A Brother's Memories Part 4


Betty took Brian by the hand and went to show him the bathroom. Lorie took a seat at the breakfast bar and crossed her legs. Her pussy winked out at us and Brian was trying to pay attention to what Betty was saying while trying to get a look at Lorie. Betty and Brian had just turned the corner to the bathroom area when Lorie reached over and pulled me to her and kissed me hard and deeply. She started to play with my fake breasts and I naturally started to play with her more than real ones. I was really getting into it when I heard a gasp behind me. When I turned around Betty and Brian were in an embrace in the doorway. As you can imagine I was beside myself with lust at seeing Betty in the hands of a stranger.

Lorie took me by the hand and we went to join Betty and Brian as we all moved into the bedroom. Betty was rubbing the front of Brian's pants and he had his hand in her blouse. Lorie stepped in and took his other hand and placed it under her skirt. I wondered what I was going to do except watch, (which was still a turn on) when Betty eased away from Brian and started to fondle me. Brian was fully entertained with Lorie as Betty asked me to help get him undressed. Betty went behind Lorie and started undressing her as Lorie was taking Brian's shirt off. I knelt behind him and started rubbing his ass and thighs. Betty was grinning at me and encouraged me to continue with what I was doing. I thought that Brian was getting one hell of a rental. I slowly reached around him and felt the size of his dick as I went for his zipper. He tried to turn around and face me but Betty took his hands and helped him get her clothes off.

While Brian was busy, I slowly undid his belt and pants and slid them down his legs. I had not touched another cock since my, garage experiments as a child and this was really exciting. He stepped out of his pants and by then had Betty and Lorie both stark naked. I was the only one dressed. My dick was straining to break free. I knew I had to do something quick to keep him from trying to undress me. I reached up to the waistband of his shorts and quickly pulled them down to his ankles and allowed his dick to spring free. Betty reached down and stroked Brian's dick. I couldn't see it and was dying to know if it was bigger than mine (most are). Betty and Lorie sank to their knees in front of Brian and started to give his dick a real working over. I was still kneeling behind him and could see the muscles of his ass twitch as they took turns at him. I gently caressed his ass and placed my cheek against the soft skin there. I was really turned-on when Betty reached down and took my hand and placed it on his dick. I almost shot a load when I felt my first adult hard-on. I still hadn't seen it but I could feel the raw power of it. It felt longer than mine and very thick. I thought, that he would really freak if he knew that the third set of hands fondling him was another man.

I could feel Betty and Lorie licking his dick and my hands. Taking turns sucking on his rod making it slick as I stroked it. I looked down and saw that they each had their hands in the others pussy. Brian had his hands in their hair and was thrusting his cock between their mouths. I took my other hand and was rubbing his ass when he spread his legs and pushed his ass at my face. At first I didn't know what to do, so I nuzzled his ass and reached through his legs and felt the heavy sack below his dick, his balls were full and heavy. As I gently squeezed his balls, it was natural for me to start licking his ass. He smelt clean and I was not bothered by what I was doing. Here I was, just a few hours after being caught in Betty's things, with my face in a strange man's ass, my tongue probing his hole and stroking his dick, while my fiancée and her friend gave him a double blowjob. WOW!

Betty slowly stood up and turned around and leaned back against Brian. I held his cock down until I felt her ass against his belly. Betty spread her legs and I held Brian's cock against her as he began to thrust. Betty was grinding her pussy against his cock, trying to get it to slip inside. She bent over and opened herself up as I actually guided Brian's cock into Betty's cunt. He let out a moan as he sank that slab deep into her. Betty slammed back onto his cock so hard that I almost lost a hand. Lorie had moved under Betty and was lavishing her tits with kisses and enjoying the way they moved as Brian slammed his dick deep into Betty. I reached through his legs and fingered Betty's clit as he pounded her, her clit is very sensitive, and I knew that this would make her come quickly, and I was right! I felt her cunt start to spasm around his dick and felt her come all over my hand. I reached down and slid two fingers into Lorie's sopping cunt. She rewarded me by humping my hand like crazy. I wanted so badly to touch my own dick but wanted to keep from being discovered and ruining this moment. Brian increased his thrusting and came explosively deep in Betty's cunt. His explosion pushed her over the top and she came again. He pumped so much cum into her that it started squeezing out and spilling down onto my hand as I was finger-fucking Lorie. I just worked it into her pussy, as she obliged me by cumming on my hand. So everybody was able to cum, except me.

Brian's cock stayed deep in Betty's pussy as she stood up and leaned back into his embrace. She ground him deeper into her as she tried to ride him some more. Lorie moved behind him and took my place as Betty tugged me in front of her. Lorie was licking his ass while making sure that his dick was staying inside Betty. From my vantage point kneeling in front of her pussy, I could see her clit pulse with each thrust. I started licking her clit gently in a rhythm with Brian's thrusts. As they continued their thrusting I began to lick further and further along her slit. Every time he entered her I could feel it through her skin. She had both hands in my hair and was afraid she would pull my wig off. I could feel Lorie's hand wrapped around Brian's dick as she guided it in and out of Betty's cunt. Suddenly, Betty started to cum again. She rose up on her toes and Brian's dick just slid along her slit and right into my mouth. He grunted and continued thrusting. Because of the way we were positioned, only a little of his dick was actually in my mouth, but it excited me no end. Here I was kneeling between my fiancée's legs as she rode her pussy along Brian's dick as it kept sliding against my tongue. I CAME right then!

I could feel it spurting up my belly and soaking my panty hose. Betty kept humping along on Brian's dick as he thrust his cock in my mouth. I found myself wanting to move Betty out of the way so I could get the whole thing in my mouth. Lorie didn't know what was happening and was trying to move his dick back into Betty's pussy. I reached up and moved her hand under my skirt and to my still hard dick, she obliged me by stroking it through my panty hose.

Brian started thrusting harder and harder, each time getting his cock a little further into my mouth. His dick seemed to grow longer as Betty ground herself back so I could get more of his dick. I found that I wanted that more than anything. I wanted to feel that hard cock gush deep in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around both of them and shoved my face as far forward as I could. Brian's dick slid right into my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around it, just like I like it, and was rewarded when, with a great big grunt, Brian shot another load. This time it was not in Betty's soaking pussy, but right down my throat.

I kept licking and sucking as Brian's cock slowly shrank and retreated to where I couldn't get to it. Betty was caressing my face and almost in tears from joy. Lorie was still working on my dick as Brian and Betty started to separate. I got her to pull her hand out of my hose and pull my skirt down just in time. Brian excused himself and went to the bathroom. Betty and Lorie helped me to my feet and both kissed me deeply, licking up the come that had leaked from my lips as I tried to swallow Brian's load. Lorie grabbed my dick and said, with a sexy wink, that she expected some of it later or else she would tell everyone what I had done. We were all standing at the bar when Brian came out from the bath. He had gotten dressed and Betty, still naked, handed him the rental agreement. He signed it with a smile and said to me that he really enjoyed my mouth but that he hoped that next time he would get the chance to deposit his come someplace else. I told him that I thought I really would like that. He kissed us all and left with the keys to his new place, the one with the sticky bedroom floor.

Betty and Lorie dressed and we left for our place. However, that will be for another time!

Note: For more of Aprils Adventures please read "April's Dawn".

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