bodies with each other as readily as they did anything else without a thought. Sha-sha said that it was a very unusual thing for cheetah females to do, just as it was for her people. Dakhete answered that it was just as odd an arrangement for Djinn, but they laughed over it and grew even closer.

The weeks passed and the old dustbowl began to look like a place of habitation once again. Dakhete was proud. It had taken a while, but there were now living humans in the place as well. True to her word, Nasira had been telling anyone who would listen that there was a new place to begin with plenty of good land around it to farm. It was a long trip from Napata, over three hundred miles, and that was in a straight line. If one followed the Nile, it was twice as far, but more seemed to be coming to settle every day, and some of them were craftsmen and merchants.

The forests were being cleared carefully with a lot of thought given to planning and management. The wood went for buildings at the present time and some went to feed the furnaces to make the steel out of the iron which was being mined here once more. Soon, Nasira would begin to talk to the caravan masters to suggest that they send a few Dakhete's way so that trade could be established.

But not everything between Dakhete and Nasira was smooth. Nasira had made veiled threats to her son that she now did not look upon Yasmin as a suitable match for a Djinn prince, having learned of the girl's humble beginnings from him. She advised him that he had better find one more suited as a mate for himself, or that she would, and the girl would be a memory to him only. As well, when he'd tried to visit his twin sisters, she'd refused to allow it, saying that they now suffered from the same sickness of the mind that had claimed her mother.

Khyan doubted it. For as long as he'd known them, his sisters had loved him, and as he'd grown old enough to understand and see things for himself through the eyes of a young man, all that he saw was that they were kept as prisoners themselves in a suite of little better than ornate cells. It hurt his young heart, but he began to see who it was who was afflicted. It fit with Saddiq's theory and he knew that his sisters were half-demon themselves, so it made no sense that they were afflicted with anything of the sort.

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