tagLoving WivesA Contract Sealed

A Contract Sealed

byEnglish Bob©

Colleen is one of the best - always has been. Even in the early days before we were married she was a brilliant secretary; always ensuring I was on time for meetings and keeping my clients happy. And now, ten years on, she is my wife and continues to help me with my work. She is at her strongest with my clients - about that there is no doubt. Standing nearly 6ft tall in her stockings (which she loves to wear), with her long, golden blonde hair falling in cascades across her shoulders and her voluptuous 36D figure, she is a sight to behold. To meet her for the first time is to fall in love, or at least lust. One look into those bright blue eyes is usually enough to have any man (and quite a few women) immediately at her mercy.

We are both very open about our sexuality. Coleen and I are both bisexual and indeed quite highly sexed in general. We enjoy a full and most varied love life which now spills over, quite wonderfully, into our business life as well.

As you may already have deduced, Coleen has very little compunction about using her sexuality to secure a contract for me. Although now I am very busy, with work being offered to me on a regular basis, it was not always like that. In the earlier days, fighting to win a particular order was commonplace for me, but with Coleen's assistance, I have now built up a rather nice client list. The fist time it happened I was rather sceptical about involving my new wife in my business practice. I knew that Coleen would not have hesitated should I have asked her to sleep with Mr. Tangu, a wealthy investor from Japan, but, as I said, I was rather reluctant to share her beauty and undeniable charms with another man. As it turned out I need not have worried.

We both took Mr. Tangu out for a sumptuous dinner that night and from the very start it was clear that, in order to secure the very lucrative contract that he was dangling in front of me, I would be expected to fix him up with a hooker for the night. Throughout the meal I kept trying to steer the conversation onto a business footing, but as much as I tried, my Japanese client kept turning it back to the subject of women and how easy he had heard it was to get laid in our city. Coleen didn't help much either. Sitting opposite him in a light blue, almost see-through dress, He could hardly keep his eyes off her full, round breasts that she had left unfettered by the restraints of a bra. I had to be honest and say that I, too was having some difficulty not looking at those wonderful orbs as they swung gently to and fro as she moved. It seemed, also that Coleen had become aware of the effect that she was having on her two male dinner companions and, being the type of exhibitionist that she is, she kept arching her back and wriggling in her seat so that the thin material of the dress agitated her lovely nipples into a state of almost constant erection.

Coleen's flirting continued way beyond the meal and, by the time we had got to coffee and brandy, both Mr Tangu and myself were in a state of some excitement. I could feel my own erection straining against my trousers and I knew from a brief glimpse over at my client that he was in a similar state. I excused myself to visit the bathroom hoping to place my tackle into a more comfortable position with out causing too much disturbance. On my return found that Coleen had moved much closer to Mr. Tangu in the booth that we were all sharing. I glimpsed her thigh through the extensive split in the side of her dress and smiled as I saw my client's hand quickly remove itself from her leg as he saw me re-enter the room.

"I was just telling Mr. Tangu," my wife started as she cooly replaced his hand back to its original position on her thigh, "that the hookers in this city are not to be trusted. I have suggested that we should return home and that perhaps I may be able to take the negotiations to the next stage."

I smiled at the thought. Mr. Tangu looked at me sheepishly "Your wife tell me you have good relationship Mr. Davis." he said, trying suddenly to act as professionally as he could with an obvious erection bulging in his pants. "I would be honoured to accompany you to your home - with, of course, your permission?"

He said it as a question but we all knew that it was more of a statement of fact: Coleen had already made her decision and nobody, least of all I, would change that.

"Of course, Mr. Tangu," I replied, equally professionally, "We would both be more than happy to have you as a guest in our home."

Any misunderstanding that there might have been disappeared as soon as we entered our house. Coleen seated our guest comfortably on the leather sofa in the den and, as I prepared to pour drinks, I saw her casually undo the zipper on the side of her dress and let it fall to the floor. Both Mr. Tangu and I gasped in unison as she stepped out of the discarded garment. She looked radiant. Clad only in black high heels, similar coloured hold-up stockings and black lace panties, neither of us knew quite where to look first. Her breasts sat high and proud on her chest, topped with cherry red nipples that looked as hard as I had ever seen them. Without a word she moved towards our guest and placed one high heeled foot on the sofa next to him. Her long, slender legs looked superb in the sleek stockings, the creamy, white expanse of her thighs contrasting acutely with the dark black of the silk. She looked down at Mr. Tangu as she towered over his seated form. He looked back up into those captivating eyes but could do little to stop his gaze from traversing down her body towards the lace bikini panties that were now almost in front of his face.

Coleen teased and twisted her body in front of our captivated guest while I stood watching, bottle of gin still poised. Her hands swept over the contours of her body, massaging her breasts and nipples and moving slowly lower and lower. As her fingers reached her panties she pulled them slowly to one side and revealed her smooth, trimmed pussy to my client for the first time. He gasped again as he saw the almost hairless lips of her labia, complete with a sheen of moisture, unfold before his eyes. Coleen's fingers began to get more urgent, more fervent.

She swept the long red nail of her index finger swiftly up and down the length of her ever moistening slit. I heard her shudder and sigh as she grazed over the distended bud of her clit and then saw her whole body tremble and begin to quake as her climax began. The situation was obviously uniquely exciting for her as well: I had seen her reach orgasm in a matter of minutes, but never before that quickly. She shook and rocked unsteadily on her high shoes as she came; her eyes closed tight and her head thrown back as the sticky liquid began to seep through her fingers and meander in tiny rivulets down her thighs to her stocking tops.

Mr. Tangu was in a state of near apoplexy as Coleen finally opened her eyes. She looked at him and smiled. In a graceful movement she sank her whole body to the ground in front of him and, kicking off her heels, tucked her pretty feet under her butt. Gently, I watched her spread our guests legs and manoeuvre herself between them. Her breasts now hung down like exquisite melons and she directed Mr. Tangu's hands to each pendulous orb. As he began to grope and weigh each one in his hands, my wife began to loosen his belt and undo his suit trousers.

My client was already breathing fast, but as Coleen's hand dipped into his underwear and her long, cool fingers encircled his cock, I honestly thought he would explode on the spot. He must have exercised all his self control at that point because I heard him sigh and Coleen coo as she gently manipulated a modest but solid erection out into the open. Slowly she lowered her head towards his waiting groin, her soft lips gently enveloping the swollen glans. His hips bucked up slightly as she swirled her tongue over the sensitive underside of his cock and I felt my own penis jerk in my pants as she began to bob her head up and down taking his entire length into the back of her throat.

Mr. Tangu was now breathing hard and fast as my wife fellated him. Coleen must have sensed his nearing orgasm - it seemed that she was deciding whether to maintain her suction and allow the man to ejaculate in her mouth or to employ some altogether different tactics. The latter thought clearly won out as with a deft movement, she released his throbbing member from her hot mouth and quickly climbed up on to the sofa, straddling him with her knees on either side and her back to him. It was a slightly awkward position, but one that afforded me the best possible view from the vantage point that I had adopted close to the corner of the room.

She leaned back towards him and arched her back, sighing with obvious content as his penis slid smoothly into her pussy. I could see little of my client now, but noticed his hands creep around her body to hold her tits. She gasped slightly as he squeezed both nipples simultaneously and leaned back further raising up her body and then sinking back down onto his tool.

Mr. Tangu was moaning constantly now as he was expertly fucked by my wife. Every time she raised herself up I could see his shaft, slick with her juice before it disappeared back up inside her body. Coleen shuddered again; I could see the pleasure on her face as yet anther orgasm ripped through her body. Her legs tensed and she pulled herself up just as our guest groaned out his own satisfaction. As he began to cum, his cock popped out of Coleen's very wet snatch and was twitching and throbbing against her mound. His cum spurted in several quick spasm's from his cock, coating the closely trimmed, sparse hair on Coleen's pussy. Her hand went straight to his cock head and began pumping his foreskin up and down and using her fingers to massage the fluid into her pussy as she joined him in orgasm. Her cunt was so wet and open, I could clearly see her stiff little clit as she stroked her trembling finger over it.

Mr. Tangu left our home in a taxi later that night feeling, I'm sure, like a king among kings, and Coleen and I were left with a rather shaky signature on an extremely valuable contract. I was still as hard as a rock when we eventually went to bed. I had thought that after Coleen's "busy" evening she would probably be reluctant to let me fuck her and so, like a good husband, I kept my distance. I need not have bothered though.

We didn't even make it to the bedroom before she was all over me, she wanted me to fuck her right there on the landing with her bending over the gallery rail. She still had her panties on (by now very wet indeed), and I took great pleasure in virtually ripping them from her lithe body. The fuck was fast and furious with no foreplay and very little finesse. She wanted me and I wanted her - badly. I came in her pussy within a few seconds but surprised myself by staying hard afterwards. Coleen sucked my cock into her hot, wet mouth while kneeling in front of me and masturbating herself to another orgasm with her fingers. When my cock was throbbing until it almost hurt, I bent her over in much the same position and once again buried myself in her wet cunt. I fucked her with long, deep strokes but this time alternated between ramming myself up her pussy and stuffing my hard dick up her sweet asshole.

As soon as I started to butt-fuck her, Coleen's whole personality seemed to change. It was certainly not the first time I had taken her back door and would not be the last, but on this occasion she began cussing like a cheap whore and telling me to fuck her ass as hard and as fast as I could. She called me a "big dicked bastard" and constantly referred to herself as a "bitch" and a "slut". I could not have been happier and within a few short minutes filled her ass with my second load.

Many more contracts have come and gone since then and the lovely Coleen has helped me obtain most of them. She has been fucked in the pussy, in the ass, between her tits and given countless blow jobs to countless lucky executives. She has been taken by two men at the same time and even had sex with a nice female manager on our kitchen table. I've watched it all - every one. In fact the only time that my wife has refused to have sex with another man or woman was when I was not there to watch!

Now, what do you think? Do I have the best wife in the world, or do I not!

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