tagInterracial LoveA Black Knight Ch. 01

A Black Knight Ch. 01


1245- King Pelles kingdom awoke with the sun that day. The village was dancing and the maidens were happy for news had come. Their men were coming home from the crusades which they set out for almost 2 years ago. The men had left promising to conquer the holy land. Yet what really happened was further from the truth.

* * * * *

Allan of Gale had left the kingdom to make his own legend. He also left behind his maiden in waiting, his father, and the rest of his family. He left it all for his ego ran deeper than all the hills in all of Pelles. Allan had yearned for the spotlight and although he knew he was in line to be the next king, he wanted to make his own name. He was betrothed to Lady Magdeline, the king's daughter. Their father's had arranged for the marriage, and Allan then knew he was set.

Knowing he was to be wed to the King's daughter, Allan set out with his other friends, to be heroes in the crusades. When word spread the holy land was not being won Allan rethought his plan. The crusades failed since so many "noble" knights set out and wasted their time raping and pillaging the land. Allan was no different. He went a different route.

Allan stayed from the normal route and led himself and his friends they ventured far from the holy land and pillaged small towns further east. They took what the could and sent letters back to Pelles decrying their valor and how they fought to vanquish the holy land of their now evil inhabitants.

* * * * *

Lady Magdeline, known as "Maggie" to her friends, had a bounce to her step as she walked up the numerous steps in the castle. She had just read a letter from her Allan. He wrote her promising he would be returning to Pelles with many gifts. "Oh what a grand hero's welcome he'll receive" she thought to herself.

Maggie loved to walk the steps in the castle. As a young girl she would run up the steps to escape her caretakers who couldn't match her athleticism or youthful exuberance. She would run up the steps which led to the top room of a tower in the castle. That room was her special place where she would go and talk with her aide Eleanor. She was the one woman Maggie could confide in and trust.

She got to her room and stood in front of the mirror which her father had bought for her. It was one of her favorite things. Mirrored glass was so rare and expensive it was perhaps her most enjoyed pocession. She took a brush and began to comb her long blonde hair. She began to take off the large skirt that was making her too hot on this humid day.

Lady Magdeline had always been the most beautiful woman in the land. Her long blonde hair framed her angelic flawless face. She began to untie her corset which she really had no need for. While most women wore them to keep their bellies in, her stomach was tight, and taught. It was slender and thin, although she had to wear the corset too support her rather large breasts. They stood large and proud, she didn't even need the corset for them as they could stand beautifully on their own. She wore it though to cover her rather large nipples which would protrude through any kind of slim material.

Maggie also removed the stockings from her legs, they were muscular and well formed. The years of riding horses and running up the steps gave her calves and legs that would put anyone to shame. The running up the steps also helped to contribute the buttocks which stood so proudly from her backside. When she stood straight up naked her breasts and buttocks stood out from her body, and both were full and round.

She wouldn't look at herself naked in the mirror only when she would take her scissors and carefully trim her pubic hair. The hot summer days made it necessary for her to keep her hair to a short covering so as not to cause that much irritation as she got sweaty running up her beloved stairs.

Now her and Allan and could climb the stairs together and share their lives together. "Oh my brave warrior is coming home. I can only count the days till he arrives." she thought to herself.

* * * * *

The town cheered as the young men returned to a jubilant ovation. Unlike so many young men who had set out for the crusades all the young men of Pelles made it back home. Then again the men of Pelles hadn't exactly been fighting as much as they had told the town.

The men came back on top of white horses and with carriages carrying all kinds of spices, silk, and a man walking behind them with a sack on his face with only eyeholes cut out so he could see where he walked. The people saw that the man's hands were black and immediately people began to talk. For a moor had made his way to the town.

A celebration went on through the night. Torches and fires lighting the night and music filled everyone with joy. They danced the night away and Allan and Maggie had gotten back together. They talked the night away.

"Oh Maggie I've missed you incredibly. It is so good to be back home." Allan said.

"Allan how I've waited for you. You must tell me of your adventures. It's a miracle you came back. I had heard stories of men being murdered and killed in the holy land, I prayed everyday for your safe return."

"There will be plenty of time to discuss my adventures later. However, I did promise you a present. Come with me."

Allan took Maggie's hand as he led her to one of the carriages filled with goods. He showed her the tons of gold and silks he had brought back. "Oh Allan this is all so beautiful. But I only care that your here now." She turned around to see Allan guiding the hooded man towards her.

"Yes but I've brought you, well actually he's more of my gift to myself, a slave. I bought him through a trader in a town on the outskirts of the holy land." With that Allan took the hood off and showed off the slave he had bought. Maggie had never in her life seen a colored man although he had a ruggedly handsome face. "Allan! how can you buy a man to be your slave. You cannot buy people." Maggie told him.

Allan then answered back "Maggie he's one of the few Negroes that can also speak English, he used to be a prince in his land, and how is he different than your servants and the indentured servants that work for your father. Go ahead say hello, Tepus."

"Hello madam" Tepus said, his strong stare meeting her gentle blue eyes. Tepus had never seen a woman of such beauty. She had large breasts like the women in his old tribe. An ass like their too yet she was slender everywhere else. Allan noticed him staring at Maggie's generous cleavage. Allan kicked him in the leg, "Keep your eyes to yourself, slave."

Allan then led the slave and tied him to the back of the carriage. He led his Maggie away back to the party. "Allan?" Maggie asked in a soft voice.

"Yes dearest." Allan said to her.

"Promise me you'll treat him like a person. He is a person, don't treat him as some animal. Treat him like an apprentice even my servants live in the castle and have good lives. Promise me please." She begged him.

Allan said nothing. Maggie saw how indecisive he was. He obviously didn't share her view on the subject.

"Please" she said to reaffirm her position.

Allan stared down at her supple bosom and felt a stirring in his pants.

"I promise love. On one condition..." Allan told her.

"Yes Allan?" she said quizzically.

"Satisfy me here in this carriage. Quickly no one will see and it's been long since I had touched you" Allan asked her even though he had regularly raped women on his "crusade". Before he left they had consummated and Maggie felt nothing, however after so long she too felt a stirring in her loins that could perhaps now could be satisfied.

Allan opened a door to one of the carriages he brought filled with silken linens. They laid on top as Allan kissed and fondled Maggie. He quickly lifted her long skirt and unfastened himself. He quickly entered his penis into her waiting pussy. He thrust himself strongly and quickly into Maggie. He held her by her slim waist and furiously pounded himself into her. After several more thrusts he left his seed in her and fell back.

Maggie looked up, disappointed to see him tucking in his now shriveling penis. It wasn't as large as she had remembered it. It didn't last as long either. She quickly made herself back up and they made their way back to the celebration.

* * * * *

That night the two lovers stole away from the party back to the castle. They were in the stairwell that led to Maggie's room. They kissed and grabbed at each other savagely.

Maggie moaned as he kissed her neck, "Oh Allan carry me to my room, make love to me once more."

Allan had spent many a night with whore's while he was away. He had raped many women too and knew that once that night was his most. He planned to carry her to her room and then use that as an excuse to explain why he had been spent.

He took her in his arms, "To the top love?" he asked her. She shook her head yes staring into his eyes. Their lips met again. They never made it to the top.

Allan tired quickly and set her down on the spiral staircase. Maggie was feeling quite rambunctious and said, "Allan...if you don't beat me to my room then you'll never know my pleasures again tonight." She quickly ran up the stairs as she had for so many years. Her muscular legs sending her upwards. Allan just laid there on the steps. Feeling the effects of the wine he had that night.

"All the better. There would have been nothing for me to do up there." he thought to himself as he fell asleep on the stairs.

* * * * *

2 months had passed. Maggie was in her room topless as her aide Eleanor sewed a new corset, trying to fit it to her. Eleanor was a lovely maiden with brown hair which she always wore in a bun. She like Maggie was thin and athletic, though her breasts were nowhere near the size of Magdeline's. As she held pins in her teeth the two chatted.

"You know Maggie the word is all around town." Eleanor said.

"Do you think it's true? Allan would never do such a thing." Magdeline asked honestly her breasts shaking as she looked behind her turning to see Eleanor sewing.

"They say Allan sired the child she 2 years ago. It could have been before he left for the crusades. They boy is three now and has his eyes."

"I could not believe that. Besides Eleanor, Allan has made love to me and he barely has the stamina nor physical prowess to sire a child."

Both women giggled. "Perhaps later we can go to the brook. I could use the long walk, besides the heat is sweltering today.

* * * * *

Both women wore gowns that were easy to get out of as they made their way through town. They had to walk, out to the middle of the forest where there was a warm water spring. Even in winter the spring would steam. Rumors had said a dragon's lair stayed underneath warming the ground below the lake and warming it. The townspeople had been forbidden from the brook by the King, the king's daughter however, loved the brook and swam in it regularly. Since it was enclosed privacy came easily. No one could see or stumble upon it in the dense forest unless they knew the correct way.

As they made their way through the town, Eleanor pointed to a young boy and whispered to Maggie, "Look that is the child, there is the mother."

"Eleanor I recognize the town whore, however, the child looks new to me. He is a young, handsome one though."

As they spoke the child ran to it's mother. The town whore, whose name was Anne. She had a generous bust like Maggie, and dark skin with black curly hair. She lifted the child in her arms and walked into her living quarters. As she walked back the child looked at Maggie holding it's thumb. It was then that Maggie saw the child's eyes. They were exactly like Allan's.

"Could it be true Eleanor? If it was do they see one another, now that he has returned?" Maggie asked her aide.

It was at that moment that Eleanor's mother had found her just as they were about to leave the gates of the castle grounds. "Sorry Maggie I must attend to something, I'll be at the brook shortly go on without me."

* * * * *

Maggie had made her way to the brook with ease. Since her childhood she had made her way to this brook where the trees broke just enough to illuminate all of it's water surface with rich sunlight.

Maggie took a look around and lifted her dress over her head. In her underwear, she began to untie her corset when she heard the water moving. She took a deep breath and bent down in the tall grass to see what it could be. She looked through the grass to see a man emerging from the water. It was Allan's slave. It was unmistakable since he was the only black man perhaps within a million miles. She watched as the water cascaded down his body. Years of hard work had forged his body into rippling muscles. He had some scars on his back and she watched in awe as his muscles flexed while he shook the water from himself. Then she saw something incredible.

When Maggie had taken Allan to this brook before he left on his journey, they swam naked. The water had shrunk Allan to the size of a grape. She laughed but this time another naked man was here and she could only rub her eyes to see that they weren't playing tricks with her. From Tepus' crotch hung the thickest, blackest penis, it hung from his pubic hair almost to his knee. Maggie had seen something bobbing before when she had met him and he wore his baggy rags but this was a monstrosity.

She gasped loudly, causing Tepus to quickly look around. Maggie brought her hand to her mouth. Tepus quickly saw the blonde hair in the tall grass and walked to her, not bothering to cover herself. They made eye contact, until Maggie's eyes returned to this monstrous penis.

"Are you lost?" He asked her in a deep masculine voice.

"I think you are the one that is lost, this is my brook." Maggie said standing up. Maggie forgot she was in her underwear and corset. Her corset only covered and supported the bottom half of her breasts and her nipples and aureole were in view.

"This is my bathing area. Sorry but I have never seen you here. You are the princess correct?"

"Yes I am, sorry but I have never seen anyone here before. I too come here to bathe. I am sorry for my outburst. It is open to all, even though the king said it's forbidden from townspeople. Then again I don't think that applies to you." Maggie said that without any malice and true honesty.

"I suppose." Tepus said sadly.

"Is Allan treating you well? I asked him to give you decent housing and food? Are you being well taken care off?" Maggie asked. Her eyes occasionally sneaking peaks at the large penis dangling back and forth as Tepus swayed.

"I suppose, Allan has given me sleeping quarters in his barn and the meals are ok." Tepus answered noticing Maggie's heavier breathing, and her nipples hardening.

"That is wonderful, if you don't mind me asking, how did a moor like you, who can speak such English wind up in the holy land?"

Tepus looked at her quizzically, "I used to be royalty in my land like you. I was a prince but my arrogance and temper cost me. I killed a man and my father said to earn my place as royalty I had to become a slave for 5 moon cycles. Then I must make my way back to become king."

Maggie took all this in, did savages really have kings and queens? It seemed odd but not entirely impossible. "I understand your predicament, do you know how much longer you must be indentured?"

Tepus answered, "I watch the moon everyday, I will know when I must make my way back. Until then I must serve whoever owns me. Your husband, bought me in a land far east. I am not sure if this is the holy land you speak of."

A rustling came in the bushes now, Maggie quickly realized the situation she was in. She looked down once again at how Tepus' penis jiggled as he too looked around.

Looking down also made Maggie notice her nipples and breasts were in full view. Sweat making them glisten in the sun. "Quickly you must go! should someone see us they surely would kill you." Maggie said touching his shoulder urging him on. She felt a jolt of warmth and electricity at the touch of his dark skin. He quickly gathered his rags and made his way into the trees.

Eleanor came through the trees, "Sorry Maggie, hope I didn't startle you. You haven't even undressed fully. How nice of you to wait. "

Tepus put his rags on and watched the two women undress and begin to play in the water. Respecting their privacy and before his cock could harden more he made his way back to his stable. To sleep next to his neighbor the horse.

* * * * *

The next day there was a great joust, and tourney taking place. In the royal stands Maggie sat next to her betrothed Allan. Tepus was there standing next to Allan. Throughout the day he had to taste Allan's food to see if it was poisoned. He also fetched everything the royals wanted. Maggie stole glances at his crotch and thought to herself, "Would be a shame if he was poisoned. To waste a man with such a gift...."

Maggie's thinking was interrupted when she saw Allan was making eye contact with someone in the crowd. There was Anne, the town whore. Allan whispered Tepus a message and sent him out into the crowd. Maggie said nothing and watched, she saw Tepus make his way behind Anne and say something, behind her ear. Not as to arrouse suspicion. Maggie excused herself and made her way behind the royal stands.

As Tepus approached Maggie said in a stern voice, "What did you say to that woman!"

Tepus was now frightened that perhaps she would kill him for talking to a white woman. How the whites changed when they saw him alone and when they saw him fraternizing with their kind.

"I wasn't saying anything to her. I have no interest in her, I don't mean to do anything to her..." Tepus said in a very apologetic tone.

"No I know your not one to fuck the town whore, what did Allan tell you to tell her. Is he making love to her?" Maggie asked sternly checking to see if anyone was eavesdropping.

Tepus was in a bad situation, he thought to himself whether he should betray his lord or lie to her. If she didn't get what she wanted she might scream he tried to touch her and he would be dead man. Out of fear he surrendered the information.

"He meets her often in his house next to the stable. half past sundown they meet in his house. I know not what they do but they meet. Tonight they will" Tepus told her.

Her angelic face had become one of worry. "Thank you Tepus, I forever owe you for your honesty. Go quickly before they think something of us." with that Tepus made his way back as Maggie made plans.

Maggie waited a bit, and then returned to her seat. The jousting was picking up and nearing the end. The crowd cheered loudly and as she went to sit down her chair broke a leg and sent her crashing to the ground on her well-shaped ass. Some laughed but most rushed to her aid. Since the royal seats were higher then where the peasants and townspeople stood no one really saw what had happened.

"Oh drat I ruined my chair how will I watch the jousting. Your friend Mark will soon be here to fight won't he Allan?" Maggie said. Allan's had an evil grin as he thought of a fantastic solution. he knew of his slave's lust for his maiden. He saw the way Tepus would look at his princess. He wanted to tease his enslaved black.

Allan said to Maggie, "Dear just sit on the table you will be closer then to the jousting."

"Splendid Idea Allan." Maggie said, she had no problem sitting on the table since the food had long since been eaten.

"Ah Ah Ah" Allan said, "You still need some cushion, and your fair body should not sit upon this filthy retched dirty table. Here, Slave NOW! You will be her seat lay on the table."

Maggie was frightened by this. Was Allan mad? Use a human being as a seat? "SLAVE!!! Lay on the table and let my woman use you as a chair." Allan said kicking Tepus. Tepus laid on the table and Maggie took a seat on his knees. Allan ordered Tepus to lay his head and back on the table so he could not watch the jousting.

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