tagLoving WivesA Christmas Gift

A Christmas Gift


"I'll be back in about two hours, honey."

"Ok sweetheart, but please be careful."

"I will, promise. I love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart."

As I walk out of our front door, heading towards the car, I couldn't help a smile crossing my lips and licking them with all that is to come. The cold, winter air kisses the wetness of my soft, pink lips. Though, the cold didn't phase my many thoughts. My husband's face mixes with another, as I slide behind the wheel, carefully beginning my journey to the airport. The evening sky is fading with dark, clouds moving over the sun as it glistens over the white snow. My eyes keep to the road, as my smile grows deeper remembering His voice in my head. A shiver of excitement draws me from my deep thoughts.

For a year now, I have been training as a submissive online with a Dominant friend I had met in a chat room. He and I hit it off really well. We talked on the phone and internet to train me. He had heard my cries of ecstasy from such a long distance. Now, He was arriving at the airport and I would finally hear His whispers over my ear. I would feel His arms around me, pulling me close. Oh, the promise of feeling Him finally, it drew wetness to my cunt, as I squirmed in my driver seat.

I had begun the lifestyle after some friends had told me about it. A married couple told me how it had improved their relationship, so I thought! I would explore with my husband's permission. As I did, my love grew deeper for my Master. He and I formed a bond as strong as my marriage. Now, I finally was about to meet Him face-to-face. I couldn't hide my excitement. The longing He and I for each other grew so deep, I physically ached for His touch. It was amazing how He was so far, yet touched me like He was truly there with me. His Dominance had always been comfortable for me, even when first accepting His collar.

I took a deep breath as I saw a sign showing I was within five miles of the airport. A mixture of excitement and anxiety flowed over me as I began to question things. Will He be attracted to me when He sees me? Will I be attracted to Him? Will my husband really allow us to act on our wants? He had said he would allow it, even be involved to learn the ways of a true Dominant. Most of all, how will I be able to let Him go back to Australia if we do connect? America and Australia are so far apart! How could I ever carry on with Him so far away and me being married? Would things in my marriage change? Would I still have a marriage?!

The questions mounting up made my hands sweat with anxiety. "Stop it, Sheri!" I yelled at myself, and then began to laugh out loud, the sound resounding through the empty car. I flicked on the radio, the Christmas tunes filling the silence. I began to sing along as I looked here and there at the houses peppered with decorations. Which, as I looked from house to house, it made me think more about the lifestyle which I had now found myself drawn to and unable to walk away from. My thoughts wondering if people in those houses were drawn to some of the same things I was now craving day in and day out, as my Master's teachings instilled in me the hunger to learn. I wanted and needed to learn and be guided. My curiosity flourishing within me, bringing me to ask about new things I wanted to bring into our exploration. Now, I was going to get all of that real life from the man that could just with His presence make my body react with such want and need, it overwhelmed me.

As I saw the sign that said one mile to the airport, planes were flying in and out of the airport. The sky had become darker, as night fell around me. The lights of the large airport filled the night sky. My nerves began to make me quiver as I entered the parking lot, and then began my trek to the arrivals area. I looked around at the signs looking to see if His flight had arrived, as a group quickly filtered in and then out, as I searched the crowd of people. I tiptoed to see over the large group, unable to see Him I gazed down at my watch. Suddenly, I felt a body press to mine, gasping as I heard His whisper, "don't move, My little slutty love kitten."

A deep purr rumbled from my lips, as I caught His cologne, filling my scenes as I obeyed Him. His hands slid up my waist, as His nose nuzzled my neck from behind me. His breath was so warm over me, as I felt my knees trembling as He touched me for all to see. Suddenly realizing where we were again a hot blush filled my cheeks. His hands were moving down my body sliding up my shirt as I felt Him tweak my nipples, as He moaned a deep, "mmmm...Mine...all mine"

My eyes closed as a soft smile crossed my lips, as I whispered, "my Master...please let me see Your face. I have dreamed of this moment for so long."

His lips kissed over my neck, nipping gently as He turned me quickly, "God, you're even more beautiful, My baby. I have dreamed of this moment, too. It's definitely going to be a Merry Christmas this year!" His arms slid around me, tugging me to Him, kissing me hard. My body quivered against Him as He held me tight to Him, as I melted into His embrace. Gently releasing me, my eyes were unable to open at first, as I lingered there with my head swimming with emotion and need.

As my eyes focused on Him, His face was frozen in a smile of pleasure. "Oh Master, I have to admit, I was worried You wouldn't be pleased with me. That You would take one look and shake Your head, going back to the plane to head back home or something."

His laughter filled the air, bringing a smile to my face, "I love Your laugh, Master. I so love it."

His eyes softened, taking my hand in His, luggage in the other. "I love every inch of you, baby. I can't wait to show you just how much. And for thinking that, you may need a good spanking!"

I laughed happily, "Oh good! I have been aching for Your hands on my body. I have a little reserved sticker back there just for You." As we headed for the car, we were both laughing. We must have looked like school kids. We were so jubilant. We were talking to each other like we had known each other all our lives, proving our bond strong as we had believed it was between us.

As we drove back home, I couldn't remember smiling as much as I did at that moment. I had never felt a need inside my body as I did at that very moment. I knew it would grow even deeper. His eyes gleamed with a mischief. I smiled over at Him as I drove, trying desperately to keep my eyes and mind on my driving. The roads had gotten a bit slicker, the snow picking up again.

"I really use to hate to drive in the snow. I'm getting better. You know what they say about practice." The smile deepened in His face, as I stole a quick look at Him again. His handsome form watching me as I drive our way over the highway. "Have you seen much snow, Master?" I ask as I shiver, feeling His hand over my leg, licking my lips at His tender touch. "What do you..." as He stops me with a growl.

"Pull the car over, now."

I look to Him, whimpering softly, "yes Master." Obeying His order, I pull the car gently off to the side of the road, as He turns the keys, grabbing them to shove in His pockets.

"I can't wait to touch you. Get over here and sit in My lap." I quickly went to Him, gently moving as to not hurt either of us. His arms surrounded me as I sat straddling Him, His fingertips caressing my back, "I love you, baby. I haven't been able to take my eyes off of you."

My eyes lift to His, "I love you, Master. It feels like a dream still. Are You really here?!" A soft growl emits from His lips, as He pulls my body against the bulge in His pants, sending a whimper from me, "Mmm...if that's a dream, don't wake me up, because I want more!"

His arms pull me to Him as we kiss softly, our tongues entwining, as I grind my heated cunt to His hardened cock, my arms lifting naturally to lock around His neck. His embrace grows tighter pressing my breasts against His chest, as our kisses grow more demanding, a groan slipping from our lips.

I feel His hands slide up my back finding my hair, as He pulls from our kiss, grasping my hair between His fingers, tugging my head gently to the side as He whispers deep over my ear, "I bet you know what I'm going to do now, don't you, My needy, little love kitten." His words send a gasp from my lips, whimpering, "mark what's Yours Master....claim Your slut." A deep growl grumbles from His tummy, as He eyes me hungrily, "That's right. You're mine. It's time to show everyone just how much." His kisses flowed tenderly down starting at my ear, slowly moving down the side of my neck, His hands tightened in my hair, biting my neck with a lovers hunger over my neck, marking me as His. My body trembles to His touch, as His kisses flow over the spot moving around my neck as my head tips back, His lips caress my skin as He marks the other side of my neck. An ache flowed through my body, a desire to be touched everywhere, my fingers drug through His dark, curly hair, as I whimpered, "Yours Master...all Yours...always and forever."

His eyes focus on mine intently, "Mine...always and forever, baby." A smile crossed both our lips as it all crashed on us, the fact that what we both had felt from so far was genuine. It wasn't just our fantasies creating an image that truly wasn't there, but the bond that would hopefully be, as we promised, always and forever.

"I guess I should get back to driving us home. You must be starved after such a long flight, not to mention tired." I began sliding from His lap, leaning forward to kiss Him, as His hands had other ideas. His hands lifted to twist my nipples as I whimpered out loud, His other hand reaching down to tease my cunt through the material of my pants. My jaw dropped as His touch sent an inhaled breath from my lungs.

"Did I say you could move, My naughty girl?" His hand slid under my shirt, to grasp my breast full in His strong hands, teasing the hardening buds through my bra covered breast. His other hand moved up my back as He unfastened my bra, gasping at the ping, His fingers rushing up to cup around my full breasts, tugging them as His fingers moved out to my hard nipples, sending my body soaring. A moan escaped from my lips as His other hand unfastens the button and zip, suddenly gliding His strong hands down to my hot, wet cunt. His fingers gently rub my soft mounds, slowly finding their way into my cream, dipping His finger in drawing it back out as His eyes meet mine. My body quivered in His lap as I watched Him draw His finger to His lips to taste my honey. "Mmmm...You are my sweet baby indeed." A heat filled my face as He leans in to kiss me hard, lifting His hips against mine as His hard bulge pressed against my ass.

A broad grin crossed His lips as He sat back in His seat, "Now, you may go back to the driver's seat. I will finish with you later." I smiled to meet His impish grin, as my body quivered with a need deeper than I had ever felt in my life. I wobbled out of His lap, scooting across the seat, crying out as I felt a blow His hand on my ass as I whimpered. My cream gushed from me, my panties soaked between my legs, as I looked over my shoulder at Him, "that's for trying to leave my lap before I was ready to let you go." Our eyes met and we both grinned at the same time, laughter filling the car, as I slid behind the wheel once again.

"May I fix my clothes, Master?"

His eyes met mine again, smiling gently, "No baby. You can once we reach the house. I like seeing your clothes messed up, reminding me of your taste and how good you felt in my lap."

"It felt so good to be in your lap and to finally feel Your touch, Master. I'm so lucky to have You and Chris. You're both wonderful and complete me."

"You complete me, baby. It felt good to touch you. This is just the beginning."

The rest of the journey home from the airport, Master and I kept stealing more glances at one another. The roads had become even worse from our stop over, which made the trip longer. Neither of us minded, since it gave us time to talk freely about a variety of things. We had never seemed bored by one another, with our endless conversations that at times lasted for hours on end.

As I slowed more to pull into the driveway, I turned off the engine, bringing my gaze to Him as I whispered, "I still feel like this is a dream, Master. You may hear m! e say that a great deal over this week. I may have to kidnap You or at least wish for a blizzard to keep You here longer." I grinned at Him and He chuckled softly.

"My cheeky love kitten...though, I can't deny my not wanting to even think about leaving just yet. Well, maybe leaving the car, but not going back home. Let's think about now, baby. Besides, you may want me to leave as soon as you feel the brunt of my hand over your ass." He said with a wink.

"You sure I'm the cheeky one, Master?" I asked Him with a smirk. Suddenly, I remembered that my clothes were still undone. "May I get dressed, Master?"

"Yes, such a shame, but it's for the best."

I fixed my clothes and we stepped out and into the warmth of the house. When we popped our head in, I gave a soft call to Chris, "Honey, we're back."

We heard no response, as I looked back at Master. "Well, let's go ahead and show You where Your room will be" as I led Him up the stairs to a room placed beside of our Master suite. I showed Him around a bit, as I smiled, holding His hand. I felt like a little girl as I bounced around the house with my excitement. "I'm not sure where Chris is. This is a bit odd."

"Well, I'm sure he will be around soon. I'm going to get cleaned up a bit if you don't mind. Jetlag is settling in I'm afraid."

"Oh definitely, let me show You where everything is, Master."

I explored the house a bit more looking for my husband, feeling an odd sense as he wasn't anywhere to be found. I chill traveled through my body, as I went to take a shower in our on-suite bath. I left a little note for Master, so He would know where I went.

The warmth of the water washed over me as I felt the chill slowly leaving my body. I heard the door to the bathroom open, so I looked out to see my husband standing there. "Hi honey! I looked everywhere for you! Where were you?" I smiled at him, feeling a relief that he was here now. "I wanted you to meet Master. He's taking a shower, washing off some of the jetlag setting over Him."

"Hi sweetheart, it's a bit of a surprise for you where I was and what I was up to." He said with a big grin. I tilted my head at him, my smile growing bigger.

"Oh really, well you do know I love surprises! I'm almost finished in here. I won't be much longer, promise."

"Ok, I'll be waiting in the bedroom for you." As I nodded, heading back in to finish. He left the bathroom, as I finished, wrapping a towel around myself. I dried my hair, brushing its dark, satiny feel. I shoved the hair behind my ears as I stepped into the bedroom. When my eyes looked up, both Master and Chris were sitting on the bed. I looked at them with a crooked smile, "well, I guess I don't have to do the introductions." I said as I walked closer to them.

Master and Chris both rose up silently, looking at me with intense looks. I stood unknowing what to do as they moved closer, so I smiled, "do you guys want dinner? I'm sure you're both so hungry."

They both grinned, looking at each other, and chuckling to one another. Master whispered, "We're starved, baby." As they drew closer to me, their eyes gazing over me, as they wet their lips stopping in front of me. "Drop your towel and then kneel to us, our slut."

My body quivered as His words grasped me, in a soft whisper I responded with a "yes, Master." I grabbed the corner of the towel letting it fall to the ground, as my eyes followed it, looking back to them. I used my foot to slide the towel behind me.

I began lowering my body, my heavy breasts gently swaying as my first knee rested to the ground, the! n the next, as my eyes focused on their feet, licking my lips as the excitement raced through my body, as I tried to concentrate on keeping my back straight, my head high, eyes still lowered as I showed the pride of being theirs. I slid my legs apart to make my cunt fully available to their view, sliding my hands to my thighs, resting them palms up in full submission, whispering, "Yours...both of Yours."

"Mmmm...Chris, Our girl is so damn sexy." Master said to Chris, as I felt a heat start from my face, flooding down my body. As I was sure they could both see the excitement and anticipation, my body aching for touch as I held my position before them.

"Yes, isn't she though." Chris said, as I noted the tones of excitement in his voice. Sending the first signs of realization this wasn't a dream and he was enjoying himself.

"Chris, I think she needs to taste both our cocks. What do you think?"

"Mmmm...yes...I agree."

"You go first. Make her undress you." Master instructed him, as Chris stepped forward, my eyes lifted to his, a soft wanton smile crossed my lips. My hands lifted to his pants, unfastening them to let them drop at his feet, as I lifted them from his feet to toss them to the side. I tugged on his boxers, removing them as he lifted his shirt over his head.

He nodded to me as I grasped his thigh to place soft kisses up the insides of his strong thigh muscles. A soft, "mmm" escaped his lips as my nose nuzzled his package, I saw Master circling us. I caught the scent of his need, as I groaned a hunger rose within me. I licked my lips, quickly lowering them to his cock, my lips sliding down his stiffening muscle. His flesh was hot between my lips as I heard his gasps of pleasure, his hand stroking through my hair, as my hungry lips tugged greedily at his hand cock. My moans vibrated over his hard tool as he grunted his pleasure. "You're such a talented, naughty girl." As he pulled out of my mouth, leaving me panting, aching for more as my cunt grew wetter.

Master walked around to the front as Chris backed up a bit, his cock bulging with its pressure. As Master drew closer, He bent down a bit sliding a finger, then two, into my cunt, sending my body trembling even more, as I rocked against His fingers with my want. "Hmm...I do believe she liked that, Chris. You don't mind her having some more do you?"

Chris grinned big, smiling at Him. "No, Rhett. I do believe she really wants even more. Besides, she's our girl. You don't need to ask."

Master smiled back at him as He rose up, "thank you, Chris." His eyes turned to focus on me, His fingers sliding through my hair tenderly, sending a soft purr from my lips, "My love kitten...our little girl...it's time to taste your Master."

His words sent a soft moan from my lips as the cream seemed to flow from me already, knowing I would finally after a year of waiting get to taste and feel Him. My hands shook as I reached up to unfasten His pants and tugging off His underwear, sliding them from His feet to the side, as He tugged His own shirt off, throwing them to the side. Their bodies were quite a like, though Rhett was slightly thinner than Chris. Both together, their bodies excited me beyond my wildest imagination. I kissed up His legs, my eyes never leaving His as I moved higher. I dropped my gaze to His cock as it twitched before my eyes, as I sensed His anticipation of my lips. His fresh scent filled my nose as I inhaled softly licking my lips as I leaned in closing my wet, warm mouth around His cock.

My mouth watered, as I tasted Him for the first time, my moan sending vibrations that trembled over my tongue, lips, and His cock. A soft moan escaped His lips as I glided my lips and tongue, feeling every bump and curve as His cock grew with every thrust into my mouth. His hands slid through my soft, dark hair, His fingers tugging here and there as His excitement grew. I suddenly felt a hand sliding down my ass, between my legs, as a finger slid into my cunt, sending a deep whimper from my lips as I sucked faster, Master's hips slowly shoving His cock deeper in my throat. Chris's fingers slid in and out of my wet, creamy cunt, as his other hand roamed up to a nipple, twisting and tugging it between his fingers. Master seeking the other with His free hand, sending my body higher, as my hands grasped Master's ass, my nails dug into His soft flesh.

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