tagErotic CouplingsA Connection Beneath Desire Ch. 02

A Connection Beneath Desire Ch. 02


He leaned forward and said "Lets Go." She wanted to jump for joy but somehow managed to keep her cool. He put down the money for both their drinks and started for the door. But she would not be trailing him like a lovesick puppy. She hopped off the stool before he could pull her off, and walked by his side to the door.

She couldn't help but smirk as all the woman leered at her. They walked out of the bar, and headed in the same direction of where she lived! All the while he never said a word. They walked past her complex, and towards…oh no, please don't tell me he lives there… sure enough, he walked her right into the lobby of one of the most expensive penthouses in town. Oh great…what if I am out of my league on this one?

But she gathered herself up and walked as gracefully as she could. She looked around and couldn't help but notice the shocked faces on all the staff. He came to a stop in front of the elevator, and gratefully, the doors opened quickly. They stepped inside and he pulled out a key, put it in a slot and pressed the button for the top floor. Oh boy…

He glanced over at her and noticed she was staring up. His gaze traveled upwards as well and he was greeted by a luscious view of her tits, as his cock began to stiffen more, getting uncomfortable in his slacks. His eyes met hers and though she tried to cover it up with that smirk of hers, he noticed the flush on her cheeks, and it made his cock twitch.

A ding brought them back into focus, and he took the opportunity to shift his rampaging cock to a more comfortable position when she stepped out first. When she turned, he was right behind her.

"Your name." She gave him a quizzical look, but knew that if she got this far she had better just play along, rather than ruin her chances.

"Alexis. Yours?" She added with a cock in her brow.

"Mark." He stepped to her side, and walked past her into the living area. She looked after him, at the way he walked, and felt a shiver of lust creep up her spine. She followed him and saw him pour two glasses of scotch, and set hers down on the side bar.

She walked toward him and picked up the scotch, taking a sip, reveling in the taste of its age. He watched as she savored the whisky, becoming more intrigued by the minute. But now it was time for answers.

"Why were you staring at me in the bar?"

"I believe you already know the answer to that Mark."

He leaned closer. "Enlighten me."

"You have something I want" Alexis said as she trailed her finger down the front of his jacket, getting ever closer to his throbbing cock.

He reached down and stopped her hand before she could discover his desire. "And what might that be?"

She knew that now was the time. She could not put it off any longer. She looked into his eyes, holding his gaze as she spoke. "You are not like everyone else, but you already know that. You have something I have been searching for, but could not find until a month ago."

She took another sip of the scotch, and set her glass down. "You have a knowledge within you; I see it every time I look into your eyes. You see the world differently than everyone else. At first you probably thought it was normal, but as time went on, you realized that you were perhaps, the only one." His heart beat faster at every word. "The only one who saw nothing when you looked into everyone else's eyes." She leaned closer and whispered, "The only one who could see into another's soul." He grabbed her and threw her up against the wall.

In that instant, she bared her soul to him. As he stared into her eyes, he was shocked to find what was there. Suddenly heat slammed through him like he never felt before. His hands were on fire where they touched her. His eyes narrowed and his gaze shifted down to her lips, the way they curled at the ends, knowing what he was feeling.

He took her in a kiss of punishment and passion, his tongue invading her mouth only to duel with hers as she thrust back in defiance. She pressed up against him, needing to feel him. When she felt his hard cock against her, heat went straight to her core, pooling between her thighs. She moaned in his mouth, causing him to involuntarily rub against her.

She gasped, breaking the kiss, and he rubbed against her harder. She grabbed his shoulders and wrapped her legs around him, rocking her hips back and forth, building up the sweet friction. He stepped away from the wall, grabbed her hair and pulled back, baring her neck to him as he nibbled and licked, putting her on edge.

Before she knew it, he was dropping her down on his mattress. He crawled between her thighs and trailed his hands up her body, stopping at her neck. He suddenly grasped hold of her collar and tore the shirt off her body. Heat ripped through her, and she started for his buckle, needing to feel his cock.

He leaned down, preventing her from undoing the buckle, and began to fondle her tits through her bra. Oh no you don't! She pushed him away from her with a strength she did not know she possessed, and undid her bra herself, sparing it from the same treatment as her shirt.

He watched as her tits came out of the bra and his cock jerked in his pants. They barely fell at all! Before he knew it, she had her hands on his buckle again and had undone it. He leaned forward and began to nibble and suck each tit, going back and forth until she couldn't take the torture anymore. She needed to cum, Now!

She wrapped her legs around him, and braced her left arm against the mattress. She swung her hips to the left, and flipped him on his back. She looked at his startled face, and smiled. "Take it off." He lifted up and took off his jacket; meanwhile she unzipped her skirt, and took it off, dropping it on the floor.

When he looked back, his heart skipped. She was naked, her hair falling across her breasts, the tips peeking out from between locks of hair. He pulled her down, consuming her lips in a kiss that made them both moan. She needed to feel his skin, she broke the kiss leaned back and ripped his shirt open, buttons flying everywhere, returning the favor. She reached for his pants, and he automatically lifted up, allowing her to pull them off.

She cocked an eyebrow when she realized he had gone commando as well. Even better. She took his throbbing cock and slowly licked the head, tasting his precum. She wrapped her mouth around his cock and slowly descended, bobbing up every inch to coat him more. She finally reached the base and held there, feeling his cock in the back of her throat.

He moaned as she started bobbing up and down, wrapping the side of her tongue around his cock as she went. He felt his balls begin to tighten and grabbed her face, bringing it off of him. She looked at him with a sly smile, as she noticed the look of restrain on his face.

He let go of her face and reached down to her pussy, beginning to stroke it back and forth, rubbing her clit on every stroke. She gasped as her hips involuntarily bucked forward, smashing her clit on his fingers. She was so wet, he didn't wait any longer. He aimed for her pussy and began to flick his cock back and forth on her clit, causing her to growl in frustration.

When she reached her hand down to take hold of his cock, he plunged into her with one thrust. She screamed, her climax hitting her at the feel of him thrusting up into her. He smiled as he felt her convulse around him. Before she could recover, he began lifting her up and down, ramming his cock up into her with each stroke. Her breath hitched again, and she stared into his eyes, remembering to breathe.

She rammed down on him, pushing his body back to the bed causing him to gasp. She needed to take control now. She clenched her muscles around him, slowly lifting up to the head of his cock, before relaxing her muscles and plunging back down. She repeated this over and over, feeling the heat build up and knew she was almost there.

She leaned forward and began fucking him hard and fast, her tits bouncing up and down, feeling her muscles begin to tighten… Suddenly he pulled her off of him, flipped her over and thrust into her from behind. She felt him bottom out against her cervix and moaned. He took her hard and fast, sawing in and out of her, bumping against her cervix making her buck up against him.

Her muscles tightened harder as she gasped for air. He heard her and grabbed her hips, slamming into her again and again. She screamed his name as her muscles began to clamp on him, triggering his yell of release. Her orgasm doubled as she felt jet after jet of cum hit her cervix.

Her arms trembled as she held up her weight, her orgasm still causing her muscles to twitch. He slipped out of her and fell down on the bed next to her. She kept her composure long enough to lower herself down to the bed before she sighed into the pillow. She looked over and saw him staring at her, but she couldn't read what was on his mind.

"What?" Alexis asked.

"Nothing…I just never thought…"

"I know, neither did I. I didn't think there was another soul out there who could connect with me on that level…that would understand."

"Yeah." He shifted his gaze to the ceiling, lost in thought. She rolled her eyes, knowing what he was doing.

"Don't think about it too much, I am real. Promise." She said as she held up three fingers. He looked at her childish smile and chuckled.

"I suppose. You hungry?"

"No, that can wait until morning." She said with a seductive smile hidden from his view. He heard the undertone in her words and smiled. Maybe this is a good thing after all.


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