tagNonHumanA Brand New Life with Karen

A Brand New Life with Karen


It happened on our first wedding anniversary; I wanted to stay with my wife the whole day but she had an important business meeting in Los Angeles and wouldn't have been back before the evening. She left the day before, I was really upset because I had already taken a day off at work and she was flying to LA instead of staying with me. That morning I went to the airport, kissed her goodbye, and drove to my office trying to forget about the whole thing, but I couldn't. I worked hard all the day, forcing myself not to think about my wife and how angry I was with her, I went out the office at about 7:30. I didn't want to go back to my empty home so early and I decided to have a drink and something to eat; the sun was already down and the air was getting cooler, it looked like it was going to rain before night.

I stepped inside the snack bar in front of the building of my company; at midday it was usually pretty crowded of business men but that evening I was the only customer. I said hello to the bartender and ordered a sandwich and a beer; he was giving me my drink when I felt a cold breeze on my neck. As the bartender tilted his head to watch the door he suddenly stopped his moving and stood there, stuck. I turned my head and I realized the reason of such a reaction.

A woman had entered the room and she was walking to a table. She was not just a beautiful woman, she was really gorgeous, dressed in black leather from her high-heeled bootees to her jacket. My attention was caught by her tight slacks wrapped on her endless, perfect shaped legs which joined in the most curvy and firm ass I had ever seen; it was a pleasure for eyes and I couldn't avoid to think at how it would have felt in my hands. She walked slowly to a small table in a room corner and she sat down. Her face was in the dark but I could see her green eyes sparkling towards me; feeling observed, I went back to my sandwich. I decided it was better to end my dinner and go home, I had married less than one year before and I didn't like the thoughts which were growing in my mind.

I paid the bill and headed to the door, I was giving a final look at that stunning beauty when a car light illuminated her face, still pointing at me. She was probably in her early 20's, about the same age as me, dark hairs coming down on her chest where a white top tried to hide two wonderful breasts; I went back to her face, hidden by darkness again, and I felt like her glowing eyes were hypnotizing me. I don't know how long I stayed there, stuck and without any thought in my mind excepted for a growing excitement, I could feel my cock getting harder under my pants, finally a thunder shook me, I recovered and quickly walked outside.

I was angry with my wife but after all I didn't want to betray her in anyway; so I walked to my car to get home. I was turning the key when I heard the right door opening, I turned my head and saw her stepping inside. Without saying anything, her eyes looking into mine, she moved her hands on my cheeks to get me closer and kissed me deeply, her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth; all of a sudden I forgot about my wife, my life, I forgot about everything but her, I just wanted to have her.

We embraced and I took her closer to kiss her even deeper, my hands exploring her body; I grabbed her ass with both hands and she climbed upon me, our tongues still moving furiously. Her legs were spread on the sides of mine, her hips moving up and down on me; I could feel her erect nipples rubbing mine through the fabric, her pussy pressed against my crotch. Her hands explored my neck and slid under my shirt to massage my breast; then she left my mouth, lightly bit my lower lip and moved to my nose and eyes, gently kissing them. I was in ecstasy, I could feel my cock harder than ever, waiting for the moment I would have made that heavenly creature mine. Suddenly she raised herself and sat back on her seat and whispered "Let's get home"; my need of having her there and in that moment was quite unbearable but I couldn't do anything but obey her.

Without saying a world I turned the key and drove out of the parking; it was a thirty minutes journey but I didn't get bored of it. On the way, I turned to her; she was even better than I thought. She had taken off her jacket and her straight black hair covered her naked shoulders; her tiny nose, her fleshy lips I had already experienced, her neck, everything in her face was wonderful. But the most stunning part were her eyes, really amazing, so deep and bright they didn't even seem to be real. Her body was perfect too, she didn't wear any bra and the top revealed her large, firm breasts, her erect nipples pointing up invitingly; the leather of the slacks was so tight it seemed to be a second skin and couldn't hide any of her magnificent shapes from her hips to the heels.

I was trying to concentrate on the road when I felt a hand caressing my right knee, making me shudder for pleasure; I couldn't understand how she managed to get me so aroused just touching me, I wanted to turn and kiss her again but she whispered "Keep your eyes on the road" and, again, I couldn't disobey. Her hand was now slowly moving up my leg while she was kissing my ear, her tongue dancing through the pleats, her soft breath teasing me; I don't even know how I could still keep driving. Now both her hands were on my legs, caressing them up until they met on my crotch, joined by her face. A big bulge was now visible through my trousers, she gladly noticed it and began to caress my cock with a hand, while the other massaged my testicles.

Still rubbing she unbuttoned my trousers; I was so hard that my shaft emerged from my pants, a few inches from her mouth, I could feel her breath on my skin exciting me even more; then, with her sharp teeth, she literally tore my pants off, letting my cock spring out of them, slapping her cheek. Her hands caressed my naked skin under the shirt, sometimes scratching it with her long nails and every time she did it I could hear her moaning. The pain excited me even more while her lips began to lightly touch the base of my cock kissing and licking it up to the top. When she first touched the tip with her tongue I felt like I was going to explode but I didn't; she knew how to push a man to the edge without taking him over it. So she paused a while and then went back to her job licking it like a baby eating an ice cream; her right hand was playing with my balls, teasing and pressing them together.

Once a while she kissed them, lightly biting my skin and making my backbone shudder with pleasure. Then her tongue was on the tip again, licking and sucking it deeper each time, her hands striking my shaft with faster movements. Finally my cock penetrated deep into her mouth, down to her throat, her tongue encircling it as she wanted to take it deeper into her; I began to fuck her face and, as she increased her speed, I moved my right arm on her ass, caressing through the leather her pussy. This made her take it even deeper, her tongue tightly wrapped around it until I came so hard that, for a while, I lost control of the car; incredibly she didn't move away, her hands and mouth hanged on my cock, swallowing every shot of cum. When I managed to stop the car she was still licking it, cleaning and drinking every single drop of semen, her eyes looking naughtily into mine. Then she sat back on her seat, her hand still teasing my now relaxing cock. Five minutes later, when we arrived, I was hard and horny again, ready to fuck her really bad.

I opened the door and stepped inside but she stopped on the edge. Surprised by this sudden shyness I put an arm around her shoulders and lead her inside. I turned to close the door and I felt her hands sliding under the shirt, caressing my chest, her head on my back; then she suddenly caught the collar, and with a fast movement tore the shirt in pieces that she quickly throw away; I felt my cock moving freely under my trousers, ready again; she noticed it and kneeled down smiling at me with a naughty and sexy look. In a second, my trousers were laying on the floor, so I stepped back and with her help I got free of them, my cock standing in a huge erection a few inches from her face; she kissed the tip with her wonderful lips and then she climbed upon me so fast I thought I was going to lose balance.

Her long legs grabbed me and I put my hands under her ass; I couldn't believe it could be so perfect, I just went on caressing and squeezing it. Then she kissed me, pressing her body on mine, her hands scratching my back, her high-heels teasing my ass skin. My cock was now pressed between our bodies and just a thin piece of leather separated it from heaven; I stepped back, trying not to fall and I managed to reach a table.

Finally she broke the kiss and, as she let her legs fall down, I let her go, sat on the table and began to remove my shoes and socks. With quick moves she throw away the top and her breasts came to my view in all their magnificence. They were large but incredibly firm, her erect nipples pointing up, all I wanted now was to have them in my hands and mouth; she looked into my eyes and, as she had read my mind, she did one step towards me, lifted my hands and guided them on those gorgeous tits. I began to massage them slowly, teasing her nipples with my fingers, still looking her face which showed the pleasure I was giving her. Her hands were caressing my body, moving from my arms to the shoulders up to my face; I kissed them, moving my tongue through her fingers, on her left arm until I got to her shoulders.

She grabbed my head and moved it down, my face getting closer and closer to her body, until my forehead was pressed on her chest. She guided my face on her left breast, and, as I kissed the hard nipple I felt her moan and tilt her head back; then I began to move my tongue around it, in circular, slow strokes as my right hand went on teasing the other tit. I kissed her neck, then explored her cleavage and navel. I did the same to the other breast while my hands moved down to unbutton her slacks and lower them a bit so that I could slide a hand under them.

She wore no panties and I easily got to her wet lips, teasing them with slow, delicate strokes under the leather; I could hear her moans getting louder and more frequent. She lowered her slacks a bit, so that I could reach her clit; the pace of our breaths increased and she began to press her body on my hand. My mouth was still working on her chest when I slid one finger into her; it was unbelievable how tight her pussy was, she seemed to be a virgin even if it was obvious she was not. Slowly I inserted two more fingers and, while I was beginning to ram them deep into her, she started to meet my movements with her hips while her tits bumped widely against my face.

I could feel her juice dripping on my hands and down on her slacks to the floor; finally she could stand it no more and pressed my mouth to her right nipple ordering me to suck her tits and make her come quickly. I sure had nothing to object and I started to suck her like a baby, my fingers still moving inside her, her hands pressing my face on her breasts; I moved my thumb to her clit, teasing it until she began to shudder, hanging on me not to fall, lost in her orgasm with my fingers still inside her, getting flooded by her juice.

I let her lay on the carpet to have some rest; I was turning around when I heard her voice: "Where're you going love? This was just the starter!" I watched her removing her bootees, even her feet looked perfect, quite small and well shaped, I had always been a feet lover and I kneeled down to caress and kiss one of them, sucking her fingers. Surprisingly I felt something touching my cock; it was her right feet which slowly began to move up and down my shaft, rubbing it and making me incredibly hot. Then she moved her feet off me and lifted her back to slowly take her slacks off, revealing to me her wet pussy; she had just a small line of perfectly trimmed black pubic hair, still dripping her juice on the floor. I helped her undress and in a while we were both naked and really hot, our breaths heavy and ready for the best part of it. She lifted her face to kiss me widely, biting my lips with her pointed teeth and sucking my tongue, her mouth pressed against mine.

I crawled on her until my cock reached her crotch, I slowly moved the tip on her pussy, teasing her lips and erect clit; but she didn't want to wait anymore and I felt her hands on my back forcing me to penetrate her completely. My shaft perfectly fitted her, I felt her meat tightly surrounding mine while our tongues danced widely, exploring each other mouth. Our bodies twisted together so that now she was kneeled on me, her legs spread at my sides, my hands caressing her tits, while my cock was disappearing into her hole. I had never felt anything like that, she was pumping on me furiously, her pussy perfectly adapting to my cock; when I thought I was going to come she leaned on me, decreased her pace and kissed me deeply and sweetly.

Then her mouth left mine, moved to my neck and began to lick and caress it; this excited me so much that it made me shoot my load into her. In that while I felt a deep pain coming from my neck. This made my orgasm even stronger, my hot semen spurted into her until it all ended leaving me with no forces left. I saw her still on me, her lips covered with a strange red liquid which dripped from her fangs, broadly smiling at me.

I understood what had happened to me, I hadn't met a creature from heaven but from hell!!

I didn't know what to do, I thought I was dead when I looked into her eyes and realized it didn't bother me where she came from, I just loved her and wanted her for the ethernity and even beyond. I was sure she could read this in my brain; she had my destiny in her hands, she had to choose between making me her lover or killing me.

Her face became serious, she crawled on me and moved her hands to her crotch, making a deep cut on each side of her pussy; her blood was falling on my mouth and each drop I swallowed brought me new strength. She kneeled on my face and I began to lick the blood off her; immediately she started to moan, making me drink a wonderful mixture of blood and juice. I put my hands on her legs to get her closer; my face was completely wet and I started to slide my tongue into her hole, her cunt pressed on my mouth. She was coming again and again as I ate her pussy, her juice flooding my face until we both passed out.

I woke up the following evening, hugged to her in a big coffin, our bodies pressed to each other. I was dead, and I had resurrected; I had a new eternal life waiting for me, and I had the creature I loved at my side. I felt as strong as I had never been; I could hear sounds coming from incredible distances, I could see through the darkness. She woke up and kissed me, our tongues caressing each other fangs; then she just said "Good evening love, my name's Karen. I guess we will be together for a long time. Now, what about going to get something to put under our fangs?"

We both laughed as we uncovered the coffin to step outside.

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