tagInterracial LoveA Blind Man Sees... Ch. 02

A Blind Man Sees... Ch. 02


This story is a continuation of the Blind Man Sees Ch 01. It picks up on the events that followed Ronnie's first visit to my house. Just like in Chapter One, the story is 98% true. Enjoy.

When I woke up the next morning, I was as mellow as I had been in many years. I ran the previous night's events through my mind again. A total stranger had come to my house and rocked my world like never before. She was black? Still not 100% sure on this fact. She was over 18 years age, but barely. She was thick. Not ugly or grossly overweight, but lots of padding in all the right places. She had 38 Double D tits and an ass that was begging to be squeezed and kissed. We got to play some and the sex was fantastic.

And after all of this, I did the lamest thing I had ever done in my life! I had not gotten her name. Had no way to contact her or call her. I would have to sit back and hope to see her up in the chat room again.

Well, I had lucked onto this vixen. Who knows if I was going to see her again? I started to make plans in case Ronnie ever showed up here again. I fired up my trusty computer and logged into the web page of my favorite store. It is located in Philadelphia and is called The Mood. After about a half hour of surfing, I had the info I needed. I picked up the phone and called the store.

"Hello, You've reached The Mood. How can I help you', asked a most feminine voice at the other end of the line.

"Hi there," I said. "I'm a blind guy looking to gets some gifts for a special lady," I stated.

"Well you have reached the right place then sir. We have lots of great gifts here. Can you tell me what you are interested in', she inquired.

I told her, "I was checking out your web page, but with no vision, I am not sure on some of the products you have listed."

"If you give me an idea of what you were checking out, I can tell you what else I have in that category," she stated.

"Well, um I was looking for handcuffs, but I can't really tell what you have," I answered.

"We are not allowed to sell real metal cuffs sir, but we do carry a set of Velcro cuffs. They are very soft and reasonably priced," she said.

I told her I wanted one set of them. "I am also looking for a very good vibrator," I continued.

"We have a large selection of them. Do you know how much you wish to spend', she asked.

"I don't want to go too crazy here. I am on a budget," I stated. I heard her typing away on the store's computer at her end.

"Sir, we have several products under $50. Our most popular model is called the Clitropatra. It comes in either white or pink. Besides the vibrating shaft, there is a vibrating nub that will stimulate her clitoris," she offered. "Can you tell me more about it as I can't look at the picture on your web site," I asked.

"No problem. It is shaped like a penis with a control box at the base. If you look at it from the front, the shaft looks like a woman wearing a hooded robe. From the back it looks like a large veined penis. At the base of her feet there is a figure of a Lion with it's tongue sticking out. This is the part that will stimulate her clitoris. Besides vibrating, This vibrator will also spin the tip of the penis in a circular motion. It is very popular amongst our female customers," was her reply.

All I could think was, Man vibrators had sure changed from the day when they just looked like big silver bullet shaped things. "I'll take one of those in pink," I directed. I had major plans to rock Ronnie's world if she ever crossed my front doorway again.

"Will that be all sir', she asked.

"I am also interested in some massage creams or gels," I said. "What is your most popular item under that category'

"We have the Love Gel in either Raspberry or Pina' Colada," she replied. "When blown on the gel will get warm, but it is also completely safe to eat."

I decided to cover my bases. "I'll take one of each flavor."

"Anything else sir', she asked.

"nope, that about covers it," I said.

The salesperson offered, "We have a nice selection of Anal Beads, whips, and nipple clips."

"Um, maybe I'll check them out on my next order," I answered. I directed the lady to UPS the package to me and gave her my credit card number. She informed me that as I was so close to Philadelphia, I would probably get my delivery the very next day.

"You have a great day sir. We hope to do business with you again."

I hung up the phone and started to plan for the next visit.

I ran across Ronnie exactly 8 days later. I was checking my email and an instant message popped up on my screen.

Ronnie: How you doing lover? Myself: Still healing up from the wild sex you whipped on me on your last visit. grin. Ronnie: Aw poor baby. did I hurt you? grin. Myself. Hurt me? nope, but you sure tuckered my ass out. Ronnie: Really? I was going to ask to come back over tonight, but if you are too tired?

"Yes!," I yelled. I reached down under my computer desk and felt for the box from The Mood store. It was still there with all its fun stuff in it. I was ready for visit number two.

Myself: I was patiently waiting for you to come visit again. I bought you some stuff to surprise you on your next visit. Ronnie: Really? What stuff? Myself: Can't tell you. Will show you when you get here. Ronnie: I love surprises. Ronnie: I have some errands to do, I can get there in about 1 hour. Is that OK? Myself: No problem. I'll see you in about 1 hour. Ronnie: Nice Nice. Kiss

She logged off and I logged off also. I had one hour to get things ready for Ronnie.

I went to my bedroom and tied the Velcro handcuffs to the feet of the headboard with some twine. I then took the Clitropatra vibrator and inserted the 3 AA batteries. I checked it quickly to see it worked and tucked it under a pillow. I took the two love gels and put them on the bedside table. So far so good. I took my digital camera out of the closet and slid it under my bed. I rushed downstairs to get a quick shave and shower.

I put on a soft robe and dried my hair off. I headed to the kitchen. "Okay, let's see. Do I go with Vanilla or Cinnamon' I opened my robe and reached for my hardening cock. I rolled the foreskin back and reached for the Vanilla Extract. I poured a small amount on my open palm and massaged it into my cock. If Ronnie wanted surprises, well she was going to get a surprise. The strong scent of Vanilla filled my nostrils.

I headed to the living room and tied my robe back up. Ronnie was punctual or eager to get her surprise. She was at my front door in just under 1 hour. I opened the door and stepped back. "What took you so long', I demanded in a fake angry voice.

Ronnie laughed and stated, "Looks like you started without me." She reached into the top of my robe and started to rub my nipples and chest. My reaction was immediate. I grabbed her and pulled her close. My erection was rubbing against her thigh.

"nice Nice. I see you missed me," she said. She then reached down and opened my robe. Her hand started to stroke my rigid cock and lightly rub my balls. I put my hands on her shoulders and lightly but firmly pushed Ronnie down. I wanted her kneeling and my aching cock inher hot mouth. I leaned forward and pushed the front door shut. God! I had no idea if anyone outside had seen me with my cock waving in the breeze. I heard a thump sound. Then two more thumps. I was guessing it was her pocketbook hitting the rug and then her two knees as she knelt down.

My body went rigid as her mouth and tongue started to play with the head of my cock. "mmmm," she murmured. She then pulled back. "Well aren't you the freaky one. You put Vanilla on your cock', she asked.

"Don't all white boys taste like Vanilla', I joked Ronnie laughed and her hot, wet lips enveloped the head of my cock again. All I could say was, "mmm".

Ronnie said, "Vanilla is my favorite flavor." I reached for her head and started to move my body closer to that delectable mouth of hers. Ronnie took the hint and started to lick up and down my shaft. I continued to hold her head in place and rub the sides of her face.

Rustling noises? Then movement as Ronnie started to shrug her coat off. As I ran my hands down to her neck, I could feel her taking her shirt or blouse off.

I was so turned on. I could hear every slurping sound as Ronnie tried to deep throat my cock. She had one hand rubbing my balls and the other gripping my ass cheeks. I could feel her pulling my body forward to thrust further into her mouth. After her big surprise to my asshole from the shower, I kept my ass cheeks tightly clenched. I started to piston my hips faster.

"Ronnie. That feels so fucking good!," I moaned.

"Mmmmm," was her reply.

I could feel my balls tightening up. I knew I was close to cumming. "Ronnie, baby, I am going to cum soon," I said. Ronnie broke contact with my cock.

"Here try these," she directed. I felt my cock being squeezed by the heat of her large moist tits. I don't know if it was sweat or spit from her sucking, but they felt wonderful rubbing my cock. I reached down and squeezed those 38 Double D's together hard. She reached around me and squeezed my ass. I started to pump fast. I wanted to cum so bad. If not in her mouth, then I would settle for creaming up her tits. "Ronnie, I am going to cum," I cried. I thrust my cock forward hard. I could feel the fire burning as it left my body and dabbled her neck and chest. "Augghhhh," I screamed. "That feels so damm good."

Ronnie said, "Nice Nice.". She then reached up and started to stroke the last of my cum out of my balls. As all men know, when we climax, our penis becomes hyper sensitive. It is almost painful to be touched in that first 10 seconds after we get off. I didn't want to order Ronnie to stop. I did the next best thing. I dropped to my knees and started to kiss her mouth deeply. I grabbed Ronnie roughly and pulled her close to me. I forced my tongue into her mouth and we started to play tag with each other's tongue. I reached down with both hands and grabbed her butt.

"Mmmm," she moaned. I ran my hands over her ass and hips. Ronnie had on some sort of soft wrap around skirt. I fumbled around till I figured out how it opened. I ripped the skirt off and threw it across the room. Something fell and crashed. Fuck I had lousy aim! I was going to have to clean up some sort of mess later.

As my hands continued to caress her ass I was pleasantly surprised. Ronnie had on a thong. Her ass cheeks were exposed and my hands did their best to roam that territory freely.

I pulled my tongue out of Ronnie's mouth and started to bite her lower lip. Ronnie started a low moan deep down in her throat. The heat from her body was making me crazy. I wanted complete control over this girl. I reached for her thong with both hands and grabbed it firmly. I counted to 3 in my mind and I ripped the thong off her body in one swift pull. Ronnie yelled, "Ughhh"

My first thought was " O Shit. I hurt her!" I was so wrong. It was like I had flipped a switch on this girl. She went wild on me. Her arms came up and grabbed my shoulders and literally threw me to the floor. Before I could mutter an apology for hurting her, she arranged her body over me in a 69 position. Before I could say or do anything, she had pushed her pussy down onto my mouth. Ronnie started to rock her pussy back and forth across my face and lips. The only sound that got out of my mouth was, "Mppphhhh"

Ronnie's mouth and tongue were attacking my thighs. While this seemed like a most desirable position to be in, it was not. Ronnie is a big girl. Somewhere around 180 pounds according to her phone conversation with me earlier. While I love to eat pussy. I had visions of the ambulance coming to take my dead body with its crushed chest away. I had to take control of this situation or possibly suffocate soon! I reached around to grab her ass and rolled her body to the side to get her weight off my chest. She went "Ooomph" in surprise.

I decided to take control again. I grabbed Ronnie's ass and pulled her pussy and thighs closer to my face. I pushed my mouth and tongue between her thighs and started to lick and kiss everything. Hmmm, now this was different. Ronnie had a spread of short, tight, curly pubic hair above her pussy! No doubt in my mind now. I was messing around with a very curvy BLACK Woman.

Ronnie got over the shock of being rolled off of my chest and went back to kissing and biting my thighs. "Ouch, take it easy," I yelled. It was like she had suddenly become a wild Amazon woman.

Ronnie was getting a bit too aggressive with those teeth. I was going to have one hell of a bruise where she had just bitten my leg. I considered biting her thigh back, but worried how this might look to her parents when she went home later. I was enjoying this roll on the floor, but wanted to get Ronnie upstairs where all the goodies were.

"Ronnie," I said. "Let's go upstairs so I can show you the gifts I bought for you". I didn't wait for her answer. I just started to get up and pull her up to stand beside me.

Ronnie said, "Party Pooper" and started to nibble on my neck.

"Trust me, there is lots of fun upstairs. You will like what I bought you," I said. She did not say anything, just grabbed my cock and lead me upstairs like my cock was a leash or something.

As she pulled me up the steps, I decided to show her who was boss. I hauled my one hand way back and cracked it across her ample rump. Smack. "you have been a very bad girl. I am going to punish you for being so bad," I said. Ronnie started to giggle and then wiggled her fine ass under my open palm.

When we reached the bedroom, I showed Ronnie the Clitropatra vibrator. "Holy Shit," she laughed. "This isn't anything like the vibrator I have at home. This is pretty fucking wild."

I sat on the edge of the bed with her and showed her how it worked. "This is button one. It does a slow vibrate. This is button two, it does a faster vibrate," I instructed.

Ronnie told me, "This almost feels like a real cock. It is so soft and flexible," she murmured.

I proceeded to show her button 3. "This button makes the head twirl around in slow motion. Button 4 makes it twirl much faster." I handed the vibrator for her to examine and play with. I reached past her to pull the handcuffs from where they were hidden under the covers. "Ronnie, do you trust me enough to be tied up ', I asked. She lay the vibrator down and touched the handcuff I was holding.

"I don't know. This is pretty kinky," she said.

I wasn't going to let this situation slip away from me. "Ronnie, how bout you tie me up first. See how this works. Then maybe you will try it later', I inquired.

"We can try doing you first. But I am not making any promises to let you tie me up later," she whispered.

Well at least I had one foot in the door. She did not run screaming from my house. Maybe I could convince her to try this later?

I lay the handcuff down and reached for the Love Creams. "I also picked up these two creams. The lady at the store said they will get hot when you blow on them and the cream is edible," I said. I held the two bottles out for her to take and examine.

"Mmmm," she said. "I love raspberry."

"Well then it is settled, we will go with raspberry," I remarked. I grabbed Ronnie and forced her to lay down on the bed on her back. I opened the bottle and squirted a bit of the cream on her pussy. Raspberry was not my favorite flavor, but put it on the right body part and I guess I would learn to love it. I started to rub the cream in.

I moved my body around so I was between her open thighs. I lowered my mouth and tongue to lick and nibble at her clit. Hmmm Raspberry wasn't bad at all. Ronnie reached down and started to grab my head. She was slowly but firmly directing me where I should be licking and biting. Now this was the sort of backseat driving a man could learn to live with!

Ronnie's grip tightened and I was positive she had me in the correct spot to please her. I slowly lapped my tongue left and right over her clit. Every few licks, I would wrap my lips on her clit and suck it hard.

"ohhhh, yes that's it. Right there," she moaned. I reached over to where the vibrator lay. I didn't turn it on yet, just started to rub it over her wet lips.

"Mmmmmm, Nice Nice," she whispered.

Ronnie's juices were flowing. I used some of this overflow to lube up the head of the vibrator. I stopped attacking her clit and started to rub the vibrator up and down her slit. After several up and down rubs I started to push the head of this electronic cock into her hot pussy. Ronnie spread her legs wider to let the cock enter her with greater ease. "Do you like your new toy baby', I asked.

Ronnie went, "Mmmmm."

"Do you want more of this cock in your hot young pussy', I demanded.

Ronnie said, "Mmmmm."

I pulled the fake cock out of her pussy. Ronnie started to protest, but I cut her off. "if you want this cock, you have got to answer my questions," I demanded.

"Yes, I want more of that cock. Please put it back in again," she pleaded.

"Okay, but if you don't do what I say, I am going to take it away again," I said. I started to ease the head back between her spreading lips. Ronnie reached down and started to rub her clit. I slowly worked the entire 8 inches of vibrator into her hot pussy. "Do you want me to fuck you with your toy', I asked.

"Yes, Daddy, fuck your bad little girl," she moaned. I started to stroke the vibrator in and out of her snatch. Ronnie reached down and grabbed her legs and pulled them up towards her tits. This gave me more access to her pussy and the vibrator seemed to sink into her further.

"Oh yes Daddy. Do that," she said. I pushed the vibrator as far into her as it would go and turned on the fast twirling action. Ronnie shrieked in pleasure.

"O yes. Yes. O wow. O Fuck," she yelled. Ronnie let one leg fall down and used her free hand to rub her clit franticly. I knew she was close to cumming. All she needed was a little push to put her over the top. I set the vibrator to fast vibrate and started to thrust the toy in and out of her as fast as I could. Her young pussy started to make the most erotic slurping sounds as the vibrator went in and out. "Auuugggghhh," she growled. A second later, she went rigid. I could hear her inhaling sharply as the climax washed over her body. She held that frozen position for what seemed like hours, but it was probably only 10 seconds. Her body collapsed on the bed. My hands and the vibrator were soaked in her juices. I had never seen a woman cum so hard before. I had never seen anyone lubricate this much before. My face was inches away from her pussy and the aroma of her musk was hypnotic. I reached up to pull the vibrator out of Ronnie, but her one hand had a death grip on it. She was not going to let me remove the toy. Ronnie was basking in her afterglow and I could feel the heat rising from her body.

I ran my hands up from her pussy to her belly. She was covered in a fine film of sweat. I snaked my hands up further to her tits. Her nipples were fully erect and felt huge. I pinched one nipple and Ronnie arched her back. I eased my body up to where I could lick and bite those nipples. Ronnie grabbed my head and forced it down hard onto her tit. I considered grabbing her hands and forcing her into the handcuffs. The urge to overwhelm her. To control her was so damm strong. The desire to NOT go to jail was even stronger. I dropped the handcuff idea for now. I grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed them close together. I moved my tongue rapidly over both nipples. I then took both of them in my mouth and started to suckle them hard.]

Ronnie was "oohhhing" and "Ahhhhing," my teasing of her nipples.

I slid my body up further to bring my face close to hers. I gave her a long deep open mouthed kiss. Ronnie accepted it and reveled in it. She then started to bite and suck on my lower lip.

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