tagGroup SexA Chick & Two Bi Men Ch. 2

A Chick & Two Bi Men Ch. 2


It was a long 4 weeks waiting for our weekend with Matt, the bi guy we had met online. Angela was insatiable. She wanted to talk about it every night. Our collection of dildos got a real work out as she had me suck each of them for "practice."

"I want you to be really good when you get a real cock in your mouth," she said. Her vibrator was getting a workout too. I think she went through a couple of packages of batteries as she watched me deep throat our 6, 8 and 10 inch dildos. She also continued to fuck me in the ass with the strap on. "Just to keep your ass nice and loose for Matt," she said.

"I wish we had hooked up with two guys," she said one night as she was sliding her strap on in and out of my ass. I was sucking on our 6 inch dildo at the time, taking it deep into my mouth with every thrust of the strap on into my ass. "Then I could watch you suck and get fucked at the same time."

"All in good time," I said as I took the dildo out of my mouth. "Don't forget our friend Peter." Peter was her name for the * inch strap on that she had deep in my ass at that moment. "Peter will do just fine for this encounter," I said.

"Oh yesssssss, It will she said as she picked up the pace. "I can't wait to see you sucking Matt's cock while I fuck you in the ass."

"And I want to see him fuck you while I use my vibrator."

"I intend to wear out another pack of batteries watching you two fucking and sucking all weekend long"

"Look how hard your cock is, you can't wait either, can you?"

"Only 3 more days and then you will find out what a real cock tastes and feels like." Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yessssss take this cock deep in your ass!! I am CUUUUMMMMIINNNNG. And so did I. All over my belly and chin. Angela licked it all up and then we shared it in a deep, long wet kiss. She was right; I couldn't wait.

The drive to the resort took just over 2 hours. Angela slept most of the way. Fortunately I was wide-awake in anticipation of what lay ahead. My cock kept getting hard as I thought about our weekend with Matt, the bi man we had met online. We had booked a suite in a secluded part of the resort. The best part was that it included a large in-room hot tub and a king size bed. There was also a sitting room with a pull out couch but I doubted we would need that for sleeping. In addition to our toy collection I had brought along our massage oils, a good supply of wet lube and some of our favorite white and red wines.

We arrived a little after six and checked in. We immediately took a long shower together, washing each other all over and paying particular attention to all those parts that would come into play later that night. I opened one of the Reserve Chardonnays that I had brought and we decided to start off by giving each other a nice massage. I had taken lessons some years ago and had gotten pretty good at it. Angela just seemed to come by it naturally. She lay down on the bed on her stomach and I started on her back and shoulders. My cock started to get hard almost immediately and it would occasionally brush against her. That caused her to wiggle her ass at me so I finally rested my hard cock in the crack of her ass as my hands worked on her lower back. It wasn't long before my cock started to leak precum and slide up and down in her crack.

"Hold on Tiger," she said, "We want to save that for later" I reluctantly agreed and we switched positions. She poured some oil on my back and immediately started to give me a deep massage. It felt so good. Apparently I wasn't the only one turned on. She was resting on my ass as she massaged my back and as she moved up and down I could tell her shaved pussy was already wet. In fact I could feel her clit poking up as she slid back and forth. She has a very large clit and she has clit-fucked my ass a few times. It is so tantalizing because I can feel it almost entering me.

"I think we had better stop, honey," I said. "Why? She replied. It isn't as if I won't be able to come again anytime I want to." She had a point, but it became moot as the doorbell rang. Matt had arrived.

We quickly put on our lounging robes and opened the door. "Looks like I made it just in time," chuckled Matt as he entered. We exchanged hugs all around. We handed Matt a glass of wine and he excused himself to take a shower. Just to be a good host, I asked him if he needed any help. He smiled and said, "Why not, we might as well get the weekend started off right." I'm coming too," said Angela. "I don't want to miss anything."

Fortunately it was a very big bathroom and shower with a glass door. I got the water started as Matt undressed. Angela let out a low whistle when Matt stepped out of his pants. He was not wearing any underwear and his 8-inch cock was already starting to get hard. "I can tell this is going to be a weekend to remember," she said.

Matt climbed into the shower and I started off soaping up his back. He was about the same height as me (6 feet) and about the same weight (190). I already knew that he liked to work out as I did so we were both in pretty good shape. I pride myself on having a nice ass but his was even better. Nice and tight, good definition and no sag at all. My soapy hands were running all over his ass and down his muscular legs. I brought my hands back up and reached between his legs to feel his balls. They were large and heavy. I suspected there was a lot of cum in there. I moved my fingers up and started to feel around his asshole. I washed his ass and balls really well and glanced around to see that he was doing the same thing to his cock, which was now as hard as mine.

I put down the soap and let Matt rinse himself off. My hands were still busy running all over his hard pecs and lightly pinching his nipples. He let out a small groan and leaned back against me. I turned him around and grabbed his cock with my hand. It felt so hard and hot to the touch. He put his hand on mine and leaned forward to kiss me. This was the part that I had not been sure about but his lips and tongue felt great. We really started to get into it. Our tongues were swirling around each other as our hands caressed each other's cock and ass. I looked over at Angela who was sitting on the sink counter with her legs apart and two fingers buried in her pussy. I could tell she was very turned on. The shower door was starting to steam up however and I knew she would not like that so I suggested to Matt that we continue in the hot tub.

As we stepped out of the shower Angela handed each of us a terrycloth robe. We grabbed our wine and headed for the hot tub. "I'm sure glad you two decided to get out of the shower. Things were getting so hot in there, in more ways than one, and I was afraid I was going to miss something." We all got in the tub with Matt and me on either side of Angela. "I haven't had a chance to properly welcome Matt" said Angela as she leaned over and started to kiss him. I watched as her hand went under the water to his cock. "Oh honey, he has a really nice cock. You are going to love having this in your mouth and in your ass." With that she turned back to me to give me a long deep kiss. As we broke from the kiss, Matt and I both moved down and each took one of her nipples in our mouths. Angela immediately started to shudder and let out a little moan. "Oh my" she said. "This is going to be some weekend. Let's have some more wine and get acquainted."

We refilled out wine glasses and I slipped out of the tub to grab the hot and cold appetizers tray that I had ordered from room service. They were delicious. We finished the bottle of Chardonnay and I brought over the French Margaux that I had opened earlier. I poured us each a big glass and we continued drinking and talking in the tub. By now the combined effects of the wine and our earlier play had made us all very horny. Angela suggested it was time to move to the bed. As we got out of the tub I reached for a couple of towels to hand one to Matt.

"I don't think you will be needing those boys," said Angela. You can dry each other off with your tongues. She took the towels and spread them on the bed. Matt lay down on the bed and I sat down beside him. I immediately took my tongue and ran it all over his right breast licking up the drops of water. I swirled my tongue around his nipple and took it into my mouth and lightly sucked on it. Then I did the other one. He groaned and I looked down and saw his cock twitch. Seems I was having an effect on him. I trailed my tongue down his belly, stopping to lick the water in his belly button. His cock bumped me in the chin as he lifted his hips off the bed. And then it was in my mouth. It was so big and hot. I licked the tip and then the underside with my tongue. Then I took the head and opened my mouth and slid down on it. I reached down with my hand and cupped his balls. I took my other hand and slid it up and down his shaft.

I heard a noise to my left and looked over at Angela. She had a look of complete lust in her eyes. Her legs were spread far apart and she had just turned on her vibrator and inserted it into her wet pussy. I could see how wet she was. The juices were glistening on her vibrator as she moved it in and out. With her other hand she was twisting and pulling on her nipples. "Deep throat his cock," she groaned. "I want to see you take it deep into your mouth. I want to see his cock sliding in and out. Oh, it is so big. Move over here so I can play with your ass while you suck him. But I have to be able to his cock in your mouth. I want to see him cum in your mouth. Oh, baby, this is so hot"

I could not believe how good his cock felt in my mouth. It was so hot and I loved the texture as I moved up and down on it. I was on my knees with my head bobbing up and down on Matt's cock. I felt Angela's wet fingers start to probe my ass. I relaxed and leaned back into them. They slid easily into me. Now I was really starting to get into it. I started to take more of his cock into my mouth on each stroke. My hand was sliding up and down on his shaft. His cock was hitting the back of my throat on each stroke now. Meanwhile Angela had 3 fingers in my ass and was matching her stroke with mine. I could tell Matt was really close now. His cock seemed to be pulsating in my mouth and he was lifting his hips off the bed to thrust his cock deeper into my mouth. On one of those thrusts I reached underneath him with my wet finger and found his asshole. My finger slid in easily.

"Ohhhhhh, yessssss, that's it," yelled Matt. Suck me deep and finger my ass!!. "Get ready because I am going to fill your hot mouth with my cum. It feels sooooooo gooooood! Here it CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMSSSSSSS. His cum shot out of his cock and hit the back of my throat. Again and again I felt him squirt. My mouth was getting full; I had to swallow some. Some of it leaked out and ran out of the corners of my mouth.

I looked over at Angela. When she saw the cum, her eyes grew wide and she started thrusting her hips forward. The vibrator was a blur going in and out of her pussy. "Ommmigoood, he is cumming in your mouth. Look at that cum flowing out of your mouth. Take it all honey, but save some for me. I want to taste it too!! OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS, I AM CUUUUUUNMMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGG TOOOOOOO!! Her body started to shake all over. He fingers that were still in my ass gave a lunge forward and that did it for me. The cum shot out of my cock all over Matt's leg. I fell forward and let Matt's cock slip out of my cum filled mouth. Angela was still shuddering and shaking and slowly withdrew her fingers from my ass. I rolled over and gave her a long deep kiss as we shared Matt's cum. I felt her shudder again with another orgasm. I looked over at Matt and he was smiling. He looked down at his leg and saw the pool of cum on it. He reached down with a finger and took some and tasted it. "Wow, yours tastes as good as mine," he said. We all laughed, and hugged one another.

And that was just the start of our weekend. Stay tuned for Part 3!!

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