tagLesbian SexA Cliche worth Exploring... Ch. 01

A Cliche worth Exploring... Ch. 01


Authors Note: I'm going to try my best to make these a bit longer. However, my schedule doesn't really allow for me to write for as long as I would like to! I typically only have 3 or 4 hours to get a story penned, and I'm not a fan of leaving something half finished. Anyway, this story is trying some new things out, trying really hard to develop the characters more. That means this chapter is going to be a lot of build up. If that's not your thing, I understand completely, but I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: lesbian sex, casual nudity, experimentation


I knew I wanted to try some new things this year. I was tired of being the same person I had been since I was in elementary school. The cliche of the college girl experimenting with herself is present in my mind, but fuck it, the phrase 'cliches are cliches for a reason' is a cliche, but it's a cliche for a reason. Damnit, now cliche doesn't sound like a word...

A suitcase full of new clothes, a book bag, and my camera was all I brought with me to The Plus, my new dorm. Though this was technically upperclassmen housing, since I met the age requirement I was able to get in. It's nice; two bed, one bath, full kitchen, and a common area that came with a flat screen. It better be nice, considering the price tag. It advertised a great view from it's floor to ceiling window.

I had been the shy, small town girl for 20 years of my life, too scared of leaving my family behind to even go to college. It felt like one day I woke up and everything around me was smaller. I didn't like who I was, where I was, or what I was doing. I found a college in a big city that offered a degree in something I only ever dreamed of pursuing, and I left that year. My parents were happy to see me being ambitious, but to see their little girl going so far away scared them something fierce, I think.

My boyfriend wasn't too happy. Said I was wasn't thinking straight, wasn't thinking about our relationship. He was right, but he was still a dick about it, so I booted him. Couldn't both reinvent myself and keep a string tied to my old life, could I? Okay, that makes me sound kind of cold hearted and mean. The relationship was going nowhere quick, and he never treated me like a girlfriend, just a woman he got to sleep with. Why I didn't break it off sooner I'll never know.

My dorm is on the 6th floor. Here I thought getting the attic at my old house was exciting. The door shows a large 610 in black block letters. I take a deep breath and open the door to my new home.

I was expecting to feel like a brand new person immediately. No one told me improving myself would take work and effort!

I throw my keys onto the black kitchen counters and go to find my new room.

"Hello?" I throw out, just in case. No response. I guess I get my pick of bedrooms.

In this case, that choice is an illusion. The two bedrooms face each other and upon inspection, are exact mirrors. I throw my suitcase into the one on the right, and look around. At then end of the hallway that leads from the bedrooms to the living room is a floor to ceiling window overlooking the neighborhood. The living room itself is pretty standard. Shag carpet, a single black fabric couch and the aforementioned flat screen on a wood TV stand. The kitchen and living room aren't separated by a wall, just a breakfast bar. Off the kitchen is the bathroom. A good sized shower with glass doors spans the back wall, with a small cut out for a washer and dryer.

I stand at the mirror above the sink and take a look at my new hair. I didn't dare show my parents, so I waited until I was in town to get it. It was the first thing I did in my new city. Cut short, spiky and layered, dyed platinum blonde. I loved it. My brother told me I looked like a girl named tracer from some game he played, but with blonde hair. I felt like it made my blue eyes pop. I give it a tug and a tease and walked back to my room to unpack.

I made up my bed, set my laptop on the desk, and I was done unpacking. I looked over my room once more, thinking I may have made a mistake in packing so light, when I heard the door open. My stomach did a slight flip as I wondered whether I should greet them, or just hide in my room or make it look like I was sleeping or...

"Helloooooo?" A woman. Phew...

I peek my head around the door and see my new roommate. The first thing I notice is how cute she is. Shes a bit shorter than me, maybe 5'7 or 5'8, and has a bright red pixie cut that suits her pale face very well. Her face is soft, with a tiny button nose.

"Hi!" I say, rounding the corner to help her with her luggage.

She puts her black suitcase down and opens her arms, coming in for a hug, which I accept, of course. Don't call me weird for smelling her, but she smells fantastic. It's kind of hard to nail down the exact smell, but imagine a spring breeze carrying the smell of a flower shop down a rainy street.

"I'm Rose, nice to meet you." She says sweetly after breaking the hug.

"Oh no way! I'm Lily, nice to meet you too!" Her name fit her well.

"So... Did you already take your bedroom or..."

"Oh yeah, I took the super nice one with a vending machine and a butler and I think yours is the one with the rats nests and no ceiling." I say, deadpan.

She laughs, thankfully not taking my joke seriously.

"So they're the same rooms then?"

"Ya, they're really nice too. Great view of the city like advertised. Did you need help getting moved in or anything? Is this it?"

"No, thank you though, this is all I got! I'm doing this whole... move to a new city, reinvent myself, find out who I really am kind of thing, so I packed pretty light. Just my favorite clothes and such."

"Kind of a cliche, isn't it? College girl explores herself at college?"

"Oh, sure, and with that fresh dye and chop, the fact that you're already moved in, and I'm sure brand new clothes are just classic old you, are they?"

"Okay, okay, you caught me! I'm also a cliche." She takes her shoes off and goes to put her suitcase and book bag into her new room, just adjacent to mine. She comes back out a second later.

"You weren't kiddin, that view is gorgeous! Have you ever seen anything like that?" The pure excitement in her voice was adorable. Despite being so nervous to have a roommate for the first time, I could tell we were going to get along great.

We didn't have classes until Monday next week, and it only being Wednesday, we had a lot of time to just hang out and get ourselves used to our new environment. It had been about an hour since we both moved in and we were sitting in the common area, watching some show on Netflix.

"So hey, I'm gonna go shopping in a bit, did you wanna come with? I'm probably going to some clothes stores and swinging by a grocery store to get some stuff." I say, wanting to go explore my new city.

"Yeah sure! That sounds like a lot of fun. Let me take a shower real quick and then we can head out?"

"Sounds good."

Rose gets up, throws the remote back onto the couch and heads towards her room. She appears a few seconds later, with a small bar of soap, and two bottles of what I assume is shampoo and conditioner. She's got a towel wrapped around her chest, covering any of her more private zones. I stare straight ahead, of course, not drawing any attention to my new roommate, but out of my periphery I notice that shes quite small, not just in stature. She makes no hurry to get to the bathroom at the other end of the apartment.

I find myself intrigued to know what it might have looked like under that towel. I had always appreciated a woman's body, enjoying the soft features and curves that are often associated. I never shied away from my thoughts of being with another girl; however, I had never tried to date or have sex with a woman. In my old town that would have been seen as scandalous. In this town though... I might just have to see where my interests take me.

Rose comes back out of the bathroom a handful of minutes later, hair all dried, but messy with the same towel wrapped around her. I thought she looked very cute with her hair all thrown around like that, and couldn't help but give a slight smile as she walked by. She must have noticed, because she looks back, not stopping, and asks,

"What?" Mirroring my smile.

"Oh nothing, just... I don't know, I like your hair."

"Thanks, I grew it myself." She laughs a bit, acknowledging how unkempt it looks, and gives it a little tussle before heading into her room.

"You're a dork." I say, laughing at her terrible joke.

Rose felt like an old friend already, and I find myself thinking how lucky I am to have gotten a nice roommate. She reappears a few minutes later, just as my show is ending. She's wearing a pair of really cute skinny jeans that hug her slight lower half snugly, and an off the shoulder ruffled crop top in black. She looks like she's about to go out for the night and absolutely rock it.

"Oh my god, that's such a cute outfit. Where'd you pick that up?" I say, truly meaning it. I needed a whole new closet and wanted some ideas on where to start.

"Thank you! I actually picked this up at a local store right before I made the drive up, I wanted something nice to wear for my first day."

"Well now I feel kind of dressed down... Good thing we're about to go shopping then, huh?" I was wearing an old band tee and some comfy jeans. I had to fly for like 5 hours, I wasn't planning on wearing anything I actually liked, okay?

Rose and I head out to get a beat on our new city, seeing what was near us. We found a super nice store, and I picked myself out 3 new styles that I wanted to try out. Rose found her own style and really nailed it down quick.

"Man, Rose, you're really good at puttin outfits together."

"Well I'd hope so, I'm in school for fashion."

"No shit? Well I guess that explains what you're doing at an art and design school. Well in that case, do you wanna help me pick out some new styles and outfits? I'm thinking hipster Instagram chick."

She laughs, and joins me to help pick out some more clothes.

"So what about you, Ms. Lily? What drew you to a school like this?"

"I've always loved photography, so I'm hoping I can make a career out of that."

Rose looks at me, mouth agape, excitedly.

"That's really cool! Maybe we can do a photo shoot in our new clothes." She strikes a runway pose, and to my surprise, absolutely crushes it.

"What the hell! You're so good at that!"

She helps me pick out some more clothes, and before we leave, I take a quick snapshot of us in our new digs to put on my Instagram.

We decide it's better to not go grocery shopping on an empty stomach and find a really nice looking sushi place that's pretty close to us. We step inside and a woman greets us in Japanese. To my surprise, Rose speaks back fluently. The waitress guides us to a table, takes our orders, and leaves.

I whisper to Rose,

"What the hell was that? You speak Japanese?"

She gets a little red in the face, and very quietly answers,

"I took 4 full years of it in high school... I was really into anime and wanted to watch it without subtitles.." She looks down into her lap.

"Oh my god you're a huge nerd! I knew you couldn't be perfect, I knew there had to be something!" I tease, laughing.

She looks back up at me in shock.

"You thought I was perfect?" She says, ignoring my ribbing.

"Oh, I uh... I didn't mean that you were like... That's not to say that you didn't... You're funny, and smart, and you have really good taste in fashion, and you're pretty as hell, and yea, I guess I thought that." I say, rambling.

"Relax, I'm just giving you shit back. For the record, I think you're smart and funny and very pretty as well."

Now it's my turn to blush. I wasn't used to receiving compliments from people who's opinions I valued.

I paused for a second, unsure how to respond so I did the only thing I knew how to do in uncomfortable situations.

"Weeb..." I say, under my breath.

"Watch it... " She pauses for a second, trying to remember something. "Hey, I don't know your last name." She says, thankfully continuing the conversation.

The food arrives, so I focus on eating for a second before answering. Turns out I like sushi. There would have been an entire news day dedicated to it if I were back in my old town.

"It's Sinn, two n's." I say in response to her previous question, mouth full of tuna.

"Holy shit, Lily Sinn? You sound like a pornstar, that's hilarious."

"You never know, maybe tonight you'll look it up, and there I am."

"Are you implying I watch porn?" Damn. She's really good at turning the tables.

"So what's your last name then, miss pure and holy."

"Ugh. I hate my last name, It's really dumb. My parents are kind of hippies, so just remember that okay?"

"Okay?" I brace myself.

"My name... is Rose Rosenbloom"

"No. Fucking. Way. Really? Rose 'Rose in bloom?'" I really space it out, drawing to the irony.

"I know! I got made fun of a lot for it in middle school. They were really shitty about it though, they weren't even clever. They called me 'Rose in boobs' and 'Toes in bloom', so I wasn't too fazed by it." We both have a good laugh at how ridiculous kids can be, and pay for our food. It's night by the time we leave the sushi place, so we head quickly to the supermarket.

While we're walking I can't help but look over at Rose, her bright hair reflecting the streetlights and glare from the windows of buildings behind her. As she's talking to me about something, walking forward, I quickly pull out my camera and snap a shot of her. I shake the film and examine my work. It turns out beautifully. My first good shot since I got here. I show it to Rose, who thankfully isn't upset at my candid photography.

"Damn. You're really good at what you do then, huh?" She says, admiring the small portrait of her.

"It's really easy when the stuff I'm shooting is pretty. Makes the whole photo seem better, you know?" She looks at the ground as she walks.

That night I dreamt I was back at home. My parents were upset about something, and for some reason my ex was there. I saw myself sitting on the couch, next to someone I couldn't see. I knew it was thanksgiving somehow, and I knew I had brought someone. No, they weren't upset. They were relieved. Relieved that I had found someone to make me happy, that I had found myself and was living how I wanted to. My ex was there, but he wasn't sitting on the couch with me. He was apologizing, telling me that he didn't deserve me. I can't see the person on the couch, but I know that whoever it is makes me happy. Feeling their presence next to me is comforting. The 'dream camera' starts to pan over to whoever is on the couch, but I wake up just before I see their face to the sound of music.

I put on some underwear and pajamas, not wanting my roommate to see me naked day two, and I walk out of my bedroom to see Rose's door already open. The next thing I notice is the smell of bacon, eggs, and something bready and sweet. The music I heard is coming through a small bluetooth speaker in the kitchen, and as I turn out of my bedroom I see Rose in the kitchen, dancing in her pajamas. She's just wearing a black oversized top that just covers her panties. When she hits the upbeat her top rises just enough for me to see that she's wearing pink undies. She dances by shaking her butt, then jumping, doing a slide, and repeating to the other side. I just sit and watch her, possibly being a creep, but it's too adorable to interrupt. The music ends and she turns around to plate the eggs when she notices me.

"Holy fuck!" she exclaims with a start, which in turn scares me as well. "How long have you been standing there? Why didn't you say anything, I've been over here dancing like an idiot."

"I'm sorry! I didn't want to interrupt, you looked like you were enjoying yourself!"

"Ehh, well. Hey I made some breakfast, you want some? Bacon, eggs, and waffles. Homemade." It does smell really good, so I walk to the breakfast bar to be served.

"How do you get homemade bacon and eggs?" I ask, as she plates me up a share.

"Oh I'm a ham chicken, I just... actually never mind that's kind of messed up."

I disregard the comment and take a bite. It's exactly how I like it, even the bacon is perfect.

"God damnit.." I say after finishing.

"What? Something wrong? Too much pepper. I knew it, I always put too much pepper."

"No, no, it's just... You can't also be good at cooking, you know? Like you already have too much going on for you."

She laughs, "Well then you'll be happy to know that I am horrible at dancing, as you saw when you creeped on me."

"Well it wouldn't have been creepy if you were wearing pants or something. What kind of weirdo only wears panties to bed?"

"I bet you're one of those freaks who sleeps naked, aren't you."

"...No." I lied, but I don't think I was very convincing. "Doctors say it's better for your zone health. Plus it's kinda nice if you have good sheets."

"Did you just say 'zone health'? Also I was kidding, do you really sleep naked?"

I start cleaning the dishes from breakfast as she eats hers.

"Yeah, like I said, it's better for you, it feels nice, and you don't have to do more laundry. It's a win win win."

"Yeah, it's a great win until someone walks in on you wearin only a smile."

"Depends on the person who does the walkin in." We both smile, showing our true small town charm at full blast.

"You keep flirting with me like that and I'm gonna have to do something about it."

"That a promise or a threat?" I say it in a higher voiced southern bell accent. I put on my best bedroom eyes and lip biting techniques, really playing it up.

She pauses for a second and looks at me.

"Damn, you're good. Another degree and I'd be wearing a lot less than PJ's right now."

I laugh, knowing it's all just fun and games.

"Thank god, I'm too full of waffles for lesbian sex right now." I say, playfully patting my tummy.

She pulls her sleeves into her hands, and stretches, making her shirt rise up just enough to see her panties as she walks up right next to me. Instead of my sexy bedroom eyes, she shoots me the innocent cute eyes.

"not right now, sure. But... maybe later?" She says in a similarly cute voice.

I stare into her her big brown eyes and catch myself leaning in.

"Gotcha." She says, back to her normal voice and dropping the demeanor.

"Fuck! You're really good at that too! I bet your boyfriends love when you do that."

"I wouldn't know, never had one." She says from the couch as I finish the dishes.

"Oh I'm sorry. Must suck never having been in a relationship."

"Didn't say that." Is all she replies.

"Oh. Ooohhhhh. Hmm. You know I was just kidding earlier, I didn't know about that. I wouldn't have joked if I had known."

"Oh don't be like that. No one who's that comfortable doin that kind of stuff is one hundred percent straight. You tellin me you've never been with a woman?"

"I guess you're right. I can't say I've never thought about it." I get done drying the dishes and join her on the couch. She's fully embraced her nerd side and is watching some anime, subtitle free.

"Well did you like thinking about it?"

"Can't say I minded it, no."

"Then how come you've never tried it out?" She acts as if it's as easy as trying Thai food.

"Well in a town like mine that kind of stuff doesn't really go down smooth. Say you do find a willing participant, which is already unlikely, and you do decide to try things out. Within a week the whole town knows and is looking at you like you've got a second head."

"Lily Sinn, I have never known you to be the kind of person who cares about what others think."

I look at her quizzically.

"You've only known me a day."

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