tagNonHumanA Cold Night

A Cold Night


-Oh God!!! They're going to reach me!!-

Jill was running along the warm, sandy mounds of the desert. Her reddish hairs were dancing on her sweaty face.

She looked behind herself. A group of brutes giants was following her, whirling their clubs and roaring with savage fury. She cursed, looking at the gold idols that she was carrying in her hands.

"Those are worth at least sixty gold coins" she thought when she saw the small shiny statues in the cave where the desert giants were sleeping into their primitive couches, their fat bellies raising and lowering slowly.

Jill jumped down from her hideout and landed with grace near the treasure. Then she just took the idols and walked stealthy towards the cave's exit.

Unfortunately, she stepped on the hand of a giant, hidden in the darkness of the cave.

And it awoke up.

Suddenly the giant opened its eyes, growling. Jill cursed, and started to run.

And now, the whole band of giants was chasing her, under the hot sun of the afternoon.

Jill stumbled and fell down, leaving the treasure by mistake. The beasts screamed triumphantly. She turned and saw four monsters upon her, sneering wickedly. The girl got up and unsheathed her small sword.

Jill could be a young girl, but none could underestimate her. She was a skilled thief, and even a cold killer, if she wanted it. Nevertheless she has got an amazing beauty: reddish, long hair, blue eyes and a light skin; not too tall, not too small, and a notable but not too exaggerated thinness.

But this was an impossible situation. The giants were bigger and stronger almost three times her. And they were four. A shit, eh?

A giant was going to smash her, but something stopped him. He raised up the head and stared at the desert behind Jill.

And screamed. With fear.

The whole giants ran at the opposite direction, crying and shaking their own arms.

Jill, still surprised, got up and sneered at them. "I need to be less dreadful" she thought, whirling pleased her sword. Then she turned. And froze.

The sandstorms were slightly common in the desert, of course. But try to imagine one of these. And multiply it for one-thousand times.

A enormous tornado was covering the horizon. And it was moving. Moving towards Jill.

Frightened, she looked around: there weren't serious hideouts, just two or three rocks bigger lightly than her. So she crouched behind the nearest stone and closed her eyes, trembling with fear. She could feel the strong wind ruffling her hair and the sand that was covering her feet.

"Killed by wind or buried by sand? My usual luck" she thought with anger.

Suddenly a shadow appeared in the sky and landed in front of her. And she managed to saw a pair of deep green eyes with vertical pupils before she fainted for the shock.

Jill opened slowly her eyes. "What's happened?". She felt tired and lightly stunned.

She got up and watched around. She was into a round cave, big as a small house. There were a water bottle and a tray with dried bread near her. She watched around again, so she throw herself towards the food. She literally gulped all the bread and almost chocked with the water. Filled, Jill started to moving into the cave. There were water bottles and supplies for three months at least. It seemed an hideout, or a refuge. She watched out the lair and froze. The sandstorm was still continuing.: the dunes were high as mountains and were moving as waves into a sandy ocean. The wind was too violent to bear. "I'm trapped here" she thought.

-You're awake- a deep, gently and unmistakably masculine voice said behind her. She turned, frightened. And froze.

He was taller than her, his skin was black as the night and smooth. Though he was dressed with a light cloth suit, she could see that his body was muscular but slender. Behind his back there were two membranous wings, large as his own body. Behind his abdomen he had a large tail.

Jill was sure that this creature could kill her without any effort. Then he looked at his face. It was black as his skin and tapered. His hair were dark and quite long. His horns were quite short and folded back. And she saw his eyes. Deep green eyes. Seeing them, she calmed down immediately: she was sure that he didn't want hurt her.

< she asked, breathlessly.

-I'm Gabriel. Or Gab. How you prefer to call me-

-But... you are a dragon...?-

-Not exactly- he laughed. -I'm a drakonid, that is an union between humans and dragons-

She blinked. An hybrid between an human and a dragon?

-And you are...?- Gab asked.

-Jill. But... What's happened?-

-You fainted when you saw me- the drakonid almost laughed again. -Then I took you here, in my refuge-


Gab looked surprised. -The sandstorm should kill you. I couldn't leave you alone!-

-Mh. Thanks. But...-. She looked feared.


-Where are my spoils?-

-Spoils?- he repeated, confused.

-My two golden idols!- she exclaimed.

-I didn't take any idol with you-

She cursed. And he laughed.

-I'm joking! Here they are- he said and took her a bag. She looked into it: the two small idols were both intact.

-Thanks- she sighed.

-They look precious> he said, peeping the treasures.


-And they're an handmade of desert giants>

Jill looked at him. -Uh...I don't know...-

-You stole them-

Jill stared at the ground, flushing red.

-Don't worry. I'm not gonna to blame you! I'm a thief too, you know- he smiled.


-Of course. Where do you think I took the water, the food and the clothes? None would stay near me, so I need to steal from others. A blameworthy thing, I know, but I need to eat too, right?-

-Why none want stay near you?- she looked, surprised.

-I'm an hybrid. And both humans and dragons are races that hate so much. The humans hate us 'cause we aren't totally humans, as the dragons hate us because we are "impure"-

-..I'm sorry..-

-That's not necessary- he said gently.
Jill giggled. -So, what can I do now? The sandstorm is out of here and it's too strong to bear- she added, serious.

-I'm sorry, my dear, but I think that you must stay here- Gab said, amused.

-With pleasure- Jill smiled.

For the rest of the afternoon Jill and Gab talked about their lives, and the time passed quickly.

Jill talked about her family, her village and her happy childhood. Gab listened attentively, and asked her a lot of informations.

-Your life looks happy- he grinned.

-My life is quite normal. There are people who have a much better life-

Suddenly, Gab's belly rumbled. -Aw! Can you give me some bread, please?- he asked.

Jill took a roll from a bag near her and passed it to him. -Don't you eat meat?-

-I'm omnivorous. I'm half human, do you remember? This can help. For example, if I was carnivorous I couldn't live in this desert-

-Why?- she asked, curious.

-The meat should go bad with this warmth, and moreover, there aren't so much animals to hunt here-. Then he gulped down the roll.

Suddenly Jill shivered. -I feel cold-

-The desert's nights are very cold- he nodded. -But I have this- he added, revealing a large, furry blanket. The fur was white and grey.

-Oh God- she murmured -that's the fur of a polar wyvern! How could you have it?-

-That's precious, I know, but I prefer to keep it with me-

She caressed the blanket. The polar wyvern skin was rare and precious as gold.

-Did you stole it too?- Jill sneered.

-Nope... That's just a present from a friend-

The girl yawned. -I'm so tired!-

Gab nodded and yawned too. -So let's sleep. Come here-. Then he took the blanket and covered Jill and himself with it. Jill felt immediately a warm sensation all over her body, then she fell asleep.

Jill awoke. The cave was immersed into the darkness, the soft moonlight filtrating from the entrance. She heard the howls of the sandstorm and sighed.

Suddenly she felt a caress against her hip and almost bumped. -Gab?-


-Are you touching me?-

-..Wha..What..oh..OH! I'm sorry! I...I was sleeping!- he exclaimed, realizing what he was doing. His deep voice seemed embarrassed. Jill smiled. Then she turned towards him.

-Jill..Sorry, I didn't want to do it...- he excused again.

-Do you like me?- she whispered. Maybe it was the stunning of the sleep, or her natural wishes, she looked Gab with a different look.

-What?- he looked at the girl in front of him, confused.

Jill approached at him, feeling the warmth of his body closer to her. And she caressed his cheek.

-Jill...- he sighed. Seeing her, he was feeling something different. He looked her as a female, and not as a friend. Jill felt his hot breath against his face. And she followed it.

When Jill kissed Gab, he seemed surprised at first. But soon he returned her kiss, enveloping her meaty tongue whit his thin tongue. Jill giggled softly in his lips as he passed his hands at first on her hips, then he moved them behind her, to unbutton her bodice. When he saw her nakedness, he held back his breath. Her body was so beautiful... She quickly opened his suit, and moved her own hands along his muscular chest. Jill felt a growing heat between her legs as she felt the smooth muscles of his stomach under her fingers.

Suddenly, she touched a stiffness. Then he stopped to kiss her and watched her into her blue eyes.

-Jill.. Are you sure?-

-Yes, Gab. Let me see- she smiled gently.

He raised the blanket...and her eyes opened wide.

It was pinkish, long and smooth, damp on the tip.

Seeing his cock, she felt the heat growing and smiled. -Can I...?-

-You mean...-

She nodded. -Only if you want-

-Of course I want- he giggled. Then he lay down on his back. Jill kneeled on his body and took his cock. Then she licked the wet tip of it. Gab rolled his eyes and gasped, moving slightly his head. Jill let down her head and wriggled her tongue, touching his smooth shaft with her wet meat. The drakonid moaned and bent his kneels, moving his tail with passion.

The girl continued to gulp and lick Gab's cock as he put his hand on her head back, gripping her hair delicately and groaning with pleasure.

Suddenly, she released his cock and grinned into his beautiful eyes.

-Did you liked it?- she asked softly.

-That was incredible- he whispered -but now it's my turn-

-Mh?- she asked, confused.

Gab giggled again, then he turned on her. -You're beautiful- the drakonid murmured into her ear as she blushed. Then he trailed kisses on her throat, her flourishing breast and her perfect stomach, tickling her with his nose. She giggled and shivered under his touch. Then he stopped between her legs. Jill closed her eyes as she felt his hot breath against her vagina.

Suddenly she felt his long, darting tongue against her lips. She gasped and widened her legs. Gab penetrated her with his tongue and licked the walls of her womb, tasting her sweet juice. The girl almost screamed and drove her fingers into the ground. He pressed his mouth against her vagina and sucked it as she closed her eyes, moaning loudly as she felt her growing orgasm go through herself.

Suddenly, with a long, beautiful shudder, she came, crying out. Gab felt her juices squirting on his tongue, out of her lips and down her thighs. Gab pulled out his tongue from her and looked at her face, his eyes shining in the darkness.

-And you, did you like it?-

She was still panting. -I...I never... felt something like this!-

He bent down and kissed her again. He felt the fresh sweat on her body, and lowered his hands to widen her legs. Jill felt the tip of his cock touching her lips.

-Take me- she murmured into her ear. Her breath grew faster

-As you wish, my love- he whispered. Then he pushed his cock slowly and carefully into her womb. Jill drove her fingers into his back and moaned. Gab withdrew and breathed deeply. So, he pushed again, feeling her womb's warm walls enlarging. Jill moaned again, feeling his long shaft into her, and moved her hands along his large back, feeling his closed, soft wings. Gab nippled her neck gently, groaning slightly.

That was beautiful. Every gentle but long and deep thrust of Gab made wonderful shivers go through her body. Gab moved his mouth and sucked her nipples as Jill clawed his back with passion. She could feel the pressure of her approaching orgasm and closed her eyes.

Gab started to push faster and harder, groaning into her mouth., every muscle of his body hardened for the effort. Jill bent her head sideways, unable to give out any sound. Then she moved her hand to caressing his cheek and kissed him deeply. He returned her kiss at first, feeling her breast rolling again his chest every time he pushed inside her, but suddenly he removed his mouth from her face . Then he closed his eyes and stiffened, letting out a long, deep and loud groan. She felt his hot liquid squirting into her depths with strong blasts, and she came too, almost crying.

Panting, Gab opened his eyes and licked her cheek gently, withdrawing his cock from her wet vagina. Jill smiled and kissed him as he lay down near her.

Then the girl put her head on his sweaty chest, as he hugged her with one arm. His heart rocked her with its calm rhythm, his chest raising and lowering slowly. So Jill fell asleep immediately.

The sunlight hit Jill's face, awaking her. She stirred, yawning deeply.

-Good morning- Gab said. She looked up at him. He was dressed with a different vest: beep black as his skin, with a large, dark hood covering his face. She become hotter as she saw him.

-Hey> she smiled. -Why didn't you awake me?-

-You were sleeping so well... I didn't want to disturb you-

-Where are you going?-

-I saw a caravan near here. And I want to "visit" them. I can avoid the sandstorm by the sky-

Jill got up immediately, ignoring her own nakedness. Gab looked at her body, amused.

-Can I...Don't stare at me with this longing look!-

-Sorry! You were saying...?-

-Well... Can I come with you? Maybe you will need some help-

-I can try to carry you. But it's better that you leave here your clothes...-

-Don't be funny!-

Gab laughed loudly and approached to her. And she hugged him..

-Will you stay with me?- he whispered.

-You can bet it!- she murmured, grinning.

-I think that I love you-

-I think it too-

And they kissed again.

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