tagMatureA Blissful Afternoon Ch. 01

A Blissful Afternoon Ch. 01


It's been over a month since we've had a chance to be together. You know how life gets in the way. If you've read any of my stories, you know that I'm a 50ish, married, voluptuous (I opted to use that word instead of plump, my usual description), vibrant, redheaded woman, whose husband (by his choice) isn't interested in having sex with me.

Other than no sex we have a good marriage. (Yes, I suppose that's sort of a contradiction in terms.) He is a good man, but thinks I'm too fat to have sex with. My husband does accept what I do, and I don't flaunt my activities in his face.

Today has been the first day in over a month that things have worked out for us to meet. When we meet we have to use the option of cheap motels. As you know I'm married, and he's going through a divorce. (No, I did not cause the divorce, it was going on when we met.) For most comfortable rendezvous, all that is needed is a bed (including clean sheets), and a bathroom. (Hey, I'm human, I admit I have to pee every once in awhile.) Ambiance is not really needed. (Although it is necessary for special occasions.)

That afternoon he called me to tell where he was. It wasn't the usual place we went, but cheap motels are all nearly the same. He was in room 228, but he would have to meet me at the outside door. (I guess I was wrong, not all bargain motels are the same, this one had a little more security than our regular one.) Of course, he gave me a big kiss when we met at the door.

Damn, he looked good. He made my mouth (and other parts of me) water just looking at him. He's about 6'1, muscular, light brown well cut hair, hazel eyes, and the finest ass that his jeans showed off so well. It took all the restraint I could muster to wait till we got to the room to put my hands on him.

Once we got into the room, I wrapped my arms around his neck and molded myself to his body and planted my lips on his. We did some tongue wrestling and some upright body grinding until I had to break away to use the bathroom. (See, that bathroom does come in handy.)

When I came out, he was in his underwear, and on the bed waiting for me. (Ok, I'm going to have to mention that he was wearing long underwear. He works outside and in refrigeration units, so he wears them frequently.) His stiff cock (since no one has suggested to me a better terms to use than cock, I'm going to continue to use it.) was peeking out of the fly of his long johns Although long johns probably aren't on the top ten sexy underwear list, he did look so damn hot stretched out on that bed.

Now, I didn't need to use any restraint to keep my hands off him. I climbed on the bed, stretched out beside him and wrapped my arms around him. Our lips met, and we melted into each other. I covered his lips, face, ears and any where else my lips could reach with kisses, licks and nips. And he was doing the same.

I was still totally dressed at this time, and I needed to feel skin on skin. Kissing fully clothed is like fishing without any bait. You may have fun, and it occupies some time, but it's definitely not the real thing. I sat up and pulled off my t shirt. His response was to plant kisses on my breasts along the edge of my bra.

I might not have been dressed so sexy on the outside, but I was wearing sexy lingerie. A black lacey bra that barely held my 40DD breasts, and black lacy panties to match. I did get a groan of appreciation for my efforts.

Although he did like the looks of my bra, he like the looks of my bare breasts better. "I think we should release the girls'" he said as he deftly undid the hooks on my bra with one hand. (That does take talent, I can't always do it with one hand.) One motion of his hand and the girls were free.

His kisses moved to my nipples. Taking one hardening tip between his teeth he began to nip and suck. I don't know about other women, but my nipples and pussy seem to have a system of nerves connecting them. When my nipples are sucked and bitten, my pussy starts to tingle and get wetter.

"Oh that feels so good" I moaned while I held his head to my breast. His hand was moving down my body to work on getting the rest of me naked. He easily opened the button on my jeans and slid off my jeans and panties. (Sadly he didn't notice my sexy underwear until I was putting them back on.)

His fingers start to probe my wet pussy, working mainly on my clit. I can feel the muscles in my pussy warming and start to tingle. I'm starting to get wetter, and his fingers are making sloshing noises with my juices.

I feel myself taking little gaspy intakes of air as my clit is fingered more, and find I have to take some deep breaths to stable myself. His mouth slides down to join his fingers at my pussy. His tongue flicks over my clit and I moan with pleasure.

"Oh baby, you taste so good," he drawls. And proceeds to push fingers into my dripping cunt. I can feel little waves of pleasure and warmth permeate through my pussy. I take one of the pillows, fold it and place it under my ass so he can get better access to my pussy.

With his mouth devouring my clit, and his fingers deep in my pussy, that feeling of warmth and pleasure that were just in my pussy explode over my entire body.

He raises his head from my pussy and says "I've missed that." Then, he moves up and glides his hard cock into my waiting pussy. Immediately my cunt contracts around his cock. I take his head between my hands and commence to lick my juice off his face. I know I taste very good.

I encircle his hips with my legs. With my hips still raised on the pillow, he braces his arms on either side of me and thrusts his cock deep in me. "Oh baby, yes, that's so good, keep doing that," I moan. (If you haven't figured out yet, I'm more of a moaner than a screamer.) Repeatedly he lunges deep in my pussy and nearly pulls out. With my hips raised, his cock reaches deep in my pussy.

I can feel my vaginal muscles contract and twitch with pleasure, and an extreme feeling of bliss starts out in waves over my body. My thighs and abdominal muscles begin to quiver. I am deep in orgasm land, and I want more.

"Please, please don't stop. I need more. Oh baby, yes, yes, that's so good." I beg. My hands are running up and down his back and ass. My nails are scratching at his back. My hands latch on to his fine behind to draw his cock deeper into my pussy. He's deeper in me than I think he's ever been.

We're both panting for breath. By now sweat is pouring off our bodies which assists in our gliding against each other. Faster and harder he drives into my pussy. I'm thrusting my hips up and onto his cock. The feelings of bliss and pleasure are escalating over my body.

I can feel his cock pulsate in my pussy. His throbbing cock feels like it will soon explode. I know only a few more pumps and he will be filling me full of his hot cum. I clench my vaginal muscles hard around his cock and I know he can feel the added pressure.

After a few more hard thrusts he lets out a loud moan and I can feel his cum fill my pussy. That is just the catalysis I need to push me over the edge. It's like fireworks exploding over my entire body. My vagina is quivering. My arms and legs are trembling. I'm in heaven. This is orgasm land quadrupled.

He continues to push his cock into my pussy. He can feel the quivering of my vagina and knows that it will continue for a long while. After a few minutes he collapses against me. I wrap my arms and legs around him and he kisses me. I contentedly purr to him. "You were fantastic."

I'm still in orgasm land, that feeling of bliss and pleasure has permeated every inch of my body. He says to me "You make me that good." (I know that sounds really hokey, but that's really what he said.) We both relax back on the bed and take a rest to gear up for round two.

I'll continue the rest of the afternoon in another story. (You didn't really think the afternoon consisted of just one fuck session did you?)

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