tagIncest/TabooA Chance Encounter With Ben's Aunt

A Chance Encounter With Ben's Aunt


A chance encounter with Ben's aunt leads to some late night fun!!!

Ben was in the kitchen, finishing his nightly chores of washing the dishes, when his mom walked into the room. Janet was in her late 30's, and was in spectacular shape, sporting an hourglass figure with shoulder length auburn hair, brown eyes, a golden brown tan and sensual thick lips. She had beautiful large breasts, a firm tight round ass molded on a 5' 5" frame and worked out constantly to keep her body toned to offset the effects of getting older. She had married his father when she was 19 and Ben was born a year later, on their anniversary.

"Hi kiddo, hurry up and finish those dishes cause your aunt Cindy is coming over in a little bit." She smiled and walked over to the sink, where he was on the last plate.

"Okay, mom. When did she get back home?" He asked.

"A few hours ago. I just got off the phone with her."

"Oh, I didn't hear the phone ring." He couldn't believe he hadn't heard the phone but he was in his own little world while he washing the dishes, thinking about work and his relationship with his girlfriend, that was slowly falling by the wayside.

Ben was 19 and 6' 3" and had brown hair and baby blue eyes. His muscles were like that of a bodybuilder from playing football in High School. His father, Joe, wasn't even 6 feet tall and neither were any of his grandparents. Ben just thought of himself as very lucky to turn out as tall as he did.

Ben's aunt had gone to Canada for a few days, with her boyfriend of one year, to visit his family. She had been looking forward to getting out of Oklahoma for a while and to her it was like going on an adventure. Her previous husband never ventured far from home and she enjoyed how Barry was so out going.

"Joe," His mom called out.

"Yeah honey?" His father's deep, almost animal-like voice answered from the living room.

"Are you gonna stay up for a little longer before heading off to bed, so we can visit with my sister, when she gets here?"

"It's 9:05 now, what time will she get here cause 4:30 comes early?" He asked. Joe was a lead maintenance man for a plant in town and he had to start work every morning at six. It wasn't the greatest job in the world, and he usually put in more than 50+ hours a week but it was good money and that is what counted.

"She said she would be here by 9:30." She answered with delight. Aunt Cindy was always punctual and hated being late.

"I can stay up for another hour." He replied.

"Great baby, I'm gonna come sit in there with you in a minute."

"I'm so happy that your aunt has finally met someone who is more on the same wavelength as her because she had been so down in the dumps with your uncle for years and I hated seeing her so sad." His mom looked at him, her face reflecting the content and joy that was in her heart for her sister. "Well I'm headed for the living room to watch another one of those cop shows with your father, that he is so into." She laughed and disappeared into the living room.

Ben bounded up the stairs for his room, and sat down on his bed, grabbed the remote to his stereo, turned it on and listened to a rock station. One of his favorite songs from Limp Bizkit was playing and he laid back on his bed, letting his mind wander about his aunt Cindy. He had always had a crush on her since his early teens, when boys' thoughts start to turn to sex and their hormones are like uncontrollable caged animals.

In Ben's opinion his aunt was so sexy, even though she was very petite, with small breasts and a small ass that was still shapely. The similarities between his aunt and mother were few and far between. They were the same height, took care of themselves religiously and were both very energetic but everything else about them was contrasted. While his mom was tanned, she was creamy white, almost pale in complexion and unlike his mom, she was very skinny. Aunt Cindy had small tits, b-cup at the best and a small ass, while his mom's breasts were large c-cups and she had a curvaceous butt. Cindy was 43 and his mom was just 39. Besides her flaming red hair, his aunt's personality was also vastly different from his mothers. His mother was devoted to her husband and the words wild and uninhibited weren't even in her dictionary, unless it came to his father. On the other hand, Cindy's personality had no restraints and she came off too many as very slutty acting, except in the eyes of his mother.

This very trait of his aunt is what attracted Ben to her and gave him many hard-ons in the past and many awesome fantasies that led to great sessions of jacking off. He knew it wasn't just his uncle Frank's fault for their marriage crashing down around them. Ben had heard many rumors from other family members that aunt Cindy had been sleeping with other men but his mom denied believing in what she called "A bunch of bullshit."

Ben was already being sucked into another fantasy of him and his aunt, when his mom snapped him out of it.

"Ben your aunt is here!" At first her voice seemed distant, almost inaudible. "Ben, did you hear me?"

"Be down in a minute." He yelled back. When Ben stood up, he noticed his cock was semi-hard from imagining himself pounding his aunts' pussy. He took a deep breath, and brought himself back to reality and headed slowly down stairs, his penis becoming more flaccid with each step he made.

When he reached the bottom, he was immediately met by his aunts' outstretched arms and she embraced him in a hug, crushing her small dainty frame against his large muscular one. The heat that ebbed from her body filled up every ounce of his very being, magically traveling its way downward to his loins, igniting his young hormones, sending them into overdrive, and the sweet smell of her perfume waffled his senses . If she hadn't broke the hug, he thought for sure he was going to get another erection right there.

"Hey handsome, how's my favorite nephew?!" Her voice was like electricity in the air and his body was the conductor that it traveled through. "I missed you. Come on follow me."

He followed her, his eyes glued to her black jeans that were so tight that you could bounce a quarter off her firm little ass. She wore a loose black t-shirt to match. She led him into the living room, where his parents resided. He noticed the tv was off but no Barry.

"Where's Barry, aunt Cindy?" He asked, his eyes searching the immediate area of the house that surrounded him. Wherever Cindy was, Barry was usually nearby, like a kid and his puppy.

"He was to pooped to come with me after all the driving." With that statement, Ben knew that despite Barry being 13 years younger than Cindy, he still couldn't keep up with her limitless energy.

They sat beside each other on the love seat, across from his parents, who sat on the couch. She sat close to him, so close he could hear her breathing. He still couldn't believe how close she was to him and once again his dick was feeling the affects of the entire situation. He glanced over at his mom and dad and they're expressions didn't convey any suspiciousness.

All four of them sat for over an hour, talking about her trip to Canada and everything that happened on the home front while she was gone. Ben could see in her eyes and hear in her voice, that she enjoyed being with Barry.

"Well, it's nearly 11:00 and it's time for me to go to dreamland because unfortunately 4:30 comes way to early." His dad said in a drowsy lifeless voice. "I'm glad you had a great time Cindy and you be careful going home."

"Thanks Joe and you get some shut eye." She said to him as he got up from the couch kissing Ben's mother, and they exchanged hugs and goodnights to each other, then he walked out of the room.

Until nearly midnight they all three talked more, and then Ben's aunt broke the conversation by saying she better hit the road and get home because she to, was getting tired

"Sis you have a safe trip home and give me a ring tomorrow, okay." Janet said. " I think I'll turn in myself."

"You'll hear from me in the morning, little sis." Cindy loved calling Janet, little sis.

"Love ya, sis." Ben's mother said, hugging her tightly.

"Love you to, little sis." Cindy reciprocated the warm affectionate words.

"Hey handsome, why don't you walk me to my car?" Ben's aunt said to him, from behind gleaming white teeth and beautiful red lips.

"Okay." Ben answered, smiling back at her, showing off his equally pearly white teeth.

"You two don't be out in this cool weather long." His mother said sternly, like she was mother to both of them.

"Oh, we'll be fine." Cindy said without a worry in the world.

Ben followed his aunt out into the cool October night, shutting the front door gently behind them. A wonderfully pleasant breeze was rustling through the trees, whipping the falling leaves about playfully and the stars shone bright, like candles, millions of miles away. The cool breeze felt like tiny needles, pricking both their bodies and when his aunt turned to face him he couldn't help but notice her erect nipples under her t-shirt. It was then he realized, that she wasn't wearing a bra. He desperately hoped that she hadn't noticed his leering stare on her tits.

"Wish I had brought my coat with me, buddy." He heard her words splitting the silence in half, like a sharp knife cleaving a piece of paper.

Finally he spoke. "Look at me, I have shorts on."

"Yeah, I bet all three of your legs are getting cold." She giggled and looked down at his legs and crotch, then back at his shocked face.

"Huh," was all he could say.

"Oh, relax Ben. Let's go sit in my car."

"Okay." Ben managed to say, in a crackling, raspy voice.

They walked over to her mustang, and she unlocked the doors with the keyless remote and they hopped in, closing the doors behind them. He liked her canary yellow mustang and had always wanted to take it out for a spin since he first laid eyes on it. She put the key in the ignition, and cranked the car and turned on the heat.

"There, that should warm us up... a little that is." She spoke in a devilish voice, that was only matched by her beaming, impish smile.

"So, how are things with you and your girlfriend, Amy?" She looked at him, grinning and rested her hand on his.

He took a quick glimpse down at her hand, swallowed hard and began breathing harder. He felt his cock stir within the confines of his shorts and boxers. From where they were sitting, they couldn't be seen by anyone in the house, since her car was on the other side of his dad's truck.

"We're not doing so well. We had a fight about a week ago and she won't return any of my calls." Her hand was now slowly rubbing his hand and clutching his fingers. He felt the blood rushing more, and more into his hardening penis and it was already semi-erect. It ached to be released from its captivity.

"I'm sorry honey, a young, sexy guy like yourself has got to have feelings and needs." Her voice was really subtle and soft, as her delicate fingers were now massaging his leg just above his kneecap.

"I... I.... I sure do." He was going nuts from her deliberately naughty and aggressive style. He hadn't had a shortage of girls before Amy but most of them were just cheerleaders that he fucked since he was on the football team and a very popular player at that. So none of them were his girlfriends and when he got together with Amy it was different because he was committed to her.

His aunt's hand was now on the inside of his leg, very close to his now fully hard cock. The whole atmosphere inside the car, coupled with the heat, was almost to much for him to endure. They were both breathing heavily, and neither of them uttered a word, even as her hand slid closer and closer to his cock.

She stared directly at his cock, and with the help of the illumination of the stars outside, she could make out its silhouette and her mouth opened then she licked her strawberry red lips... the whole time his attention was dead set on her face. It was then she raised her eyes to meet his, her face screaming lust and he sensed it. He just couldn't believe that this whole episode was unraveling right before him. His engorged cock made it hard to think of anything, except ripping his aunt's clothes off and fucking her brains out. He couldn't remember the last time he was that horny.

"I want you now, Ben." Her hand reached its desired destination on the fabric that kept his cock prisoner from the outside world and she wrapped her fragile hand around its steely hardness. "Oh my god... it has to be at least 8 inches long." Her words were so shaky, that he almost wondered if she could go on with what she started. He was soon about to find out how insatiable her lust was.

She leaned over, and they had their second embrace of the night, only to be combined with a fiery kiss, their tongues meeting and swirling around, like a couple dazzling an audience with spellbinding moves on a dance floor. He grabbed her right breast with his hand finding the hard nipple beneath the thin material and caressed it with his thumb and index finger. She was moving her hand so furiously up and down on his shaft, that he thought he would explode in his shorts.

"Lift your hips up, sweetie." She watched as he did so, and in one swift cat-like motion she pulled both his shorts and boxers down to his knees letting his cock pop out, the pre cum on the tip glistening in the moonlight that emanated in the car. Then he quickly slid her t-shirt over her head, letting her tits fall out, into the open. He leaned over and started sucking on one of her nipples and then the other, while his hand massaged the one his mouth wasn't torturing with pleasure.

She pushed him back and dropped her head into his lap and started licking his cock from base to head, tasting his pre cum as her hands massaged his shaved balls. She took one in her mouth and sucked lightly on it, and then the other, then she assaulted his dick more, with her slithering tongue. Finally, looking up in his face she slowly eased her lips down and around his hardness. She moved her mouth up and down his shaft, savoring the male scent that flooded her nostrils.

Just when he was about to cum, she stopped, leaned back into her seat and with one fluid motion, lifted her hips in the air and pulled her pants off then she straddled him, shocking him yet again when he saw, she had no panties on.

"I want to feel your hard cock in my pussy!!!" She snarled at him and he just smiled.

"Fuck me now." He commanded and kissed her hard. "I want to feel your cunt wrapped around me."

With that she reached between them and grabbed his cock, lowering herself on him and he inched slowly into her. She was so wet and he could tell she shaved her pussy.

"OH MY GOD, YOU ARE FEELING ME UP!!!... PLEASE SLAM THAT HUGE, YOUNG COCK IN ME... PLEASE!!!" She moaned, and he shoved himself all the way in to the hilt, then started pumping into her, slow at first, then picking speed up, until he was eventually fucking her as hard as he could.

"Your cunt is so tight, and hot, aunt Cindy and better than Amy. Shit! You're better than any girl I've ever screwed." She was so tight, he was gritting his teeth together and her pussy was practically choking the life out of his cock, as she rode him into oblivious, forbidden pleasure. .

"Ahhhhh!!!! Ohhhh!!!!" She groaned, and then she screamed so loud he wondered if maybe she had woken up the entire neighborhood, as her orgasm rocked through her and she started shuddering.

A few seconds later, when she came back to reality, she gazed down into his eyes and said "Cum for me baby." With those words he did. The cum shot out of his dick and into her grasping love tunnel. He kept shooting ribbon after ribbon of semen in her greedy cunt, til he was completely emptied. His cock softened and slipped out of her wet hole. Both of their bodies were wet with sweat and the windows were fogged up from the lovemaking that just took place.

She rested herself against his chest and they kissed some more and he rubbed her shoulders tenderly. She played with his nipples and rubbed his flaccid cock as he hugged her snugly in his arms. They were both drained and after a few minutes their gasping faded away, slowly replaced by normal breathing.

"Honey, I better shove off before it gets too late." She started nibbling at his ear. "Can we do this again sometime?"

"Hell yes!!!" They both laughed at his words.

"I hope you don't look down on me because of what we did tonight... you know me being your aunt and all."

"No, not at all." Shaking his head, he kissed her red hair. "I love you, aunt Cindy!"

"I love you to, baby!"

With that, they got dressed in a hurry and stepped out of the car. The cold air took them by surprise and they shivered in response to it. For the last time they shared a passionate hug and kiss and without anymore words between them, she departed into the night . . .

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