tagInterracial LoveA Black Girl's History Project

A Black Girl's History Project


Tina and I had been friends for the last six years. Both of us just turned twenty-one a few months ago. We hung out together in high school and we went to the same college together. We continued to hang out all the time. Even when I had a girl friend or she had a boyfriend, we were always close friends.

We never thought about our race differences. Tina was black and I was white. All we knew was, we got along great. We would talk about everything together. Well, everything but our sex lives and race differences. It just never came up.

One night we were at a party and I got way too drunk. I was at the point where it was hard to walk or talk.

I was getting ready to leave when Tina said, "Oh no, you don't! You'll never make it to your apartment without my help!"

I gave her a big hug and said, "I love you."

I guess I should let you know I love everybody and everything when I am drunk. I had even declared my love to the couch earlier that evening.

Anyway, Tina smiled and said, "Come on, lover boy, let's get you home."

I put my arm around her shoulder. Tina was 5'2" and 105 pounds while I was 5'10" and 210 pounds. She had trouble holding me up at times but did a great job.

While we were walking I noticed her nipples were erect. Tina didn't have big breasts but they were nice and firm. I bet they would fit into my hands perfectly.

I was just staring at her hardened nipples poking out at her soft white shirt. God, I wanted to stuff one into my mouth.

While I was staring, I said, "Tina, are you cold?" I laughed.

She looked at me and said, "No, I am-" She stopped and said, "Ben, you nasty ass, stop staring at my tits!" She started laughing too. As she was laughing, she said, "Am I cold?!" Then she laughed even harder.

All of a sudden Tina stopped laughing and said, "Oh my, well, well, well! I can see you're not cold, Ben!" She giggled.

I looked at her and she pointed to my crotch. I was as hard as a rock. My cock was pushing against my jeans, wanting to come out and play.

I looked at the bulge in my jeans then looked at Tina and said, "He's not cold at all. He just wants a piece of chocolate."

Tina laughed and replied, "I bet he does! I bet if you look at that tree long enough he'll want a piece of wood too!"

I looked at the trees really hard and said, "Wow, you're right, I'm getting a woody!"

We laughed and joked back and forth until we got to my apartment. Once in the apartment, Tina started asking me all kinds of sex questions.

She asked, "Ben, do you like a nice shaved pussy?"

I replied, "Oh, hell, yes! I love it totally smooth!"

Tina said, "Do you like to role play, Ben?"

I replied with a deep laugh, "I love to role play!"

Tina smiled and asked, "Do you like to get rough with your females, Ben?"

I was embarrassed and said, "No, no way."

Tina laughed and replied, "Yes, you do! I've talked to your ex-girlfriends! They said you like to rape them in role play."

I quickly denied it.

Tina continued, "They said they love being raped by you and you were rough with them."

I said, "Tina, I am tired and I want to go to bed."

She smiled and said, "Oh, let me help you get to bed."

Tina got me to bed and started to take off my clothes.

I said, "Hey, hold on!"

But she just smiled and took my shirt off and then my jeans.

I said, "Okay, can I go to bed now?"

She laughed and said, "No, don't you sleep in the nude?"

Before I could say anything my briefs were off and Tina was staring at my hard cock.

I laid down on the bed and Tina smiled at me. I started to fall asleep when all of a sudden I felt a warm, wet feeling on my shaft. It was so soft going up and down on my hard, throbbing cock.

When I opened my eyes I saw Tina sucking my cock. She was going very slow.

I said, "Tina, do you like sucking my cock?"

She stopped sucking my penis and said, "I'm not sucking your cock, you're dreaming. But I will tell you this, Ben, I will take a piece of vanilla inside of me tomorrow and let it coat me real good."

I passed out after that.

The next day Tina called me to see how I was.

I said fine and asked her if she got a good taste of my cock.

She screamed, "What? What the hell are you talking about?"

I was confused and asked, "Didn't you suck my cock last night?"

Tina laughed and said, "Boy, when you dream, you dream big, don't you?"

I apologized over and over.

Tina just laughed and said, "Well, dirty man, if you want to make it up to me, you can help me with my history project tonight."

I agreed and apologized again.

She replied, "Don't sweat it."

Tina told me to come over around seven and to wear over-alls with no shirt and I was to wear work boots.

When I tried to ask why, she replied, "Do you want to help me with my project or not?"

Then she told me to jog over to her apartment, no car.

I said, "Are you nuts? You live four miles down the road! By the time I get there I'll be sweaty and probably smell bad too!"

Tina said, "You jog all the time, Ben. Just do what I ask please."

I said, "Fine. See you at seven."

It was close to seven so there I was, jogging down the street in over-alls and work boots. It was ninety degrees out, yet there I was jogging to Tina's apartment.

I got there right on time. I was sweaty from head to toe and I smelled like I had worked outside all day.

I knocked on the door. Tina opened the door and smiled at me.

Once I was in, she said,"You look like a farmer, coming in from a hard day's work."

I laughed and agreed with her. I noticed she had her hair in pig tails and she wore an old shabby looking sundress.

Tina asked if I was ready to help her with her history project.

I said, "I guess so."

She walked me into her bedroom and said, "Okay, here's the deal. In class, we've been talking about slavery. You know, when white males owned black females and the females did whatever they were told by their master?"

I said, "Yes, but white women owned black men and black women too."

Tina just blew me off and said, "Yeah, right." Tina continued, "I want you to be the plantation owner and master and I will be your slave."

Tina threw two pairs of handcuffs on the bed and then said, "I've been a bad slave and have not been picking enough cotton in the fields. You are very mad at me. You called me from the fields and brought me to your bedroom." Tina looked at me and said, "Okay, go!"

I was shocked and said, "Tina, what does this have to do with anything?"

She replied, "It will help with my report. Okay? Now go, Ben!"

She stared at me and I didn't know what the hell to do so I said, "Okay, slave, you've been a bad slave so now no supper for you and now you go outside and pick cotton all night to catch up with the others."

I smiled at Tina. I thought I did very well.

Tina said, "What the fuck was that? No supper? Pick cotton all night? What, is the master gay?"

Then she slapped me across the face.

Now that shit pisses me off instantly. Tina knew this.

I yelled, "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Tina started poking my chest really hard and said, "What are you going to do about it?"

I grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. She cried in pain and her body was now up against mine. Her face was on my chest.

She said, "The master has been working hard today. I can smell the sweat. I can see the chest hair matted down by his sweat."

I unbuckled my straps and let my over-alls drop to my waist. I grabbed her hair and rubbed her face on my hot, sweaty chest.

Tina rubbed her face through my chest hair and gave a lick here and there. "Oh master, you are so salty and so manly."

Tina pulled away from me like a scared little girl and said, "Oh, no, master, I'm sorry!"

I looked her in the eyes and said, "Not as sorry as you're going to be, slave."

I picked her up and threw her on the bed.

Tina cried, "No, master, please, don't!"

I handcuffed her face down to the bedframe. I went to the kitchen and got a knife.

Tina cried, "Master, what are you going to do to me?"

I told her to shut up.

I brought the knife out that I had gotten from the kitchen and pointed it in my slave's face. I said with a smile, "This is for you."

Tina looked really scared and came out of her character. She cried, "So, Ben, what's up with the knife?"

I told my slave to shut the fuck up and slapped her on the ass. I got on her back down and began with her collar, cutting right down the middle of her dress with the knife.

I could hear Tina sigh with relief.

I spread her dress open to expose her black flesh to me.

I said,"Ahh, no panties."

I began rubbing my hands all over her soft, black skin. Tina arched her ass up every time my hand made a pass over her butt.

"You have a nice, round, black ass, slave," I whispered.

Tina cried, "What are you going to do to me, master?"

I replied, "Whatever I want! First, your punishment, slave."

I went into her closet and got a belt.

I said, "I don't have my whip so I'll use this belt for your discipline."

Tina cried, "No, master, no please! Please no!"

I hiked her up on all fours and said, "I don't want to hear one word from you. Do you understand, slave?"

Tina nodded yes.

"One last thing, slave. If your ass moves at all I'll make you wish you were never born."

Tina grabbed the bed frame hard. She knew she was in for some pain.

I gently slid the belt down her spine and then down her soft round ass. She arched up for the belt. You could hear the belt cut threw the air then Crack!

Tina let out a painful moan.

The belt went through the air and another Crack! on that soft back side of hers.

I said, "Well, that's enough."

But Tina looked back at me with tears welling up in her eyes and she said, "But I've been a very bad little girl. I will understand if I get more, master."

Her eyes pleaded with me to hurt her. I could see she needed some kind of emotional release so I said, "You're right. You're way too bad to get off that easy."

Tina buried her face in the pillow and arched her ass way up in the air. Her body was shaking with anticipation for her punishment. Goose pimples covered her body.

Now I said, "But you're going to count them out. Every time I hear you count out a number I will belt your ass. Do it now, slave!"

Tina said, "One."

I belted that ass.

She said, "Two."

I cracked it again.

Her breathing was heavy as she breathed, "Three."

I used all of my strength now on the third crack and let it fly.

Tina screamed, "Oh, shit! Owe!"

I could see the lines on her baby butt from where the belt had struck her ass.

She screamed, "Four!"

I wanted to hear her cry like a little girl so again I hit her with all I had.


She cried out, "Ouch! Oh, God! It hurts so bad!"

I said, "Now, one more for being a bad little girl."

I put down the belt and spanked her with my hand. I spanked her so hard I hurt my hand.

Tina balled like a baby. You could see my hand print on her sore ass.

Tina cried, "I'll be a good girl, I promise, master! Please, don't hurt me no more! I'll do anything you want!"

She collapsed on the bed and her body was shaking. That's when I realized she was cuming.

I gently stroked her abused ass with my finger tip. She arched her butt up. I began to kiss her black and blue cheeks. Tina began to moan with pleasure. I started to lick the crack of her round ass.

Tina cried, "Oh, my!"

I spread her cheeks and licked her asshole.

Tina screamed, "Oh my God!"

I smiled and told her to get back on all fours. My slave eagerly did as she was told.

I stood next to her and let my over-alls drop to the floor. I was hard for my slave's cunt.

She stared at my hard shaft.

I said,"Have you ever seen a white man's penis?"

She shook her head no.

I put it right in her face and said, "See how hard it is?"

She replied, "Yes, master."

I said, "You make it hard, my little slave girl."

She looked down at the bed.

I cupped each one of her breasts in my hands and gently squeezed them. I went underneath her and told her to lower her breasts into my mouth. My slave lowered them. I started to suckle her left erect nipple. I grabbed her breast with my left hand and squeezed and pulled it down into my mouth. It was like when a baby animal suckles from the tip of its mother. It pulls down and sucks hard from the nipple. I was doing that to Tina. Tina loved it.

She cried, "Oh, God, that feels so good, master! So good!"

I went to her right breast and began to milk her with my hand and mouth.

Tina cried, "It's so good, master!"

I said, "You don't have any milk for me to drink, slave."

Tina fell out of character and replied, "God, I wish I did, Ben." She giggled and said, "Oh, I mean master."

I smiled and then released her from the handcuffs. I brought her out to the dining room and said, "Don't move, slave."

I went to the kitchen and came out with a plate, a fork, a knife, and a napkin. I pushed everything off of the dining room table with one sweep of my arm. I placed my plate at one end of the table and then picked up my slave and put her ass on my plate.

I said, "Lay back, slave."

I spread her legs wide open. Tina laid back but watched me closely.

I tied my napkin around my neck then picked up my fork and knife.

I looked into Tina's eyes, smiled and said, "It's dinner time for master."

Tina smiled and said, "Oh, my God!"

First I told my slave to raise her legs and to keep them spread wide open. Tina did as her master wished. I told my fork and gently poked around her crevice. I took my butter knife and slid it between her folds then up into her breeding hold.

Tina cried, "Oh, that's so cold, master!"

I slipped the butter knife out of her. It was all wet and shiney. I smelled the knife. Tina watched intensly.

I said, "Umm, smells so good."

I licked both sides of the knife.

Tina moaned, "Oh, master!"

I took the knife and fork and opened her purple pussy lips to expose her hot pink meat. I licked her pussy lips first, then I let my tongue slip deep inside her cunt. I licked her pussy walls deep within her.

Tina moaned, "Oh, master, yes, yes!"

I pulled my tongue out of my black slave girl.

I said, "Master is going to make you feel really good, so relax."

She replied, "Yes, master."

My tongue played with her little cum button.

Tina cried, "Oh, my!"

My tongue lashed at it, hard at times. My slaves' legs would twitch uncontrollably. I began to suck her clit.

A loud moan of pleasure came from my slave.

I sucked her harder when I felt her clit begin to swell in my mouth. I fucked my slave with my mouth hard and fast.

Tina screamed, "Oh, God! I'm going, I'm going!" Then she screamed, "Ahhhhhhhh!"

She came hard.

As her legs twitched and her body tightened she sighed, "Thank you, master, thank you!"

My slave's pussy juice ran down my chin into my napkin. I picked her up off of the table and placed her on the hard wood floor. I stroked her hard cock near my slave's face.

Tina licked her lips.

I ordered my slave to service my cock. She got on her knees in front of me and gobbled up my hard shaft. She pumped my cock with her mouth fast and hard. One of her hands cupped my balls gently and her other hand grabbed my ass to pull my cock deep into her hot, wet mouth.

I said, "Enough slave!"

Tina took my cock out of her mouth and breathed, "God, I could feel the veins of your cock running up and down your shaft, master."

I just smiled.

She laid down on the hard wood floor and just stared at my hard cock.

She asked, "Are we done, master?"

I said, "Oh, no, my little slave girl. I have something to give you, cunt. "

My slave replied, "What is it, master?"

I said, "I'm going to breed you."

Her eyes got big and she said, "No, master, that's not allowed!"

I kicked her legs open and got on top of her. She tried to fight me but I over powered her. I held her arms above her head and was laying between her legs.

I was in her face and whispered, "I'm going to breed you over and over, slave. Once the babies are born and old enough, I will put them out in the cotton fields to do what your lazy ass couldn't do. You know what that would be, cunt? Work! You lazy bitch, get over here!"

I positioned my hard, throbbing cock at the entrance of her breeding hole.

She screamed, "No, master, no!"

I slammed my cock into her sweet, wet pussy.

Tina cried out in protest.

I forced my tongue into her mouth and kissed her over and over while my cock violate her. I grabbed her pig tails while I kissed her.

She tried to force me off of her, pushing at my shoulders to no avail. Now I grabbed her legs and held them up so I could pump my seed deep inside of her cervix.

Tina cried, "No, master, don't! You're hurting my little girl place! Please, master, please!"

I love hard wood floors because they have no give. I pounded into her and her pussy took all the force. It has no give like a bed. Just me ramming my cock into her cunt.

I yelled, "I'm going to fertilize your eggs, bitch!"

She screamed, "No, please, no!"

I replied, "Here it comes, cunt! Here it comes!"

Tina's legs were urging me to seed her and her hands pulled on my shoulders.

I screamed, "Time to fill your little pussy!"

I shot my hot, thick seed deep into her cervix and pussy. Over and over I coated her soft cunt with my sperm.

Tina cried, "Oh, master, my God! What did you do to me?"

She wrapped her arms and legs around me. She cried, "It's so deep inside me! It's coating all of my insides! It's so hot and thick , master!"

Her body got so tight and shook so hard. Tears ran down her face and she cried, "Ben, I've never, I've never, I've never cum before! I can't stop shaking!"

I wiped away the tears and said, "Relax and don't fight it. Let it go through you, Tina."

She stopped fighting against her orgasm and let it run its course through her body. I felt a warm stream from her pussy then the smell of urine.

Tina looked ashamed and said, "I'm sorry but I couldn't help it."

She looked away from me and began to cry.

I made her look me in the face and I said, "You have nothing to be ashamed of or to be sorry for, Tina. This happens to a lot of girls."

She replied, "Really?"

I smiled and said, "Of course. Sometimes when a girl has a big orgasm she'll lose control of her bladder and well, you know the rest."

Tina kissed me and smiled and said, "Thank you for your help on my history project and for being the perfect master to me."

I replied, "It was my pleaseure."

We got up to take a shower and I said, "You know, I expect you to help me with my history project, Tina."

She replied, "Oh, really? What's it on?"

I smiled and said, "The Roman emperors and their times."

Tina got a big grin on her face and asked, "Didn't they have slaves?"

I looked at her shocked and said, "Did they?" I paused for a second, smiled and said, "You know, I think you're right." Then I winked at her.

The End


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