tagInterracial LoveA Bisexual Muslim Man's Reality

A Bisexual Muslim Man's Reality


"You're a real pain in the butt," Brigid Santino-Osman said, and the six-foot-tall, curvaceous, blonde-haired young Canadian woman looked at her husband Farouk and smiled, shaking her head. She got up from the bed and walked to the nearby washroom, stark naked. Farouk Alexander Osman watched as Brigid sat down, and unceremoniously took a wiz. They'd been married for almost two years now, and were comfortable with each other.

"Okay," Farouk replied, and his smile vanished as Brigid farted loudly, several times, and did not get up from the toilet seat. Instead, she lingered for a while because she had some other business to attend to. Farouk resisted the temptation to wrinkle his nose, for Brigid's lovely blue eyes were locked onto his. The things a man does for the woman he loves, Farouk thought, forcing himself to smile.

"Bae, I'm eating for two now, and those farts just kind of slip out," Brigid said, smiling nonchalantly after flushing and washing her hands. The tall curvy blonde rejoined her husband on the bed, and Farouk gently kissed Brigid's round belly. She was carrying his son or daughter. This was an extremely exciting time for the two of them.

Farouk thought of the days before he and Brigid got together, and how lonely his life had been. Brigid was the first and only person to accept him as a man who swings both ways. The one entity that the racially progressive, sexually liberated world still could not accept. Farouk still hadn't had 'the talk' with his parents, and he wasn't sure he ever would. Life was tough enough as a man of color, why add the burden of being bisexual on top of it?

In the Islamic world, if one happens to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, it's a really good idea to keep it to oneself. Farouk was born in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to a Somali Muslim immigrant father, Yousef Osman, and a white Canadian mother, Renata Campbell. The brother grew up to be six-foot-one, lean and athletic, with golden brown skin, lime-green eyes and kinky hair that he styled into a decent-sized Afro.

Farouk had a devil of a time as a young Muslim man living in Canada, and the fact that he was mixed-race also complicated things. To white Canadians, he was an unwelcome reminder of what happens when one of their precious white women gets together with a black man. To the Somali people, he was something of an oddity since Somali men rarely married women of other races, although a few Somali women married men from other communities, primarily Arabian or Caucasian men.

When Farouk became aware of his bisexuality, he didn't know what to do with himself. According to the Islamic teachings of his favorite Imam, the honorable Ahmed Hassan of the Grand Mosque of Ottawa, homosexuality and lesbianism were strictly haram. Farouk kept his doubts and fears about his sexuality to himself, and focused on his university studies. He studied civil engineering at the University of Ottawa, intent on making his parents proud. Celibacy was the way to go, for the young bisexual Muslim man.

While at the University of Ottawa, Farouk met a young man named Fahd, a newcomer by way of Kuwait. One look at Fahd, who was big and tall, with a deep voice, and a macho swagger, and Farouk knew that he was either gay or bisexual. It was just something he was learning to do, read other men and gauge their sexual identity, regardless of how masculine they looked or sounded.

For Farouk, the evolution of his ability to spot gay and bisexual men, those who weren't obvious, this was the icing on the cake. It seemed to be an inborn trait that came with being who and what he was. Anyone could stop a girly-voiced, effeminate gay male with womanly mannerisms. Spotting masculine-looking and masculine-sounding gay and bisexual men was more of a challenge.

"Are you down or what, brother?" Fahd asked Farouk, during their first conversation inside the University of Ottawa library. Fahd saw Farouk working at the reference desk and from the way he looked into Farouk's eyes, Farouk knew that the Kuwaiti stud was on the prowl. They talked and flirted for some time, and then exchanged numbers. Two days later, Fahd invited Farouk over to his place for some fun.

"I'm down for whatever," Farouk said to Fahd in the library, during their initial meeting. Farouk came to Fahd's apartment, a nice one-bedroom spot located in the By Ward Market, not too far from the University of Ottawa campus. The two young men undressed, and then got down and dirty in Fahd's bedroom. For Farouk, this was his first time with anyone, and for Fahd, this was yet another notch on his bedpost.

"Relax, habibi, I'll take care of you," Fahd said to Farouk, and the burly young Kuwaiti stud laid Farouk on his bed, and went to work on him. Farouk sighed happily as Fahd sucked his dick while fingering his butt, and when he came, the Arab dude greedily sucked it all up. It was a night to remember, as Farouk later climbed on top of Fahd and rode him like a champ.

"Damn that was awesome," Farouk said, grinning, as he and Fahd lay in bed together. They'd spent the evening sucking each other's dicks, and fucking each other. Farouk felt some initial pain as Fahd pushed his dick up his ass, after putting on a condom and spraying his ass with Aveeno cream as lubrication. That pain was soon replaced by a feeling of fullness as Fahd's cock filled Farouk's ass, and the biracial stud cried out in pleasure.

Later, Farouk bent Fahd over, and worked his hard dick into his ass. Farouk had always been a sucker for a nice ass, and he didn't care if it belonged to a male or a female. He gripped Fahd's hips and began pounding the Kuwaiti stud's surprisingly tight ass, and Fahd cried out, moaning Farouk's name. The two of them fucked and sucked the night away, and didn't let up until the forces of exhaustion claimed their bodies.

"To many more nights like this one," Fahd said, and Farouk grinned, then kissed him. The two young Muslim men continued to see each other for a while. Fahd began dating a young Moroccan woman named Nadia, and that put a bit of a strain on his dalliance with Farouk. Farouk didn't mind that Fahd was dating Nadia, he just wanted Fahd to also make time for him. Fahd felt differently, and this led them to an impasse.

Tired of playing second fiddle, Farouk ditched Fahd and began dating a young white woman named Brigid Santino, a newcomer to Ottawa by way of Montreal, and for a while, things worked out fine between them. Farouk was delighted to show the beauty of Ottawa to Fahd, and he found her to be intelligent, charming and very sexy. Brigid was studying mechanical engineering at Carleton University and had brains, beauty and ambition. Without much effort, Farouk hit the Jackpot!

"You are something else," Brigid said to Farouk, during their first night of love. They'd come home after watching the hit movie Black Mass at the Silver City movie theater in the environs of Gloucester, Ontario, and then Brigid invited Farouk over to her place for a night cap. They were in her living room when Brigid put the moves on the handsome but shy Farouk.

"I've never kissed a gal before," Farouk confessed, and a smiling Brigid took his face into her hands and kissed him. They made out, and then undressed. Farouk admired Brigid's tall, curvy, sexy body. The blonde gal had a pretty face, big tits, wide hips and a round ass. The sight of her naked body aroused Farouk, and Brigid began stroking his long, hard dick.

"Let me take care of you," Brigid said coyly, and she knelt before Farouk and took his dick into her mouth. As Brigid fellated him, Farouk closed his eyes, relaxed and enjoyed. Later, Brigid taught him how to pleasure her sexually by stimulating her vagina with his tongue and fingers. The highlight of the evening came when Brigid got on all fours, shaking her big ass at Farouk.

"I love this ass," Farouk said, mesmerized by Brigid's big white booty, and then he rubbed his hard dick against it. Brigid sighed happily as Farouk gripped her hips and thrust his big ole dick into her cunt. With slow, deep strokes, Farouk fucked Brigid, and she screamed passionately, absolutely loving the feel of his hard cock inside of her.

Later, Brigid had Farouk lie down with his dick sticking up and she climbed on top of him, straddling him. Resting her hands on Farouk's shoulders, Brigid rode him hard, impaling her pussy on his hard dick. This was Farouk's first time with a woman, and it was certainly memorable. Brigid was a freak, and she was crazy about Farouk. What more could a man want?

Farouk loved being with Brigid, and he saw the way his parents and friends now looked at him whenever he was out with her. Having a beautiful woman on his arm seemed to make a world of difference. The fact that Farouk was brown-skinned and Brigid was white-skinned didn't escape people's notice either. They attracted a lot of stares everywhere they went.

A lot of white women who liked black men kept it to themselves because Canadian society was still deeply racist. As the son of an interracial couple, Farouk knew this quite well. Brigid wasn't like other white girls, she liked Farouk and didn't care if some white guys didn't like seeing them together. Farouk was falling for Brigid, but he also remembered and sometimes missed his fun with Fahd. What's a brother to do?

One day, Farouk decided to man up and tell Brigid the truth about himself. He invited her to their favorite restaurant, a Haitian spot called Soleil Des Iles, located not far from their two-bedroom apartment in the Vanier area of Ottawa. This was a year into their relationship, way before they walked down the aisle and decided to forge a family. This was the day when their relationship got tested...

"So, you're bisexual? I kind of knew, Farouk, and I don't care," Brigid said to Farouk, after he dropped what he thought was a bomb on her. The young biracial stud looked at his girlfriend, flabbergasted as she looked him up and down, and flashed him a wink. Farouk's head spun. He couldn't believe that Brigid knew his most carefully guarded secret.

"Oh, um, Brigid, how did you know?" Farouk asked timidly, and Brigid looked him in the eyes and grinned, then explained herself. As Farouk listened to what Brigid had to say, he found himself alternately smiling and blushing. Apparently, his beautiful blonde girlfriend was a lot craftier and more observant than he initially gave her credit for.

"Farouk Alexander Osman, you've got posters of Serena Williams, Coco and Jada Fire on your almanac, and you've also got a collection of Lebron James shirtless pictures saved on your laptop, yeah, I'd say you're bisexual," Brigid replied, and Farouk grinned, and shook his head. He looked at Brigid, marveling at her. Grinning, he took her hands and brought them to his lips.

"I love you, Brigid," Farouk said, meaning every word. Brigid smiled and then kissed him. They finished their meal and then exited the Soleil Des Iles restaurant, and went home. Once there, they made love, doing all kinds of wonderful, freaky things to each other until all strength left their bodies. Farouk thanked his lucky stars for his darling Brigid. Most bisexual men yearn to find a woman who accepts them for who and what they are. One practically landed on his lap. What a find!

"Farouk Alexander Osman, quit daydreaming and massage my damn feet, they're swollen again," Brigid's shrill voice snatched Farouk out of his little trip down memory lane. He blinked, then looked at her and smiled sheepishly. Nodding, Farouk dutifully began massaging and rubbing Brigid's feet. These days, she had random cravings for different types of food, different types of massages...and weird sex.

The things a man does for love, Farouk thought with a sigh, as he did his husbandly duties. After rubbing Brigid's swollen feet, and making love to her, Farouk waited for her to fall asleep. As soon as Brigid began snoring, which she did, quite loudly, Farouk smiled and allowed his spirit to rest, then his body. Life is alright, things could definitely be worse, my Brigid is a good lady and we will pull through, Farouk told himself before falling asleep.

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