tagNonHumanA Centaur's Love Ch. 06

A Centaur's Love Ch. 06


Thayer was utterly fascinated with his daughter, Sonja. Tiny, pink-cheeked and lively, she stared up at her father with wide curious eyes.

Her tuft of hair resembled the shade of her father. Daughters of centaurs, it was said, shared little resemblance to their fathers when they were first born. But it was in their later years, when they start to develop into young women, do their gifts reveal themselves. Some have gifts in healing, acute hearing, others in the hunt.

He kissed Sonja and covered her warmly with a blanket. He looked forward to the day Sonja's own gift would be discovered.

Beside their daughter, mother slept peacefully. Exhausted from the birthing, Thayer let Rose continue to sleep through the day.

He could hardly believe that only yesterday, little Sonja was still in her mother's belly. Then he smiled. He remembered his wager. He looked forward to that, as well.


That same day, Callum sought out Polonius. He politely refused the tea Katherine offered and chose to go straight to the point.

"Lila will be my mate."

"We wondered when you would come to your senses, Callum." Katherina laughed. Polonius nodded in approval.

"The maiden is worthy and you have my blessing, Callum. Why did you not bring her here with you?"

"She is visiting with Laura, since it is close to her time."

"May we expect the ceremony in three days time?"

"Aye, Polonius."

The Elder came forth and rested a hand on Callum's shoulder. "We know of your tragic past and like all tragedy, it must be treated with patience. Accepted, the pain eventually fades. But I have watched you keep it deep within, denying comfort of others."

Callum swallowed. "It was my pain to bear alone."

"Aye, but you must remember that with your new mate, you are no longer alone."

Callum nodded. He knew this and the thought lightened his heart.

"She will help you heal."

Those very words stuck with him for the rest of the day. He went to Thayer first, though hating to tear him away from his new daughter. But his older brother was delighted in participating in the construction of Callum's mating bed. As brothers and cousin began, Laura was kind enough to prepare Lila.


Soren worked diligently. His skill with the wood was almost as good as Callum's. Almost.

Thayer had always been the leader, the motivator. Callum possessed talents with woodwork and iron. Soren was the hunter. Like all centaurs, he knew these trees better than any human could. But his hearing was sharper than other centaurs, and his aim with the arrow more true. In the camp, he was called a provider.

It had been on one of these hunting trips when he came upon her. He'd gone farther than he planned, through the pass between hills. It was a tiny one-room home, built of logs and thatch.

It struck him as odd that it stood alone. It was more usual for families to live close to others. Those who braved the world living in the middle of nowhere asked for trouble.

Curious, Soren watched. The habitants were only a woman and child. No husband was in sight. He knew, for he went back again -- twice -- and saw no male protecting them. Had the man died?

The woman was a beauty. Her flowing hair was the color of flames. The child walked awkwardly, an indication that it just learned to do so. Was it her child? Or a sibling? Her child, he guessed. Her coat was thick and shapeless, but he could imagine those hips were nicely rounded from carrying a child.

"I see Soren now longs for a woman of his own." Xavier chuckled.

Soren looked up from his thoughts. With him were centaurs already mated.

"Have a maiden in mind, young one?" Thayer asked, lifting one wooden board into place.

"Perhaps." The red-haired beauty sprung to mind.

"Kidnap her, then!" Xavier hammered in a nail, connecting the boards together. "Waiting serves no purpose."

Soren shrugged. No centaur had ever brought a woman who wasn't a maiden into the camp. This ensured no infectious human diseases to spread, but also it avoided the problem of any mature human children to give away their camp location. It was one thing to raise a babe from infancy, but to ask a full-grown child to adjust to Centaurian life? They could resent it and tell all to the first human they have contact with.

He had a feeling the woman he wanted was no maiden. Which made his feelings for her a problem.


"You don't need to be doing so much." Callum said upon entering. He found Lila hard at work, chopping things up for dinner. "Didn't Laura tell you brides are exempt from work until the ceremony?"

She smiled. "She'll need all the help she can get with the baby here now. And Rose isn't in any condition to provide food."

Laura had given birth just that morning to a healthy son.

"You've a kind soul, Lila." He came up behind her and she leaned back against him.

"Our own supper is almost done. But I want to get these two pots done so we can bring them to your family. Why not have Soren come eat with us? I would think he's feeling a bit lonely, and he's worked hard all day on our bed."

"I think he will mate soon."


"He has mentioned a woman. But the way he spoke of her, it seemed there are obstacles."

"Obstacles?" Lila looked up as she stirred the contents of the pot. "Is she too young, perhaps?"

"I hope to speak with him on it soon."


Callum had been right. For a couple about to mate for life, the cold made no difference. With her ceremonial robe tossed away, the cold night air surrounded her body. Her nipples tightened and strained for Callum's warm touch.

She leaned back with her legs spread as he came toward her, his cock already standing tall. Their breath came out in puffs; drums beat steadily outside the tent. She reached for him first, exploring his hard body as if it were their first time. His muscles flexed under her soft hands, ones at his arms bunched as he wrapped them around her slender body.

As they kissed, they took their time to tease. His hands started a trail from her breasts to her back, downward to her smooth bottom. With her full breasts pressed against his chest, his hands went lower, kneading her thighs and rear, spreading her cheeks. With each caress, his hands drew closer to her wet, waiting slit.

Her breath hitched in anticipation. She waited, but he drove her mad with wanting when he didn't touch her there. Instead, his fingers were getting dangerously close to her other hole. It was erotic and new. She jumped a bit when she felt his fingers run over her anus and pressed gently.

"Perhaps later, my love." His words held promise, his fingers massaging at her bottom until he finally -- finally -- touched her pussy.

Two fingers slid in easily, her hot walls closing around his digits. Her readiness covered his hand as he pushed his fingers in and out steadily. He took her nipples into his mouth one at a time, enjoyed the way Lila threw her head back.

She came on his hand, letting out a soft cry only he could hear. His lips curved and he caught her open mouth with his. Then he turned her so she was on hands and knees.

Panting, Lila turned her head, her eyes glazed from her orgasm.

"Callum, now. I need you." She urged, arching her bottom at his straining staff. He moved closer and spread those pale globes, pushing her legs as far apart as possible. He leaned over her. She whimpered loudly when the swollen head of his cock rubbed the length of her wet opening, mixing his pre-cum with her essence. She shuddered, she waited.

"I'm going to take you like a filly." He said huskily. "No gentleness." There was warning in his voice.

Not a moment later, he slammed into her. Callum didn't stop to savor her tightness, but plunged into her fast and hard. He grasped her hips to him and moved relentlessly. His grunts were primitive. Pleasure shot through her in unbearable waves. She buried her head into the sheets, fisting them into her hands, seeking balance.

She cried out; Callum straightened his back and angled his thrusts differently. When she dared to turn her head again, she saw a wild look in his faintly glowing eyes. Nostrils flared, his face tense with satisfaction and concentration. All at once, she came again and would have fallen weakly to the bed, if Callum hadn't held her in place.

"Come for me again, filly." He whispered, leaning over her so their sweaty bodies rubbed together. His hot breath on her neck made her shiver.

"Come inside me, Callum. Give me your child."

She learned to flex her own inner muscles. She did so now, and he grunted at the tautness around his cock. She was so tired, yet the hunger to ride over the edge of this passion was too strong.

Her cries and moan grew louder. Then she felt Callum's hand close over her pussy and flick at her clit.

"Come for me, filly. Let me feel you come." She felt his muscles tighten, his fingers press down on her engorged clit. Lila shuddered in climax. He let out a breath and shot his seed into her. "Ah, Lila..."

He remained inside of her for a long while, his hot breath blowing in her ear. He slipped out of her and watched with satisfaction when his come slid down her wet thighs.

Lila. His mate. Pride and possessiveness filled him. He reached over to catch the come with his fingers and plunged them into his mate's sensitive pussy.

"No more." Lila whispered. But her muscles quivered around him. Their mixed come was still warm; he used it to tease her clit again. He kissed her shoulder, this time with gentleness. "You'll come for me once more, Lila."

Her flesh was sensitive and she did, this one quick, but still powerful.

Lila's entire body felt like she was on fire. The tent smelled of their lovemaking. She turned to lie on her back, looking up at her mate and she smiled.

"I want our first child to be a son."

He kissed her. "I love you."

He lifted her into his arms after she slipped on her robe.

"You can call me filly sometimes." She whispered. "I like it when you do."

He couldn't wait to take her on the bed again. Their bed. And he couldn't wait to see her give birth to their babe. "Let us go bathe now."

"But...it's so cold out!" She exclaimed. She blushed as they emerged from the tent. His brothers and cousin passed them, ready to remove the bed to their longhouse. Callum's dry laugh followed.

"Don't worry, filly. I will keep you warm."


A week passed, then another. Snow was melting, as early signs of spring started to show. Thayer delighted in his new daughter, enjoying the perplexity of raising a human child for the first time. What still bemused him was that Sonja was so tiny.

He carried her out for a walk. Sonja made gurgling noises, enjoying the security of her father's arms.


He turned to the voice that called to him. Several centaurs came forward. Callum was just joining them when one spoke.

"A man was spotted ten miles from here. He travels with a companion."

Thayer frowned. "Ten miles? That is close."

Even slavers, with their large numbers did not venture so deeply into Centaurian land. "Which direction?"

"Just below the mountains in the west."


"Two. They carry little with them."

They weren't migrating then. Thayer eliminated the possibility they were traders, too.

"What do they look like?" The question came from Callum, whose face hardened with suspicion.

"One is prosperous, the other looks to be his servant. The one with the fancy clothes has blond hair, but we couldn't see their faces. I do know they do not hail from the surrounding villages or towns. They bring with them weapons."

"My mate spoke of a former betrothal to a man who believes in beating women. There is a possibility he searches for her. He has done so before."

Callum assessed the information he'd just been told. If his suspicions were correct, it would be Henry. The beast that dared touch her. His hands clenched into fists.

"I did not think the man fool enough to seek her out again."

"The Elders must be informed." Spoke one centaur.

"I want the man hunted and brought here." Callum's harsh voice reflected his fury. Thayer turned to his brother.

"I doubt Polonius would deny you this." That night, Callum brought up Henry while they ate. Lila's spoon paused in midair when she heard his name.

"Is he close?"

"Less than ten miles by now, to the west." He caught the flicker of fear in her eyes and touched her cheek. "I'm here to protect you, Lila."

She smiled. "I know. It was just habit, I guess. I wanted to run from him for so long."

"Before dawn, a few of us will hunt him. I told Polonius of his threat to our camp, so he wishes the man brought here."

"But he is only one man."

"We do not want to risk our camp's discovery. His location is a threat to our people and to you."

She nodded. "Do what you must. But I don't wish to be found alone with him."

"You have my word on it."


As centaurs, they tracked the humans easily, for not only did that not hide their tracks, but also, even if they tried, humans were never really adept at it.

Broken tree branches and flattened leaves led the centaurs to a small hill in the wood, to a clearing. A small fire was built and two figures slept on blankets. It was also easy to tell which was the servant. The man's blankets were thin and frayed at the edges. He was the first to wake, shifting restlessly in his makeshift bed.

The man sat up, straining to hear something he wasn't quite sure if he heard. Callum watched from the shadows in the trees and signaled to his brother, who stood thirty feet away.

"Mr. Henry, sir," the servant called.

"What?" Came the loud bark. "Will you go to sleep? We have an early start tomorrow."

"There's something out there."

"Of course, there is. We're outdoors."

"Something is watching us." Came a more specific complaint.

Callum watched Henry sit up. "If I knew you had such an active imagination, I wouldn't have brought you."

"There!" At a loud cracking sound in the shadows, the servant jumped. Callum tossed the broken branch and watched the servant jump, yet again. This was sort of amusing, he thought. Humans scared so easily. A crunching sound across from where Callum stood made both men whip their heads around. "Something is out there."

"Show yourself!" Henry shouted, grabbing his blade. He stood up, took up an attack stance. His servant did the same, though he was less intelligent and instead, lifted a small lamp he lit.

"You coward!" Henry searched the trees. "Show yourself to me now!"

"Mr. Henry, sir, I think it's an animal."

"Good, fresh meat." Henry bared his teeth when he heard another cracking noise. "Bastards! Show -- "

"Help, sir!"

Henry spun around and saw a giant centaur grab his servant, Alfie's neck, holding the man up until his feet dangled and danced in the air. He watched, shocked. Behind him came a sound and he spun around again.

Callum's face was the last thing he saw before everything went black.

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