tagNonHumanA Cat Among Wolves Ch. 04

A Cat Among Wolves Ch. 04


Sabeen waited until midnight for Marcus to come home, and when he didn't she decided to cut her losses and go to bed. She felt like she had far too much energy to sleep and so instead she tidied her room, and re-folded most of the clothes in her drawers. She checked under her drawers for her diary, but apparently Marcus still had it.

She heard Marcus come home a little before two. She stood in the centre of the room silently. One part of her mind desperately wanted to make a noise so that he knew she was there, but the other half wanted to stay fixed to the spot, what if he realized she was there?

Marcus walked up the stairs and paused at her door, hoping to hear her still up. He'd had a hell of a night, almost half the pack seemed to be howling for his blood and he had no idea how to assure them that he was the right leader.

He heard no noise from Sabeen so carried on to the bathroom to clean the few grazes he had received from an overly pissed off male. It had been necessary to force the wolf to show his belly in submission to send a message to his pack. Marcus hated forcing it on the wolves, and so didn't insist on it as much as he probably should as their leader.

Sabeen had crawled into bed and listened as Marcus went about his business and slept. She had been sitting listening to nothing for a full hour, wrestling with herself.

The door was just there and Finns words kept echoing in her head. What if it goes right? She would kick herself if she missed her chance with Marcus. He was a desirable man, and his pack was falling apart. He would be forced to choose a mate, and soon, to quiet the traditionalists down. She snarled at the thought of another woman wrapped around him.

"Over my dead body.."

Sabeen made up her mind and slipped out of bed. She took a quick look down at herself and debated covering up. She had a bad habit of just stripping down to her underwear and falling asleep in it. She hated sleeping in pajamas, and being naked felt.. Too naked. Tonight she was wearing a pretty black and pink pinstripe set, and since Marcus had seen her naked countless times she figured that it was almost modest under the circumstances.

She slipped through the door and took a quick peek around his room. It was huge, with the same color dark wood floors and furniture that hers had. He had a big desk and old style chaise lounge on her side of the room, and his bed was on the far wall.

But by far her favorite feature was the roof. Marcus had stuck hundreds of glow in the dark stars to his ceiling and thy shone like the night sky itself. She would bet that during the day no-one would even be able to tell they were up there because of the high roof, but at night when he was alone he would have all these stars to himself.

She walked softly to the edge of his bed, and looked down on him sleeping. His hair was over his face again, and the shadows highlighted his strong stubborn mouth and angled jaw. She was still admiring the view when Marcus woke.

He grabbed her quicker than lightning, dragged her onto the bed, rolled himself onto her, pinned her hands, and bared his teeth, growling loudly. His muzzle grew a little and she saw his wolf teeth appear before he recognized her.

As soon as Marcus realized he had grabbed Sabeen he reversed his change and levered some of his weight off her.

"Thank god you're here. I really needed to see you tonight." He whispered into her ear.

Sabeen was worried until he started nibbling a path from her ear to her mouth making her shiver and break out in goose-bumps. He slept naked, and the feeling of skin on skin was delicious.

"I love the stars. I think they're gorgeous."

Marcus raised his head a little higher and drowned himself in her eyes.

"I used to hate the dark as a kid and so Finn brought me glow in the dark stars. We put them up and I could make it through the night without scaring myself silly.

"As soon as I was old enough to change the fear went away - there's not much you can be afraid of when you're the baddest thing in the forest. I kept the stars because they make me happy." He said.

She reached up and placed light kisses over each of his eyes and mouth. Marcus drew in a breath and let it out shakily.

"I want you, but its your decision to make..."

She licked her lips and wriggled a little under him.

"The decisions already made. I didn't come in here to bait the wolf." She looked down for a moment.

"But, um, is this just sex? If it is, I'm fine with it. I just don't want to misunderstand it."

Marcus reached down tipping her chin up.

"Its not just sex Sabeen. I'm in love with you. I think I have been ever since I cleaned you up back in that motel. Don't get all embarrassed either.

"Saving the baby showed me how noble you were, crying for Marie proved that you cared, staying true to your deal with me took courage, but you became human to me in that motel. Plus you slept on me afterwards wearing almost nothing - that helped with the whole falling in love with you thing." He joked.

Sabeen dragged his face down to hers and kissed him deeply, sliding her tongue over his. Marcus rolled over, taking her with him. She ended up sitting on him, and he slid his hands up her body, undoing her bra and freeing her breasts.

She groaned and moved her hips back a little. She could feel his cock standing to attention against her arse cheeks. Marcus flexed his hips a little, enjoying the sensation, and reached up to cup her breasts, tweaking at the nipples.

"Mmm. Do that again" she swooned.

Marcus tweaked them a little harder, twisting the nipples and massaging the rest of her with the palms of his hands. He did it a few more times working her up more, and pinching harder until she was sighing with the pain and sliding her panty-clad pussy against him. He could smell the arousal on her and wanted to taste.

He encouraged her to take off the underwear, and with a little wriggling had her positioned over his tongue. Sliding two fingers achingly slowly up her thigh, he used them to spread her lips. It felt like she was being peeled open, and she grabbed the headboard for support. Then his tongue was on her. Small tentative laps around her entrance, punctuated with small licks up towards her clit.

"Oh, fuck!" She hissed gripping the headboard harder.

When he finally dragged his tongue along her clit she whimpered and sat a little lower on her heels. Marcus moved his fingers to strum over her clit gently from both sides and then penetrated her with his tongue.

"More..." she breathed weakly, her hips thrusting against his hand and mouth. Marcus obliged by changing a little, and lengthening his tongue to its full wolf size. She keened above him as he slipped more inside of her, lapping at the sensitive walls like butterfly wings. When he finally worked his tongue to its full limits he was lapping at her cervix, and Sabeen was having full stomach convolutions.

He felt her tighten up, and freeze for a moment right as her climax hit her, and then her walls were convulsing around him, and she was gently nudging his hand away from her sensitive clit. She knelt there for a few seconds collecting herself. Marcus withdrew his tongue, changing it back and enjoying the little whimpers she made as she rippled around it.

A little more wriggling and she was back sitting with her ass cheeks against his cock, which twitched and leaked against her.

"Do you need a little time?" He asked.

"Nope... Sex after an orgasm feels unbelievably good for me..." she reassured him.

"Thank god." He groaned.

Reaching under his bed he grabbed a condom from a basket there, and rolled it on. Then lifting her hips he slammed himself into Sabeen, shouting out as his cock was eloped in her slippery warmth.

She rode him for a moment or two until he grabbed her to him and rolled. They ended up lying sideways facing each other. She slung a leg over his hip and he pulled her close, rocking into her while kissing her deeply.

Marcus held her there with a hand, while the other slid down her knee and over her thigh. Her leg, hooked over Marcus's hip, left her feeling wide open against him, and his fingers inching between their bodies towards her centre felt surprisingly naughty.

Being unable to close her legs against his thrusting and fingering felt lewd. She embraced the feeling, biting into Marcus's shoulder gently to muffle her groans. Then Marcus trailed his wet fingers over her hip and across her buttocks. She gasped when he finally delved between them, first rimming her with a finger or two, and then slowly skewering her onto a finger. The sensations of being thrust into in both areas sent her convulsing against him in another orgasm.

Marcus felt her tighten around his cock, and pulsate around his finger and he knew he didn't have long to last. He withdrew his finger from her arse, and rolled her one more time. This time he wanted to be on top.

He didn't give her any chance of a recovery. His thrusts were deep and hard. He forced his cock over and over again into her tight channel and they both cried out at the rough pleasure of it. He arched into her and panted as he felt his balls tightening. When he came he made a sound between a man yelling and a wolf howling at the moon. Sabeen's pussy tightened and then gushed around him one last time.

They both collapsed back onto the mattress panting and sweating. He had enough presence of mind to remove the condom and drop it in the bin beside his bed before she crawled on top of him and they slept.


At exactly 4.50 am the next morning, after less than an hours sleep Sabeen was awake. She lay for a few moments until, though exhausted, she didn't think she could stay in bed any longer. At 5.00 am she sat up and thumped out of bed, stubbing her toe against Marcus's rubbish bin. Marcus grumbled at her and covered his ears with his duvet.

He looked out at her blearily before mumbling "seriously?"

She walked to her room, bouncing off the door-frame once, and dressed in her running gear. Heading downstairs she managed to avoid whacking her knee, but instead got her subbed toe on the banister of the stairs before setting off on her run.


Later that day Marcus came out of his office and they shared lunch with Finn, who grinned smugly at them.

"Oh come on... I totally heard you... And first off, can we get some noise insulators here? Not that you two aren't hot to listen to, but its a little cruel rubbing my nose in the fact that I'm not getting any and my hair flicking oaf of a mate over there is."

Marcus raised an eyebrow and Sabeen choked a little on her salad.

"Go find a little hot thing of your own Finn, none of the females would turn you down.. Not when you live so close to this perfect body." Marcus joked.

Finn scrunched up his nose at the thought.

"No thanks, I'm not interested in any of the outright bitches that this pack seems to cultivate. The woman I want is taken anyway" He winked amicably at Sabeen.

"Its going to take a very special women to live up to her in my eyes."

"What time are we leaving for Jerry and Poppy's wedding?" Finn asked checking his watch.

Sabeen cursed inwardly. She'd forgotten about the damn wedding. She was going to have to find a pretty dress or something in the next hour or two, and make herself look presentable.

"Um on that.. I need the car keys, and your credit card." Sabeen told Marcus.

He handed them over willingly as Finn looked at her ripped jeans and tie-dyed tight white and green business shirt.

"You do know the wedding will require something girly... And not ripped. Or Leather. Black and revealing is probably a bad idea too." Finn said.

"I know how to do the girl thing Finn. Its just much easier not to." She reassured him.


She headed straight to town, spending only ten minutes looking at the racks in her favorite shop before she found the perfect dress. She paid for it without trying it on and left the store. One quick stop at the jewelers for a gorgeous pair of sparkly earrings and a matching delicate silver bracelet and she was done.

Poppy had insisted on a late-night, moon-lit wedding, and the guests had all been asked to dress formally. The guys had all rented Tuxedo's and the women had all been looking for the perfect dress for months. Having a human and wolf celebration was a bit of a logistical nightmare, so the reception was going to be closed at 11 and the wolves and Sabeen would retire into the forest for a pack run.

Sabeen spent an hour in the bathroom perfecting her makeup and hair, smoky dark eyes and peachy pink kissable lips with artfully tousled and tamed hair. At the end of her labour she stood back and inspected her work. Not bad at all.

"I'd fuck me." She grinned.

In her room she slipped into her jewelry and gown. It was long and slinky, with a high neckline, and delicate straps, that crisscrossed over her shoulders and down the plunging back. The smokey-blue color set off her eyes, and the dress itself hugged her curves and showed off her toned back. She hoped that there weren't too many scars on show as she wandered down to the kitchen to snack on potato chips.

Finn and Marcus were upstairs fighting over who had use of the bathroom first. Bucky was getting ready at Rob's place, and she wondered again if there was anything more to their friendship. Rob was certainly very protective of Bucky, but that didn't necessarily mean they were anything more than good friends.

Finn emerged first, looking surprisingly grown-up in his tux. She wolf whistled, startling him a little.

"Would you look at that. You are a girl!" Finn joked, and spun her around to take a good look.

He laughed when he saw the plunging back on her dress and remarked that he thought she'd taken his advice for once and gone with a less revealing dress.

"It works though, and I'm pretty sure you're going to outclass quite a few of the lady wolves tonight... Although what are you going to do if you end up brawling? - Because inevitably you do end up brawling..."

She shrugged casually "If there's a fight, I'll fight. Very little stands in between me and a good brawl Finn, I think we all know that..."

"Actually since I paid for the dress, you either hand it to me before jumping into the fray, or you stay clear like a good little kitty-cat." Marcus said from the doorway.

He gave Sabeen an appreciative once over Finn rolled his eyes and headed for the door. They'd all decided to walk to the park, as they would just be running home as wolves anyway. Poppy had arranged for a couple of cars to courier discarded clothes back to the houses at a later date.

As soon as Finn had gone Marcus stalked across the kitchen for a closer look. Once he was done feasting his eyes and Sabeen was done preening, she took a step closer and kissed him. Marcus groaned and slid his hands over her hips. When he lifted her she wrapped her legs around his butt, and her arms around his neck.

"Enough of that or we'll never get out the door." Marcus let her slide down his body.

He grabbed his coat, and handed her a soft grey wrap that complemented her dress perfectly. Sabeen ran her fingers over it and hugged him. She let him settle it over her shoulders before sashaying out the door feeling very tigerish.


Poppy had had a large park on the edge of the forest decked out in fairy lights. It looked stunning, and there were a number of guests milling around and being shown to their seats.

Most of the wolves came to welcome them and have a chat before the ushers began seating people. Marcus and Sabeen were lead to the front row of seats to sit beside Poppy's mother, who they made polite small talk with.

Marcus had refused Jerry's offer to be his best man. It was traditional that the leader of the pack would take that position, with the head bitch standing as the maid of honour. Marcus preferred to allow his wolves to have their friends and family beside them on their wedding day.

Sabeen was beginning to get uneasy. The band was playing and there was plenty of chatter amongst both the humans and the wolves, but something didn't feel quite right. The hairs on the back of her neck were standing up, but as far as she could tell there was no reason for it.

"Marcus.." Sabeen started.

"I know. Just relax. Nothings going to happen until after 11." Marcus murmured.

Theo and Ange arrived, and were seated on the opposite side to Marcus and Sabeen, and a few rows back. They were both welcomed by a large number of the pack and a fair few of them seated themselves on Theo's side of the aisle. Looking around Sabeen realized that Marcus's supporters were all sitting on their side.

She raised an eyebrow at Finn Rob and Bucky who were all seated just behind Marcus and her. Finn winked and Rob indicated that the ceremony was about to start.

The last of the guests took their seats, and the music dimmed. Jerry and his groomsmen all emerged from the woods and then after a few beats the wedding song started up and Poppy and her bridesmaids emerged from another section of forest accompanied by her father.


The ceremony had been a pretty traditional one, and Sabeen had been bored silly. She really didn't get the whole marriage thing. A lifemate was a lifemate, why bother with a silly human tradition just for the sake of 'fitting in'

Marcus had grabbed one of her hands when she had begun to fidget, and kept her spellbound until the end by tracing patterns and pictures onto the palm of her hand.

There were speeches and then the bride and groom had their first dance. Marcus raised an eyebrow at her and asked her to dance. After a little hesitation she slipped her hand into his, and they joined the couple on the soft patch of grass that had been designated as the dance floor.

As leader of the pack it was traditional for him to join them first on the dance floor, and it was his one bow to the Shifter traditions within the wedding. Sabeen was a little stiff in his arms as he lead her out, and so he figured that she probably hadn't waltzed before.

Positioning himself in front of her he eased her through the first couple of steps gracefully, and kept up a quiet commentary in her ear.

"You're doing great, just relax into me and let me lead."

Sabeen listened to him and relaxed into his body. Marcus was an excellent dancer and was probably making her look like a pro. It was unsettling to have as many eyes on her as she did, but the soft rumble of Marcus's voice in her ears went a long way to making her forget.

The pack stood back out of respect before slowly filtering onto the dance floor. Sabeen didn't miss the significance when Rob extended his arm to Bucky. It was more than friendship and Sabeen couldn't have been more happy for her two friends.


At eleven the last of the humans were just leaving the park, and the last of the wolves were discretely disappearing into the forest. Sabeen and Marcus disrobed and placed their belongings into a plastic case with Finn, Bucky and Rob.

The case was put in a pile marked to be delivered to Marcus's house the next day and they all fanned out to change in privacy.

Sabeen didn't wander far from Marcus, feeling the tension in the air. She was first changed, and was scouting the surrounding areas and mapping out where each of the wolves were when Marcus and the others emerged from the shrub.

Marcus's supporters all made a point of sticking close to the group as they assembled. Theo and Ange arrived with a much bigger group that stuck close to them, and in the middle of the groups were some confused wolves that didn't quite realize what was happening.

Marcus lead the pack at breakneck speed to a clearing they all knew well, deep into the forest. The pack was excited to be running together again and even through the tension the wolves howled at the moon, and yipped their joy to be running together.

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