tagIllustratedA Woman's Journal (Month 15)

A Woman's Journal (Month 15)


Monday, May 30, 2011

Today was awkward at best.

Yes, I went into work fully intending to pretend as if I hadn't had my boss' penis in my mouth Saturday night.

Yes, Mr. Von Elder smiled at me in a very nice way that caused my legs to shake and a set of lips to quiver. Damn him!

Yes, I smiled back remembering every last detail of Saturday night. Damn me!

Yes, I left at the exact moment that our offices closed.

Yes, I am dreading going back tomorrow hoping for my clients to distract me from my thoughts and more importantly from my potential future actions.

Hey, Thursday is my birthday.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today was a bit easier as Mr. Von Elder was busy most of the day. I found not seeing his face as well as other parts of his anatomy kept me better focused on my job and my clients.

Why does he have to affect me in so many very naughty ways?

June 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I really needed to stop obsessing about last Saturday and Mr. Von Elder. Every time I thought about it every last detail of the evening replayed itself in my head and other more sensitive areas of my body.

I even brought my little egg out of retirement, although I have been much more discreet about the use of it.

I needed something to distract me and then Jamie walked by my desk with his shy demeanor and puppy dog eyes.

I almost grabbed him by the front of his pants, as I made sure to get his attention. "You are going to lunch with me today, Jamie" I asserted.

I saw a little glimmer in his eyes when he responded in his meek way, "ok".

I admit that lunch was not my intent at all. Lunch would not provide me the distraction that I craved; however Jamie certainly would.

At lunch I told him that I was going to have him strip for me. "After all it was my birthday tomorrow and he should do as I wanted." I explained. His look of trepidation as he had difficulty swallowing was so adorable to me.

I pretty much rushed us through lunch and walked him to a rather secluded stairwell in the parking structure of the mall.

It was a rather cold day for June, however the temperature was going to be his challenge as opposed to mine.

Jamie looked at me with his questioning eyes as I directed him to the stairs. I didn't hesitate as I told him that I wanted him to go up to the first landing and slowly strip.

I absolutely loved how his eyes opened up wide in response to my directive. I loved how it felt to be in control.

Jamie said something about the temperature and I responded by telling him to leave his coat on, but the shirt had to come off.

I watched him nervously walk up the set of stairs and turn towards me. He removed his jacket and draped it over the railing. Then with trembling fingers he started to unbutton his shirt. I certainly knew how it felt to be told to strip and luxuriated in his nervousness.

As each button came undone, he would look at me as if to ask, "Am I doing it as you want me to?"

He most certainly was.

Once the shirt was off, I told him to toss it to me.

When he hesitated, I said as firmly as I could "Now!"

The shirt came flying in my direction.

I loved how his slender but muscular frame looked in the overcast light of the parking structure.

"I think that I may have found my 'eye candy'", I thought to myself.

What a fabulous distraction from my obsessing thoughts about Mr. Von Elder.

"Now the pants." I commanded.

Watching his trembling fingers undo his belt buckle had me second-guessing myself and wondering whether I should just leave poor Jamie alone. But I was compelled to have him strip for me remembering the first time I had him drop his pants for me and how the physical evidence of his action was quite apparent to me.

He turned his back to me as he undid his pants and zipper. It occurred to me that he was embarrassed by that same physical evidence that he showed me the first time. How cute that he felt embarrassed to show his excitement.

Many men would flaunt their erection thinking that it was the only thing that I wanted to see, but they would be wrong.

I wanted to see Jamie's expression of submission as his pants slid down his legs. How despite his humiliation of having to strip upon my command, it was sexually exciting for him.

Hmmm, I wonder where I ever got this idea.

When I knew that his pants were completely undone, I told him to turn around to face me and release his hands from the waist of his pants.

The sight of his pants sliding down his bare legs revealing a very sexy blue bikini brief was delectable.

And the added bonus (boner?) of seeing his erection straining against the waistband of his briefs caused my entire body to shudder in delight.

I swear that I knew from the first time I met him that much like myself, he liked to be told what to do and surprisingly I loved to be the one to tell him.

I told him to toss his pants to me and open his jacket.

There was no hesitation on his part. I am also sure that his resolve stiffened as I stared at his nearly naked body.

I find his long and lean physique quite captivating particularly when he is wearing undies that show off so much of him. The way the nylon hugged the contours of his elongation was so perfect as well.

Right then and there I knew that Jamie and I were going to have a very special working relationship.

I told him to come down the stairs and walk with me back to the car. He began to voice his objection of walking through a public parking lot wearing just his open jacket and teeny briefs, but stopped mid sentence when I placed a single finger to my lips.

The fact that his deep red mushroom head was starting to poke out from his bikini waistband contradicted his objection anyway.

I let him walk by me so I could check out his tight little butt and saw him subtlely adjust himself so his erection now pushed sideways inside its blue nylon enclosure towards his hip giving it a bit more room to fully extend itself; which it did almost immediately.

I gave him a good slap on his butt and watched him clench his cheeks in anticipation of the next one.

My God, the whole idea of having a very eye pleasing man almost naked at my command was much more than a distraction for me; it was absolutely intoxicating.

My entire body was vibrating just like it does when I am told to strip by one of my clients. I had no idea how incredibly sexy it is to have a submissive man perform for me.

When Jamie tried to hurry back to the car, I administered another slap on his taut gluteus and told him to slow down.

I loved everything about this.

Sadly we didn't have any other audience to observe Jamie's exposure.

Once we arrived back at my car, I threw his clothes into the back seat. Before getting into the car, I told him to remove his jacket and throw it in back with the rest of his clothes.

I watched him put on his seatbelt which allowed me to stare at the wonderful cylinder of hardened flesh extending from his crotch well up to his hip bone. The nylon of his briefs clung to every inch of it fully outlining the ridge dividing its helmeted head.

I couldn't help myself (This seems to be happening a lot to me lately) as I ran the fingernails of my right hand along his entire appendage.

His reaction was another absolute delight as his body arched pushing his pelvis forward against my fingernails and a guttural moan of pleasure escaped between his pursed lips.

As my nails reached the end of their journey along his throbbing extension I saw a small wet spot form through the nylon just at the tip.

It reminded me to be very careful, as I didn't want a much larger one filling his briefs and potentially leaking out onto my leather car seats.

They constantly warn against texting and driving, however a fully erect man sitting in just a pair of tiny bikini briefs next to the driver provides much more of a distraction.

I spend much more time looking at Jaime's strip of nylon than anything that I should have been paying attention to all of the way back to the office.

The fact that his resolve remained firm for the entire trip added to my inability to navigate properly.

I found myself quite disappointed to reach the parking structure of S&M and very reluctantly told Jamie to get dressed again.

I found myself again staring at his nylon-encased reaction to our luncheon ordeal right to the moment of the final zip of his pants.

I leaned over and gave Jamie a peck on his cheek thanking him for the wonderful diversion and promised to take him out for more or did I really intend to have him take himself out for more performances.

I heard his shy little voice say "Thank you" in return confirming my belief that he desired more as well.

What a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today is my birthday as I am a Gemini, which certainly explains the amazing transformation that I have been having over the past 12 months.

Mr. Valequez asked me to drop by for what he called, "his style of birthday celebration", whatever that means, however since I am not even close to the woman that I was a year ago, I readily accepted and am looking forward to some potential playtime with him.

I am a bit upset that here it is my birthday and no word or even sign of Mr. Von Elder. Oh well.

I really haven't had much opportunity to spend time with Mr. Valequez, as the last significant time was his Christmas celebration for his employees.

I found myself actually missing his throbbing orgasms against my often panty covered bottom.

And it was another fabulous way to distract myself from thoughts of Mr. Von Elder.

I told him that I had a yoga class after work, but would join him at his office as soon as I was done.

After my class I didn't bother to change, as I knew that Mr. Valequez would enjoy the look of my leopard print sweater top and beige leopard print tights. The tights clearly outlined the pair of leopard print string bikini panties that I was wearing underneath and my top would display my hardening nipples, as I wasn't wearing a bra.

So much for being subtle about my desire to be his plaything today.

I arrived at Mr. Valequez's office building and he just happened to be at the front door from which he escorted me around to the side of the building where there was a walking path about 300 feet from the building.

"I wanted to get you outside for my little celebration", he said to me as we walked.

I distinctly noticed that he used the words "my little celebration" although it was my birthday.

As we turned down the path that led into a wooded area he veered down a smaller and rougher dirt path that seemed to lead back towards his building.

As we continued on the smaller path we came to a large tree that had fallen possibly a few years ago.

Mr. Valequez smiled at me and said, "Ah, here we are, Ms. Harley" and he sat down on the fallen tree.

"Now may I be so rude as to ask you how old you are today," he continued.

I told him that I was 42.

"Well then. This will be quite a celebration," he replied.

He then told me to remove my yoga pants.

Although the act of stripping for one of my clients has become a bit commonplace, I still felt that moment of anxiety and hesitation when I am commanded to strip in a public place in full view of a dominant male.

I hate to admit that the battle that wages inside of me between trying to maintain a modicum of professionalism or decency versus my primal desire to submit to the humiliating experience of obeying what I am told to do without question is absolutely intoxicating.

Along with the fact that my primal desires always win out only adds to the excitement of the experience.

So once again I found myself taking a hold of my waistband with both hands and sliding my pants down to my ankles and slipping them off over my high heels. Leaving me standing in my teeny leopard print panties with my nipples pushing provocatively against my sweater top.

The feeling of the warm air over my newly exposed skin is like the caress of a lover as every nerve ending comes alive. It always precedes by just a second or two a most delicious surge of warmth between my legs as my body reacts to my near nakedness.

It is quite difficult for me to describe the feeling but for me it is as addictive as any drug could ever be.

My nipples become so erect that they throb with anticipation as I lower whatever article of clothing that I am asked to.

My mind floods with the thought of being seen almost naked by a dominant man awakening every erogenous zone inside of me.

And the final frosting on the cake so to speak is the look of pure pleasure in the eyes of the male as his demand to disrobe is obeyed without question, objection, or hesitation.

My entire anatomy turns into one large libido looking to be satisfied.

Every nerve ending is at high alert so that the mere touch of a leaf against my bare skin as I turn to place my tights on the fallen tree sends a shock wave of raw pleasure through me.

I could easily orgasm without a single touch down there as my hypersensitivity sends erotic signals to my brain.

Why am I like this? I don't know?

Do I wish I wasn't? Maybe at first, but now I grave these feelings.

I even had purposely put on a pair of heels before meeting with Mr. Valequez. What does that tell you about my impulse to be sexy for him?

Mr. Valequez easily swept me onto his lap with my panties facing directly up at him while my head faced the ground.

"Well, what a surprise", I thought, "I am going to get a birthday spanking. I only wish that it were Mr.Von Elder's hand about to smack my almost bare bottom."

"One" he declared as I heard and felt a hard slap of his hand across my almost bare bottom.

My body jerked upward in response to his firm spank, but he simply swung one of his legs up and over my upper legs and I was held solidly in place.

"Two" he declared and again my bottom felt the palm of his hand sending mixed signals of pain and pleasure through my lower body.

By the time he had gotten to the count of 20 my bottom was burning with the heat of his constant physical admonishments.

The area between my legs was experiencing a very different feeling as the moisture continued to build inside my lower lips.

With each additional slap, I winced in pain and began to moan loudly as the pleasure of my helplessness continued to inundate my senses.

I was outdoors wearing a leopard print sweater and a pair of string bikini panties receiving a birthday spanking from a very dominant male whom I found attractive.

No wonder my kitty was purring with every slap across my exposed cheeks.

These panties have a tendency to "creep" whenever I am bent over so as Mr. Valequez celebrated each birth year across my bottom more and more of my gluteal flesh was getting exposed.

Although considering how little protection a thin layer of nylon offers it certainly didn't make any difference to my backside.

During the last 10 good whacks, Mr. Valequez told me how long he has waited for an excuse to spank my "sexy little ass". Ever since the first time that I was introduced to him immediately after Mr. Von Elder had spanked me in his presence, he has wanted to do the same, but with only my panties on.

I only wish that my desires came true so easily.

I barely heard what he was saying as the building pressure of his very erect penis was poking me in my side as his hand continued to leave its imprint on my now very red buttocks.

At the count of 42 I was already convulsing through my second orgasm.

Do I thank the economy for forcing me to find a job, because my orgasm count has increased significantly over the past 12 months?

It certainly has burnt off extra calories as well.

Everything that has happened over the past few days seems to have affected me profoundly, and arguably not in the best way, unless you were Mr. Valequez.

I stood up from his lap and while facing my leopard print directly at his groin I proceeded to give him a very lewd and erotic lap dance.

I am either completely out of control or completely in control. I can't tell which anymore.

I reveled in my sense of total abandon as I slid my nylon covered and very red bottom up and down the front of his pants until I could tell that he was about to explode.

Mr. Valequez kept pushing me away, which made no sense to me. It did nothing to curb my enthusiasm, because I now turned towards him and straddled his knee rubbing myself in a fervent back and forth motion.

After what seemed to be only an instant, my thighs clamped hard around his leg and I came for the third time as my female juices soaked through my leopard print forming a wet spot on the leg of his trousers.

While in the throes of my last orgasm, I pulled Mr. Valequez's head tightly against my chest letting my hard little pebbles rub across his face. As I opened my eyes and let the evidence of my surroundings sink in, I noticed only about 15 yards away that most if not all of Mr. Valequez's male and female employees were lined up against what I realized was their cafeteria window delighting in my totally uninhibited exhibition.

I didn't know whether to scream or laugh, as there was absolutely nothing that I could do.

As I self-consciously stood up and put my tights back on, I could hear a round of cheers from the employees through the glass as they held up a huge sign that read, "Happy Birthday, Ms. Harley. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we just did."

Mr. Valequez turned to me laughing uncontrollably as he told me that he and Mr. Von Elder had been planning this for at least 4 months now.

As I continued to stare at everyone through the large cafeteria window, Mr. Von Elder stepped from the shadows and applauded my performance.

I flushed a deep crimson as I looked into his eyes. The sudden rush of whatever passed through me made me feel very lightheaded and I found myself sitting down on the tree trunk to compose myself with my tights still around my thighs.

I have no idea what has come over me. Maybe I am becoming a man as every waking moment is filled with thoughts of sex. Maybe it is a gay man as I also can't stop thinking about Mr. Von Elder.

God, he affects me like no other man that I have ever known.

Although I was once again totally mortified and embarrassed, I did enjoy sharing cake and punch with Mr. Valequez, Mr. Von elder and the office and warehouse staff despite the continuous ribbing that I received primarily in Spanish.

Is "cachonda" a bad thing?

At the end of the day, Mr. Von Elder called me into his office giving me a beautifully wrapped box along with a hug that sent shivers up and down my spine. He also patted me on my bottom, which was again covered by my normal business attire saying, "I think that I enjoyed watching your birthday spanking almost as much as if I were giving it."

My entire body moaned in response to his touch.

I knew that I had to get home very soon or I would find my alter ego again taking control, which might find me with a penis in my mouth again.

I opened the small box and found an exquisite pearl necklace and bracelet inside.

I was overcome by his generosity and easily gave him a hug of thank you along with a kiss on the cheek without my alter even trying to come out.

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