tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Contractor's Unpaid Invoice Ch. 02

A Contractor's Unpaid Invoice Ch. 02


Warning: this story contains nonconsensual themes.

This is a continuing story about James Francis and his troubles with his contractor.

My name is James Francis and I am a 42 year old married man, with a wife (Jane) who is a flight attendant, two college age children and all the trimmings of an upper middle class family. My troubles began when I did not pay the full amount of an invoice charged by my contractor, Peter, and his efforts to make me pay what was due.

Last Thursday Peter and his construction crew had paid me a visit and had beaten me, tied me up and raped me repeatedly. During the attack, Peter had taken pictures of what happened and video recorded my reactions to the attack. I had to call in sick on Friday as I was unable to go to work because of the pain inflected by Jose and his belt as well as the rough sex that had been forced upon my mouth and ass. Jane was in the Far East for a two week trip and training session with her airline employer. I lay around the house all weekend allowing my body to heal, but also reliving the events on Thursday and how they affected me. I could not believe that I had been forced to service five men and at some point my body relented. As the attacks on my mouth and ass continued, I began to enjoy the humiliation, stimulation and forced sex at the hands of Peter. I had to get that out of my mine though as I was returning to work and had to have clear thoughts.

On Monday, I was able to drag myself out of bed, do my morning processing and gingerly dressed for what was sure to be a long day. As my ass was still very tender from the abuse from Jose's belt, I felt that maybe silk underwear would be a softer fabric to touch the aching skin of my ass. Because Jane and I are basically the same size, I was able to find a nice pair of string black bikini panties to wear. As I pulled them up to cover my ass, I noticed how nice they felt against my skin. I completed dressing in my suit & dress shoes and headed in to the office. I was able to slip into my office without anyone noticing the gingerly way I walked and I gently sat down on my leather chair. My day was going pretty well as I had attended the weekly sales meeting, met with my boss, sat down with a couple of the other sales representatives and had just settled down with my first cup of coffee, when my phone rang.

As I answered, a chill went down my spine as Peter said, "Good morning slut. How is that very tight ass of yours and did you think of me all weekend?" I could not believe that he was calling me at the office. I immediately told him that this was my work line and that he had no reason to call me at work. Peter then said, "Slut, I will call you whenever the urge strikes me. And you know what; you will take my call immediately. If you don't, I have some very special pictures and videos of you that I think your wife as well as your employer would be shocked to see." I told Peter that I figured that I had paid my debt in full based on the number of times that he had made me suck and fuck him as well as his crew. Peter quickly told me, "Slut, you are mine for as long as I say you are mine. When I determine that you no longer suit my needs, I will then tell you that your debt has been paid in full." I then told Peter that I can not live that way and that he should just leave me alone.

Peter then told me, "Slut, check your phone as I have sent you a text message with an attachment. I believe that you will find it very interesting." I picked up my phone and sure enough, I had a text message. When I clicked on the link, I found Peter's note telling me that I was his and that I should be thankful to have such a good master to take care of a cum slut like I was. I then clicked on the attachment and to my horror it was a picture of me that clearly showed me with a cock in my ass and a cock right in front of me as it was shooting cum all over my face. I went back to my office line and asked Peter what his intentions were with that picture.

Peter said, "Slut you are not in a position to question anything I do or say. As my cum slut, you will do whatever I tell you to do whenever I tell you to do it!" For added emphasis, he told me that he was going to forget the whole thing and send out that picture as well as several others to everyone in my phone address book, with the title, "My little cum slut gets what she deserves." I then begged Peter to not do such a thing and that I was sorry for not knowing my place. I told him that I did not want him to send the pictures out and that I would do whatever he said if he agreed to not send them out. Peter then said, "Ok slut, I believe you. Meet me at noon today at Harry's Pub and do not be one second late or you will regret it!"

I had been to Harry's only one time. It was not in a very good section of town and was one of those old rundown strip clubs where the not so young strippers went as their careers came to an end. As I calculated, it would take me 30 minutes to get there so I thought I had better get some work accomplished before I had to leave at around 11:15 AM. I got caught up in making a couple of my sales calls then I was alarmed to discover that it was now 11:30 AM. I thought to myself, oh my god there is no telling what he will do to me if I am late. I rushed out of the office without evening acknowledging my secretary and bolted for the parking garage. I got in my car and I only had 25 minutes to be in Harry's. I drove like an Indy racecar driver and was most fortunate that the traffic was light for this Monday morning and I was able to park my car right at the front of Harry's. I got out of the car and ran inside to find Peter sitting at a table with three rough looking men that I had never seen before.

As I walked up to the table, I heard Peter say to the three men, "Here is my sissy cum slut now. She is right on time, just like I told you guys she would be. Sissy slut, come meet three sub-contractors that you screwed along with me." Then Peter introduced George who was the roofer on our home, Frank whose company provided the new concrete for the foundation to our new family room and Barry who was the paint sub-contractor. I was stunned that Peter was making me meet these men and I said to him, "Peter, why are you doing this to me?" Peter responded, "What did you call me slut?" I quickly replied, "Master, I am sorry, but I did not know I was required to call you Master in public." Peter said that he was going to let it go this time, but never again because I was his slut all the time...

Right then, Christy, an older waitress in Harry's, walked up to the table with a round of beers for Peter and his friends. Peter then asked me, "Do you still drink that sissy Sex on the beach shooter, you cum slut?" I said yes Master and Peter told Christy to bring the sissy slut two shooters. While I was waiting on my drinks, Peter told me to call the office and tell them that I would not be coming back today as I was on an important sales call. I called Pamela my secretary and told her exactly as I had been instructed and hung up the phone quickly. Right then, Christy arrived with my sex on the beach shots to which Peter said, "Slut, drink the first one now!" I took the glass from Christy and immediately threw the contents down my throat, and it was very refreshing as my mouth and throat were very dry as I was nervous because I did not know what Peter had in store for me. Peter then told me to take my jacket and tie off as he did not want his slut dressed up like a proper business man. I took my coat off and hung it on the back of a bar stool and then I took off my Hermes tie and put it in the pocket of my coat.

Then Peter said, "Slut, take the second shot, put it all in your mouth, but hold it until I tell you to swallow." I took the shot glass, it was bigger than the first one, and sucked its contents into my mouth. I stood before Peter and the three sub-contractors with my mouth full of the shot, but this one had a bitter taste that I did not remember a sex on the beach shot to taste that way. Peter told me, "Tilt your head back slut, and slowly swallow the drink while you imagine holding the mouthful of cum that we are about to give you." I did as instructed and handed the glass back to Christy. Peter then grabbed me by the arm and said lets go back to Harry's private room. Christy, George, Frank and Barry followed us closely across the bar floor to the room at the very back of the bar which was just beyond the one pool table and dance stage. The stage was occupied by a woman in her early 40's with her big tits swaying to some country song that I did not know. The men made catcalls to the woman who flashed a toothy smile back to them. As I was looking at her, Peter jerked my arm and said that sissy sluts should not be looking at women.

Frank, following the group, closed the door to the room as he entered. I noticed that there were only a couple of tall bar tables, a small, four legged table with four chairs, a small couch, ottoman and one half moon shaped booth. Peter instructed me to take my clothes off to which I hesitated a little too long and was met with a sharp slap across my face. Stunned, I quickly began unbuttoning my shirt and took it off. Christy took the shirt from me as I kicked off my shoes and took my socks off. Then I started unzipping my pants and suddenly remembered that I had Jane's black string bikini panties on. As I lowered my pants, Peter said, "Hey look at my sissy slut, she is wearing her panties for me today. Slut are those your panties?" I said "No Master, they are Jane's." Peter exclaimed, "A cuckold in waiting I bet. Does Jane know you wear her panties sissy boy?" I said, "Master no she does not and PLEASE DO NOT TELL her!" Right then, I heard the tell tail click of Peter's digital camera as he instructed me to turn around, bend over and look between your legs at me. Snap, another picture for his files documenting my continued submission to his demands and desires. As I looked at him, Peter told Christy to bring that new shot for my sissy slut to drink.

Christy handed me the third shot glass and as I felt the contents of the drink flow over my lips, tongue and down my throat, I heard Peter tell his friends, "Boys, my sissy slut will be ready to meet your every demand in just a few minutes. That drink contains a small liquid version of what we have called Spanish Fly for some time. Only that drink is a mixture of a sexual stimulant that horse breeders give their reluctant mares when they have been brought to a breeding farm." I tried to cough the drink back up, but I was not successful and I heard the four men roar in laughter at the thought of me being forced to drink a potion to help stimulate my sexual feelings.

I remembered the sour taste of the second shot and suddenly realized that I had been given two doses of the horse stimulant. I could feel my face begin to redden and I felt my cock begin to stir as the potion began working its magic on me. Peter then instructed Christy to take my panties off. As she knelt in front of me, Peter told her to take the worthless slut's cock into your mouth and give her a nice wake up blow job. As my panties were slid down over my ass and to my ankles, Christy's mouth engulfed my rock hard cock. I could feel the back of her throat each time her nose touched the pubic hair above the base of my cock. My cock is not huge, but it is longer than an average cock and my wife Jane has never ever complained about its size. But, Peter continued to degrade me and tell Christy to suck her miserable puny cock. I could feel Christy's hands on my ass pulling me into her as she fucked me with her mouth. Peter then said to me, "Slut, play with your nipples like any cum slut would. Take them between your thumb and index fingers of your hands, twist and pull on them." As I did this, I felt my body begin to get warm all over as the stimulation from Christy's mouth and from the potion I had been made to swallow.

As I drew closer to an orgasm, Christy began pulling the cheeks of my ass apart as she continued her assault on my cock. Christy found the pouty lips of my asshole and she began to slowly insert a finger inside me. At first her finger was slow to move in and out of my ass, but as the pressure from her mouth on my cock intensified, I found myself pushing back against her finger forcing it deeper into my ass. I heard Peter tell his friends, "See I told you she was a good slut. Watch as Christy puts a second finger up her ass." And just as Peter predicted, I felt a second finger being pushed into my ass by Christy. I began to moan and sway as her oral stimulation and the assault in my ass by her fingers was drawing me closer to orgasm. I started talking to Christy and told her to take it deeper as I am almost there, when Peter chimed in, "Yes suck the slut's puny cock, make her cum in that old mouth of yours, but make sure to catch all of the cum as I have plans for it!" I felt my balls tightening and then my cock exploded into Christy's mouth with gobs and gobs of pent up cum escaping from my balls.

When it was apparent that Christy had sucked me completely dry, Peter told Christy to hold the cum in her mouth until he got the cum slut ready for his first payment of the day. "Slut, get down on your knees and bend over that ottoman." As I did this, Peter told Christy to get down between the slut's ass cheeks and spit her miserable cum on the entrance to the ass pussy. I felt the warm sensation of Christy's mouth against my ass and then felt my cum being spit against my ass. I could feel the cum dripping down against my ball sack and leaking to the floor. Peter said to me, 'Slut, look over your shoulder at me." As I did this, I saw that George was now right behind me with his pants around his ankles. He was stroking his cock and gawking at my cum slimed ass as he moved in closer behind me. Peter told me to grab my ass cheeks and spread them for George's cock. I could not control myself and did as I was instructed. As I was looking back at George, I saw the familiar flash from Peter's camera as well as the menacing look on George's face as his cock was standing at attention at a full 9 inches in length and what looked like three inches in girth. I felt the head of the cock at the entrance to my ass and felt my sphincter muscles try to resist the initial penetration efforts of the cock. As I pulled my ass cheeks wider, George was able to force the head of his cock past the entrance to my ass pussy as Peter called it and I felt my ass being stretched by his girth. In one final thrust, George was able to force his cock all the way into me as I felt his ball slap against mine. I felt my cock begin to stir again and my mind was swimming with thoughts of pleasure as the effects of the potion began anew to stir my desires.

As George's cock continued its assault into my ass, I heard Peter say to Christy, "Get out of those clothes and make the cum slut suck your pussy in return for your blow job. Make sure you give her a full mouth on kiss to let her taste the cum that still is in your mouth." I watched as Christy dropped her shorts and saw that she had on large granny style white cotton panties. I could see that the crotch of the panties was stained with moisture from her cunt and I could smell her musky scent as her hairy pussy drew nearer to my face. Before making me suck her pussy, Christy leaned down to kiss me, I felt her tongue in my mouth and I could taste small traces of my cum on her tongue. When Peter was satisfied that I had taken all of my remaining cum from Christy's mouth, he ordered her to make the cum slut suck her old pussy. Christy grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth up to meet her dripping pussy lips. I could feel the hairs from her pubic mound as she ground her pussy into my face. Her pussy had a very musky aroma, which seemed to cause me to become even more turned on as my cock was pressed against the ottoman from the force of George's thrusts into my ass.

I worked my tongue up and down the full length of Christy's over flowing cunt lips. As the force from George's thrusts worked his cock deeper into my ass, my tongue and lips were forced deeper into Christy's cunt. She began to hump her pussy mound against my lips and nose. I felt her pussy hair against my face and I could tell that she was nearing an orgasm, so I sped up my tongue action against her clit in rhythm with George's fucking action into my ass. Christy grabbed my ears and almost yanking them off, pulled my face hard into her pussy as she began to spray me with ejaculated pussy juice as she screamed from her orgasm. Seeing her reaction, George grabbed me by my hips and he started rocking his body roughly into me. While George fucked me, Peter yelled encouragement to me. "Slut, fuck George's cock and take it deeper into your ass. Tell George what you want, Slut." I moaned to George begging him to fuck me harder and to give me his hot cum, but Peter was not satisfied and said, "Turn around cum slut and look directly at George and tell him what you are and what you want him to do you." As I turned around, I looked directly at George and I said, "George, I am a cum slut and please fuck me harder so that you can shoot your hot cum deep inside my ass pussy." That got George going as his tempo immediately got much faster than before and I could hear his balls smacking against my ball sack as he screamed in orgasm. I felt his cock explode deep inside me, which made my cock erupt in orgasm against the leather of the ottoman.

I lay perfectly still as I felt the last of George's thrusts into my ass and the last bit of his cum empty into my bowels. Slowly George removed his cock from my ass, but it was then replaced roughly by Frank's hard cock. Frank was not wasting any time as he jammed the full length of his cock to the hilt inside of my ass. I could not tell the difference between his and George's cock, but the method he was using to fuck me was much rougher and purposeful that the way George had fucked me. But, the end result was that the stimulation I was receiving from Frank's fuck caused my cock to once again get hard against the ottoman. Frank began to slap my ass in the same places that Jose's belt had caused such pain only last Thursday, with the only difference being there were no studs on Frank's hands. The force of Frank's blows was twice as hard as those that I remembered from Jose's belt. Without being told by Peter, I began begging Frank to give me his hot cum. I could tell he was getting close as his thrusts had become quicker and deeper. As his cock buried deeper into me, the last slap across my ass causes Frank's cock to erupt inside my canal. Frank's final grunt accompanies his final thrust into my ass as I feel him lay across by hips. I can feel his cock quiver in my ass and then my cock erupts again against the leather of the ottoman as a result of Frank's stimulation against my prostate gland. I feel Frank's cock begin to soften as he pulls it from my ass with an audible plop. My body begins to shake as I feel the effects of the orgasms on my body and brain, which is when I blacked out.

I was awakened by a pounding in my mouth and in my ass. I tried to move, but I found my legs and arms bound to the table I was laid across. I could not tell who owned the cocks that were brutally fucking my mouth and ass, but I could hear Peter in the room telling the owner's of the cocks to fuck my cum slut harder. Give her what she wants so badly, which is to have her mouth and ass filled with the cum of masculine men and to make her an even bigger slut for hot cum! Both men began to aggressively fuck their cocks in and out of my holes, when Peter tells them, "Cum on her so that I can get some good cum shots hitting on her ass and across the cum slut's face." I feel their movements quicken when all of a sudden both cocks are removed from my holes and I feel eruptions on my ass and face. And, of course I see flashes from Peter's camera as he documents my continuing slide into depravation as his cum slut. Barry, whose cock had been in my mouth, wiped his cum on my face while George's cock spewed the last bit of cum onto my ass and back. Peter then tells me, "Cum slut stick your tongue out lick that cum off of your face." As I begin to lick the cum, Peter continues to take pictures of my compliance to his demands and my submissive desires.

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