tagIncest/TabooA Commitment is a Commitment

A Commitment is a Commitment


It was my mothers 38th birthday in two weeks and I had been searching for a book she used to have from school, she had often told me about it. And one day she went into the loft to get it to show me. I had been showing an interest in poetry, which had surprised her greatly, me being Mr Macho and all that.

She called to me and I climbed the ladder. We hadn't been up there for years and had forgotten how much junk she and my dad had collected, but she couldn't find the book anywhere. We even stripped it nearly, we had a real clear out and lots of fun doing it, finding all sorts of forgotten things, photo's, school reports, letters, cards, boxes of this, boxes of that, there was tons of it.

But of the book there was no sign, my mom was so upset, she had had it since she was a child and it had helped her get her A's in English, and on top of that she was a true poetry lover. She described it to me, remembered the name of the author but wasn't sure of the spelling. So I made a mission to locate a copy and make it her up coming birthday present.

I started at my local library, the lady there did all she could she went through all the files, it took three days in all for her to come up a blank. To say I was surprised was underestimating my disappointment. She gave me a few trails to follow so I spent time on my PC I ended up trailing right around the world looking for it, it just seemed to have disappeared, dropped off the edge of the world for some reason.

I was beginning to despair, my beautiful mother wasn't going to get the gift I knew that would delight and please her immensely. Let me tell you about her, and me if it comes to that. She is Angela Morris, 38 in two weeks and I love her with all my heart, and yes I would if I could. I'm 18 for fucks sake, but she's my mother okay!

She is about 5ft 3" tall soft brown hair, that still looks good even for an aged woman like her. Gorgeous face, lovely big brown eyes, nice lips that always feel soft and cool when she kisses my cheeks. She has a great body from what I've seen of it and taken notice of, since I found out my prick wasn't just for pissing out of.

Me? I Alexander, or better known as Sandy, don't ask me how. I turned 18 just two months ago and yes I am like a lot, or most guys my age. I have a older woman thing, especially since I have an older woman who is beautiful and living in the same house as me. She knows my secret and smiles at me in that knowing way that a woman has when she is under scrutiny from a man, or should I say a boy with hormones coming out of his ears.

So I was always gently put in my place and no harm done, it actually made me love her more knowing she knew and understood. I would jack off because of her and Frank's mother too, he's my best pal and we both have the same fixation, we would both love to fuck our mothers, but he doesn't know I would like to fuck his too.

Like I said, I am Sandy, 18 years old, 6ft tall, not bad looking, have girlfriends so I know I'm okay in that department, it's the same with Frank, we hunt together and go solo too. I'm worldly wise, know all there is to know about women and have them hanging of my shirt tails, like fuck I do! But I have had sex a few times so I do know a little about girls, but I wanted to fuck a woman, a real woman. My mother! Oh and Frank's too if I ever got the chance.

We are the same size more or less, have the same kind of interests and get on great, we both have other friends but we tag along together mostly. We have discussed the possibility of seducing and fucking our mothers, but in reality we both know there's little chance of it happening, but I think I am closest to it simply by virtue of the way mine reacts to my subtle advances.

I am certain it has crossed her mind, even though that's as far as it has probably gone. You know what I mean, 'I wonder what it would be like to do it with him,' those kinds of thoughts, 'how I would feel inside of me?' that kind of thinking.

But it's the final step that gets in the way as far as I'm concerned, I haven't got the nous how to get past her natural defences to seduce her, so I'm reduced to jacking off about her, and sometimes Frank's mother. Let me tell you about her.

She is Anna or Mrs Welling to me, but sometimes I get cheeky and call her Anna when no one is in ear shot. If the truth was to be known she is probably a little more attractive than my mother probably due to the fact that she is around 4" taller, she has the walk. She looks terrific when she is striding it out, all swaying and graceful movements. Long dirty blond hair, that she likes to wear down most of the time, similar figure to my moms, but her lips are the part about her that gets to me. I have imagined them wrapped around my hard cock lots of times, making me cum all the way down her throat. What a wonderful thought.

They have been friends a long time and went through senior school together as best friends. Frank and I have carried on the tradition. We live in the same road; our houses are similar, big detached things, private gardens and the rest of it. My dad and Frank's both work in the same bank and are at or about the same level, both in high paying jobs, which for me and Frank it's happy days all the way.

So anyway I had come to a dead end in the searching for the book that my mother couldn't find, she had said it was like new, it was so valuable to her personally that she had always kept it covered. Never creased a corner, never bent it back. I had actually started to think that if I could find it or a new one it might do me a power of good in the shagging stakes with her.

But what could I do, I had no more ideas, I was at a loss. It was now Saturday morning and I made my way out of the house telling mom I was going to Frank's. As I left my front door and got on the street I saw Frank and his dad just driving away in the opposite direction, I stopped, then thought fuck it I might as well go now and do a bit of ogling at his mother. She also knew I had the hots for her, and Frank had told me she knew he had the hots for her too. I often wondered if our mothers compared notes!

I knocked on their back door and she opened it. She looked fucking gorgeous; she was wearing a white flower patterned dress that finished about two or three inches above her very shapely knees. There was no collar, just nice cleavage, sleeveless that opined her smooth bare arms down to her lovely painted finger nails. Her hair was down and swaying around her shoulders. I got an almost instant hard on.

She said, "Hi, come in Sandy, Frank and his dad have gone into town and won't be back until this afternoon I think."

"Yes I saw them as I was walking here, but decided to come anyway because I want to ask you something Mrs Welling, er Anna," I said cheekily. She smiled at me and asked me what it was I wanted.

'What I want Anna is to fuck you rotten!' But I only said that in my head.

"You and mom used to do poetry reading lots of years ago didn't you?" I asked her.

"Yes we even went to classes to learn about it, why do you ask?"

"Well," I began, "you know it's her birthday next week don't you."

"Yes Sandy I do know that."

"Well, I am trying to find a book of sonnets that she had when she was a lot younger, and has now lost. I want to make a present of it for her. I've searched right around the world on the net and got no where."

"What do they call it, do you know?" she said.

"She told me, but she was unsure of the authors name after all this time. She said was called 'Sonnets' by Peter Graves."

"Ah," she said, "I know the one you mean." I brightened at this revelation.

"But it's not by Peter Graves, it's by Peter James."

"Oh that's brilliant; I might be able to find a copy of it for her now." I said somewhat happily.

"You don't need to do that," she smiled ta me.

"But why not?" I replied.

"Because dopey, I have Angela's book right here in my bookcase in the sitting room."

"You haven't!" I said incredulously.

"I have, I have had it for the last 7 years, she has obviously forgotten she loaned it to me, and until now, I had forgotten I had it too."

"Oh Jesus H bloody Christ," I exclaimed, putting my hand over my mouth to try and stop the words coming out of it.

"Sorry about that," I mumbled.

"It's okay, I understand," she smiled at me again; I could have kissed her right there, and fucked her as well!

"Where is it Anna, can I see it please?"

"Of course you can, come on follow me," she told me.

She led me into their sitting room that, on one wall had an ornate bookcase, it was about 4 or 5 ft wide, and 4 or 5ft high with 6 carved and glass doors that were always locked. It was stacked with books, it is very old, worth a lot of money, and no one but her was allowed in it.

She knelt down and I followed suit, she unlocked one of the doors and pulled out a book. And there it was my mother's precious lost book, the very original. I was sure I would earn more than brownie points now. But I would wait to give it to her when there was only I and she in the house, clear field etc hey?

I was staring at the book in awe, this could be the gateway into my moms personal heaven, my prick stood back up at the thought, it never took much for me to get a hard on anyway. I almost gushed my thanks to Anna.

I shuffled to her as we were still on our knees; we were knee to knee almost. I put my arms around her, give her a huge hug, leaned off a little bit and kissed her on the lips, it wasn't a full kiss, more of a long peck.

Realising that the moment had got the better of me and what I had done, I stammered an apology.

"That's okay, but is that the best you can do?" she said softly, "a tiny little kiss like that, no wonder you struggle with the girls." And she giggled.

"I can do a ton better than that," I said with a trace of indignation in my voice, was she questioning my male virility?

"I'm certain you could," her arms went around me now. I went for it, I kissed her full on, shuffled the final two inches between us and my prick felt the connection of her. After locking lips and beginning a bit of tongue I gained my confidence right back. I leaned her over and lowered her to the floor. She went easily, and her kiss was given back all the way.

I was actually kissing my best friends mother, and I had a massive hard on, but I had just been contemplating getting into my mothers pants and it was looking like I was going to get into Frank's mothers.

'Oh happy days,' I was beginning to think.

I moved into a proper on top position, my body more or less over hers, I slid my knee between hers and deliberately but gently caressed her pussy area with it. This brought a very welcome moan from her mouth into mine as our kiss deepened even further. I then used the inside of my elbow to also lightly rub a tit and hopefully her nipple.

Anna held me even tighter as I kept up doing things to keep her where she was until I was in place to get her dress off and my prick into her. Her arms were all the way round me now, her grip wonderfully tight, I wasn't going anywhere. I took what I thought was a chance to find out for definite if this was a goer or not. I pulled my arm from around her and cupped her tit, feeling for her nipple. I found it straight away because it was sticking up and out almost poking out of her dress.

I took it in my fingers and squeezed, rolled, then pulled it a little. I was rewarded with a loud moan into my mouth, and her hand ran into my hair at the back forcing the kiss even deeper than it was. She hooked her leg over mine, forcing me more or less on top of her. I obliged of course and now my prick was pressing on her pussy now and not my knee.

I forcibly lifted my lips and head from hers.

"Anna," I whispered.

"Yes Sandy, come on baby lets go to the sofa," she said, flicking her eyes over her shoulder. I jumped up, helped her to her feet. I looked into her eyes, they were big and wide, her face was flushing at her cheeks, her lips were quivering. I didn't waste a second more; I had her on it before she could breathe out.

I reached behind her for the zip of her dress, she went for my cock, got it and squeezed me, this brought a moan from us both. I got the zip down, and yanked at the dress to get her beautiful tits out. I wanted nothing more right then but to get her nipples in my mouth. She assisted me and there they were, I pushed her bra up and gazed at the 8th and 9th wonders of the world.

I lowered my mouth over one and then the other; I kissed, nipped, sucked, nibbled, and licked them both at about a hundred miles an hour. My cock was under attack too, and then suddenly I had a problem, a big one! The excitement was getting too much for me.

"Anna," I gasped, "I, er, I'm going to cu..." And I blasted my load right into my trousers. I cringed with embarrassment, that's the end of that I said to myself, FUCK!

But the angel I was on the sofa with in the shape of my best friends beautiful mother took it all in her stride.

"It's perfectly alright Sandy, I understand, and its okay, I'm happy you have it for me. Now go upstairs, wash your self off and go and get into my bed okay?"

I just looked at her dumbfounded, was she for real?

"Go on," she ordered, "now!" she told me, and slapped my backside.

I didn't need any more telling, as soon as I was out of the room that my embarrassing moment left me. I shot upstairs into the bathroom, cleaned the thick lumpy spunk off me, left my clothes there, and went into her bedroom. I sniffed the bed first, I didn't want to get into Franks dad's half did I? I smelled Anna's perfume on the pillow and got in as naked as the day I was born. I was lying in her place, her scent filled my nostrils, my prick grew back to full power mode.

The door moved and there she was, she slipped the dress off her slim smooth shoulders and without taking her eyes off mine, took her bra off and dropped it to the floor, then she slid her tiny little panties down her gorgeous toned thighs and stepped out of them.

She glided to the bed and got in with me, her hand went straight to my prick.

"Ooooh," she whispered, "looks like you are waiting for me Sandy, are you pleased to see me?"

I didn't wait another second, I threw her onto her back and got over her, and she looked up at me and said playfully.

"Right then!" Meaning 'you look like you are going to bang me?'

She was right, I drove forward and in, my toes were digging into the mattress as I forced every bit of me into her slick pussy. Her legs went over me, and her arms collected me.

"Go for it tiger," she said breathily, huskily, "show this old lady what you can do, go on and do me honey, and do me real good, and if you stop before I tell you to, you are a dead man!" She kissed me again and I went for the world championship for fucking a woman.

But I wasn't just fucking this beauty under me, I was making love to a very beautiful sensuous sexy woman, a woman I had jacked myself of over her many times. Her nails dug into my back, they acted as spurs just like a horse rider, I increased my speed and went at her manically. She hollered my name, swore at me, told me "harder, harder do me harder you fucking bastard, fucking give it to me, make me have it, oh god yes yes yes, there, right there, don't stop you marvellous big cocked sod, I love it, I love it, I love it, more more more, oh my fucking god I'm going to cuuu..." Then she cried out like a wounded animal, she crushed me in a vice like grip. I had never experienced this kind of fucking, but I sure as hell liked it.

I kept going, I wanted to cum myself, but having just shot my load 10 minutes earlier I had to wait, so I battered and battered at her, she was groaning and moaning at me, her lips roaming around, my face, my mouth, my shoulders, my chest, she kissed kissed and better kissed me. Then I felt that fabulous feeling in my cock end, it was becoming sensitive as it does when my load is on its way. I just about snapped her in half with the final mighty thrust my body had when I shot it into her.

I finished pumping my load and slowly fell down on to her, she held me in her loving arms. Her face was tight to mine, softly kissing my cheek and caressing her soft skin to me. I slowly lifted my head up and she kissed me fully, it was a real kiss, a lover's kiss, there was no mistaking that. Her arms and legs still around me she rolled me onto my side, my prick still in her, now we could kiss at leisure, and we did.

"I have fantasised about this Anna, many times, so many I've lost count." I told her, looking her straight into her eyes.

"Yes I know, I'm not blind you know." She said with another kiss.

"Mmmm, I thought you must, you are too beautiful not to notice." I said honestly.

"It's crossed my mind several times too," she admitted, this absolutely floored me.

"You mean, me, you haven't?"

"Why not you are very attractive young man," she said, "I bet there aren't many women out there who would reject your advances, I certainly didn't did I?"

"Oh Anna, I wish I had known before now, I would have come to you sooner." I told her quietly.

"You couldn't really could you Sandy, you have only just turned 18 and this is the very first opportunity we/you or I have had, isn't it." She kissed me again.

"And you were far better than I ever imagined too, you were great, I haven't cum like that in years, if ever," she breathed into my mouth. Talk about stunned, I could hardly speak, let alone breathe, I was utterly amazed by her. I felt my cock twitch in her pussy, but it didn't, it was her working her vaginal muscles on me, I groaned into her

"Like that baby, hmmm?"

"Oh yes Anna, its terrific."

"Good because I want to make love and fuck again before you have to go, yes?"

"I do too very definitely Anna, very very definitely, no question about that." I said happily.

We lay in each others touch and loving kisses, and soon she had me going again, my prick hadn't been allowed out, it grew its way back into her and then she began pushing herself on and off me, I let her do everything her way, whatever she wanted, it was good for me.

She pushed me onto my back and fucked me, there was no doubt about what she was wanting, and she not only got it, she took it too. I reached for and took her nipples from her, they were mine, Anna squealed when I nearly destroyed them, she loved good hard fucking, so she had to love this didn't she? She did, her head hung down, "oh Sandy Sandy Sandy I can't bear that baby," she told me in between moans.

"So make me stop, take my fingers away then, if you don't want me to do it, stop me?"

"I haven't said I want you to stop darling, I said I can't bear it, and I can't, its killing me." Then she hunched up, her elbows almost met in the centre of her stomach, her head was right down, her knees were clamped to my sides. She had orgasmed on me, for me, by me. What a wonderful feeling that was, I had made her cum like that, me! She came many times after that.

Then she threw herself off me, and dove at my prick and sucked it right in, she was like a whirlpool sucking my prick down, it was trapped in her throat. Then I saw her lips and nose touching the hairs around the base, she had got me all in her mouth and throat. I was being deep throated by best friends beautiful mother. It didn't take long for me to hit my third load of the short day, I could feel her throat and tonsils constricting and teasing it all out of me.

When I had finished, and I mean finished, and every drop of my cum was in her stomach by now did she let me go. She slid up me, making me see her wipe her mouth on a sheet, just in case I didn't want to kiss or be kissed with my cum on her luscious lips. I kissed her, she kissed me.

"I'm sorry baby, but you are going to have to go, Frank and his dad will be coming home, and I don't really know what time." I felt empty, and sad. She must have seen it in my face. She turned me on to my back and kissed me passionately.

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