A Box, a Woman and Time Ch. 03


The room is small and there are two beautiful women disrobing right in front of you, pulling silk kimonos off soft shoulders, exposing petite breasts and slender hips while you try to look anywhere but at their tantalizing bodies. Once they are fully undressed you give up all pretense of not staring. Their crumpled kimonos lie in heaps on the tatami mat covering the floor and they each stand totally nude before you, the soft light casting shadows over their golden bodies, accentuating their soft curves.

Yoshiko pulls several pins out of her hair and it tumbles past her shoulders. Her breasts are larger than Megumi's; still small by American standards but fine to your eyes, her areolas are dark and contrast nicely with her golden skin. Megumi's breasts are very petite and she has no hair at all covering her pussy. Perhaps she is slightly younger than the nineteen or so you estimated her to be. You fight the urge to touch yourself. Your cock is rock hard and you're thankful that the steaming water hides your amorous condition from the two innocent girls.

As they enter the tub you smile, trying to hide your lustful thoughts. If Mr. Goto knew what you wanted to do to his sweet daughters he would probably run you through with a sword.

Yoshiko's long hair floats upon the water as she moves slowly towards you.

"That's close enough Yoshi; leave the nice American man some sanity please."

Megumi moves in closer too and you groan. No man can be this tested and survive. These young women can't realize the effect they're having on your mind and your cock. It is all you can do not to reach out and pull them in close so that you can run your hands over their tender flesh. Megumi giggles as she draws within inches of your body.

"No Megumi, honey, you've got to back off some. Have mercy child."

You grasp her wrist and try to push her away but she slides up against you so that you feel her diminutive breasts pushing against your side. You can't believe that either girl understands what effect they're having or that they mean to purposefully torture you in this fashion right up to the second that Megumi's tiny fingers wrap around your cock.

Yoshiko closes in on your other side and you feel their two young bodies pressed against yours while Megumi slides her fingers up and down your cock. Suddenly you feel the pressure increase and realize that Yoshiko has joined her; both girls are giving you the hand job of your life, running their hands up and down your stiff cock in unison.

You try to resist the sensations, defy the overwhelming urge to give in to the intense physical pleasure their nimble hands are providing. Megumi, her petite breasts still pressed against your side, begins licking your ear, her pointed little tongue sending chills down your spine. Yoshiko teasingly begins licking your opposite ear. It is too much; with a groan you push up, thrusting your cock into their expert ministrations, throwing your arms around their tiny waists to pull them in tighter, crushing their breasts into you as you come, spurting a trail of white into the steaming water.

"Girls! Girls! Let me catch my breath," you moan as they continue teasing your now spent cock.

Yoshiko smiles warmly and you notice that one of her front teeth is slightly crooked. It endears her to you so you pull her into your lap and kiss her softly: once, twice, many times and then deeply, your tongues exploring one another's mouth.

Her breath is sweet. Her eyes partially close so that you barely see a glint beneath her lashes and she clings to you, wrapping her slender arms tight around your waist.

"Such a lovely girl..." you murmur and you bring your hands up to touch her breasts. You tease her as you rub her nipples between your fingers, watching as they lengthen in reaction to your touch. Lifting her up slightly her body is so light! you bring her breasts up to face level.

You lick her nipples first, one after another, before you take one fully into your mouth. Her breast is soft and her nipple emerges stiffly from the center. You suck on it, both relaxed and excited by its feel on your mouth. From the corner of your eye you notice Megumi, her face close to yours, her mouth hanging open; eyes dusky with desire, avidly watching you suckle her sister's breast.

For a millisecond you debate: is this wrong? should you encourage this? before your mind decides, go for it! and you break from your pleasant perusal of Yoshiko's tits. Still holding the elder girl firmly in your lap, you pull Megumi's face into yours, kissing her deeply.

Her mouth tastes different than Yoshiko's – more piquant than sweet – and it's smaller.

Slowly, deliberately, you pull Megumi's head down to one of Yoshiko's exposed breasts. Yoshiko gasps and rattles off quickly in whispered Japanese. She sounds unsure and slightly angry. You cross your fingers. Megumi answers with two slow words.... and her pointed tongue darts out to curl around her sister's nipple. You feel Yoshiko's body stiffen in your arms and then relax. She moans and arches her back, thrusting her chest further towards Megumi who is now avidly licking Yoshiko's breast.

You dare not close your eyes, fearing that your favorite fantasy, now being miraculously enacted before your eyes, will dissipate if you take your attention away for even an instant. Two beautiful, delicate young Japanese women are exploring each other for the first time and you can hardly contain your excitement at being privy to the moment. They are achingly lovely together, their soft, feminine bodies wet from the steaming bath. Your cock feels as hard as granite.

Yoshiko is holding back. You can tell that she has enjoyed Megumi's tongue on her small breasts but she isn't making any moves to investigate her younger sister's body and you want both girls to fully take pleasure in each other while you watch them. Oh yes. Watch first and then join. But in order to do so you have to help Megumi get past the older girl's shyness and resistance.

You climb out of the bath.

"Yoshiko, Megumi – come with me."

Your voice breaks their attention from each other and they hurriedly climb from the bath to join you. Both girls grab thick towels and begin to dry you, easing the rough cloth over your skin while they stand beside you, naked and dripping on the tatami mat. Yoshiko seems ashamed that she was caught with her attention not focused on you. She refuses to meet your eyes as she dries your body. Megumi, definitely the saucier of the two, works much more slowly, smiling up at you occasionally with a glint in her eyes, especially when she uses her towel to dry your thighs and fully erect cock.

"Oh my, I have been remiss, Megumi. You're far too pretty to ignore."

You pull her hands down, exposing her tiny breasts and lean down to taste them. Her breasts are not as soft as Yoshiko's but they feel small and delightful in your mouth, especially her hard little nipples. You circle one with your tongue and then pull it between your teeth, biting softly and making her groan. Switching your focus to her other breast you do the same. As you softly suck and bite her nipple you run both hands down her smooth back until you feel her tight ass beneath your fingers. You squeeze her cheeks, pulling them up and apart and her moaning begins in earnest. Murmuring words in Japanese you don't understand, Megumi rubs her smooth, naked pussy against your thigh. You pull harder on her cheeks, holding her up as she runs her clit up and down your leg.

After a minute you can sense that she is close to having an orgasm and you quickly release her and pull your leg away. She tries to follow it but you grasp her wrist and hold her back. She glares up at you, making you laugh.

"Not so fast kitten."

Her glare turns into a smile as she moves her other hand down between her thighs and furiously rubs her clit.

"Nice try Megumi." You taunt her as you grab her other wrist. Now she has no way to rub herself and nothing to rub against and you can see the frustration on her face.

Yoshiko is watching the two of you, fascinated, her body motionless; the forgotten towel still in her hand as she takes in the scene before her.

Lifting Megumi's arms above her head you easily grab both of her small wrists in one hand, holding them high. Her straight hair, now almost completely fallen from its bounds, slides past her shoulders to partially cover her taut breasts, her small, hard nipples peeking through the dark brown strands. You pull her up further, so that she has to lift up to her toes to maintain her balance. With your free hand you tease her nipples, circling and pinching first the left, then the right before you slide your fingers slowly down her flat, still moist stomach. She watches your finger's slow progress with her dark eyes. Her breathing is heavy, making her sway slightly. Closer and closer you edge to her clit, running your fingers over one hip, then her thigh, wrapping around to feel the incredibly soft skin of her inner thigh; sliding your hand upwards to cup her pussy.

You enjoy toying with her. The tension of waiting has both girls quietly watching your tortuously slow moving hand. You run one finger between her lips, releasing the silky moisture held there. Carefully avoiding her throbbing clitoris, now peeking out from beneath its hood, you run your fingertips up and down her yielding, downy lips. Megumi is so close to coming that you know one brush of your finger across her clitoris will bring her to release. But you don't intend to make her come and stop touching her entirely.

She murmurs in Japanese. You've never heard the word before but you know what it means. "Please...."

With your free hand you gently pull the towel from Yoshiko's grasp, dropping it to the floor. You nod your head and this time she doesn't hesitate. Yoshiko willingly kneels before her sister and you feel a surge of blood stiffen your cock at the sight.

Yoshiko's fingers disappear between Megumi's slim, golden thighs as she tentatively runs the tip of her tongue across the top of Megumi's smooth lips. Megumi pushes into her tongue, moaning. You can feel Megumi trying to pull free of your grasp, to lower her hands and perhaps pull her sister's head further in but you hold tight, relishing your control over her; keeping her just on the edge of an orgasm.

Yoshiko softly licks the other girl's pussy with her tongue and moans quietly while furtively stealing one hand over her own mound to caress her clit. She warms to the task, quickly becoming as passionate as her younger sister. The fingers of her other hand begin moving into and out of Megumi's pussy, two at a time. You can hear the liquid noise of her fingers sliding in and out and see the wetness from Megumi's pussy coating Yoshiko's fingers

Both girls have momentarily forgotten your presence, so involved are they in their own and the others' desire. Yoshiko rubs herself ever faster, her breasts pressed hard against her sister as she buries her face deeply between the other girl's thighs. Megumi desperately tries to break free from your grasp and grind her clitoris against the older girl's face but you won't release her. As Yoshiko approaches orgasm she finally begins to suck on Megumi's clit. The younger girl's relief is palpable. She quickly comes in a powerful shaking orgasm, crying out with the intense release. Yoshiko joins her, moaning steadily as she comes.

When you release Megumi's wrists she sinks gratefully with her heels on the floor. Her dark eyes meet your and she smiles. Tilting her head upwards she kisses you; then kneels to kiss her sister. On their knees, they press against each other, breasts to breasts, hips to hips, pussy to pussy. Now you have what you want, both girls fully enjoying each other and you are ready to join them and sample their young bodies for yourself.

You ease Megumi down on her back and spread her legs. She is a beautiful sight, her hairless pussy glistens in the dim light, her tiny breasts and slender hips are feminine and graceful. Bending down you taste her, taking your time as you lick her pussy, enjoying the texture of her silky juice and swollen lips under your tongue. She is drenched from her strong orgasm. You lick her mound. Never before have you been with a completely shaven woman. You always thought it would be too reminiscent of a child and turn you off but Megumi is so womanly and feminine that you find her smoothness pleasurable. Every inch of her is open to you. You like it.

From her pussy you move down to flick her ass with the tip of your tongue. Megumi responds quickly, spreading her legs further apart to give you better access.

You bury your tongue inside her ass making her squirm with pleasure. Her juice there is almost as sweet as her pussy. You could spend hours tasting her. But you have other plans for the two girls.

You pantomime what you want to see next and they both catch on quickly. Yoshiko lays down on the mat, her black hair spread out and framing her sweet face. You pull her slim legs apart. She giggles shyly but keeps them open, fully exposing her pussy. Megumi lies between the other girl's legs and slides her hands beneath Yoshiko's cheeks, eager to eat her sister. She doesn't hesitate, thrusting her tongue deep into Yoshiko as she pulls Yoshi's pussy up towards her mouth. Yoshiko grinds against her sister, softly moaning as she pushes up towards her.

Soon Megumi is moaning herself and rocking her hips as she enjoys the older girl's cunt. The sight of her ass moving as she rocks is incredible. The delicate, curled edges of red inner lips are clearly visible between her legs. You can't wait to fuck her.

Kneeling behind Megumi, you grab her hips and pull her pussy onto your cock, easing into her. She is tight and wonderfully snug. You slowly fuck her as she continues to eat Yoshiko. With each push, Megumi is rocked further into Yoshiko's pussy and soon you all fall into an easy rhythm. You love fucking one woman while she eats another one. This has long been one of your fantasies and the reality of it is even better than you dreamed.

Both girls are moaning urgently. Megumi is pushing back against your cock on every stroke, letting you sink fully into her tight hole. Yoshiko has her hands in Megumi's hair, pushing against Megumi in the same rhythm.

You come strongly, pushing deep into Megumi's drenched cunt, trying your best to split her with the force of your cock as you pound away.

It takes you a moment to recover. When you finally slide out of Megumi's deliciously tight pussy she crumples to the floor, spent as well and rests her small dark head against Yoshiko's stomach. You lay beside them, leaning up on one elbow to admire their loveliness as you catch your breath.

A discrete rap on the fusuma makes both girls jump up and scatter, hurriedly grabbing kimonos and reclothing you. You kiss them goodbye, one after another then pull them both in together. They feel small and delicate against your chest. You want to stay but Yoshiko fearfully rushes you towards the door.

As you cast a last glance at them Megumi winks at you; Yoshiko waves shyly and smiles.

Sliding open the door back into the dining area you find Mrs. Goto waiting for you. Your nervousness at seeing her is only slightly less than your relief that it wasn't Mr. Goto waiting there. What will happen if she realizes that you just had sex with both of her daughters?

"Your time to depart is coming soon. Come with me to the genkan and we will wait together for your limousine." You worriedly follow her to what in America would be called the foyer.

Did my girls help you to enjoy yourself this evening?"

"Yes, Ma'm, they were delightful, lovely creatures and made me feel very welcome. You must be proud to have such beautiful daughters."

One corner of her mouth twists in secret humor as she answers, "Sometimes proud, yes. Sometimes envious. Young women are very beautiful and get much attention because of this but they can be lacking in knowledge and experience. I hope that you have assisted them in gaining both?"

Ah, I, yes... I tried to do so, ma'am."

"And teaching has its own rewards does it not?"

"That it does Mrs. Goto."

"Yes. You are a fine man, much taller than most Japanese." She cocks her head and studies your face for a moment, still smiling as if at some inward joke of which only she is aware. "I think you have time for one more lesson this evening – but this time, I will be the teacher."

She lowers her silk-stocking encased knees to the floor and expertly unbuckles your belt before you have a chance to fully realize her intentions. Within seconds she has pulled down your trousers and boxers and is objectively examining your cock.

"Very, very nice." She murmurs as she wraps her fingers around the base, moving it left and right, within inches of her sophisticated, made-up face. Pressing her nose against you she laughs softly

"Smells like young pussy. You have been a busy man tonight."

She runs her tongue broadly over the top of your shaft, circling downwards from there, and then licks a complete circle under the head with just the tip of her tongue. Moving her head down, she pushes hard against your vein, from the very base of your cock where it is nestled in your thick, curly hair, slowly up until she has her tongue on just the tip again, all the while following her tongue up your cock with a firm grip. By the time she reaches the top you are hard again and her firm grip squeezes a few drops of pre-cum out, where it glistens in the light.

"Mmm," she moans as she squeezes harder on your cock. She touches the pre-cum with the tip of her tongue, grabbing its viscous surface and pulling away so that a thin line of cum runs the few centimeters from your cock to her tongue.

She looks up at you and smiles and it is one of the sexiest sights you have ever seen: the ageless and sophisticated Mrs. Goto, on her knees with her bright red lips parted, her satin-encased breasts heaving with carnal excitement, your pre-cum coating the end of her pink tongue and her dark, oriental eyes shining with pure wickedness and desire.

"Suck me. Suck me hard!" You say in a guttural voice and she quickly complies, wrapping her ruby lips around your cock and lowering her head so that half of it is filling her mouth. Up and down she moves, her cheeks concave, as she presses her lips against your shaft, sucking in on every outward stroke. You grab the back of her head with both hands, your fingers deep in her silky black hair, pulling her deeper onto your aching cock. The warmth of her mouth, the pressure of her lips, the incredible sensations of her sucking you – you've never had a blowjob like this in your life.

Eyes closed, you throw back your head and pump harder and further into her moist and willing mouth. You cry out, "Suck me, oh yes, oh god yes!"

She has tilted her head to open her throat and now you are going deep, the entire length of your shaft disappearing between her full, red lips: the end of your cock touching the back of her throat, beyond her tonsils as you fuck her mouth. Harder, deeper, faster you go until you feel your balls boiling with cum. A few more strokes and you unload into her, spewing your cum deep into her velvety throat. She sucks you dry, draining every bit of cum from deep within your balls, swallowing every drop.

When she has thoroughly cleaned your cock, licking every inch with her clever tongue, she kisses you goodbye, still on her knees before you. She presses her breasts against your thighs, her hands cupping your ass, her soft ruby lips lingering over the shaft of your diminishing cock.

It is at that moment that the subdued knocking that has been occurring for the past several minutes finally sinks into your conscious mind. Suddenly, a cool, moist current of air sweeps past you and you glance up, past Mrs. Goto's kneeling form to the open front door. There stands Bette and the limo Driver: his poised face a study in deliberate discretion, hers shocked and anguished. You see in your own mind's eye the tableau before them: you, your cock fully exposed, and pants down about your ankles, Mrs. Goto on her knees, her hands still grasping your ass, and her lips within inches of your cock.

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