tagRomanceA Bottle of Damson Wine

A Bottle of Damson Wine


The deep red of the wine in the goblet caught the sun and reflected red into the air. You looked deep into the Damson and touched it to your lips allowing the heavy sweet liquor to soothe your throat. Sighing you looked about the field of long grass and wept due to loneliness. You a daughter of a humble crofter had married the lord of the manor but he was an old man and you a passionate woman who sought a love you could not have. He delighted in dressing you in the costliest silks and fabrics. He delighted in taking photographs of you in your French silk underwear and the batiste corsets that could only be removed with the help of another. Corsets meant for lovers.

Each night alone in your bed was a torment and you had taken to self-abuse using your hand or sometimes the handle of your brush. He had not even removed your virginity but the brush had done that. Your horse grazed on the grass and you sat on the blanket you had carried and drank the bottle of wine created from the fruit of damsons that you had brought with you. The warmth of the day added to the warmth of the wine and you tugged off your riding skirt and jacket leaving you naked but for your black patent boots and the red batiste corset. Air touched your pussy through the lace French knickers you wore.

Feeling daring you slipped them down exposing the soft downy fleece that covered your hot nether regions. You pushed down the panels covering your breasts and cupped the sensitive flesh. Parting the lips you kissed an imaginary lover and wished it was real.

"Could I assist her Ladyship?"

Shocked you opened your eyes and looked into my hazel orbs. I smiled at you and came over. You knew me of course as the man in the estate next your husbands. Looking at me you allowed your hands to move away from blocking my view of your body and you fluttered your eyes. Smiling you turned your back to me and offered the laces of your corset to me. I felt you press your ass to me as I unlaced the corset and we allowed the silk construction to fall down to the grass.

Naked you sank to your knees and pouring a glass of damson you offered it to me as you licked your lips as I drank it. I took off my jacket and I sat next to you. I wanted you as I knew that you wanted me. Taking a hand I licked the palm of it and sucked sensually on your fingers. I felt your fingers at my groin and unbutton my trousers and pull from my underwear my cock. I was hard and you felt the hardness.

Never before had you touched a man like this, you had heard about it but had never done so. You felt so aroused and alive. It was so strange holding something that was silky smooth and warm in your hand. It pulsed and felt so hard. Dipping your head you smelt the flesh and it smelt of meat. Opening your mouth you let it touch your lips and tasted the salty liquid that covered the head of my cock. You pulled away quickly and looked up at me and I saw the lust in your eyes and knew that it was reflected in mine.

"Take me please."You begged me.

It was a plea and I stripped my trousers and shirt off. Then I took off my underwear allowing the sun to burn into my white skin as it was burning into yours. I knelt beside you and I kissed you. It was soft at first and then more passionately as I thrust my tongue into your mouth. As I kissed you I caressed your breasts with my fingers. My thumbs twirled about your erect nipples and it pleased me to hear your squeals of delight and moans of lust. I kissed them and sucked on them softly and they became hard. Somehow you were laying back and your legs parted. Hidden beneath the hair I knew that there were wet lips that had swollen open. Wetness had stuck down some of the hair to your flesh and I massaged the soft flesh of your inner thigh and your legs opened further. Sliding my body between your legs I allowed my body to lay over yours. I gloried with the feel of your nipples drilling into my chest, the feel of your soft curves against my muscular body.

The tip of my cock touched your pussylips as I guided it into the open slot. All that filled the air was the sound of our laboured breathing and the softness of our groans of need and desire. I slipped my cock between your lips and opened you further. Your hands clawed at my back and you cried with the pleasure of my cock pushing into you.

Slowly I thrust my cock into you and filled you. I kissed you and saw you bite at your lips as you felt a cock fill you. You wept tears as I opened you and you begged me to stop as I withdrew. Just as I was about to leave you I thrust into you with short stabbing strokes that drove the breath from your body. Orgasm flowed through you but it was more intense and urgent than anything that you had ever felt before in your body using your fingers or brush. You curled a leg about mine trying to draw me into you even further.

Now my strokes were slower but deeper and sweat dripped on you from my body. I felt and heard you cum not once but often and you were insatiable demanding more of my cock in you. That I would be harder and deeper in you, that I would be faster. Animal-like we gloried in the pleasure of our bodies and it seemed that we were living in eternity until I felt the tightening of my balls and the familiar shooting of my cum deep into your body. Your pussy muscles tightened and squeezed at my cock as you milked me of cum.

String after string of cum spilled into you and I held my cock deep in you until soft I slipped from you. I cradled you against me. Using my lips I explored your body. I licked and caressed your naked body and massaged and sucked on your toes. Slowly I worked up your legs until my mouth was caressing your pussylips, I slipped my tongue into you and tasted both yours and my cum. I touched your clitoris, your clit and orgasm rocketed through your body.

Never before you had felt such pleasure and such desire in your body. You held my cock and ran your hand up and down the flesh. It hardened and you pulled quickly and harder watching the flesh slip over and away from the head many a time. It was a deep purple that seemed to breathe with each stroke. Then I came and cum seeped from my cock onto your breasts and you pulled harder until my cock softened in your hand. Pulling away from you I poured wine for us and we drank.

Our skins red from the sun we dressed and I helped you onto the horse waiting for you. It felt strange the corset firmly binding your waist but you were happy that no longer were you a virgin to men.

I told you of a party that I was planning and that we would meet again soon at the party and in other places.

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