tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Change in Jenny Ch. 02

A Change in Jenny Ch. 02


Her eyes grew wide as she realized what that meant, but I reinforced it with "That's right. Sometime before today is over and we get off the interstate, there is going to be at least one lucky trucker out there that will see you completely and totally naked."

Once more the uncertainty of it all could be seen in her eyes. There was a rapid and tumultuous sequence of emotions showing on her face as the full repercussions of it all funneled through her mind. The earlier thoughts of showing all her body re-emerged and now that she thought it might happen floored her a little. And it frightened her a little. She would be showing strangers her pussy. Men she didn't know and had never met would be seeing the one part of her body that was the most private of all. And she knew that deep inside, she wanted them to see it. Right now she wanted every man in the whole world to see her pussy. She finally gathered herself enough to say in a rather timid and halting voice "You mean I have to show my...my...".

"Say it."

"I have to show my pussy."

"Yes Jenny. You will be showing your pussy to strangers today." I slid my hand under her dress and slid a finger into her cunt. My other hand lifted the hem of the dress up, revealing her crotch to me.

"At the very least, there will be two strange men out there that will know what your pussy looks like. And at least one of them will see you totally and completely naked." She involuntarily and automatically spread her legs apart as I fondled her and I continued "He will see everything you have. And it will be with your legs spread open even more than you are now. Nothing will be hidden from him."

Her breath was a little more labored now as it all came down onto her and overwhelmed her. I added "It won't be all at once. We will work you up into it."

That seemed to ease her fears at least a little. Then I added, "But you have to dress the part sweetheart."

I took the keys out of the ignition and walked back to the trunk and opened it. Curious, she got out too. I noticed she had covered herself back up. Opening the suitcase, I found the dress she had brought with her but not worn. It was my favorite and I wanted her to wear it. I found it and a set of heels for her to wear with it. She brought the dress and shoes in case we needed to go out someplace for Thanksgiving dinner.

It was a cheap little dress, but it could not have worked better for her had it been custom made for her. It was on a black background with little dark reddish-orange flowers and tiny green stems. From a distance, the dress almost matched the auburn color of her hair. The front was held together with a set of six small buttons. It was just large enough to cover her without gapping between the buttons, but it fit her perfectly, just tight enough in the curves to show that she had them.

The neckline of this dress was a low, sweetheart neckline. When the top button was fastened, it showed just a little cleavage whether she wore a bra or not. Unbuttoned, and without a bra, anyone standing close to her would be able to look down and see everything on the top part of her torso, including both tits.

It had an empire waist and came down to them middle of her upper legs, showing them to their best advantage. With the heels on, I could not imagine how any man alive could not be in full rutting lust with her. I know I was.

With the bottom button fastened, she had to be careful sitting down because if she parted her legs any at all, her panties, if she was wearing any, could be seen. If she unfastened the bottom button, any time she stepped, the gap would expose her crotch. She knew I liked the dress so she would wear it for me. But she hated having to so carefully watch her actions. And she always wore a bra and underwear with it. Unless of course we were alone and she was really horny. It always got her laid.

I handed the dress and the shoes to her and she started to head back to the car. I stopped her and said "Right here."

She hesitated for a moment and I said "Stand right here" I said and pointed toward the lane of the interstate we had been driving on " and change right here."

She hesitated, seeing the group of trucks approaching the exit. I said to her harshly "Strip now" and she closed her eyes and pulled the sundress up over her head and off. She finished just in time for the first truck to catch a glimpse as she stood there naked, the dress in her hand. She shivered a little at the sound of the air horn honking his approval. I took the dress from her as the second truck approached the underpass, the driving, craning his neck to look up at her as he passed.

He had dropped his speed so I handed her the shoes and told her to put them on first. She did so as the second truck passed. Then I handed her the dress. She slipped it on and managed to cover herself up as she watched with shock and some fear as the third driver almost was able to slow down enough to make the off-ramp. But he had to continue. Had he a second of two more, he would have been able to see her there naked up close rather than from the length of a football field or more.

I knew she might actually balk at performing the action once it came down to actually doing it, so I decided to try to make her a little more willing to perform. It also would tend to cement this suddenly new aspect of our relationship in place. I led her, wearing only the heels, to the driver's side of the car. I sat down in the seat and started to feel her up some.

We were on the side of a smaller highway, so in the interest of discretion, I handed her the dress and had her put it on. But I did not let her button it. Instead, I had her stand there facing me holding the dress out and open. Nobody that passed during this whole time could actually see anything other than her legs below the dress as they passed, but I could see and then feel everything. For the next minute or so I fondled and felt her as she stood there, displayed for me and she knew that three or four cars passed during that time. Her face at the end was flushed bright red and she said later it was one of the most embarrassing and humiliating things she had ever done. And she loved it.

I then had her get in the passenger seat. She did have to walk around the front of the car with the dress unbuttoned and flapping open, but no cars passed us. I flipped up the center console and had her lay down on the bench with her head in my lap. I started the car and prepared to head out to the interstate. But just before I did so, pointed down the older highway about fifty yards and she gasped when she realized that there was a couple of guys in an old pickup parked in a field. She quickly realized that when she walked to the driver's side of the car and around the front of the car, they would have seen everything. Of course, they could see her while I was feeling her up also.

I then drove us away and soon we made our way back onto the interstate. It took us several minutes and miles to catch up to the trucks once more. During that time, I had her position herself so that we could play our little game with the truckers.

To start out, the bottom two buttons would be fastened. She would lay in the seat with her legs together to the side and the skirt of the dress pulled tight underneath her. That way, most of her legs, up to just below her crotch would be visible, but nothing above. The top is pulled together but not buttoned. The topmost fastened button would be right above her crotch. Anything from her navel and above could be displayed if the top of the dress was spread open.

I told her that she would wait for my instructions. She was not to think about that she was doing, just do what I told her to do when I told her to do it. She said ok. I could tell she was nervous and scared, but she was very horny now and she was also very excited.

So she wouldn't have time to think about it too much, I caressed her hair and cheek as we pulled up alongside the first truck. Her breathing was getting harder as she struggled with what she was about to do. This would be one the hardest things to do, giving that first deliberate flash. As we pulled up to the back of the cab of the truck, I could see the driver checking us in the mirror and looking back out of the window occasionally toward us. He definitely recognized the car and he had already seen her naked from a distance.

I reminded her that he was not seeing anything new now. He had already seen her naked, just from a distance. This time it will just be a little closer. Then, when I was sure he could see her lying in the seat I said "Jenny, I love you. Now just reach up and pull open the left side of your top."

She reached down and I guess the adrenalin was a little high because she almost jerked the first fastened button loose. The whole left side of her body, from just above her pubic bone upwards, was now exposed for this strange man to see. Her eyes were closed and I said "Jenny" and she looked up at me.

I just said "Look at him and make sure he is looking."

She balked a little, her eyes pleading. She didn't want to actually see him.

I repeated "Jenny, look at him and smile. Show him that it is ok for him to look at your tit." She sighed and then looked at him. I was amazed at how much redder she could blush. But she looked him in the eye.

"Now wave goodbye to him" and she did as I sped up and put him behind us. As we neared the next truck I told her that when she exposed herself, I wanted her to look them in the eye until I told her she could wave." She said "OK", clearly not enjoying that part, but she seemed to be enjoying the actual act of baring herself and letting these strangers see her private areas.

I had her close the dress back up and then told her that once we got up next to him, and she looked him in the eyes, she was to smile and show the right tit. And of course, he was waiting for it. It did not dawn on her that I had turned off the CB. So he and the other truck ahead knew she was flashing.

The lead truck of the three got to see both tits together. After the wave and we pulled ahead, I asked her if she wanted to catch other trucks, or did she want to treat those guys again. She just breathed an excited "Whatever".

I noticed that up ahead were another group of four trucks. I had a plan for all of them so I increased speed until I started to pull even with the back of the tail truck in the group. I adjusted my speed until I was only fast enough to slowly start pulling up to the cab of the truck. I told her to unfasten the bottom button and only leave the one just above her crotch buttoned. I reminded her that I would be giving her instructions and she was supposed to do exactly what I said. She once again said ok and we began to approach the cab.

I had made sure the passenger seat was laid back as far as possible. I had also adjusted the passenger side visor so that it was to the side, not blocking the view of the trucker, but with the vanity mirror tilted so that I could see her crotch. I saw her response as she made contact with him, knowing full well what he would be seeing. This was the absolute hardest act of exhibitionism for her to perform. And I was going to make sure she did it fully and completely.

Her legs were still curled up to the side and I told her to straighten them out. She couldn't quite get them fully straight, but it spread the dress open enough that I could see her crotch in the mirror. And I was sure he could now.

But all that was visible was the upper part of the pussy and the lips. Now was the time.

"Jenny, I want you to move your right leg as far toward the back of the car as you can." She obediently did it, breathing hard, and I could now see her whole pussy in the mirror, a little bit of the pink now showing as her cuntlips parted slightly. And she was wet for the excitement and humiliation.

"Now move your left leg as far forward as you can." Once more she did as she was told and now my wife's hot, wet sweet little pussy was wide open and bared for a complete stranger to look at. I could see it in the mirror, all wet shiny and spread open as wide as she could get it.

"Is he looking?" And not breaking eye contact with him she breathlessly said "Yes".

"So is he getting a good look at your pussy?"

She shuddered and said "Yes."

"Yes what?"

Her eyes darted to me and then she swallowed a little before she said "Yes he is getting a good look at my pussy."

"Do you like him looking at it?" And without thinking she said a quick "Yes."

I could see the fire in her eyes that showed she was excited and horny.

"Would you like to show your cunt to some other strangers?" And she said yes.

"Then wave goodbye to him." and she did as we pulled away.

For the next truck, she had to pull open the right side of her top to show her right tit, and then she opened her legs for him to see. And the same basic question was asked, but this time she knew what to expect. And she was getting more used to having someone see her naked.

The third trucker got the same combination of seeing one of her tits and her pussy, but he got to see the left tit instead.

For the fourth trucker, the one that would see everything, I had her button the dress up completely. Once we got up next to him, she made eye contact with him. I asked her if he seemed disappointed and she said that he did look a little disappointed. So I told her to strip for him. One button at a time until they were all open, and to open it up as much as possible after each button.

She quickly began to unbutton the dress, starting at the top and soon had her tits, and then her stomach and finally, her crotch open for him. I then had her raise up in the seat and take the dress off completely. She did and I had her lay back down and open her legs for him like she had done for the other truckers. Then she told him goodbye and we sped off.

I let her sit there naked as we pulled away from them. I knew that up ahead, the interstate dropped into a small creek shed and there was an exit I planned to take it so I sped up until it was safe for us to pull off without those truckers seeing it. We pulled up where we could see each of them go by. While we were there waiting, I asked her if she was ready to continue. Without hesitating she said yes.

I then had her lay back down in the seat like she would be for the next round. Taking our coats I placed them under her back, raising her chest up. It was a little uncomfortable for her at first, but once her head was on my lap, it wouldn't be as bad and it would project her tits up more. Then I took a couple of old blankets we kept in the car because it was November after all. I stacked them and placed them under her hips so it raised her pelvis up and tilted her just a little toward the window. It would provide and even better view for the truckers.

I told her to roll down her window and then close her eyes. I opened the trunk and found a few objects I wanted and then walked to the passenger side. I then told her how she would be displayed for the next round. I had her take place her right foot as far back as it would go. Reaching in, I wrapped the tie from her robe around her ankle and then tied the other end to the head restraint of the seat. It was laid back so her leg was spread to the side as far as it would go. Next, I took the tie from my robe and wrapped it around her left ankle. I pulled it forward and closed the other end in the passenger side door. Now her legs were tied down in spread condition and the blankets raised her pelvis up enough that we would have to be careful not to pass any cars because her pussy was almost at the door top level and spread open wide.

I told her that we were going to pass those seven trucks again. Only this time, she would be totally naked and exposed for all seven of them. We would pull up next to one and once she was sure he was looking at her pussy, she would reach down, making sure she didn't cover her tits with her arms. She would then reach from the side of her hips and using one finger on each hand, she was to spread her pussy lips as far apart as she could.

Her eyes went wide when I said that. She had already shown her pussy but now she was going to have to show the insides to these men. But she didn't say a word.

The next rule was that once she spread her cunt open, I would check the mileage. She would be exposed to each and every one of these men, totally nude, tits bared and pussy pulled open for one mile each. That meant she would be displayed for each of them at little more than one minute each. She shivered a little at that but still did not say anything. But the humiliation she was feeling at having to expose herself that way was beginning to show.

Then, I informed her that if she broke eye contact with one of them, or let her pussy close while they were looking, the mile started again as soon as she recovered.

I then had her get in position, eyes looking at me, smiling, and arms down her sides and spreading her cunt. Then she almost shrieked when I pulled up the old Polaroid camera and took some pictures of pictures of her that way. Then I took some close-ups of her pussy, looking down into it as she spread it open. Then I took some pictures of her tits. I had been trying to get her to agree to let me take pictures of her for a while and she always said no. I figured this was the best time to do so and she let me. I went through two packs, about twenty pictures in all.

I got back into the car and hit the button to roll the window back up. Then I taped an assortment of the pictures I had taken on the roof of the car so she could see them. In between trucks she was to look at those pictures until I told her to put the show on. That way she would have a fresh idea in her mind of just how much of her each of those complete strangers could see.

We waited for the trucks to pass and then I headed back onto the interstate. And I turned the CB back on. She had forgotten about it. I told her that I wanted her to listen to them talking about her and turned the volume up. Even now they were describing her and the one lucky guy up front was telling the others all about her pussy. Four of them had seen it but the others hadn't and they were lamenting their back luck. Then the last one in line and the first one she actually flashed up close suddenly came on and told the rest that he thought the car was behind them again. And that he hoped she would show him more this time. Her titty was nice, the he wanted to see that pussy of hers.

She was breathing heavy again, ears listening to the talk on the CB and her eyes, when she did not close them after some of their raunchier comments, were studying the pictures taped to the roof above her and imagining them seeing that and then describing it to the other drivers. And of course, the rear truck slowed down to allow us to catch up.

Unbeknownst to her, when I saw him slowing up, I slowed up a little too. It was gradual so that she could not feel the car slow, and there was no visual reference for her either. The driver slowed down a little and as we started to catch up to him, I heard her take a deep breath and she looked up at me once more before we caught up to the cab. I saw fear, shame, lust, desire and excitement in my sweet wife's face as the cab slowly came into view and she was now on.

The CB cracked to life as the driver said "It is her." And then as we pulled up next to him and he could see, he practically screamed into the mike "and she is buck naked and spread wide. I wish I was in there with her. She looks spread, primed and hot to be fucked."

She blushed and looked up at me once more then she made eye contact with him and gave him a nervous smile. Then my sweet little twenty year old bride spread her pussy lips as far apart as she could and let that strange man look into the very depths of her most private orifice. Having just given birth to a large baby boy just a few months before, it would now stretch a lot wider than it had when had our honeymoon. That night I filled her pussy several times with champagne by shoving the neck of the bottle inside her and letting it fill her up. After the champagne was gone, I even used the bottle as a dildo to tease her before I fucked her for the first time as her husband.

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