tagMatureA Blissful Moment

A Blissful Moment


Massage of Pleasure.

AS I gazed upon his naked body before me . I heard his words command me to massage him. "Long and deep" he said "I don’t want to be sore when your done. I want to be relaxed" he again commanded.

With shaking hands I reached for the oils, he had prepared. He lay prone upon the hard bed as I studied his youthful body. His ass was soft and yet firm, round and yet angular. His legs and arms muscular. I wanted to run my hands over him and feel his angles and muscles. I denied myself and sat upon his sweet ass, so I could reach his head, neck and shoulder and began my massage. I could feel the heat by the time i moved down to his lower back and ass. My lips were chattering as I touched him.

I was trying my best not to feel this way. Thinking of all the things I had to do.. all the places I could be,, but my hands were the leaders not my mind.

I felt my nipples tighten against my bra. I felt the warmth between my legs as my lips parted as i straddled him. I sat on his leg to let him feel the heat emanate from me.

I concentrate on his feet and ankles..rubbing this sweet oil into him. I know when he turns over he will be hardened. That I would see his cock for the first time. I got off him and rolled him over. I started at his calves again.. massaging, rubbing muscles that were tight in his leg. All the time staring at his cock. He was hard and I saw his piercing for the first time. 3 post, with 6 little balls around and thru the head of him. I turned away. I was staring. I had to stare, for I was amazed. I was HOT I was flushed. I could feel my own juices dribbling slowly over my lips. I could feel the wet spot on my jeans.

I moved to touch him and he smiled. I ran a finger over his shaft.. to his head,,,and peircings. I touched each little ball, running my fingers around it. seeing one hole with out jewelry. Again my lips were quivering and I kept having to close them. I rubbed him with the oils around his balls and inner thighs, and reached down with my mouth to kiss the head of his bejeweled cock. I tongued every ball swirling it around them and down to the next. He just smiles and watches me. I wrap my lips around his head and begin to suck.. feeling the studs against the roof of my mouth and on my tongue. I reach in my jeans to touch myself.. I felt the warmth of me and the wetness,, the slippery clit so engorged. Soon I could feel the tug of my zipper.. sliding down. As his finger replaced mine, my heart raced. He helped me shed my jeans, leaving the rest of my clothes on.
His Dom side emerges as he takes control of me. Standing over me letting me suck his cock he reached back and rocked his finger in and out of my throbbing pussy, rubbing on the clit. I am almost thrown off the ledge of sanity.

He captivated my spirit, not that spirit of mother or wife or servant I had been for so long.. The spirit of my womanhood,, my youthfulness. The long ago forgotten part of me deep in my soul. Not my heart did he capture, and not my soul either. He opened a well of sexuality, imagination, and pleasure. My juices were pulled out of me. With them came the essence of my existence. I no longer dwelled in time and space, only floating thru waves of pleasure. I was not my self...... I was the goddess that had been slumbering within me.

Before he entered me he reached into a little box next to us. He pulled out a ring with a bead holding it together. He inserted the ring into his emtpy slot and out his urethra. I was shocked at this newness. I had to look had to see this wonderful thing. He let me look only for a short time. Then he placed himself at my opening. Slowly and softly he pushed into me.. I could feel the ring, hard inside of me.. I could feel the beads scraping me. I could feel his hard cock slowly, almost painfully enter. I was so ready for him.

He was almost half into me when he forcefully shoved,, and filled me. I was writhing,, feeling the intenseness,, the strangness of his jewels. I was thrown over into bliss with in the first few strokes.. All that came after is in haze, as wave after wave racked my body with pleasure. I wanted to plead with him to stop... to let me catch my breath,, and yet I could not. I had lost control over my senses, over my whole self. I hear him giggle, pulling me back to earth.. setting my feet down on the bed, and rising away from me. Grinning and Knowing he had seduced me totally.

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