tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Blackmail Tale Ch. 05

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 05

byTx Tall Tales©

* * *

Part V of the Blackmail tales. If you haven't already read them, you may want to start with parts I, II, III and IV - A Bit of Blackmail, A Bit More Blackmail, A Blackmail Buddy, and A Blackmail Tail 4: Donna. Just click on my name to find all my stories, and start from there.

* * *

Chapter 05: Three to Tango

Things were going well. I'd digitized my home movies, ripping them to my hard drive. Then I'd gone ahead and started building my new movies. The first was for my plan: a carefully edited compilation that explored and exploited the sexual activities of my darling Donna, without showing my face. It was devastating if I do say so myself. The blowjobs, the wanton fucking, and particularly the threesome action painted a portrait of a wild harlot.

It was a work of love, and I spent way too much time perfecting it. I'd added titles and a soundtrack, worked with different camera shots, and careful scene transitions. I had to relieve myself countless times while I was editing it.

The second video was for personal consumption, and left out nothing, including the blackmail session itself. I was about 90% through with this one when a voice from the doorway made me jump.

"What are you doing?" my wife Abby asked from the door to my home office.

I barely escaped blurting out "Nothing," the first refuge of those caught in the act. "I'm taking some of our videos and putting them on hard drive, so we have backups." Just a few weeks earlier I had taken our wedding videos and ripped them. It also explained why I had all the video gear out. I quickly closed my current window, and brought up the Wedding video, with a new title page letting you jump to the portions you wanted: Entrance, vows, reception, wedding photos, first dance, and more.

Abby was walking towards me, across the 20 feet or so from the door to my office desk. My monitor faced away from the door, hiding my actions. I had a couple of machines, and usually had the good sense to have a second computer set up for some innocent work, where a simple press of a button could switch my monitor and keyboard to the second 'safe' computer session. But I'd been lax, and nearly caught. By the time she was at my side I had somewhat hidden my tracks, and the wedding video was waiting at the index page.

I showed Abby the video changes, and jumped forward to one of our favorite scenes, the interviews of our guests. We laughed together at the scene with her grandmother, and I burned a copy of the video to DVD for her to take downstairs to her computer, in a niche off of the kitchen.

As she left my room, after kissing me, I started kicking myself over the near slip. The thing was, I love my wife. I enjoyed being with her, and still loved making love to her, even if we were in a bit of a rut. I loved my family, and my daughter, and had to stop and ask myself why I was doing this? Was fucking the shit out of Krista and Donna worth risking my marriage over?

I knew the answer was no, but that didn't matter. I was addicted. I knew I couldn't help myself and I'd be banging Krista first thing in the morning, and confronting Donna soon, reeling her into my circle of servitude. The real question was: Could I somehow get Abby to go along? I had to, whatever it takes. I was certain that otherwise I'd keep at this deceitful little game until we were caught, and I didn't like the chances of how things would fall out then.


"You want to do what?" she asked between strokes.

"Get our spouses together." I repeated.

"Are you insane?" Krista asked, trying to push me off of her.

I leaned over her, grabbing her hands firmly in one of mine and stretching them out above her. I squeezed her breast tightly, beyond comfort, and pounded into her. "Listen to me," I commanded harshly, "and don't try that crap again." I could see a hint of concern in her eyes, as my free hand encircled her neck, holding her gently but insistently.

She looked up cautiously, and nodded just a fraction, about as much as my hand would allow.

"We WILL get caught eventually if we keep this up. What will happen then?" I asked her, pausing a moment to let her digest that. "What if Rich walked in now? What would you do?" She turned her head instantly, in reaction, towards the door. "Hell, your marriage might survive, but imagine if he walked in when I was balls deep in your 'forbidden' ass? How would he take that? How'd he like to see that pretty little mouth of yours full of my cock?" I kept sliding in and out of her during my explanation, emphasizing just what we were doing.

"So what am I supposed to do," she asked softly, tears filling her eyes.

"Work with me. Like you did with Donna. What if we were to push Rich and Abby together? Somehow get them to do something, anything? Then we're in the driver's seat. You're a devious little schemer. We've seen that from our little game with Donna. Just give it some thought. What can we do?"

I released her hands and neck, and turned her over on all fours. I reached into her night stand and pulled out the lube, greasing up my shaft for her. She waited patiently, quietly. As I kneeled behind her, squeezing a few drops onto her beckoning butthole, she said softly, "Well, we know that he likes her, he's mesmerized by her tits, and he's jealous that she does things like blowjobs and this," she emphasized the 'this' by wigging her butt as I opened up her ass with a finger before plunging in for the real deal.

"That's a good start." I told her, as I fed the head of my cock into her tight anal passage. "And Abby's always thought he was cute, and feels a little sorry for him for the same reasons. Plus we know how amorous she gets with a bit of alcohol in her system."

I squeezed forward a bit more, burying about half my length in her upturned ass, as she kept pondering the course ahead. She groaned a little as I settled more and more of my fat shaft deeper into her bowels. Once I'd bottomed out, and was starting a slow and steady reaming of her, she spoke up again.

"He's always wanted to go in the hot-tub naked," she confessed breathlessly. "Maybe the four of us could end up in your hot-tub. Get the kids out of the picture somehow."

"I like it." I told her, using her ass, while I thought it over. I was distracted by the feelings I got from butt-fucking this pretty little church-mouse, and concentrated on filling her with my hot juices, fucking her forcefully, shaking the whole bed. I'd already come once inside her delicious pussy, but I was already feeling the impending release again.

Krista was obviously distracted as well, her own hands worrying her hot twat, while I slid in and out of her rear entrance. She was moaning for me, thoughts of our spouses at least temporarily forced to the side. "Fuck me, Alex, fuck my ass," she moaned, pushing back against me.

I pulled her hips hard against me as I emptied myself into her clutching butt. I rolled over, gasping for air. Krista crept off to the bathroom, and returned with a moist face-towel she used to clean me up, while she told me a few more of her ideas. I guided her face back down to my cock, leaving her to work on that for a bit, while I thought out loud, working through a few possibilities, as Krista's talented tongue slowly restored my steel.

Once more ready for action, she straddled me, and rode me easily while we narrowed our ideas down to one main plan, and commenced on the details. We spent a good 10 minutes on it, and she spent those same 10 minutes on me. Once I finally filled her steaming pussy for the second time that afternoon, we had a coherent, fleshed out plan for dealing with our spouses. As for Donna, that was a lot simpler. Krista had a meeting scheduled for tomorrow around noon, and everything was ready for her induction into my team.


Krista answered the door in an oversized T-shirt, and nothing else.

"Jesus, Krista," Donna griped. "You're really running late, you better hurry and get dressed or we'll be hitting rush hour by the time we get back."

"Don't worry, I'll be ready in time." Krista laughed as she led her friend back into the living room. "Remember our little afternoon with Alex?" she asked, turning the corner into the living room and lifting up her shirt bottom so she could back up and lower herself onto my waiting cock, which she'd abandoned a few minutes earlier.

"Damn it, Krista," she said, "what are you thinking?" She stared at me, the anger in her face apparent.

"I think I'm getting fucked delirious," Krista giggled, settling down with her full weight, then peeling her t-shirt off, leaving her naked, stuffed with cock. My cock to be precise.

"We're watching a movie," I said, speaking for the first time. "Care to join us? I think you'll find it interesting."

Donna turned to the big plasma TV, and stepped back involuntarily, as she watched her own pretty face get stuffed with cock as she laid back and took it.

"Oh shit," she mumbled, staggering backwards.

Krista, hit the fast forward a bit, so we could watch the change as Krista eagerly sucked my cock on the screen, giving an obviously talented blowjob to yours truly.

"I like this scene, but it's not nearly as good as when I'm sitting on his face, and you're riding him like there's no tomorrow. Jeez, I got hot watching that." Krista told her, while she rocked back and forth on my hard rod.

"You're a fucking pig," Donna hissed, I think towards me.

"And you're irresistible. You yourself said it. It would kill me to think about that afternoon and knowing I'd never get a chance to have you again. Well I couldn't let that happen," I told her.

"So what is this, more blackmail?" she asked.

"Blackmail's such a harsh word. Let's just have an agreement. I have one with Krista, I've had it for several weeks. I'd like one with you as well." I told her. I then whispered to Krista who dislodged herself from my pole, and settled between my legs to let her mouth take over for a while.

"Several weeks? You mean several days; I'm assuming since the last time you blackmailed us." Donna said angrily.

"No. Weeks. As in weeks before she helped me get this wonderful video we're watching." I answered, stroking the hair of my dear little cock-sucker.

"You bitch," Donna said to Krista, her arms crossed. If looks could kill...

"Aw, don't be that way. Look on the screen." I told her.

She looked over to see herself spreading her legs for me, as I raised my face from between her legs, and fucked her into orgasm after orgasm.

We watched it quietly for a minute, the only noise Krista slurping on my turgid staff.

"So what's your agreement?" Donna asked softly.

Krista pulled her face away from my cock to answer. "Simple enough. I'm his. For a year."

"You're kidding me, right?" Donna asked incredulously.

"Hardly." I told her. "Seems a small enough price to pay. Especially for something you're going to enjoy so thoroughly."

"This is just ridiculous. I'm not going to let you fuck me for a year," Donna blurted.

I just fast forwarded to the threesome scene, where she rode me like a cowgirl, while Krista sat on my face. The camera angle was excellent, and you could easily see Donna getting off on riding me. As she was coming she leaned forward into Krista, moaning loudly, and then their lips met. It was maybe the hottest thing I'd ever seen. I hadn't even known about it at the time, but the video luckily captured every detail. Donna's whole body trembled as her mouth opened and her and Krista's tongue's tangled.

Donna tore her eyes from the TV, and slowly started to undress. "Alex. You've got to keep this secret. Be careful. Dave can never know. Nobody can ever know."

She dropped to her knees beside Krista, and when Krista pulled back and offered my cock to Donna, she lowered her face and gave it a long slow lick, tears running down her cheeks.

"It's not so bad," Krista whispered to her. "I've been doing it for a while. I love it. You will too."

"I don't think so," Donna said angrily.

"And you've got someone to share it with." Krista continued. "I had nobody. I was alone and scared."

"So you dragged me into it," Donna retorted.

I wasn't really interested in their bickering. I wanted to take a further step towards helping Donna accept her new role as a my toy-on-demand. I eased the girls back out of my lap and stood, then taking my girls by their hands, I led them back to Krista's bedroom, where the groundwork for todays induction had been 'laid'.

I guided Donna to her back, in the middle of the king-size bed. I took Krista in hand and leaned her over the end of the bed, guiding her face first into Donna's crotch.

"Alex," Krista whined, as she obediently moved as directed, "please don't. That's disgusting."

Donna, seeing what I intended, closed her legs tightly, crossing them at the ankles.

"This is not a democracy. I'm not going to submit you to public humiliation or degradation, as long as you behave, but you will do what I ask here in private." I moved Krista to the side and took hold of Donna's ankles spreading them apart. As I released them, she quickly closed them again.

"I'm not some God-damned dyke," Donna told me angrily.

I laughed and walked into Krista's closet returning with a handful of ties. I took one and tied it around a bedpost at the headboard. I then held my hand out to Donna, waiting for her to give me her hand.

"You can't be serious?" She said.

I didn't say a word, just looked at her. After a few more seconds delay, she finally reached out and gave me her hand. It took me a couple of minutes but I soon had her tied down. Not tightly, there was still a good bit of wiggle-room, but there'd be no more closing of her legs.

I then sat down beside her, taking in her obvious nervousness. I reached out to her and stroked her hair. "You are so beautiful. Don't fight me." I turned to my knees and fed her my cock, which had wilted a bit in the tumult. She took me without hesitation, sucking me nicely. I looked over to Krista and waved her over.

"Now," I told her, and nodded down to the end of the bed, between Donna's legs.

Donna jerked in her restraints and Krista took up her place between the platinum blonde's spread legs. Krista leaned down and I watched her kiss all around the true target of her attention. Donna was twitchy, and I told her softly. "If you'd like, imagine it was me down there." Donna just closed her eyes, and continued doing her best to suck me using only her mouth and the motion of her head.

I was plenty hard now, and went to the foot of the bed, reaching down and turning Krista around to face me. I kissed her warmly, holding her. "You are so incredible, you know that?" I whispered to her. "You can't imagine how hot I get at the idea of you doing this for me." I turned her around, and pushed at her shoulders, bending her over the end of the bed, and back into Donna's crotch.

This time she didn't hesitate, and Donna immediately cried out, "Oh, shit!" and wiggled up the bed a few inches before she was pulled up short by the ties around her ankles. Krista reached under Donna's legs and tugged her back down, burying her face into the light brown fur. While she did her best to warm up Donna for me, I reached between Krista's legs and opened her up, sliding my stiff meat into her. I took it easy, screwing in and out of my sweet slave, while she devoured Donna, slowly breaking down her barriers.

I saw Donna's eyes close, her breath shortening, and listened while the first small moans escaped her lips. Krista was doing great. I pulled out of her, and returned the favor, using my mouth on her, then moving up and tonguing her tiny brown rosebud. Both girls were moaning and I was in heaven.

I pulled Krista off of Donna, and looked down at my newest conquest, trembling on the bed. She looked so tempting. Irresistibly so.

"That was beautiful, Krista. Don't you think it would only be fair that she give you a little of the same?" I asked her quietly, my lips caressing her ear. Krista looked at me questioningly. "Sit. On. Her. Face." I explained. Krista's eyebrows crawled up her forehead, and then a big smile split her face. "Just wait until I'm inside of her," I told her softly.

I climbed between Krista's legs, and tugged her down the bed, putting the ropes on her wrists under tension, but loosening up her legs. I wedged my knees under her thighs, and then placed the tip of my swollen prick at the warm pink opening I'd been so patiently waiting for. With a little nudge of my hips I opened her up, the head disappeared leaving the rest of my cock exposed. The ankle ties were irritating me, so I loosened and removed first one, and then the other. Grabbing just behind her knees I pushed her legs back almost to her breasts, leaned my weight forward and slowly pressed my rock-hardness into her, all the way to the root.

"God, that's what I remember," I told her, just holding there, enjoying the sensation of being buried inside her. With a series of long slow strokes I renewed our acquaintance. I spread her legs wider, and pounded more insistently, sawing in and out of her. I stretched out on top of her, freeing her legs, holding her face. "You are so beautiful, so sexy, can't you see why I had to have you?" I told her, and then I took her mouth with mine, denying her any chance to respond.

Her tongue tangled with mine, and I could hear her breath as she accepted the ravishment. I sat back up, spreading her legs wide, and fucked her ferociously, pounding that pussy, her body shaking under the treatment.

I nodded to Krista who'd been waiting patiently, and she climbed onto the bed, turning to face me. She straddled Donna's chest, on her knees, and meticulously wedged her ankles under Donna's outstretched arms. She leaned forward, and I met her halfway, kissing her sweet lips. Then she eased back and held herself just above Donna's mouth. Krista bent over and looked between her own legs, watching where her cleanly shaven lips hovered just above Donna's red-lipsticked ones.

"Go ahead," I encouraged her, and I watched as she settled back just a little further, settling over Donna's mouth.

I stopped moving, my cock hovering just outside of Donna's leaking slit. "Go on Donna, it's not so bad." I raised an eyebrow to Krista, who shook her head 'no'.

"Come on," I told my tied up beauty. "Make this easy," I pumped the head in and out of her lips teasing her just a bit. Looking up, Krista caught my eye and still shook her head no.

Time to try a different tack. I lifted Donna's leg across my body twisting her lower torso sideways. With her legs together, to the side, I entered her again, then gave her a couple of long slow strokes. Then without warning I slapped her ass firmly, seeing the imprint of my fingers. She jumped under the attack and I put my hand on her upper leg, just above the knee, and leaned my weight into her. She was pinned firmly between my weight, and Krista's legs and ass perched on her shoulders and face. I spanked her again, with a resounding 'crack'.

"Do it, Donna, it's not so bad," Krista encouraged her, resting on her hands and knees, and holding herself just above her friends resistant mouth.

I saw Krista jerk forward, and then settle back. "Like that, baby. That's nice." I heard her say softly.

I lifted Donna's top leg up over my shoulder and I started working her pussy over. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feelings, the sensation of being inside this sweet young thing. I didn't try anything fancy, just fucked away, slow and steady, my entire being distilled into the point of contact where I entered and filled her.

Krista was moaning her encouragement to her novice fur-licker. I sped up, lost in the feeling, a tension building under my balls, knowing I could come like this. I had no reason to hold back, and sped up yet again, now pounding her hard, fiercely, feeling the tension spreading to my thighs, up my abs, gathering in my buns.

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