tagBDSMA Chance Meeting

A Chance Meeting


And so it happened, before they knew it they were in each other's arms.

It was so innocent, a chance meeting.

Jo was in the queue to pay her daily takings from the sandwich shop, into her business account.

James was too old to remember pin numbers so wanted to draw out a little money to replace what he'd spent during the week.

She stood behind him and admired his neat hair cut. The way it was so squared no neck hair and a beautiful shade of grey. She could smell his aftershave, not spicy, but so addictive.

James had no idea who was behind him; his mind was on his lunch. He fancied fish and was deciding on exactly what he was going to order then it happened.

His debit card flew out of his hand and into the air, he threw up his hands over his head and as he turned to catch it he hit the young lady behind on her chest, the money and paying in book she was holding covered the bank floor.

Instinctively they both bent down to pick up the carnage and banged heads.

Jo fell forward onto the floor as James followed.

He put his hands forward and slapped Jo`s bum by accident as he reached for the floor.

The rest of the queue just moved around them to get served as James and Jo picked up all the debris.

James stepped back and let Jo take his turn then approached her.

James apologised profusely and Jo said "no worries and no one was harmed apart from the lovely slap i got on my bottom as you fell over."

"Can I at least buy you lunch?" he asked.

"That would be very kind" she said without even thinking.

James being the gentleman he was held out his arm and Jo instinctively hooked into him, "I know a small bistro overlooking the bay I like to use, Silvans, would that be ok with you?"

"Of course, wonderful thank you."

They walked linked up for about 10 minutes until reaching Silvans.

James held the door open as Jo walked past him and looked towards a window seat, James nodded.

They ate a mixture of Tapas with hot crusty bread washed down with a deep fruity Spanish red, or two, or more.

They spoke of their lives and eventually, led by James, got onto the accidental spank he had given her.

She had had a very sheltered upbringing in a girl's only boarding school.

It was strict, but just how strict she had nothing to compare it with.

James pumped her for information and drooled on her words.

How that if they were naughty they were spanked in front of the class.

Over 18 they were sent to Miss Robinson's room, she allowed them some privacy as she made them take off their panties only in her presence; they then either got her strap or the cane whilst bent over her high stool.

Then corner time with hands on head and no rubbing.

After the corner that would be held and cuddled whilst lectured and Miss would rub their bottoms gently.

They then were sent to matron who examined them, naked to make sure all was as it should be.

James still drooled and had lots to ask but words would not come out, he was dazzled, by her vivid accounts of childhood.

"So... "she said.

"Sorry I was day dreaming, bet you looked lovely over the stool," just came out of his mouth.

Jo blushed deeply, "bet my bum was as red as my face is now."

James took his chance, "I can assure you my dear, I could make it even deeper red," what had he to loose, it wasn't every day he would meet a stunning young lady who took great delight in explaining her schoolgirl punishment.

"Wow, I would love that Sir," she said without taking a breath, finished her wine, wiped her lips with the white serviette and stood up.

James went to his wallet to pay omg he had not replaced his cash in the bank, he quickly had a word with the owner who did not have a problem with him owing for the lunch, he was in most days anyway.

The view of the bay gave him inspiration, he was a writer.

He held out his arm again and together with a bottle of the Spanish red, courtesy of his new credit account, escorted Jo out of the Bistro.

"Would you care to escort me to my apartment kind Sir?"

"It would be my pleasure."

They walked and talked, and laughed and giggled, not just from the red wine they had drank but from the intoxicating rays of sunshine which followed their every step to Jo`s apartment door, remarkably only 2 blocks from his own home.

She unlocked the door and stood back whilst she beckoned James to go in first.

On entering James`s first thoughts were he was in a show house, nothing looked out of place, cushions set exactly in each corner of the large sofa, flowers arranged as neat as a painting, worktops clear and a shine on the hall floor he saw his reflection in.

Jo passed James the bottle opener and 2 glasses and he did the honours.

As he opened the bottle Jo went into the kitchen and brought out a high stool and placed it in the centre of the room.

She lifted her white cashmere jumper over her head and laid it on the floor. Unhooked her lace bra and laid it on top.

Unzipping her white jeans she stepped out of them, quickly followed by her silk thong.

Looking straight at James she walked over to him, took her wine and sipped it, standing naked in front of him.

He stood, took the glass from her hand and led her to the stool, he sat and draped Jo over his knee and began to spank her pure white bottom.

"Please Sir please, I`ll be good sir, please don't spank my bottom, I never meant to do it,"

James took on the theme, "little girls who misbehave get spanked, no ifs or buts."

He worked up and down the backs of her legs as she kept pleading, "Please Sir it was not me it was..."

"Stop" James spanked harder, "how dare you try and get someone else into trouble?"

Jo`s bottom was a lovely shade of red and he stopped.

He stood her up and she touched her bottom, James immediately slapped the tops of her legs and made her put her hands on her head.

He undid his belt buckle and pulled his belt through the loops.

He turned Jo round and fondled her young tits.

"This is what little girls like after a spanking" he touched her pussy, "when you have tasted my belt, I`ll use this too girl, now get over the stool."

Jo dripping wet by now draped herself over the stool and held on tight and rubbed her tiny clit on the seat top.

James brought his belt down pretty gently for his first few cuts, but the pain and pleasure was too much for Jo, she came and shrieked whilst cumming.

James whipped harder until she had taken 10 from his belt.

He stopped, "now girl get into the bedroom and stand in a corner, I`ll be in soon to finish you off, and no touching."

Jo arose and gingerly walked to the bedroom, and chose a corner.

James sat down and enjoyed his glass of red, he then stood and undressed, laying his clothes on top of Jo`s.

Nakedly he walked into her bedroom, "now little girl I have something for you,"

Jo turned her head and saw his nakedness and lowered her head.

"Come here," she was ordered, she did with haste, James cupped her tiny pussy and placed her hands on his cock.

He told her to rub Sirs cock stiff or she was back over the stool, she only needed telling once.

James fingered his little prize as she cum twice more over his hand; he then laid her on the bed and with his stiff cock fucked her to pleasure before he filled her with his own cum.

They lay together in each other's arms and drifted off to sleep.

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