tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Circle of Sixes Ch. 07

A Circle of Sixes Ch. 07


Betty was ready for my appearance on Monday morning and, as I came into the office, she got to her feet waving a piece of paper at me.

"John, all hell has broken loose!"

"Why? What has happened?"

"Paula has just issued a new directive to every executive of the company that is going to cause a lot of trouble. Here, read this."

What Betty handed me was an interoffice memo that said, in no uncertain, terms that the attendance at the company parties must change. She went even further to dictate just what she meant by that. I read:

"It has come to my attention and to the attention of the CEO that the attendance at our regular staff parties of the executive wives has dropped off to where there are hardly any wives who attend on a regular basis. This defeats our plans for these parties. I shall remind you that our purpose in holding these entertainments was to create the strongest possible bond between the executives of this company. A part of this bonding, was the union formed by having the wives be present and PARTICIPATING in the festivities! What has resulted is that only the staff secretaries provide the feminine company for the male executives. THIS MUST STOP! Hereafter, only a limited number of the executive secretaries will be asked to attend. Thus, to avoid the appearance of a, 'stag outing', each executive MUST be accompanied by his wife or girlfriend. Official notice shall be taken of those who, for whatever reason, fail to comply with this directive."

"Whoop-de-do! Betty, you are right. This may lead to a number of separations within the married executive ranks!"

"John, this also means that you will have to bring June as your, 'date'."

"I had decided to do better than that. Jane has arrived and I had intended to take both of them to the next party."

"Am I to assume that this Jane has been introduced to the Circle of Sixes?"

"She has."

"I seem to recall your emphatic statement that you would never fuck your mo.....uh.. Jane. Obviously, that has changed."

"Yes, Jane is quite a pleasant ..uh.. bed partner."

Betty's face broke into one of her patented, 'I told you so' smiles.

"Don't give me that superior look. I'm learning more about this incubus stuff almost everyday. Would you be willing to lower yourself to such an extent that you would accompany me home tonight and tell June and Jane something of what they should expect?"

"I would be honored!"

Later that day, both Betty and I arrived at my apartment. When Betty got out of her car, I noticed that she was carrying three brown shopping bags. I didn't ask about them. By this time, Betty was so accustomed to my habits that she didn't hesitate in removing her working dress. I looked at Jane and I noted a brief look of surprise when Betty adopted a naked state.

"Jane, this is Betty. She is my secretary. Betty, this is Jane. My newest Devadazi!"

Both Jane and Betty looked a little nonplussed at this type of introduction, but then both of them smiled and hugged each other. It was strange to watch two naked females hugging tit-to-tit. It even looked as though both of them got a thrill from the intimate contact. I began the conversation.

"Every so often, the company holds a party for the executive staff. Such a party is to be held in the next few days. Each executive is to bring either his wife or his girlfriend to the party. In addition, there will be a limited number of executive secretaries who shall also attend the party. It is ritual that males and females are separated upon arrival so I cannot describe for you what you should expect, but Betty can. That is why I have asked her to come here tonight. Betty?"

"First off, you must understand that these parties are, in reality, sex orgies and you will be expected to participate in the sexual engagements. The party is a type of costume party."

June spoke up. "Oh, goodie! I love costume parties!"

Betty was laughing by this time and she hastened to say, "This is probably the strangest costume party you will ever attend. I have brought costumes for both of you and I'll show you how to put them on."

Betty opened one of the bags and withdrew a rough woolen skirt and the cowl that went with it. Once she had donned this outfit, none of us could make out her face.

"As you can see, the costume is simplicity itself. The only parts that I haven't put on are the sandals that go with the rest of this outfit. As we arrive, there will be a naked, young girl to greet us. She will reach across your chest and pull this draw cord so that your skirt will fall to the floor. This is your costume for the night! As the party is beginning, no one will be able to recognize you nor will you recognize anyone else. As the party progresses, most people revert to the totally naked stage. When you get ready to leave, simply pick up any of the skirts that will be lying around and take it as your costume. We all do that. After you have been relieved of your costume by the young girl, she will lead you into an adjacent room that will probably shock you. I assume that you both have spent some time lying with your feet and legs in the stirrups?" Betty paused and both June and Jane nodded. "In this room, you will be met by a male midget. He is the smallest man I have ever seen with one exception. He has the biggest cock of any man on this earth. Never fear, he is not there to use that cock on any of us. His arms will be greased as far up as his elbows. Oh, I meant to ask, have both of you experienced fisting at any time before?"

June nodded her head, but Jane shook her head indicating that she had not.

"Do you know what fisting is?" Again, Jane shook her head in the negative. "June, can you enlighten your sister?"

"Sure. Look Jane. The person - man or woman - who is going to fist you, greases their hand and arm and then they proceed to push that hand into whichever opening they think is most accessible. So, you can be fisted in your ass or your cunt. How far up into your cavity depends upon the size of their hands and the size of your cavity."

Betty broke in to add, "The midget has very small hands and forearms and he usually pushes into you until his elbow is resting on your buttocks." Jane looked a little green after this description, so Betty asked her, "Can you do this?"

Jane's response was not very substantial, but she nodded her head.

Betty continued, "I have a suggestion for both of you. Have John re-invigorate your inner dildos the afternoon of the party and that will be a big help for you. Any questions?" Naturally, June spoke up.

"Yeah. How do we go about getting fucked by one of the men?"

"Just remember, all of the males will be naked from the chest down just like you. So, all you do is select the one you want and walk up to him. Take hold of his cock – lightly, mind you – and then bend over until you can touch the eye of his cock with your tongue. If he accepts your offer, he will begin stroking you between the legs. Assuming that you both agree to fuck one another, just drop down into the doggy position and wait for him to initiate things. If a man is attracted to you, he will probably approach you from the rear and either begin stroking you between the legs or he may put one or two fingers into the opening that interests him. Again, dropping into the doggy position is a sign of acceptance. You must realize that you aren't necessarily safe even when some male is fucking you. You might very well find yourself as the center of attraction of a three-some. There is one other thing you should know. There is no requirement that all the party-goers be heterosexual. It is quite possible that some will be homosexual so be guided by your own personal standards. There is one other individual you should be wary of and she is our company's director of personnel. Her name is Anita Weatherly and she is a transvestite."

Jane looked at Betty and asked, "What the hell is that?" But, before Betty could frame an answer, June broke in and said, "Jane, baby, it means she's got a cock instead of a cunt!"

There was a definite look of disbelief on Jane's face!

June asked, "How long do these parties last?"

Betty really guffawed at this. "The party goes on until there aren't any more males standing! Normally, a party will begin on Friday night end some time Sunday!"

"Boy-oh-boy, Jane. We should really have one helluva good time." Jane remained silent, but a small wicked smile spread across her face. This was quite a sudden and disturbing change in her life and I was certain that she wasn't yet quite accustomed to being a whore.

* * * * * * * *

Our entrance to the Weatherly mansion went exactly as Betty had outlined it. She had met us as we entered and took the two girls in tow. I stepped through the huge double doors and looked around. Even though it was still rather early, there was a sea of naked buttocks and legs scattered hither and yon on the available couches and the floor. I was just getting adjusted to the subdued lighting when I felt a small, soft hand take hold of my phallus. I looked to my right and, once more, saw Paula Wilson with her outstretched hand holding my manhood. She had an evil grin on her face.

"Good evening, Paula. I thought the protocol called for you to plant a kiss upon my phallus. Or, are we departing from the usual procedure?"

She didn't utter a word. She deftly pulled my foreskin back so that the head of my phallus was exposed and then she bent over and planted a tonguing-kiss on the single small hole in the center of my phallus head. She looked up at me and said,

"John, what do you know of me?"

"Paula, I know that you are the horniest female in this entire company. And, at an early age, you were taught sexual obedience. You are also totally aware of everything that goes on – especially on the executive level as it pertains to anything sexual. Finally, you have a reputation for being adventurous – willing to try almost everything – in the sexual area. Now, what do you know about me?"

"John, when I was rather young, we lived in Thailand and I had an Indian nanny. She had lived in Thailand all of her life and knew a very great deal about the people and their customs. Whenever my mother and father were going to be gone for some time, she would take me into the jungle and we would visit a certain temple. The people who worshipped there believed that they were sex partners with the devil. All of them felt that they were inhabitants of a particular circle. It was called, 'the Circle of sixes'. I think that you are an aficionado of that circle. I want you to introduce me to the Circle of Sixes."

I stared down upon her uplifted face and I knew, at once, that she was deadly serious. I reached out and took hold of her head with both of my hands and I pulled her face down to the level of my cock. She, naturally, had to kneel if we were to accomplish this. I positioned her face and mouth in a direct line with my phallus head.

"Open your lips and take my phallus into your mouth!"

"John, you are much too big for me to do that. My mouth is too small!"

"Just open your lips and put them on my phallus." She complied and I then told her, "Direct your eyes here." And I pointed to the circle on my lower belly. I watched her eyes. At first, they were glancing back and forth from side to side, but then, the circle caught her and they fixated on the circle. I knew that I had captured her. Somehow, her look had slipped from the skin of my belly to a point quite far inside the circle. Then, she reacted exactly as the others had done when they were captured by the circle. Abruptly, her mouth opened and she lunged towards my phallus. There was not the slightest hesitancy. The entire length of my phallus disappeared into her mouth and throat. We made quite a tableau. The two of us chained together by my phallus and her mouth. In just a few minutes, I heard the chattering of Satan's phalluses and then I saw them take possession of Paula's sex openings. She immediately began squirming and wiggling her ass as those devilish dildos worked their way up into her guts and her uterus. The rest of the world disappeared and we were alone. Her throat muscles began the milking that I had come to expect and, in a very short while, I was spurting my jism into Paula's throat. The effect of my jism was to calm – to some degree – the tickling of the devil's phalluses. My phallus was so deep into her throat that not a drop of my jism escaped from between her lips. She gulped several times as she swallowed my offering. When she had taken all of it, she fell away from me and began groveling on the floor.

"JOHN! For Heaven's sake, FUCK ME! I need your cock...NOW!"

I turned her over and pulled her up onto her knees. With one powerful stroke, I drove my phallus completely into her ass! There was a huge sigh that came from her. She must have been in some pain for she began crawling away from me. I simply moved forward along with her. It was quite a game that we played. She would crawl a few inches and I would then drive my phallus back into her open ass. By this time, there was no puckered entrance to her inner guts. Rather, there was a gaping dark space where my phallus maintained its' hold on her body. We moved around the floor like some kind of alien beast until I ejaculated into her ass passage. I stood still and she slowly drew her tortured body off the fleshy spike that had been driven into her. She toppled over onto her side and closed her eyes.

I leaned down close to her head and whispered, "Welcome, Paula to the circle of sixes. You shall belong to me and Satan for the rest of your life!"I turned and left her lying there. A crumpled bit of female ass.

Since my first visit to Weatherly's mansion had only involved my escapade with Betty, I decided to saunter around to see what I could see and to pick up new inductees for the circle. There were quite a few doors that opened off the central hallway. This hallway ran from the front entryway back – well, I wasn't quite certain just where it did end. I tried one of the first doors I came to and looked into a much smaller room than the grand ballroom. Even so, there were five or six couples in various postures copulating on the floor. There were large potted flowers placed around the walls. These potted plants provided me with a perfect way of circling the room without announcing my presence. I had gone form the door across to wall opposite, when I suddenly saw a female figure between two of the plants. It was the weirdest sight I have ever seen. She was squatting and the fingers of one of her hands were excitedly and vigorously plowing into her ass! Then, as I looked around, I saw the cause of her actions.

There was a couple on the floor practically at her feet. The female was kneeling with her face lying on the floor. This pushed her ass up to an elevated position and the male was pile-driving his phallus into her ass. I looked back at the unknown ass-fucking female and I saw, at once, that she was moving her fingers in and out of her ass in accompaniment to the movements of the male! I stood for some time and watched this queer performance. The female who was fingering her own ass still had her cowl well down over her face so it was not possible for me to see her face and, possibly, identify her. Months ago, Betty had been right when she said that my concern about females would be altered as I became more Incubus and less human male. I didn't give a damn what this female looked like since I was only concerned with the stretch of her anatomy from her belly button down and through her crotch to the crevasse of her buttocks. I thought, "Aha! Another circle inductee!" I shifted my foot ever so slightly and purposefully moved a chair. The noise was not very loud, but the female was so attuned to being discovered that she shot upright in less than a second! I stepped up behind her and, using the protocol Betty had described, I reached around her hips and slid my hand onto her coynte. There was a rather large gasp from her to which I ascribed the surprise at my presence. Undoubtedly, she had expected to remain unobserved.

"I would prefer that you not do that!" Her denial of my access to her coynte didn't deter me at all. So, she continued, "I didn't come here for that!"

"I thought that all of the females who attended these parties came for just this exact treatment."

"I am not one of them. I am here for just one reason and that is to protect my husband's career."

Her voice sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place it.

"Are you telling me that you don't enjoy a sexual liaison?"

"Absolutely. This is not the type of – as you say – liaison that was predicated for mankind. This is nothing more than two beasts of the jungle having at one another. There isn't any emotion or deep feelings involved in this -----this animalistic union. The great creator did not intend that humans use his gift of sex in this fashion. It was to be used only for procreation and not debased in this way. Look at them! They are nothing more than two rutting beasts! Gone is every shred of humankind behavior. They aren't even in the proper position!"

The first part of her tirade consisted, primarily, of the standard religious spiel against sexual freedom and it didn't really surprise me. But, her declaration that these people weren't in the proper position caused me to suck in my breath. Obviously, she felt that the missionary position was the only one to be used for human sex. I knew than that I was going to fuck her coynte and ass in the doggy style.

While all of this discussion had been going on, I was expertly rubbing her coynte lips, and even upon occasion, the rim of her puckered hole. She had quite a thatch of pubic hair. It extended from above her slit, down between her legs and even up to her rear hole. And it was sodden with the juices from her body. So, I knew that all of this tirade was for the justification of her actions– quite possibly to herself. It was at this point that she turned her head and I was startled when I found myself looking into the face of Carol Blake – the wife of my friend and boss!


"Yes, John. I am Richard's wife."

"But surely, as long as he has been working for this company, you must have become accustomed to attending these parties?"

"No, John. I never felt easy about them, but, when Richard first achieved junior executive status, I felt it was my duty to attend. Then, I found out that a great many of the other wives felt the same as I did so we began a silent rebellion by just not showing up."

While she was telling me all of this, I had brought my other hand into play and I now had fingers in her coynte and her ass. For all of her disavowal of down and dirty sex, she didn't make any move to dislodge my fingers. In fact, the vibrations of her ass and her belly had increased noticeably.

"How did that work out?"

" At first, Richard was disappointed that I wouldn't accompany him, but he soon adapted to the use of these company whores that the company calls, 'secretaries' and my disobedience was seemingly forgotten. Then I noticed that our love sessions had dropped off and, to be truthful, our sex life has deteriorated until it is practically nonexistent. Since being made the division head of this new division, Richard seems to be working harder and longer hours. He usually responds to my urgings by saying that he has work to do or he is too tired. But, I know he has found another!"

"Do you know who she is?"

"Yes! I most certainly do know who she is. One night I caught the two of them in my own den! They were watching one of those dirty movies. She was bent over the desk with her dress up over her buttocks and he was taking her in the rear! Now, I have steadfastly refused to allow Richard to use me in that fashion so my first inclination was to rush in and throw that tramp out!"

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