tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Change in Jenny Ch. 04

A Change in Jenny Ch. 04


Jenny was a little unsteady on her feet from the sheer excitement and shame of being displayed so openly and blatantly. She said perhaps the worst part was watching a group of women standing to the side of it, seeing each of the guys walk up and bend down and look at her pussy. She made eye contact with one of them and the woman just mouth "You dirty fucking whore" to her. And she felt like one.

We got into the car and she said "I'm done."

"No, you aren't done yet."

I started the car and pulled out, noticing that James's truck was the last in a long line of trucks leaving the rest area. I saw that several truckers, especially the ones that didn't get to see, were heading out of the rest area. In fact, we had to wait for most of them to clear before we could get out.

James's truck held back a little and once we caught up and started to pass him, he sped up to keep up with us and motioned for her to strip. And, since he had already seen and even felt it, she complied, taking everything off and once more laid down in the seat and spread herself open. From that moment on, and for the next twenty years or so, it was a position she got very used to.

As she was sitting there, allowing him once more to see her naked, I asked her what he had said to her. She blushed a little and said "He told me he had seen me naked as we passed him, but he didn't get a very good look. Then he told me he would like to get a better look and asked me if that was ok. I didn't have any idea what he was intending to do at that point. And before I could even think, I said ok and that is when he led me to the table. It was not until he put me up on the table that I realized he was going to have me sit there and open myself up to him."

She paused, as James continued to look at her from his truck this time. Then she said "I really didn't want him to undress me, but I couldn't say or do anything to stop him. And before I knew it, I was naked and he told me to open my legs. And then all the other guys came. I felt like such a slut and I loved it. I have never felt so humiliated as having them take turns looking at me. I almost died when he told me to spread myself open so they could look."

James was still looking, so I told her to lay back and start fingering herself for him. She did and soon she forgot all about James, the trucks and everything else.

After letting James see her, we continued on. The next few trucks saw her fingering herself to orgasm right there in the seat. I don't think she even realized how many men saw that. And once she was finished, she still lay there letting them look. And she kept fondling herself through the rest of the afternoon.

For the next hour or two, it seemed like we were always passing another truck. We would run just a little over the speed limit and once the way was clear ahead, we would pull into the right lane. Then it seemed a solid line of trucks, as many as a dozen at one point, would pass us and then drop down in speed so we would have to pass them once more. For most of that time, she would be touching herself and she could note even remember how many times she made herself come while those strangers watched. It turned out to be a huge turn-on for her and it would not be the last time she finger-fucked herself while a stranger watched.

She actually fell asleep at once point so she really didn't realize that she had shown herself to as many as 40 or 50 more strangers during that time frame. At least three pickup trucks and a van full of college age guys got to see too.

Finally, it started getting too dark to see so the show began to wind down. Jenny had woken up and just laid there for a while allowing the last half dozen of so strangers to see until it was too dark for them to see. Once it got dark, she started to get dressed, but I told her to stop.

"We are close to home now. What if someone we know sees?"

"Jenny, it is dark, they won't be able to see anyway."

That seemed to put her mind at rest somewhat. Besides, our exit from the interstate was only a few miles away. We would be on the back roads and we would most likely be the only ones on the road.

There was one truck up ahead and I had one more idea. As we neared the truck, Jenny, was not really paying attention and I started fingering her a little. She reacted by raising her hips, now totally oblivious to the truck we were coming up on. She wasn't wearing her glasses so I doubt she could have even read the side of the truck if she had actually noticed it. But as we came even with the cab of the truck, I switched on the dome light, flooding the car with the bright light and allowing the driver of the truck to see her in all her naked glory. She gasped from the sudden shock and threw a hand across her eyes to shield them from the light. The trucker just sat there stunned for a moment unbelieving what he was seeing and then I turned off the light and sped up, going past our exit and leaving him way behind. I took the next exit before pulling onto the side road.

I positioned the car so that the headlights would shine on the truck as it went by. Then I made Jenny sit up and look. I had her put on her glasses. She was a little confused. But once the truck flew by, she could see the side of it and even in the dark I could almost see the huge blush on her face as she said "OH MY GOD....OH FUCK....OH NO..."

There emblazoned on the side of the truck in big red letters was her hometown. And just above it "Kenny Wayne Trucking, Inc." And as the headlights had shown into the cab of the truck, there sat Gary, her best friend's husband and the guy that had tried all through high school to date her and as mentioned earlier, had tried to see her naked. Seems like he finally got his wish, whether he realized it or not.

"What if he recognized us? What if he tells Jill? I can't look either of them in the face ever again. Gary saw me naked. Gary saw my pussy. "

"Well, I guess we will know for sure soon. We have dinner with them tomorrow night, remember? And you will wear this dress."

When we got home, we went right to bed. I had her undress for me, as if I was one of those strangers that she had flashed during the day. Then I had her lay down on the bed for me. During one of the fuel stops during the day, I had bought more film for the camera so I used that, getting another set of photos of her naked. After all, I didn't have all of them anymore. And I reminded her of that as she lay there naked. I could see her shiver a little as she remembered that somewhere out there tonight, someone had a photo of her completely naked and spread open. And she had even signed it for him.

Then I crawled into bed with her, moving into place between those legs that had bee spread for most of the day. As I slid into her I reminded her that tonight, each and every one of the men that had seen her naked today was fantasizing that it was their dick that was splitting those cuntlips she held open and sliding down into the very depths of the pussy that they had seen today. I reminded her of the rest area when each of those men examined her pussy up close, they were wishing they were exploring it with their cocks like I was now.

Now if this was normal fiction, instead of a story of true events, I would tell you that spent the next hour or two pumping her pussy with my cock. But lets get real here. As turned on as she was about it, I may have actually been more turned on. As I reminded her of each o the men that had seen her tits and viewed her pussy that day, I was also remembering that other men had seen them. So for the first minute or two of our night together, I pounded my little wife's cunt for all I was worth. All the time I was reminding her of hoe many men had seen the pussy I was fucking today.

At one point, I shifted her a little, reaching down and pulling those sweet luscious little legs of hers onto my shoulders so she was almost bent in half. Then I grabbed an asscheek in both hands, and used that as leverage to pull her up into me as I rammed as hard and as fast down into her as I could. When I grabbed her ass like that, I reminded her of James lifting her off the picnic table that way, with his huge black hands each cupping her pale white asscheeks. I reminded her that was before she allowed him to finger and fondle her. And of course, after he had seen the very pussy I was pounding up close and personal. He and six or seven other strangers.

By now, she was at that point where she no longer was aware of anything else but that dick pounding her cunt and she was trying her best to move with me to meet my thrusts with hers. I felt myself coming and I knew I needed to get her off at the same time. So I dropped the big bomb.

I reminded her that the guy that had tried all through high school to date her, the guy that was always in so much lust with her had seen her naked. The guy that had tried to peep at her as she took a shower had now managed to see the very things he had been trying to see. And that had he managed to see her naked there in the shower, it would not be even close to the view she had willingly given him the night before. She had let him see her totally and completely naked. Her best friend's husband now knew what her pussy looked like spread wide and willing, just as he had probably imagined in high school as he jacked off to the fantasy of seeing that pussy open for him to use and how it would feel to actually stick the dick that now made regular trips into her best friends cunt into Jenny's willing twat instead.

I could see the horror and excitement and shame all mixed as the thought that he knew what she looked like naked rushed through her head. Her orgasm was probably one of the most intense she had ever had, all those thoughts of what she had done, how many men had seen her, and what they had seen serving as the foundation for the climax and the thought that Gary had finally managed to see her pussy putting her right up at the top.

Finally, as I felt myself about to explode, I touched off her final peak with just one comment.

"And tomorrow night he will see you in person, less than a day after seeing all of you naked. And you will be wearing that dress and heels, no bra, no panties And the top and bottom button will be undone before the night is over. And if he recognized you, you will make sure he gets to see everything up close. Hell, you can even let him feel you up if he mentions seeing you naked tonight."

She came hard and long and before she finished up good, I shot my load into her sweet little pussy. I managed to keep going for a few seconds, enough just to finish her orgasm off and then I was done. I let her legs drop back down and we lay there for a few moments, both of us spent and hardly able to move. When my erection finally subsided and evacuated her pussy, I rolled to the side and held her until we both fell asleep.

I got up the next morning and went to work, putting in a full day. But I did have her picture with me, one of her spread wide and I must admit, I had to jack off a couple of times. Since I worked out of a pickup in the boonies, it was not hard to do. All day I wondered if Gary had recognized her and what might happen if he did.

Jenny had all day to think about it also. She spent most of the day reliving the day before. I seemed like a dream at times, like it was something that happened to someone else. It was just something she had never dreamed she could do. It felt so strange knowing that she had allowed so many men to not only see her naked, but to have actively opened her pussy for them to see the pink inside her was over the top. She kept coming back to two instances that both scared, excited and humiliated her and she could not forget they had happened.

Sitting on the picnic table, with her dress opened up and her legs spread wide open was bad enough. But watching as each of a half dozen or more men got down to see the pussy she had spread open for them to look at. Then having James, freely and openly feel her up there in public, knowing other people were watching her let a stranger finger her as she stood with her dress open and available had been the final straw on that part. And it bothered her and excited her that as each man in turn perused her cunt, she wanted to let them fuck her right there in public on that rest area picnic bench. And when James's hands cupped her bare ass as he lifted her and then he fondled her, she wanted to let him do whatever he wanted to do to her, whatever that would be.

The second one was even more humiliating. After years of trying to catch glimpses of her naked, Gary had finally seen everything she had. Gary was not the brightest guy in the world, but she could not imagine how he would not know it was her. After all, he knew what their car looked like. He should have been able to recognize her even without her glasses. He had seen her without them before. And facing Jill tonight would be even tougher. Jill was always a little jealous of Gary's lust for Jenny. And it would only be worse now if he recognized her. If he realized that he had seen the pussy he always wanted to fuck, and pushed her on it, she was not sure what she would do. And he could threaten to tell their friends and even Jill and she would be even more humiliated. And knowing Gary, there would be only one way to get him not to tell that she had flashed her pussy at him. That would be to let him have unrestricted and most likely frequent access to that pussy. Which means she would become his slut. And what if he didn't want to use a rubber? What if he knocked her up? What would I say about it?

At my suggestion, she had called Jill and suggested that we all go out for the evening. After all, she didn't have the baby to worry about tonight and she knew Jill's oldest was at Jill's mothers for the weekend. It seemed the perfect time to go have dinner and hit a club afterward. Neither couple got to do much of that these days. And besides, it would let Jenny dress up a little to tease Gary. If he had recognized her, the hint of what he had seen would have him checking her out and possibly making a move on her since he would know she was not the innocent conservative woman she normally acted like around him. And if he hadn't recognized her, it would just be more of a tease which she appealed even more to her.

The thought actually brewed in her head for the day. If he did not recognize her the night before, it would be especially naughty of her to tease him a little, perhaps letting him get a quick "accidental" peek of something he wasn't supposed to see, but wanted to so badly. And if he did recognize her, having what he had seen so close and not being able to see it fully again nor touch it would be an even better tease. Of course, her orders were that if he did say something to him, she would allow him certain freedoms. Those included allowing him to feel her up to the point of actually letting him get a finger inside her pussy, just as she had let James do the day before.

She actually found herself dreading, yet looking forward to this evening. By the time I got home from work, Jenny had prepared herself for the evening as I had told her to. She had laundered the dress and at my suggestion, she had ironed and starched it. That way it would still hold its shape even with a button or two loose and Gary would really have to work to see anything.

She put on a little makeup and had shaved her legs just to make sure there as not stubble at all. The only change in the way she was dressed was that she was wearing a set of thigh-high nude stockings held up by a garter belt. A pair of black sling-back high heels completed the look and she looked devastatingly sexy.

Because of their friendship and their ability to discuss and plan anything with each other, she knew she would have to tell Jill about it. They were best friends and it would be something they could share. At first, Jill resented how Gary felt about Jenny, but eventually she came to enjoy and even use that. She had admitted that some of the best sex she had with Gary was when she would pretend to be Jenny and fuck him.

The other aspect of the friendship was the little secret they shared that not even I was aware of until many years later. It was something that strengthens the bond between them even stronger than before. The circumstances and actions that built up to it had served to cement and strengthen the relationship so that they now secretly considered themselves more like sisters than friends because of that shared secret and the circumstances surrounding it. Jill's had admitted just a few days before the trip to Jenny that she was pregnant with her first child and that it was not Gary's. And the special secret they shared was that both of their first babies would have the same father. It was me and it was something that Jenny inadvertently caused to happen. But that is covered in a future story so I won't cover it here.

I bathed and changed and we made the trip into town to meet Gary and Jill. Jill had also dressed up a little too. Jenny and she had planned this on the phone and I must say that Jill looked very attractive too. She was wearing a shorter dress than normal and the whole heels/stockings/garter belt thing too. I reminded myself to mention to her that I wanted to see that same outfit the next time the two of us got together.

Gary just about lost it when he saw Jenny that evening. He spent most of the evening trying to get a quick peek down Jenny's top or up her dress. He was so focused on her that he did not even notice that periodically through the evening, I was feeling up his wife.

We started out going to a nice, but inexpensive restaurant for dinner. We were seated at a small table in the back. Each of us sat at a side of the table with Gary across from me. Jill was on my left and Jenny to my right. Jenny later told me that at one point during the meal, Gary had tried to put his hand on her leg and she brushed it off without saying anything to him. He tried it a few times and each time she pushed his hand away, actually just saying a quiet "Stop" to him after the third time. Of course by the time my wife had told him stop, my hand had already explored his wife to know that she was wearing hose, garter belt and no panties under the dress. And that she was in an excited state as evidenced by the moisture I felt when I explored her cunt.

Of course, we were not the only guys to actually notice the wives that night. It was plain that when the two of them got out of the car and headed to the restaurant, a lot of the other male diners were checking them out. Without trying to appear to be doing so, and failing in that somewhat, our waiter tended to stand a little closer to Jenny than normal as he took the orders. Having gotten somewhat accustomed to it and now paying a lot of attention to men trying to see things on her, Jenny was more than aware of what he was doing, and said later that she was trying all she could to let him see as much of her as he could and still keep Gary from seeing it.

She also figured out early that Gary had no clue that the woman he had seen the night before was her. But she almost lost it when he actually brought up the fact that he had seen a naked woman the night before. He described her in surprisingly good detail considering he only saw her for a second or two, but he could not describe the car or anything else to us. She did wait with baited breath when he actually mentioned that it was not far from our place. But it was not a trick. He did not connect the woman that he saw naked with the woman he was trying desperately to feel up.

During our meal, Gary had a number of drinks. And then once the meal was over we went to a bar and had more. Being the designated driver that night, I didn't drink. The girls had a few and Gary really had a lot of drinks since he didn't have to drive. Of course, his inhibitions were relaxing even more than usual and Jenny was the target of those decreased discretions. At one point in the night, she asked what the limit was of things she could let him do. I told her to use her judgment and she said ok.

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