tagRomanceA Chat Room Romance

A Chat Room Romance

byGolden Pen©

I had always thought that computers were used mainly for business and not for pleasure and personal use. It was the last thing I ever thought that I would own. I had gotten along well for many years without one and why should I have one now?

My sister Brenda had come to see me, and we discussed the perks of using and owning a personal computer. She convinced me that they are not as intimidating as I had thought. So we went shopping. With her expertise and computer savvy, we brought home a computer that would launch a satellite and set it up. I was able to contract a service provider that same day and towards the evening, Brenda helped me set up my own email account. She also helped me with the very basics of computer use, and before she left to drive back home to Georgia, I thought I knew enough to get me by. She had downloaded a chat client for me and I was able to find my way back to that same server and a new computer user's chat room.

For weeks I went to this "newbie" room and each night was able to pick up a few more tips from various people there who frequent the room. Most of the others were also new users but some were there just to help. I felt good knowing I was not the only one "computer illiterate" and felt comfortable with the people that I had gotten to know a bit.

"Newbies" was a fairly large room with about 30 people on the average nightly. When I first entered this room, I did not have a nickname. I simply entered and was automatically named "guest" with a number. I was told to choose a name so that every time I did enter the room people would know who I was. I also filled in the "bio" portion listed on the server that gives a brief description of myself that others can read. I was always told to never give too much info. This way as I got to know people, then I could have the option of telling them a bit more about myself if I so desired. After much thought I decided to call myself "Lassie". I am female, and in Scotland that is what a girl is called, "Lass" or "Lassie". After a while, people that I did not know would come in the room and ask me if "I was able to go for help when Timmy fell in the well". That got old so I changed to "Bunny". I love bunnies and even had a pet Holland Lop so the name stayed with me.

The newbie's "class" seemed to move together acquiring better computer skills and the ones that helped us do that, had been on the computer for years, and were considered "techies". The techies were very helpful, kind and considerate of the fact that the new users needed patience and understanding.

Before long I was even able to assist others with minor problems with their computers. People came to the room and stayed there without going to other rooms. It got to be almost a family of sorts. We got to know one another through chat so well, it was almost as if we had known each other for years. The only thing missing was a face to accompany the names.

There is a thing called a "whisper" in chat rooms. A whisper allows you to have a private conversation without the other "roomies" seeing what you are talking about to any one person. I had heard of "cybering" but did not know exactly what it was at first. For lack of a better word, I learned that "cybering" was "safe sex" on the computer. People type sexual things in a whisper and can actually have sex. I often wondered how people can do that and type at the same time? For most people that cyber, they move on to phone sex. At times people actually meet in real life, and yes have torrid affairs and even get married. I just could not fathom falling in love with someone from chat and have an online affair without having even met in person, but it happens.

One night while I was there in the chat room, I got a whisper from "Bear". A very likable gentleman that yes, was always a gentleman to me and others in the room. He whispered to me and wanted to know how I had been? I told him I was fine and we continued to ask questions about one another. He wanted to know where I was located and living, if I was indeed married, what type of things I liked to do and so on. He seemed to like the fact that I was divorced and told me that he was too. We also found out that we were both the same age, and after a while called one another by our real names in whisper.

I looked forward to seeing "Rich" at night in the chat room. Before long I was craving to hear his real voice over the phone. I did not want to seem forward, but something told me that this man had an incredibly sexy voice. He had always told me that he liked the way I related to others and thought that I was kind and considerate towards them. I had always thought the same of him.

Rich and I decided to download ICQ, an instant messenger program that allows you to chat on a small screen without being in a chat room. This program also allows you to see and know if the other is online if you desire for them to see you.

Rich and I got into a routine of having our morning coffee together while chatting on ICQ. We did that for a while until one morning he asked me if he could call me. I was ecstatic and of course said "yes!" I typed in my number and within a few minutes the phone rang. My heart started to pound and I was almost over the edge with excitement. What is it with this man that fascinates me so?

I picked up the phone and softly said "hello?". The man on the other end said to me, "is this 'Barbara'?" I answered, "is this the 'Rich'?" Well it was indeed the "Bear" and I was 100% correct. This man had the sexiest voice I had ever heard on a man. We both chuckled a bit and began to tell one another about ourselves. I asked him questions and he asked me questions. For the most part it was like becoming re acquainted with a long lost friend. We both felt so comfortable with each other. The time flew by as we talked about anything and almost everything for over an hour.

It became a routine of ours to meet on icq, have a cup of coffee then talk on the phone for an hour or so. We started to talk about our love lives which for both of us was nil at that time. We found that we had much in common and felt the same about many things in life. After many weeks we began to talk romantically. He asked me if I had ever had "phone sex?" I told him "no I had not" and that "I did not even know how it was done." I asked him if he had ever done that and he told me that yes he did a while back with "a woman he met online." My heart sank. I was beginning to have strong feelings for him and did not want to think that "phone sex" was the only reason why he wanted to call me. He explained that yes though he did do that, he was not in the habit of doing that with women he met on line. I felt a bit better because I just wanted this to be "real" for us and perhaps mature into something special. After all he could have lied to me and did not.

The more we talked the stronger the feelings became between us. He sent me a picture of himself and I sent him one of me. He told me I was beautiful and I thought he was quite handsome.

Before hanging up one day, he asked me if "I would consider having phone sex with him?" I told him that I would have to think about it. He told me that "my voice got him very aroused" and that he would like to do that with me. He also told me that even if I agreed to it, that "if for any reason I was uncomfortable, then he would stop if I asked him."

For a very long time my trust in men was non existent. I have had relationships that just did not work out for one reason or another but for the most part I never felt a true comfort with any man until Rich entered my life. But then again, how crazy is this? I met this wonderful man on line, have spoken to him now for 2 months over the phone, I feel as if I have known him my entire life but have not ever met him in person. Can I do this with him and not feel dirty about it? I asked myself this too, will I be a notch in this man's belt? The answer was "no". Simply put, I trusted him and I was falling in love with him.

The next day when we spoke on the phone I told him I had thought about what he asked me. I had decided to try this crazy thing called "phone sex" and told him that "because I trusted him and was beginning to have strong feelings for him that I wanted to do this with him and that he made me feel sexy." It was almost as if I heard a smile come through the phone line. He told me that he too "had been developing strong feelings for me." He told me that he dreamt about us in certain sexual situations and called them "scenarios".

He told me how he wanted to "taste my lips in a long passionate kiss and hold me closely to him." He began to tell me about how he would like to ride on his Harley and stop on a dirt road after seeing me stranded with my car broken down. The scenario went something like this over the phone:

Rich....."I was riding at dusk on my bike and decided to take a road that was not well traveled. Up ahead I saw you standing by your car flagging me down for help. You were on your way to a house party and was dressed in a short black skirt, high heels and white blouse unbuttoned enough to see a deep cleavage. I had to stop. I got off my bike and asked if you needed help. You told me that your 'car had just stopped and there was no one around to help. It's getting dark and I am a bit afraid.' I told you I would take a look for you and not to worry. I got off my bike and looked under the hood but at first I could see nothing that looked out of place. We looked at one another and felt a chemistry that could not be explained. You approached me and smiled. You asked me not to 'leave you alone' out there and I told you I would not. I told you how pretty you looked and you smiled again. I took a step forward and you backed up against the car. I took another step forward, leaned over and kissed you."

(I could picture Rich wearing faded jeans, boots and a leather jacket and that turned me on.)

"You were a bit surprised but seemed to like it so I kissed you again. I pulled you closer to me and you returned the gesture by putting your arms around my neck. Your body language told me that you were enjoying this type of attention. Soon I could feel your breasts pressed against my chest and I needed to touch them. As we kissed my right hand went to your left breast. As I massaged, I could feel your nipple through your blouse that lightly draped over it. I began to unbutton and noticed a demi cup bra that exposed both your nipples, but covering only part of both breasts. I heard you moan in satisfaction as I put my lips to them. You closed your eyes and tilted your head back as I sucked."

(I could feel myself becoming aroused as Rich continued.)

"My hand then went to your thighs as I slowly raised your skirt exposing your nylons and garter belt. I lifted your right leg to my hip and allowed my hand to slowly move from your calf to the tops of your nylons, and over the garter to your bare skin. I love that feeling. My hand moved ever closer to "her" and to the outside of your panties. I could feel your sexuality by the moisture outside of "her". You wanted me as I wanted you."

(He was getting me so aroused I had to remove my panties, and yes I was wet. I then reached for my vibrator.)

"I took you to the hood of your car and lifted you onto it. There was a slight slit in your skirt and as my hand touched your leg again, you told me to 'rip it off' you. It was as if I was almost out of control with desire for you. I ripped the skirt off you, then the panties. You put your legs onto my shoulders and I went down on you like an animal in heat eating and sucking. You laid back onto the hood of the car as I ate you. You opened the front clasp of your bra and as I watched, you began to massage your breasts and I continued to eat you. I had to have you. My cock was hard and throbbing. I stood up to unbutton my jeans as you spread your legs. I slid you closer to the edge of the car and began to tease "her" with my cock by massaging 'her'."

(I listened to him intently as my body seemed to respond sexually to what he was saying to me. He was breathing heavily and so was I. I turned my vibrator up to a higher level)

"You moaned in satisfaction. I wanted to drip pre cum onto "her" to let "her" feel the warmth that was about to enter into you. I leaned over you as you lay on the hood of the car. I kissed you again and as both hands explored your breasts,I began to grind you with my cock. You told me you 'wanted me badly'. I began to enter you, slowly. I felt tightness and warmth surround "him", a feeling that I do not remember ever experiencing. I had to take you and take you hard. Each thrust into you made you want it more. You wanted it harder and faster. I pumped into you like I never did before with any other woman, and felt I never even wanted a woman more than I wanted you. You began to moan louder and louder and I could feel your vaginal walls squeezing my cock."

(I felt an unbelievable orgasm ready to erupt within me and every muscle inside of "her" responded as I reached this incredible height of sexuality. And as I did, I heard Rich reach his own climax as he moaned in satisfaction.)

"You screamed in satisfaction as I exploded into you. I leaned over you and kissed you once again. The sight of you aroused me still, and I had to have you one more time. I took you off the hood of the car and turned you around. My hands played with your breasts as you leaned into my chest. I bent you over the car and entered you and pumped you deeply. You yelled to me that yes you were 'going to cum again!!!' You screamed as you came and that made me cum in you even harder than the first time."

(And he did. And so did I a second time.)

Rich told me he wished that he could be lying next to me at this moment to "hold me and kiss me gently." After months of talking on the phone and getting to know one another, he told me that he "loved me". My eyes welled in tears as I responded by saying, "I love you too".

We made plans to meet one another in person. We did meet. He came to my home town and we met for our first date in a restaurant. I walked across the room to him, and he handed me a yellow rose and then kissed me. The feeling was electric.

We made passionate love that night in his hotel room and we were able to spend 4 days together. Every day and night with him made me feel as if I was in heaven.

We have made plans to be together for the rest of our lives and under one roof, and I guess you might say we owe it all to a "newbie chat room" for bringing us together.

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