tagBDSMA Birthday Epistle Ch. 3

A Birthday Epistle Ch. 3

byLady Suzy©

Leaving him to enjoy the bondage he had begged in his Epistle, she stole as quietly as she could to the kitchen. After rummaging around for a few moments, she returned. Watching him struggling to maintain his position for her pleased her immensely. His head turned toward her footfalls and she rushed ahead. Taking an ice cube from the bowl she has brought, she rubbed it roughly over his left nipple.

The shock of the coldness had an immediate effect and the bound man groaned loudly.


"Mmmmmm looks better now -- all hard. Did you like that slave? Your body did."

He felt the soft caress of her breath on his shoulder as she chuckled.

"Here you may suck on the remaining ice cubes. You may be in need of something to cool you off soon. Things will be getting much hotter very shortly!"

Laughing she pushed the ice cube into his mouth and then another and another until his cheeks bulged and he must await the melting before he would receive relief from his ice gag. Taking a broad strip of heavy tape, she taped his mouth shut tightly so that no ice might escape.

"Is it cold? Perhaps you would like something to warm you up? Very well."

Taking her long nails, she scraped his nipples repeatedly. Then taking each small bud between her fingers she squeezed until he moaned longingly.

"Is that better?"

She asks with a laugh.

"How about this?"

Taking the crop, she swiftly assaulted first one nipple then the other until they were reddened and hard. Bending down she grasped first one and then the other and pulled them severely away from the bound man's body. Retrieving a clothes peg, she again pulled his left nipple away from his body and firmly snapped home the clothes peg over the length of his screaming nipple. The moaning from the ice gag was impressive and she smiled as she repeated the action on the right nipple.

"You must be feeling uncomfortable now on your knees I think. Oh well . . . you will soon be moved! You know I have always wondered how much pain these clothespins impart, or is it pure pleasure? Let's see now . . . this part looks empty"

Moreover, she snapped another twelve clothespins mercilessly around each aureole. She hid her winces as she mentally ticked off another fantasy that had been fulfilled.

Nonetheless, Susannah was becoming most interested in her own responses and wondered how this could be. How could she be enjoying this much? Whatever the answer may be, there was one thing certain, and that was that enjoying herself she most certainly was! John knew her so well and he had got this just right too. How could he have known that one of her deepest fantasies had been to Domme a willing slave she reflected!

"I am becoming more aroused with each wince you make. I had no idea this could be so much fun slave. Are you happy? Just nod."

She watched as he remained stationary,

"No nods? Oh? Well let us see if I can heat things up some. Your penis is moving again and I didn't give permission for that."

Taking the crop, she touched the head of his penis and slid it down its silken length, then struck his buttocks repeatedly in a criss-cross pattern. She had to admit this had possibilities! The sound of that thwack as the crop contacted human skin was like music to her ears.

"You know, I had no idea of just how much fun this would be for me. Be still! Or else . . ."

Taking another clothespin, she quickly snapped it on the tip of his penis being careful to get too little flesh. She watched as he groaned and moved around slightly trying to adjust to the new sensation and pain.

"Does the blindfold enhance your other senses? I wonder if you recognize this aroma."

So saying she lit a candle. Waiting for a moment for the idea to be contemplated she knelt unhurriedly beside him and instructed,

"Stay very still, slave!"

Taking the candle, she moved it close to his face waiting for the wax to melt. She was careful to keep the candle upright so that the wax pooled below the wick. Satisfied that enough had accumulated, she tipped the candle dripping the hot wax on his pegged nipples. Tipping the candle up so that more wax melted, she moved from one nipple to the other. Then down his body to his pegged penis. The drips formed as the man moaned, flinched and jumped and struggled to maintain his composure.

"There, there my pet, my slave." She purred.

Her words, so soft and soothing, shrouded him like a black velvet cloak. Taking her free hand, she caressed his back and shoulders while the other continued to direct the melting wax over his nipples, stomach, aureole and incredibly erect cock. The ice gag began to melt and he dribbled cold saliva onto the wax, setting it perfectly. Goose bumps shivering down his body.

She had smiled at this and noted that he was becoming comfortable, she took four more clothespins and snapped them onto his gonads.

"Just to warm you up some," she muttered.

He had begun to shake in his bondage, but his twitching throbbing penis was more erect than he could ever remember.

"Don't you dare to move! Stay perfectly still, slave!"

Taking the candle, she had placed it into a holder to accumulate more wax whilst she had retrieved some thin wire. Grasping the wire, she wrapped it around the clothes pegs on his nipples. He heard her chuckle as the touch stimulated him so that his penis jerked toward her. He knew that she had almost creamed as her heady pungent aroma wafted past his nostrils. No time to appreciate that though for his Lady nimbly took the excess and carefully threaded it between each of the five pegs on his nether regions. John stifled another gasp lest she take up the crop again! He remembered and blushed at his secret desires now laid bare for her consumption, translation, and manipulation. Satisfied, she tied it off smiling to herself as she pulled the wire away from his body to stretch the pegs. He knew she must have been watching with obvious satisfaction as he writhed and moaned beneath her ministrations.

Finally tiring of the game she said,

"Put those thighs together, slave!"

He felt her wrap a wide, strong leather belt around his thighs and it pulled them tightly together. Again, he wondered, and stifled a gasp.

"Do those pegs hurt? I suppose they do, but wait until we take them off."

She smiled.

"You will love that, won't you?"

The bound man simply moaned. He heard her heels tapping as she walked over to the table to retrieve a long piece of rope and then she approached him once again.

"Hmm, I am sick of you hanging your head down! It looks as though you are in constant pain!"

She hissed with a laugh. So saying she had taken the soft rope and she tied it to the back of the blindfold and then brought it down and surrounded his ankles and tightened the rope severely. She gently took hold of his head and tipped it backwards so that as she continued tightening the rope his face remained tautly pointing toward the ceiling. Satisfied, she stepped back and examined her handiwork.

"That's better! You look much better now. Almost ecstatic! It is what you asked for isn't it? Oh? You cannot answer Me? I hear your burbling behind the tape. I hope you have finished all that ice. If not it may choke you. We can't have that can we?"

Taking her fingers, she grasped the tape firmly and pulled it off quickly including some the hairs from his ample moustache. He displayed the slightest of flinches and she whispered he had not been told to move and would be punished later at her pleasure. Deft, small fingers cleared his mouth of the remaining ice. Just as quickly the fingers were gone, and he had begun to form the word 'Mercy' when she thrust her breast into his mouth, and suddenly all was well, and he glowed and sucked greedily like the beholden hungry infant pet he was becoming.

She responded to his suckling by adding her own moans of desire to the air, gyrating her hip against his bound thigh. He listened joyfully to her moans and he was aware of her movements; seductive soft caresses against him as she moved into position and straddled his body, her hard nipples rubbing against him while she pulled and pushed that wire. Her wetness trickled over him and merged with his ample perspiration. Suddenly she was gone.

He felt something being pushed into his mouth. He easily determined that it was the lighted candle. His stomach flipped and his heart pounded in excited fear. His thighs betrayed him as they tremorred and shook somewhat.

"That's right it's the lit candle. Be careful now slave! Keep that head very still, I have it angled to drip onto your body and not your face."

She watched in fascination as the wax dripped from the flame and bounced on his bound breasts.

"I know what's missing!"

She smiled.

"I know you will love this."

Taking more clothes pegs, she snapped them all over his body paying special attention to his inflamed buttocks. Teasingly she flicked them gently and observed with interest his moans and twitches as he tried so hard to accommodate all these new assaults on his body. Yes! He remembered inserting this into that document! He had had no idea of how it felt. Now he knew. He knew also that he was ready for more. So much more, and he dared hoped that She would be forthcoming . . . .

"Hmm . . . That candle is getting low. Can you feel the heat of the flame against your face now?"

The man nodded as the accumulated wax splashed over his tender sensitive nipples and he winced trying to cry out. But, the candle must be held.

"I did tell you to stay very still didn't I?" "Well."

She said as she removed the candle.

"I don't want you to get cramps. So, I suppose I should let you walk around a bit to get the circulation going again. Before I release you slave thank me and kiss my crop."

"Thank you, My Lady."

"Right. Let me see . . . oh yes. I have to remove that rope."

Taking some scissors, she cut the rope and his head returned to an upright position.

"Open your mouth, slave."

Taking a large rubber ball gag, she thrust it deep into his mouth -- behind his teeth -- and fastened it severely behind him. "I don't want to hear you moaning. This way you can yell into the gag!"

Her words filled him with dreaded anticipation, and he was sure he could feel a tremor of fear rippling through his heated tender body. Taking the wire Lady Susannah pulled it away from his body slowly until all of the slack was gone. Then with a tremendous pull, she removed all of the pegs simultaneously. He screamed.

"What was that? Did you guggle into your gag? I see you are sweating profusely. That must hurt!"

Taking a rough towel, she scraped off the excess wax and smiled as he shuddered under her ministrations. In so doing she had walked before him and he had contrived somehow to snuggle his tired head into her bosom, deeply inhaling her erotic, heady perfume. How he loved the smell of her! He would have licked her prominent nipples as the wax had been towelled away, but she stepped back deftly, a delighted chuckle embracing her ruby lips as she bent forward her breasts dangling provocatively, and took the strap from his thighs and removed the cuffs.

"All fours, slave. Now!"

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