tagNonHumanA Centaur's Love Ch. 04

A Centaur's Love Ch. 04


Author's Note: Keep your emails and comments coming - I love to hear what you think! Here's the next in Callum's story and I just have to say that these mythical creatures have become easier to write; I had entertained the idea for a long time now and since I couldn't find any on this site to satisfy my imagination about centaurs, I wrote these storylines. Thanks for beng patient and remember to vote!


Callum's heart pounded inside his chest, blood rushed through his veins. It's been so long since he'd had a woman. Lila was soft and warm in his arms. And willing.

He cupped the back of her head and gentled his kiss. He desperately sought reason, to will his body to control. She was so small, he told himself. She said she didn't want to stay here. If he took her...

Callum managed to pull away, though his hands remained on her.

"Lila, you are not ready." He said hoarsely. "I shouldn't be kissing you."

She covered his hand with hers. "I am ready, Callum. I want you."

He shook his head. "No...no, you think you do. It was the ceremony. It does that to people. It draws out their desires..." He groaned, closing his eyes in pleasurable agony when she let her hands roam over his chest, caressing downward until she took his erection into her small hands. He nearly pushed her away. By the gods, he was going to explode. Her soft touch was enough to unravel him.

"Lila, look at me." He cupped her face, urging her heavy-lidded eyes to meet his. "It is the ceremony. In the morn..." His breath hitched when her hands returned to his cock, imitating what she saw earlier, squeezing him from the base to the swollen head. "Gods, Lila, that feels good."

"I want you to make love to me." She whispered boldly. Keeping one hand on his member, she used the other to slowly unbutton the front of her dress, pulling open the neckline. "Callum, I need you."

His hands moved of their own accord. He pushed her hands away and undid the rest of her dress, sliding it off her body. His nostrils flared as he eyed her possessively. Her breasts, full and pink-tipped filled his palms, her nipples straining against his calloused hands. There was a light dip where her bellybutton was, and his gaze caught the triangle of soft dark hair. She was beautiful and his heart tightened as he touched her.

Lila's lips tugged into a smile as she felt Callum's facial hair tickle her neck. He took his time now, warming her skin with his mouth and hands. She in turn touched him, her hands molding over the muscles that made up his shoulders and arms, alternating between kneading and running her fingers lightly over his chest and stomach until he was panting.

She fearlessly spread her legs when she felt him touch her there. She moaned when she felt his finger slip into her wet folds.

Callum could feel her hymen resisting his finger. She was too small for him and the last thing he wanted was to cause her pain.

"It is going to hurt, Lila." He warned gently, nibbling on her lower lip. She shook her head.

"I don't care."

Her determination made his cock twitch.

"I will go slow."

He angled his head to kiss her deeply and slowly added another finger with the first. Her inner muscles clenched around him. With the palm of his hand, he rubbed against her clit. Lila trembled in his arms.

She was so wet for him. Callum concentrated on her pleasure, felt her press closely against him. With three fingers in her now, he quickened his pace.

"Does this feel good?"

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh!" His thumb pressed lightly on her clit and he felt her fingers dig into his arms.

"Spread your legs" His husky voice was like a spell over her. She did as he said and he lifted her until her legs wrapped around him. He positioned her above his staff and rubbed the swollen head along her slit.

Their eyes locked together.

"Guide me into you" He whispered against her lips. Without breaking their gaze, Lila held his cock as he slid into her. She gasped in wonderment. She'd never felt so stretched before and the heat of him inside of her made her moan.

Callum felt the head of his cock come upon her hymen. He held her firmly, letting her adjust to him.

"Lila," He breathed her name and kissed her hard as he slid all the way to the hilt, muffling her cry. "It's done. There will be no more pain."

He pulled out until only the head of him remained inside of her and she braced herself, but felt no more pain as he pushed back in. Lila began to move her hips with him, trusting her instincts.

"A-Am I doing this right?" She asked shyly. Callum groaned.

"Aye, Lila" He closed his eyes briefly as her inner muscles tightened heavenly around his staff. "Gods," He wrapped his arm around her, lifting her over him as he began to move faster. "That's it, ah, you feel so good, Lila."

Lila arched her back so she could take him deeper. Their mouths met in hot kisses, breathing in each other's moans as he worked his staff deep within her hot, wet sheath. Then she felt the first spasms. It slowly built into a crescendo and then, out of nowhere, she cried out and dug her nails into his back.

Callum watched as her climax darkened her eyes, her gaze never breaking from his. The rippling of her inner muscles caused his cock to swell and he let go. He cried out her name as he shuddered, each spurt of his seed into her womb more powerful than the last. He grunted, feeling her body grow lax in his arms. "Lila..."

His mind was numb. Nothing mattered but this very moment, their bodies slicked with sweat, their hearts pounding. Never had he felt an orgasm as intense as this one. He settled them both on the bed on the floor, still holding her tightly. He allowed his eyes to close, feeling the exhaustion seep into his body.

Here, in this moment with Lila in his arms, he was content. There were no shadows haunting him, no dark memories. Only Lila mattered, her breathing now growing steady and quiet, the smell of her. The knowledge of his musk clinging to her body made him proud. When he glanced at her inner thighs, he saw her virginal blood mixed with his come. Lila was his.

It was the last clear thought he had before he fell into a deep dreamless sleep.


Without glancing outside, Callum already knew it was midmorning. His stomach growled with hunger, but it was Lila's arm draped over his arm that gave him a start. His eyes trailed down the arm to the enchantress with her dark brown hair spread all over her pillow, her bow-shaped mouth swollen from his kisses. Memories flashed before him.

"By the gods," He extracted himself from her. She was naked beneath the furs and shifted in her sleep. As he stood up, Lila suddenly woke. She looked up at him sleepily and a slow smile appeared on her lips. He stared at her in horror.

"Good morn, Callum." She said, her voice husky from sleep. "Will you not stay in bed a little longer?"

Callum raked his hand through his hair. "I shouldn't have touched you."

Lila's smile faded. "I thought it was what you wanted as well." She watched him shake his head, muttering under his breath, glancing away only to suddenly stare at her with his dark eyes. The haunted look had returned.

"What's wrong, Callum? Will you not tell me?"

"I shouldn't have taken you to the ceremony."

"I wanted to go. Last night, it wasn't because of what I saw. I wanted you. I want you still." She sat up, holding the furs over her bare breasts.

"Lust," he murmured, shaking his head again. "You will change your mind. You don't want me."

He'd taken her virginity. No centaur would take her knowing she was no longer a maiden. She was going to hate him, hate him for forcing her to this life. She was going to hate him for –

"By the gods, you could be with child." The horror hit him. He stared at her, swearing out loud.

He saw her hand cover her stomach. Lila lifted her chin. "I hope I do carry your child."

That comment pushed him over the edge. "No." He said harshly.

"Lila, you won't want..." He swallowed. The old pain, the agony of losing Antony washed over him. He didn't want Lila to be unhappy, to see her driven to disgust by him, by a child resembling its father. "I..." He was at a loss for words. His hands shook, so he forced them into fists.

She stood up to go to him, tears misting her eyes. He backed away.

"I want to bear your children, Callum."


Callum refused to retreat into hopeful dreams. He worked at the forge, enjoying the burning of his muscles, for it drew his thoughts away from Lila.

"I want to bear your children." She said.

He shook his head. No woman had ever said that to him. Katerina had only reluctantly become pregnancy because Callum desired a son. But after the birth, she said the pain was too much. With a strong, healthy son, Callum had accepted this, though he had longed for a large brood of his own.

Corwin sent his a questioning look. Callum knew his foul mood was obvious and could care less. He bothered no one and kept to himself.

"I watched you with Lila last evening." Corwin said after a long moment.

"Your point?" Callum asked, without looking up.

"Is she your woman now?"

"I told you to stay away from her."

When Callum glanced sideways, he saw Corwin frown. "I knew you could not stay away from her long."

Gods, had everyone seen them last evening? He hadn't considered this.

Callum walked away and went to grab a tool hanging from one of the beams. Corwin, much to his irritation, followed.

"Will there be a ceremony?"

"I do not like your interest in my life, Corwin."

"I just wish to know if she will be yours. Many of the centaurs have spoken and agree to overlook her lack of...innocence. We all desire to see her settled as a mate to one of us."

Callum felt anger rise, anger and regret. He turned so his face was concealed. "You cannot have her. She's my woman."

There was a long silence that followed this announcement. Corwin moved restless behind him.

"Then the centaurs must be informed."


Lila, determined to show Callum that she would make him a good mate, left his food warm. He showed no sign of returning last evening to his longhouse, nor did he show himself the next morning.

Wrapped in her coat, she went to visit with Rose, who rarely was seen outside due to her advanced pregnancy.

Rose gratefully accepted a steaming cup of tea. "I hope this child comes soon. It is so hard to move around now."

"I heard Thayer desires a daughter. Would that be possible?"

Rose rolled her eyes. "Thayer thinks himself clever in all things. But he does not carry this child. He couldn't possibly think it a girl when I know it is a boy."

The debate between the couple amused Lila and she smiled.

"He must be very excited to have this child."

Rose smiled now, her expression so full of love. "He is. Every night, he talks to the child. I must admit, though, it will be strange to birth a colt. Do they walk soon after the birthing? How soon do they start to talk? I know things about raising a human child, but a centaur? I am at a loss."

"You will enjoy every moment of this confusion, though."

"I will." Rose agreed. "And how are you doing with Callum?"

Lila looked down at her tea. "He didn't return home last night."

"Why not?"

Lila hesitated. But since Rose had explained her own life beginning here, Lila felt she was the one person she could talk to about this. "He regrets...he wishes he didn't touch me."

After a moment, understanding dawned on Rose. "Did he say as much?"

Lila shook her head. "He kept saying that I would regret him and what we've done. He fears I might carry his child and I wish for nothing more than to bear his sons! Callum is so stubborn. I want to be here, but he cannot see past his pain. I do not blame him for it, but I just wish he could see I want to make him happy."

"Tell him." Rose said simply, then she suddenly winced.

"Is something wrong?"

He hand went to her stomach and she put the cup down. "Some slight pain." She winced again and doubled over. "I-I think it is the babe."

Lila's eyes widened. "Should I go get someone?" Alarmed at the telling pain on Rose's face, she quickly stood up, ready to run out and call for help.

"Yes, get Laura. She will know what to do. And Thayer."


The pain was excruciating. Only hours before, she was lifted gently onto the made bed, swathed in new, clean sheets. Thayer stood beside her holding her hand and encouraging her. Laura supervised the birthing as the local midwife prepared for the child to come.

"This hurts!" Rose said, muffling her own cry of pain.

Thayer touched her cheek soothingly. "Bear it a little longer, my love. Just until our daughter arrives."

"Son! It will be a son! A human babe could not hurt so much! So it must be a son!" She doubled over, squeezing onto her mate's hand.

"A human daughter will cause just as much pain."

She squeezed her mate's hand with all her might, both from pain and as punishment. But he seemed undeterred by her forceful clutch. "You arrogant centaur! You should be agreeing with me while I lay here in pain. Yet you disagree with me still."

Thayer chuckled good-naturedly. Lila stood on the side, hoping she could be of some help. She could only stare wide-eyed at what was before her. Was childbirth this painful?

"I see the child's head." Announced the midwife. "Push, Rose. You are closer."

"Push, my love." Thayer murmured close to her ear. "Bring our child into the world." He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, anchoring her and supporting her weight as she closed her eyes and pushed.

"That's it." The midwife nodded. "Come now, a bit harder."

"Oh! Not again!"

"Soon, my Rose. Just once more."

Lila held her breath, and so did Laura. Rose let out a painful cry and then slumped back into Thayer's arms. The midwife laughed in delight as the child slid into the clean blanket, filling the room with a healthy, loud cry.

"Thank you, my Rose." Thayer placed a warm kiss to his mate's damp forehead. "I love you."

She looked up, exhausted. "Is it healthy? Is it a boy or girl?"

To be continued...

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