tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Caged Bird Sings Ch. 02

A Caged Bird Sings Ch. 02


In Part 1 Odessa was sent to prison, met a female guard, and made some friends. That is all you get in terms of summary, read the first one if you want to know the story. If you don't care about story, just read forward, lots of kinky sex ahead.

Chapter 2: Initiation

I awoke the next morning with my dick still hanging out of my panties and the covers still around my ankles. I must've really conked out after that blowjob. I quickly stuffed myself back in my panties and put my tank-top and shorts back on. I remembered from my orientation that I'd only get a shower twice a week, so I put some new clothes on quickly. McKenzie was already awake and she was lying in her bed reading. After the last night, I felt a little nervous around her for some reason, but I quickly fixed my hair and got ready for breakfast, pretending like it all felt totally normal.

"Finally up there sleepyhead," she finally said, putting her book down and jumping off the top bunk. She looked beautiful and I just smiled at her, "Come on, they unlocked the door ten minutes ago, let's get breakfast," she said. And as I was walking out the door she gave me a pinch on the butt. I jumped like ten feet in the air and turned around to watch her giggle, "Don't be awkward, we're just buddies," she said. And we headed to breakfast.

It was strange, it felt 1000% more natural to be there on the second day. Don't get me wrong, it was still very terrifying and everything. But it wasn't AS terrifying. I sort of knew where everything was and I knew sort of what the routine would be. So I walked a little more easily with McKenzie to the lunch room. I got food and sat down at the same table with McKenzie, Prisha, and Clara. We talked a little bit and ate our food. I was finally hungry and ate the disgusting slop despite my gross-out. McKenzie didn't say anything about sucking my dick, so I didn't say anything either. Prisha and Clara just talked about their night, in their cell; listening to the couple in the room next to them have sex. It was a funny story, but I wondered who'd heard me getting my first blowjob.

Breakfast was actually kind of fun. It was like those high school lunches where you lucked out and got some friends with the same period. Then you'd all sit together and talk and gossip and everything. I felt sort of comfortable in this little clique. I don't know why they wanted to hang out with me. Maybe it was only because I was roommates with McKenzie so they tried to be friends with me just because it was easier that way. Maybe it was because I was sort of famous (or infamous I guess). Whatever the reason, I felt like I was sort of hitting it off with them.

After lunch I was taken aside by a guard and told about my new job. It seemed that while I was required to go and clean up after breakfast and then help with the preparation of lunch. After that, I'd be allowed to eat lunch and then have free time in the afternoon as I had the day before. McKenzie, Clara, and Prisha all had their jobs at the same time as me, but none of them worked in the kitchen.

Now, I am not much of a cleaner or cook, but I did what I had to do. I scrubbed pans, I washed floors, I took stuff out of the freezer and dumped it into the microwave. I did all the things I was asked to do. The other girls I worked with seemed nice enough. There really weren't any problems. After work, I ate lunch with my friends (yes, I was already sort of thinking of them that way) and I hung out before going to bed. It was a boring day, but it wasn't horrible. Plus, I now knew exactly what my routine would be like, and that was comforting. My next three days were like this, nothing out of the ordinary.

As far as sex goes, McKenzie never mentioned the blowjob and no one else seemed to know. As far as everyone else went, I could still occasionally see and hear people having sex in their cells, but as I got used to it the place seemed way less sexualized than it appeared on the first day. I just figured it was like the outside world, you know, sex happens sometimes and it isn't that big of a deal. It wasn't until my first communal shower day that I learned exactly how wrong I was to think that.

Like I said, we only got showers every couple of days. I was supposed to get a shower after lunch, during my free time. I had a specific time and everything and it was with eight other girls. I was a little nervous. I mean, it was one thing for McKenzie to see me naked occasionally in the room, we were passed that now. But I was going to be in a shower with a bunch of girls I didn't know. Plus I still had bad memories about the shower from my first day in prison. But I tried not to worry about it. I was going to have to do this twice a week for a decade and a half, I had to get used to it.

At the appointed time I lined up outside the common room. The nine of us stood quietly until the guard came and told us to follow her. We went out in the hallway and followed the route back towards the shower. I looked to see if I recognized any of the girls I'd be showering with. I knew some to look at them, but I'd never met any of them. In a couple of minutes we were at the shower.

This was a different shower than the incoming shower. This was bigger. It was a big, rectangular room with a smaller, rectangular pillar in the center. The center pillar had several showerheads poking out of it. Around the perimeter of the room was a long bench. I saw the girls walking over to the bench to get undressed and put their clothes up. I walked around the pillar to the back of the room, I wanted to try to find some privacy, especially away from the guard (still didn't trust the guards, not after Bethany).

I walked over to the bench on the opposite side of the room from the entrance. I looked around. I could see some girls starting to get undressed. I saw breasts, I saw asses, I saw cocks. I looked down. I took my shirt and my bra off and set them on the bench. Then, I took off my pants and finally my panties. I was completely naked. I stood up from the bench, walked over to the shower (staring directly at the showerhead) and started to clean myself. I don't know what I thought; maybe I was thinking that if I respected everyone's privacy they would respect mine. Whatever.

I had a soap on a rope I'd been issued and I quickly started to scrub my body. We had like 25 minutes to clean, but I was making record time. I covered my breasts and my stomach in suds and then rinsed it off. I soaped up my cock and my legs and scrubbing them well. I was just starting to feel like I was almost done when I heard it.

It wasn't a loud sound. In any other situation, you might not even notice. It was more like a breathy whisper than anything else. But I was in the shower, so I knew something was weird. The acoustics in the shower can be weird, so first I turned to my left. There was a particularly large white girl with a tiny little cock scrubbing her pubes. Her eyes were closed but she didn't appear to be making any noise. Instead I turned to my right, and saw it. Two girls were making out.

One was a small black girl. She was very short, probably my height (5'1) and around 110lbs. She had massive brown eyes, a small button nose, a very big mouth, and a dark black complexion. Her breasts were small, probably just A-cups, her stomach was not flat but it wasn't fat, it was girlish. She had wide hips, muscular legs, and a 6 inch cock that was hard as a rock. The other girl was a tall, slim redhead. She had bright green eyes and a small spattering of freckles across her small nose. Her lips were very pink and her skin was incredibly white. Her hair was long and a dark red. She was around 5'8 and her breasts were large and alabaster, her hips narrow, and her feet dainty. She had a 5.5 inch cock that was just as hard as her girlfriend's.

The two women were facing once another, their arms entwined. The redhead was looking down at the black girl, kissing her deeply on the mouth. The redhead's breasts were sort of lying on top of the black girls breasts. They bodies were so close, their cocks were pressed together, with the black girl's hard cock nestled in her lovers balls.

"We have to hurry Madeline, we only have 15 minutes," the black girl whispered softly.

"Ellen, you are such a worrier!" Madeline said to the black girl and then kissed her deeply again. By this time I had forgotten what was going on. I was just standing; my soap on a rope in hand, watching what was going down.

I watched as Madeline and Ellen's cocks rubbed together, the way their breasts rubbed together, when they kissed. I saw the way Madeline's tongue dug into her lover's mouth and the way Ellen's hands moved over Madeline's breasts. I loved the contrast in their skin colors, Ellen so dark and Madeline so pale. I loved the way the water beaded on their bodies and cascaded around them as they kissed. I couldn't believe how hot it was. But I was vaguely aware that everyone else was just finishing up their showers, not paying attention. But my cock was getting hard, and I couldn't help but keep watching.

Then Madeline did something I didn't expect. She broke the kiss she was in and walked over and sat down on the bench next to her clothes. I turned and faced her, but kept my head in the shower, pretending like I was rinsing my hair. I half expected her to keep getting dressed, but she didn't. Instead, she curled her index finger at Ellen, calling her forward.

Ellen walked over to Madeline and put her hands on her lover's knees. Then she bent over and kissed Madeline deeply on the mouth. I was standing behind them, I looked at Ellen's tight little ass when she bent over, saw the small brown picker of her asshole and saw her balls dangling between her legs. Somehow, this view was incredibly sexy to me. I wanted to put those balls in my mouth, I wanted to kiss that asshole. These were thoughts I'd never had before, but my cock was so hard, I wasn't even really thinking anymore. I felt electric.

Ellen broke her kiss and then turned around. For a moment, I didn't know what was going to happen, then I saw Madeline spread her legs wide. Around Ellen, I could see Madeline's cock sitting up hard from her body, it was almost twitching in anticipation. Then I knew what would happen. I saw Madeline's delicate white hands grab around Ellen's dark skin at the swell of her waist. I watched as she carefully started to lower Ellen down.

My soap was still attached to my arm by the rope, but it was just lying by my hip now. My cock was aching as I watched the tip of Madeline's pink dick press against Ellen's asshole. Ellen had a look of extreme concentration on her face.

"Oh Christ Maddy!" Ellen moaned loudly and I saw that the tip of Madeline's cock was in Ellen's asshole. They were both so wet from the shower, Ellen's body started to easily slide down Madeline's cock. I watched as Madeline's white dick slowly slipped into Ellen's black body. Soon, Ellen was resting with her ass on Madeline's balls. Madeline's entire cock was buried in her lover's asshole.

"Oh honey you are so tight," Madeline said as she reached around Ellen's body and rubbed her breasts. Ellen didn't respond, she just moaned. Then she started to rock her body back and forth, milking Madeline's cock with her body. She looked back over her shoulder and kissed Madeline deeply. Even as she did so, Madeline kept rubbing Ellen's breasts, squeezing her nipples.

While she moved, Ellen's cock bounced back and forth slapping her body. Her balls moved up and down on Madeline's balls and the entire visual experience was undeniably sexy. I couldn't help myself. I put my hand on my cock and started to gently stroke my dick. I didn't squeeze too hard, the look was too sexy, I was almost ready to cum before I touched myself.

"Fuck my asshole baby, please!" Ellen moaned, grinding her hips into Madeline's cock. At the same time her hands fell onto Madeline's knees and I saw her nails digging into her lover's skin. Ellen's eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she moaned loudly. I hear Madeline's grunting as she shoved her cock harder and harder in Ellen's asshole. I saw Madeline's breasts mashed against her lovers back as he leaned into her.

"Oh shit!" I hear Madeline groan and I watched her grip Ellen's breasts tight. I watched as her cock slammed hard into to Ellen's asshole and then I heard her moan loudly. Her entire body going limp. I knew she'd cum. But her cock was still buried in Ellen's ass and Ellen was still grinding on it. Just then, Ellen's eyes shot open and I saw she saw me. I quickly dropped my dick and grabbed my soap, but it didn't fool her.

"Well Maddy, looks like we have an audience," she said and then moaned as she grinded harder. Madeline didn't seem to notice, she was gripping Ellen's breasts and cooing gently, clearly enjoying a post-sexual buzz. I tried to turn away, but I knew I was caught. What was going to happen?

"Sorry," I started.

"Don't stop," Ellen said, running her hands all over her body. It was clear from the look in her eye that she was about to cum, "get over her, I want you to keep jacking. I want you to cum on me while I have my baby's cock in my ass." She said in a low groan. For a moment I was frozen. Had she really just asked me that? I looked around. Everyone was finishing up their showers, pretending they didn't see. The guard was out of sight and definitely out of mind.

I thought about turning and going towards my clothes, just getting dressed and leaving. But I looked over at Madeline and Ellen. I saw Ellen's pretty face, watched her tongue roll across her lips, I saw Madeline's white hands on Ellen's black breasts, and I saw Madeline's cock still buried deep in Ellen's asshole. I needed to cum. I dropped my soap and starting rubbing my cock again.

"Good girl," Ellen said, "come closer." I was still about ten feet away from the lovers. For a moment, I just kept jacking myself off looking, but I started to move closer. I saw that Madeline's cock was still hard in Ellen's ass and that she was still grinding on it. I kept moving closer, all the while stroking my dick, feeling its heat and warmth and getting my fingers sticky from my roiling pre-cum.

I stopped walking when I was about two feet in front of Madeline and Ellen. I heard low moans and Madeline's labored breathing. I could smell their sex and I could almost feel the heat coming off of their bodies. My eyes locked on Ellen's. Her brown eyes seemed smoldering, they showed her internal sexual need. I was so horny when I saw them; I mean I can't describe it.

Just looking at her put me over the edge. I squeezed my little cock hard and stroked it one last time. I arched my feet, standing up straight on my toes. I let out an involuntary grunt and then I felt the whole world go white in a storm of pleasure. My entire body felt warm and I felt like I was vibrating. My cock was so sensitive, I took my hand from it and it quivered as it shot load after load of hot white cum. I opened my eyes as I was cumming and I watched as thick white ropes of sperm shot through the air and splattered on Ellen's thigh and stomach. My white cum contrasted so nicely with Ellen's dark skin, I could see every drop.

Ellen seemed to move as though struck as each little drip of cum splattered against her skin. She when the last of my seed splashed against her cock, she finally let out a loud scream. It wasn't a word, it was just a raw sexual noise. And then suddenly, even though it had never been touched, Ellen's cock exploded. A giant surge of white liquid shot from her cock and arched across the shower. It splashed against my tits with a wet sound. It was warm and slimy and I could feel it running down my body. More cum came, some against my feet, most hitting the shower floor.

I looked down at the cum on my breasts. It was the first time someone else's cum touched me. I scooped a little bit of it up with my finger and looked at it closely. It was pearly and beautiful. I could smell it, and my mouth watered. I looked at Ellen and she was looking at me with a sort of dazed air. I scooped the cum into my mouth quickly. It was salty and familiar. I let it roll over my tongue, squishing it between my teeth and savoring the flavor, the texture, of Ellen's seed.

I loved the taste. Soon, I was scouring my body, scooping up Ellen's sperm and shoveling it into my mouth. I saw Ellen and Madeline watching me but I didn't care. Finally, when I was certain that I'd gotten all the cum, I stepped back under the shower to rinse myself clean. Just as I finished, the showers shut off. My time was up. I walked back over to the bench and saw that Ellen and Madeline were already dressed.

"You're a kinky one," Ellen said smiling. I saw her eyes work over my body.

"Hey I recognize you," Madeline said, "You're that famous tranny from CNN."

"I guess so," I said, collecting my things. I didn't know if I wanted to be remembered as the CNN tranny or the kinky girl. I don't know what had come over me there. As soon as I'd finished eating the cum, I felt like I was back to normal. The person who did those things was not me. Not that I didn't enjoy it. Oh I don't know, it so weird and complicated.

"Well we...get together every shower. If you're interested in watching,," Ellen said and then she and Madeline got up, hand in hand, and walked out of the shower together.

And I was naked and alone in the shower. I was still a little stunned by all of this and I still had the taste of cum in my mouth and the visions of sex in my brain. Everything was just as weird as I feared it would be on the first day. But I didn't have any choice, I quickly got dressed and left.

* * * * *

The next few days were pretty routine, but I was more wary. I can't explain it really. It wasn't like jacking off on those girls in the shower had been bad in any way. I mean, it was so sexy to see them together and cumming... hell who doesn't love cumming? But I realized that I could slip into this illusion of sexual safety. Like, I am having enough fun watching people have sex and masturbating, I forgot how dangerous this place can be. So I still hung out with my friends and everything, but I tried not to talk or think about sex. Better to just deal with the awful routine of prison. I'd spent my entire life ignoring sex and ignoring my sex drive, I needed to keep that together here in prison. Just like on the outside, that was safer. Pat Robertson was right... Sex is bad.

Ignoring your thoughts is tough in prison. I mean waking up early, eating the terrible food, doing my job, killing time trying not to be bored, going to sleep when I wasn't tired. The whole thing had a tendency to make you so numb and bored. And. Each. Day. Passed. So. Slowly. I mean, I was there for like two weeks and it felt like two years. My new friends could tell I was bummed, but what could they do? I just had to deal with it.

But my subconscious wouldn't let me forget. Once the genie is out of the bottle, I guess it is hard to put it back in. I hadn't dreamed since I'd first been arrested for assault. Night was just a long blank that I woke up from. When I was out of prison, when I was chasing my career, I had the same dream every night. I was the biggest fucking deal in the world. I would sell out stadiums and I would sing my music and people would sing along. I'd hear my shit on the radio and I'd have more money than God. And I loved that dream. I was just the pretty girl who could sing. Not the homicidal tranny.

But my new dreams were different, darker, and somehow more real and satisfying. I was having sex dreams every night. The dreams were different, but the result was the same. I was getting fucked by girls in the prison with me. I know, shocker right, but there I was and it would be different girls all the time. I'd see their cocks buried in my ass and I'd see their lips wrapped around my balls. And I'd wake up with a massive hard-on. I didn't know what to think about my sudden change in dreams, but it scared me. And excited me.

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