tagBDSMA Collar for Christmas

A Collar for Christmas


Heart pounding, Erika held her finger above Colin's doorbell. She had no idea what he had in store for her tonight. He had said only that for Christmas Eve, he intended to give her everything she wanted.

If he meant it, she was in for one hell of a night. Her pussy tightened at just the thought. She'd told him many things she wanted, some of which were probably better left as fantasies. The moment she rang that doorbell, she would be giving her agreement to whatever he chose to do. Of course she could use her safe words if she had to, but other than that, Colin would be in control.

She pressed the button.

The door swung open almost immediately, revealing Colin in a black T-shirt and faded jeans. The T-shirt outlined his chest muscles, and the jeans fit him perfectly. He looked sexy as fuck. Erika stepped inside, barely restraining the impulse to beg him to fuck her on the spot. That wouldn't end well for her; he would likely refuse to fuck her at all.

He treated her kindly and gently much of the time, but he was, after all, a sadist.

He closed the door, embraced her, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas." Bending to remove her shoes, she glanced around. Nothing she saw indicated what Colin was planning first.

"Follow me." He took her hand and led her down the short hallway to the living room, where a small tree sat on the coffee table, a few gifts scattered underneath. Colin motioned for Erika to sit on the couch. "Do you know what's going to happen tonight?"

"A lot?" Unable to relax, she sat on the edge of the cushion and looked up at him. "You said you were going to give me everything I want. That's a long list."

He chuckled. "Perhaps 'everything' is a slight exaggeration, but I will be giving you a few things tonight. And in the morning, if you're a good girl, I'll let you open your presents."

"I don't have much for you." She pulled a small wrapped package out of her purse and set it under the tree. Figuring out what to buy Colin for Christmas hadn't been easy, and she had finally settled on a relatively generic money clip he'd mentioned wanting. Seeing the number of presents on the coffee table, she wished she'd gotten him more than one thing. But it was too late now.

"I didn't expect much. I just wanted you to have a good Christmas." He sat beside her and abruptly gripped her hair and pulled her head back. "You'll give me what I want, won't you? You know what that is?"

"Me," she gasped.

"Exactly. You're already off to a good start." He released her hair. "Before we begin, tell me your safe words."

"Yellow means I need a break. Red means stop," she recited. She knew the words so well she didn't even need to think about them to say them, yet Colin insisted on reminding her of them every time they saw each other. It was one of the things that made her trust him enough to accept him as her Dom.

"Good." He stood. "You've mentioned wanting to be tied down while I flog you. Is that something you're interested in tonight?"

"Y—yes." Although they'd discussed bondage, they hadn't yet done it. Erika had told Colin she wanted him to tie her, but with the reality presented, she wasn't certain she would be able to handle it.

But if she couldn't, all she had to say was one little word and he would stop. The fact that he'd offered her the choice instead of ordering her to allow it told her that he was aware of her nervousness. He wouldn't force her into anything she wasn't willing to do.

"Good," he said again. "Take off your dress and bra. Leave your panties on for now. When you've undressed, lie on your stomach on the weight bench. I'll be right back."

He went into the bedroom. Erika quickly complied with his commands. Her pussy was wet with anticipation; doubtless, that was why he'd told her to leave her panties on. It wouldn't do to soak his bench.

Lying on her stomach, she turned her head to see him returning to the room, flogger and ropes in hand. Without speaking, he secured her wrists and ankles to the legs of the bench. "Are those too tight?"


"New rule." He brought his hand down hard on her ass. She yelped, and he laughed. "Did that hurt? Or did you enjoy it? No matter. Tonight, you are to call me Sir. Is that understood?"

"Yes." She quickly caught herself. "Yes, Sir."


He didn't say another word, just began striking her ass and back with the flogger. Slowly at first, and lightly enough that she felt only a mild sting at each stroke. But he quickly picked up speed and strength, until the sting grew to pain, which became a haze of endorphins and excitement.

Erika's mind drifted. She moaned and cried out over and over, but through the haze she was only slightly aware of her own voice and the whistle of the flogger strands through the air as Colin continued beating her. Every so often, he paused to gently rub her back and ass before resuming the flogging. He made no sound at all; he rarely did.

She loved being like this. Vulnerable, at Colin's mercy, but knowing he would never harm her. Hurt her, yes, but that was her choice as well as his.

After time that might have been minutes or hours, he stopped. "I think you've had enough. Have you?"

Erika shook her head. Her arms and legs trembled, and her mouth wouldn't cooperate enough to allow her to speak.

"If you can't answer me, you've had enough." He caressed her back. "You have some nice red marks. A few of them might be bruises by tomorrow. I'm going to untie you so you can sit up, and I'll bring you some water. You're to drink all of it. Do you understand?"

Still unable to form words, Erika nodded.


He untied the ropes and helped Erika roll to a seated position on the bench, then went the few steps to the kitchen. He brought back a small glass nearly filled with water and handed it to her. "All of it. I'll wait."

It took her a few minutes to follow the order, because at first her hands shook so badly she couldn't quite get the glass to her mouth. He stood beside her the entire time, hands on her shoulders, reminding her with his touch that he was there to bring her back down, and that he would let nothing happen to her.

Finally, she held up the empty glass. "Thank you, Sir."

"Good job remembering." He set down the glass and pushed her onto her back, then slipped off her panties and dropped them on the floor. "Now we're going to play. It is, after all, Christmas. A time for good girls to get toys. Do you want your Christmas toys?"

"Yes, please. Sir."

"I suppose you've been good enough to have one, at least." He went to the tree and brought back a long package. "I'm going to tie you again. That means I'll have to open this for you, but I think you'll enjoy seeing it, won't you?"

"Yes, Sir." The thought of what the present might contain sent thrills through her. During one of her recent visits, they had spent time online viewing different styles and sizes of vibrator, and she had no doubt Colin held one of the ones she'd chosen. She couldn't wait to see which one.

He put down the package and again tied her arms and legs, checking to be certain he hadn't tightened the ropes too much. She felt a pulling in her shoulders, as her arms were stretched behind her back now, but it wasn't painful. It was actually enjoyable, given that she knew the purpose for it.

She watched as he tore the paper off the gift, revealing a rabbit vibrator, the one she had said she wanted the most. She smiled. "Thank you, Sir."

"Don't thank me yet. You've only seen it. You haven't felt it." He took the vibrator out of its packaging. "I've already put in the batteries. But I have some rules. You are not to come until I tell you. If you do, our playtime ends and you'll sleep on the couch. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir." He would never make her sleep on the couch. Then again, she would never dream of coming without his permission when he made that a condition of their play.

He turned on the vibrator and touched it to one of her hard nipples. She moaned. The pleasure was enough to bring her near the edge of orgasm, and he hadn't even touched her cunt yet.

She had to hold back, or he wouldn't touch it at all.

With the toy, he traced a line down her chest and belly. She squirmed as he neared the spot she so desperately wanted him to touch, but instead of sliding the toy inside her or touching it to her clit, he continued down her inner thigh. She let out a sound of protest, and he chuckled.

"You didn't think I would make this easy, did you?" He ran the toy back up her leg, but still didn't touch her cunt. "I want you ready to scream. I want you so turned on you can't talk, but you still try to beg me to let you come. Do you know what will happen if you beg, though?"

"You won't let me come." She paused. "Sir."

"Exactly." He smacked her thigh. "That's for almost forgetting tonight's new rule. Now, should I continue?"

She started to say yes, but recognized the trap. "If you want to, Sir."

"Good answer."

Without warning, he shoved the toy inside her pussy, which was so wet she felt only an incredibly pleasant friction. He pulled the toy out and pushed it in again and again, and with each thrust the rabbit head pressed against her clit. As the pleasure built to the point of explosion, she gritted her teeth and forced herself to hold back. She couldn't come. Not until he gave the word.

The effort became excruciating. She needed release desperately, and yet he kept fucking her with the toy, making no sound while her moans and gasps became near-screams.

Finally, when she believed she could no longer stand it, he said, "Come. Now."

And she did, so hard she felt like she was falling apart. The euphoria washed away all control of her body, all awareness of anything other than the climax. Her body shook, and for a moment she forgot the ropes and tried to reach for Colin. A sudden pain in her shoulder reminded her, and she relaxed as much as she could with so much pleasure racing through her. She closed her eyes and simply let herself feel.

As the orgasm subsided, she realized he had released her bonds. She opened her eyes to find his face only inches from hers. He kissed her, a deep kiss that had her craving him within seconds. She started to reach for him again but stopped herself. Until he said otherwise, he was in control of what they did, and any attempt on her part to get what she wanted would result in him giving her nothing.

He broke the kiss and smiled. "I think you've had enough for one night. I want you to have a bath before we go to bed, though. It'll help with the pain from the flogging."

"It doesn't hurt, Sir."

He kissed her forehead. "It might not hurt now, but that's because you're still coming down. I'm going to draw a bath with some Epsom salts, and you're going to sit in the tub until I say you can get out. Stay here until I come back to get you. You can sit up."

Sitting up proved more difficult than she anticipated; her body still wasn't quite ready to cooperate with her. But Colin left the room, so she was on her own to manage it. In the bathroom, water ran into the tub, and despite her protest she looked forward to immersing herself in the warm water. Especially if Colin remained with her.

After several minutes, he returned and helped her up. "I'm going to bathe you, and then we're going to bed. In the morning, I'll have more surprises for you."

"Okay, Sir." She didn't want to go to bed yet. The thought made her laugh; she felt like she had as a child, when she'd refused to go to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Colin guided her into the bathroom and helped her into the tub, where she sank down into the water. Parts of her back stung as the water touched them. He must have flogged her harder than she'd realized.

He took a washcloth from the stack he kept on the counter and wet it, then wrung it out over her back. The water trickled down her skin, relaxing her.

"Close your eyes if you want," he said. "Let me take care of you."

She closed her eyes. The slight scent of lavender, likely from the Epsom salts, filled her nose.

More warm water trickled between her breasts. She gave a contented sigh. "Thank you, Sir."

"You're welcome. Now, no more talking. Relax."

She obeyed. The water's heat and pleasant smell relaxed her nearly to the point of falling asleep. If it hadn't been for Colin's hands on her bare skin, she might have dozed off entirely. But the awareness that at any moment, his touch might turn from tender to arousing, kept her awake.

Finally, he said, "We're finished. Let me help you."

She opened her eyes. "Yes, Sir."

Holding her arm, he helped her up and out of the tub. With a large, soft towel, he carefully dried her.

"There," he said after a few moments. "Now come to bed. Santa won't come if you don't get to sleep."

She snorted. "Yes, Sir. If you say so."

He swatted her ass. "Don't get mouthy with me. Come on."

In bed, they spooned. With Colin's arms around her, Erika felt more safe and loved than she did anywhere else. But his hand was tantalizingly close to her breast, and she couldn't help wishing he would touch her there. He hadn't made any attempt to fuck her, and she badly wanted his cock inside her.

But she was too relaxed from the bath to try to persuade him to fuck, and before long, she was asleep. All night, she dreamed of lying naked beneath Colin, or being on all fours in front of him as he pounded her with his cock.

When she woke, her pussy still tingling from the dreams, dim light shone through the blinds and Colin was smiling at her. "Merry Christmas. How did you sleep?"

"Well, thank you." She hesitated. "Am I still supposed to call you Sir?"

He looked thoughtful. "Well, I would say it's an all-the-time thing, but I'll only require it when we play." Abruptly, he pushed her onto her back and shoved his hand between her legs. "Which I think we're about to do, unless you object."

Instantly, her cunt was wet, and she squirmed. "No objections, Sir."


He flicked her clit. She moaned loudly. It would take so little for him to make her come, though she didn't know what rules to follow this morning. Did he want her to hold back, or was he trying to bring her to climax? The pleasure as he began rubbing her clit was so great she couldn't form the words to ask.

Then he closed his lips around her hard nipple, and she gave up even trying to speak. As his tongue lightly touched her nipple, he pressed his finger harder against her clit. Exquisite sensations raced through her, and she fought not to come too quickly.

"It's all right." His speaking sent small vibrations through her tit. "Come as much as you want. That's your first present this morning."

"Thank—Oh!" The orgasm hit suddenly, cutting off her words. Moaning Colin's name, she bucked through wave after wave of beautiful pleasure.

As her climax faded, Colin knelt between her legs. Gripping her calves, he brought her legs up to his shoulders. "Okay?"

"Yes, Sir," she murmured.

"Good. Because I'm going to fuck you now."

He entered her hard and fast, making her gasp. On the heels of her first orgasm, Colin's thrusts had her at the edge again almost immediately. She looked up into his eyes as he moved, and the love and lust she saw there took her breath away.

Love. Something they hadn't mentioned before.

Something she couldn't think about now as the fire built inside her again. Her sounds grew louder, and she didn't try to silence herself. The delicious friction of Colin's cock in her cunt was too much for her to be quiet.

Then she came again, explosively, and she screamed. Through the come-haze, she was faintly aware of Colin chuckling, then moaning loudly as his own orgasm hit.

He lowered himself onto her and stroked her hair. "God. That was amazing."

"Yes." She wanted to wrap her arms around him, but her arms didn't seem to want to move.

"Are you all right?"

"Yes." She'd forgotten something. "Sir."

"Good." He kissed her lips. "Let's shower, and then we can get to those presents."

He moved off the bed and left the room. The shower began running in the bathroom. Erika groaned. Clearly Colin intended to torture her by making her wait even longer to open her gifts.

A few minutes passed, then he returned with wet hair and a towel around his waist. "I decided showering separately would be faster. I don't want to make you wait forever for your presents. Hurry up, though, before I change my mind."

"Yes, Sir." Eagerly, she scrambled off the bed and went into bathroom, where Colin had left the shower running.

She washed quickly and dried off. When she went back into the bedroom, a wrapped package lay on the bed. Colin sat beside it in a T-shirt and pajama pants. He put his hand on the package. "You can open this one now."

Without a word, she grabbed the present and tore off the paper. Inside was a flat white box. She opened it to find a jewel-green negligee and robe.

"Oh, it's beautiful!" She threw her arms around Colin and kissed him. "Thank you, Sir!"

"We aren't playing right now. You don't have to call me Sir." He smiled. "You're welcome. Put them on so we can go find out what's under the tree."

Quickly, Erika obeyed, and they went out to the living room. Three packages remained beneath the tree. She picked up the one she'd brought and held it out to him. "Your turn."

"Not quite yet." He took it and set it down, then handed her the smaller of the other two presents. "Open this first, then I'll open yours."

Slightly disappointed, she and unwrapped a tiny box, which contained a pair of silver and turquoise earrings she'd pointed out to Colin in a shop they'd visited months earlier.

She looked at him. "You hid these for this long? Or did you go back to get them?"

"I bought them while you were looking around. You aren't always as observant as you think." He grinned. "I take it you like them."

"Yes. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Now I'll open yours, and then you can have your last one."

She held her breath as he unwrapped his present. Compared to what he'd given her, the money clip seemed even more bland and impersonal. But he smiled when he took it out of the box. "Exactly what I needed. Thank you."

Relieved, she smiled. "I'm glad you like it."

He picked up the final present. "This one is the most important. I really hope it's something you'll want."

"It's from you. Of course I want it."

"Don't say that until you open it." He handed her the package. "See what you think."

Inside was another flat box. Expecting more lingerie, Erika lifted the lid and stared, stunned, at the thick chain and heart-shaped lock.

A collar. He'd given her a collar. Something she'd wished for, but hadn't dared mention to him.

With his finger, he lifted her chin so she was looking him in the eye. "I thought about this for a while, but I didn't really need to think at all," he said. "I love you. I want you to belong to me. Do you want that as well?"

"Yes," she breathed. This couldn't be happening. So many times since Colin had taken her as his sub, she'd dreamed about this, but she hadn't believed he would actually collar her.

Then his words hit her. He loved her. He had never said it before.

"I love you too," she said quickly. "Sir." The honorific seemed even more necessary under the circumstances.

"Then here." He lifted the collar out of the box and put it around her neck, then closed the lock. "I have the key. If you ever decide you want this off, just say so."

"I don't think I will." She ran her thumb over the smooth, cool metal lock. "It's beautiful."

"So are you." He kissed her deeply. "My beautiful sub. I love you. Merry Christmas."

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by yukonnights01/27/18

My kind of story! I'm so glad you emphasized the love shared between the two. So often, this is missing in stories revolving around BDSM. I feel this kind of portrayal is much more realistic and reflectsmore...

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by Anonymous12/18/17

Nicely done!

Every D/S relationship needs to be like this - power, control and trust. Well done.

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