tagInterracial LoveA Black Man in a World of Young White Couples

A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples


Garrett Jacobs knew he was going to be a success in life by his freshman year in college. At 6 feet 2 inches tall and 200 pounds, he was a natural outside linebacker, capable of sealing the corners to stop the run, dropping back into pass coverage, or blitzing the quarterback. His defensive coach took Garrett's athletic ability in stride. As a scholar-athlete, it was a given that Garrett could play the position for which he'd been recruited. But his coach also saw how quickly his young player had absorbed the playbook and how he always seemed to be around the ball, as if he knew what plays the opposing offense was going to run.

When his coach asked him why that was the case, Garrett replied that he just saw the offensive sets unfold like patterns on a chalkboard. "I just go where the formation and the flow says they're going to run the play," he'd explained.

Though his coach didn't quite see what Garrett had meant, he was smart enough to give Garrett the whole defensive strategy playbook and start using him to call defensive signals, a task he undertook so ably that one exasperated opposing offensive coordinator had accused him of stealing their signals. Garrett had thanked him for the compliment.

The same ability to see complex interactions in his head helped Garrett master his heavy course load in business and finance. While fellow students struggled with business theories and stock market modeling, Garrett aced his exams and started auditing graduate finance courses when he was a Junior. He found his professors were always willing to give extra time and attention to the handsome, charismatic football player. His teammates spent their off-hours drinking, carousing, and chasing the prettiest girls on campus; Garrett spent his interning in banks and brokerage houses. He lived frugally, taking his small stipend and investing it in the market. It didn't take long to grow his investments into a very sizeable nest egg, a fact he did not advertise.

Garrett also discovered that his innate ability to visualize and influence complex interactions and patterns worked just as well with people, and particularly with the cute young co-eds who found him irresistible. He never bragged about his successes, but one girl told another about the handsome muscular player's prowess in the bedroom, and there always seemed to be one more gorgeous young cheerleader who wanted to see if the stories were true. As one of his admirers had put it to her BFF, "Good lord, he's just amazing. I mean, he's handsome and ripped and there's that monster cock, but it's like he can read my mind and figure out exactly what I want and when to do it before I even know. I've never come so hard and so much in my life!"

By the time Garrett graduated, with honors, he'd amassed enough of a grubstake that he was able to live comfortably and work from his first home, a stylish condominium in a neighborhood catering to upscale young white couples. He'd also discovered that the lovely young white wives in the neighborhood were just as interested in the handsome young investor as the co-eds at school had been. This posed something of a problem. Dipping his wick in a married inkwell appealed to him psychologically and sexually. There was plenty of physical satisfaction to be had, but Garrett did not want the potential messiness that damaging marriages could bring.

The solution to the problem first presented itself in the form of Rick and Cassie Jensen, a young married couple who lived three floors down in his building. Cassie was 26, a striking, tall blonde from Minnesota who worked for a law firm downtown. Rick was 32, an amiable investment counselor. They'd struck up an "elevator friendship" and become good friends, trading dinners regularly. It had not taken long before Cassie made it clear that she was interested in something more intimate than dinner. Garrett had politely declined, explaining that he had no wish to cause a problem in the Jensen marriage.

Cassie had disabused him of that notion. "You wouldn't be causing a problem," she'd said, "you'd be solving one. I love Rick to pieces, but he's just not getting it done in the bedroom. We need someone to help out. Besides, I've always been curious about black men."

"I'm not about to start messing with cheating wives, Cassie," Garrett had explained.

Cassie had laughed. "Cheating? Who said anything about cheating? Rick brought it up in the first place, and he sure as hell plans on watching you fuck me."

"So you're swingers?" Garrett asked.

"No, honey, we're not swingers. We want to try out cuckolding," Cassie replied. She'd gone on to explain that Rick didn't want to fuck someone else's wife, he wanted a guy to fuck Cassie while he watched. So later than night, Garrett had fucked the lovely young blonde to the point of exhaustion while Rick had watched and jerked off. When Garrett left, Rick had thanked him profusely and made arrangements for another encounter over the next weekend.

Garrett had quickly found that the notion of fucking an attractive, young, married white woman appealed to his libido. It wasn't just fucking hot white pussy he liked, it was fucking hot white married pussy. In front of the husband. It was like Viagra. The role of handsome hung black bull fit him like a glove, and he soon discovered that fulfilling Cassie and Rick's expectations of deep, dark taboo jungle love was as entertaining to him as it was arousing to Rick.

Cassie was lying on her back with her legs spread and Garrett's cum load leaking from her gaping pussy when Rick had first asked him if he thought he could handle another white wife. "We have some close friends, Elaine and Paul, who live in the building," Rick said. "Cassie's been telling Elaine about what an amazing lover you are, and Elaine told Cassie she was interested."

"I don't know," Garrett replied. "It's not like they're friends."

"Elaine's really cute. She's a tiny little redhead. You'd love fucking her," Cassie chimed in. "Why don't we all have dinner and we can explain how things work. I love being your hot wife, but I'm feeling guilty keeping that magnificent black cock all to myself."

"Besides," Rick joined in, "Cassie and I really get turned on by the idea of turning Elaine and Paul out as a black cock cuckold couple. It feels like we're corrupting them." Garrett laughed and agreed to the meeting.

Cassie hadn't been kidding when she had described Elaine as "tiny." Garrett towered over the 4 foot 11 inch redhead, who giggled when he took her small hand in his to shake it. "If everything else about you is this big, I'm in trouble," the redhead chirped.

Garrett liked her immediately. She'd worn her red hair in a pixy cut. Coupled with her pouty red lips, alabaster skin and slightly upturned nose, the overall effect made her look like a woodland sprite. Her easy laughter and constant smile did nothing to dispel the image.

Over drinks, Garrett learned that Elaine had been a gymnast and ballet dancer but had switched to elementary education when she'd torn her ACL as a college freshman. "Besides," she said with a laugh, "there isn't a ballet company in the country that wants a sub-five feet redhead in the corps de ballet. All for the best anyway. I love teaching kids."

Her husband Paul was a graphics designer and artist, who'd converted one of the bedrooms in their unit into a painting studio. He was slender and dark haired, which curled over his collar, looking every bit the moody, struggling artist. When Garrett had suggested that it must be difficult to make a living as a painter, Elaine had laughed. "Don't let the 'suffering artist' look fool you. Paul does quite nicely with graphics design and his parents left him very well off," she said. "We live comfortably on Paul's graphics income and my salary as a teacher. The painting's his avocation."

The dinner went extremely well. Cassie had seated Garrett and Elaine next to each other, with Paul across the table. Wine flowed freely and Paul and Garrett spent most of the dinner in an intense discussion about stock market forecasting, investment strategies, hedge funds, and metals futures. Elaine spent most of the dinner running her left hand first up and down Garrett's right thigh and then up and down his crotch.

At the end of the evening, Garrett stood. "Thanks for a wonderful dinner, Cassie," he said, kissing her lightly on the cheek. He shook Rick's hand and nodded to Paul and Elaine. "Nice to meet you both." As soon as he was out the door, Elaine hurried to join him, slipping her arm through his.

"Why don't you walk me home," she suggested, and Garrett had obliged. When they reached Elaine's condo, she insisted he join her for a night cap. They sat in the living room and drank, looking out at the city skyline and the bright lights below.

"Tell me about what you and Paul are looking for," Garrett inquired. "We're crazy about each other, but we're very different sexually," Elaine replied. "Paul is moody and intense and frankly a bit passive. He likes to make love. I, on the other hand, am light-hearted and just love to fuck." Garrett nodded. "We're out of sync. I want to get my brains fucked out and Paul wants candles, flowers and a string quartet."

Elaine took a long pull at her double vodka tonic and continued. "I've always found black men attractive, at least in the abstract, though I've never been intimate with any. To try and liven things up, I got Paul to watch porn together. It was just sort of okay, but one night I put on an amateur video of a wife with a black guy while the husband watched, and it was like 'POW!'"

"POW-how" Garrett asked. Elaine laughed.

"POW as in Paul got hard as a rock, I got soaking wet, and we screwed like we did when we first got married," Elaine said. "At the same time, Cassie was telling me about what was going on with you and her and Rick. I told Paul about it, and we started watching what I guess you could call amateur interracial cuckold videos pretty regularly. I finally flat out asked Paul if the idea of me actually fucking a black guy turned him on. He didn't have to answer the question, because he was hard as a rock in two seconds. No denying it after that," she said. "And here we are."

Garrett looked at Elaine intensely. "I'm not into cheating wives, Elaine. It sounds like this is entirely your agenda. Is that right?" Elaine laughed. "I definitely am leading the way, that's fair enough," she said, "but you and I wouldn't be here if Paul wasn't intrigued and aroused by the idea too."

Garrett frowned. "Ideas are ideas. The reality of watching another man -- and a black man at that -- taking a guy's wife can be a lot different than the idea of it for a husband, if you get my drift." Elaine nodded. "Supposing, for example, that you really love it but Paul can't cope, what then?"

"We've talked about it quite a bit," Elaine replied. "We're going to give it a month and reassess. Either one of us can cancel at that point, but if we both say okay there's no backing out after that."

"Tell me what you want from me," Garrett asked.

"I want you to fuck me. Not just fuck. I want you to own my pussy and fuck it like I'm your personal slut white wife fuck toy. I want you to make me totally lose control, and I want Paul to see what a real man with a big cock can do to his wife," Elaine replied. "And I want Paul to know deep down inside that he will never, ever, be able to fuck me like you can, and that my pussy will never ever be just for him anymore."

"Where is Paul, by the way?" Garrett asked.

"Still at Cassie and Rick's place," Elaine said. "He wanted to give us time alone together. Shall I call him and tell him to come home?" Garrett nodded.

When Paul returned to the condo, he found the living room empty. "Hello, I'm home," he called out.

"We're in the bedroom, honey. Come on in!" his wife replied. Elaine was already naked and was kneeling in front of Garrett, pulling his briefs down to his ankles. She looked at Garrett's soft penis and giggled. "My god, Paul, he's completely soft and bigger than you are completely hard!"

At about 6.5 inches soft, Garrett's cock arced away from his abdomen, hanging heavily between his legs. Elaine started stroking the smooth black skin, turning Garrett toward the bed so that she could sit on the edge and be at a better height. She took his cock into her mouth and started sucking it while she twirled her tongue around the head.

Garrett looked down as the petite redhead caressed his cock as it started to swell and harden. She was slender and athletic, with a flat, tight stomach and small breasts. He saw that each of her pink nipples had been pierced with a small silver barbell. Garrett stiffened at the sight and the sensation of Elaine's mouth, stretched to its limit, sliding up and down his cock, taking him deeper with each stroke.

"Paul, get naked and get over here," Elaine commanded. Paul obliged, tossing his clothes in a heap on the floor. "Lie on your back with your head toward the edge of the bed," Elaine said, and Paul complied. Elaine stopped sucking Garrett's big cock for a moment as she straddled Paul's face and lowered her pussy to his mouth, then resumed her oral attention to the now fully-erect black 10 inch monster as Paul eagerly began licking his wife.

After a few minutes, Elaine squeezed Garrett's cock, looked up at him and said "Fuck me now," as she moved off Paul's head and lay down on the bed. Paul stood and walked to a chair, which he pulled close to the bed and then sat in.

Garrett lay carefully between Elaine's legs and rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy, wet with Paul's saliva and her own lubrication. He noticed that her pussy was shaved completely bare except for a small triangle of bright red pubic hair higher up on her lower abdomen, like an arrow pointing the way below. He felt her pussy open and slid the head in, then began to push forward. To his surprise, Elaine opened and took him into herself, gripping his cock tightly as he entered. With a hard push, he slid in all the way, Elaine issuing a long, low groan as he filled her. Garrett slowly stroked his big cock in and out of his diminutive bed partner, amazed that she seemed to be taking all of him so well. He raised her hips slightly and pushed even deeper.

"Ohhh, fuck, you feel amazing," Elaine moaned. "My pussy is so completely full of your beautiful cock!" She felt overwhelmed as her lover rode her steadily, pumping himself in and out of her. All of a sudden, Elaine felt the rush of an orgasm approach seemingly out of nowhere. It overwhelmed her in an instant, sending shock waves from her head to her toes, which were curling so hard they almost cramped. "Oh god, oh god, oh god," she grunted like a mantra as her orgasm crested, receded and then crested again.

Elaine's pussy spasmed on Garrett's cock, but he simply continued to push in and out in the same slow steady motion. He suddenly gripped her hips in one arm and lifted up, rolling over onto his back, whereupon he spun her around so she was facing her husband, her legs spread wide so that Paul could see her pussy as it was engorged with black cock.

Elaine rode up and down as Garrett lifted her by her hips. "Oh my god, Paul, I'm so full of his huge black cock," she moaned. "You've never filled me up like this -- it's sooo good. Can you see your wife's hot pussy filled up with big black bull cock? Well? Can you?" Paul nodded, mesmerized by what he was seeing. "How do you like being a cuckold, Paul? How do you like seeing your wife cuckold you with a black man?"

Paul stammered and incoherent response, then took a breath and said clearly, "It's amazing, just amazing."

Elaine started to orgasm a second time, fucking Garrett's cock harder and hard as she did. "Oh fuck, Paul, I'm coming again!" she groaned, losing herself in the moment as her pussy clamped down hard on Garrett's cock. For the first time, he felt a twinge of an orgasm lurking in the background, and grunted as he did. Elaine, sensing it, started to fuck him harder. "Cum in me, baby," she wailed. "Fill my tight white womb with your cum!" Her orgasm simply went on and on, as Garrett thrust up into her as she pushed herself back down. She felt him get even harder and knew she was about to get her wish.

Garrett let himself go, pumping faster and faster into Elaine's pussy as he felt his climax building at the base of his spine. Finally, with a guttural roar, he erupted with jet after jet of hot sperm shooting out of his cock and into Elaine's womb. Elaine was screaming as Garrett climaxed, finally sinking back down onto him in sheer orgasmic exhaustion. Garrett slowly lifted her off his still turgid cock, leaning her back so his cum would not run out all at once. He carefully placed Elaine on the edge of the bed with her legs splayed wide apart.

Elaine slowly stroked her clitoris and pussy lips, feeling electric jolts as she did so. Then she looked at her husband and grinned wickedly. "Look at my pussy, Paul. I'm just gaping wide open." She contracted her vaginal muscles and a steady thick stream of semen started to flow out. "Look at all this cum, baby," she said. "Your wife's flooded with black bull semen and you're now a cuckold. And I think you love it as much as I do."

Paul could only nod at first, but eventually choked out his reply. "Yes," he said, "yes, I do love being cuckolded by a huge black bull cock. It's amazing."

Elaine smiled, seeing Paul's erection. "Poor baby needs relief," she said. "Come over here and fuck my used pussy." Her husband needed no encouragement and approached the bed, slipping his own cock into her dripping pussy. He groaned as he felt how loose Elaine was, and how slippery she felt. "I can't really feel you in me, sweetie, but you just go ahead and fuck me anyway."

A minute later, Paul was already shooting his own cum into Elaine's pussy while Garrett quietly gathered his clothes together and slipped out of the bedroom. "See you tomorrow," Elaine called out as he left.

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