tagLesbian SexA Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 01

A Conversation Online with Clara Ch. 01


Clara is also a writer of erotic fiction. She tells me that she's 27, slim, quite pretty (she thinks) quite sexy with a pussy that loves to be loved, suggested I try it! We met through a mutual 'fan', exchanging many ideas and thoughts, writing episodes of stories together, masturbating together. We became close cyber friends for several months until Clara, getting over frustrated, decided to flirt with a business client, called Fiona. She told me all about it, during our exchanges, then, at the height of our relationship, Clara suddenly disappeared. I suspect her new found lover whisked her away! The conversations and messages passing between us covered over 60 pages. These are but a small selection, not necessarily following on from each other. I may publish more at a later stage if they're sufficiently popular! As usual, names and places have been changed to preserve anonymity.

I begin with a little fantasy.

'Clara, I must tell you that when I started to slide out of my sleep this morning, nice and warm under the duvet, my half conscious mind thought about you, about your obsessive fascination with your vulva. In my half conscious state, I found that I was actually infiltrating your body - insinuating my way into you - it was your flesh I was inhabiting. This was crazy! I was you! But just to test it out, my fingers crept down between my legs, and - wow - that wasn't my vulva! It was yours! I was you! Heavens! It was your thighs and belly I was feeling. My fingers combed through the nest of your hair, exploring the texture of the skin, the contours of your groin, trailing softly up and down the softness of your inner thighs. I was lying on my back, right leg stretched down and the left leg bent outwards at the knee, allowing access to that delightful patch of womanhood between the thighs.

'My fingers started to explore the sides of the unfamiliar vulva, the plump outer labia, silky in their frame of fine hair. They gently examined the sponginess, eager to seek out that most pleasurable part of your body. Your vulva. Your vagina! Yes! Soft and pliable. I was entranced by it. My middle finger tested the entrance to that delectable secret passage, guarded by small tongues of soft flesh. As my finger nudged enquiringly into the outer opening, it was greeted by a small offering of special nectar. The gift from the goddess within.

'Now smeared on the finger, I was able to explore further - the sides of the vestibule, warm and lovely. Yes! Here was a perfect vulva to worship - to adore - I could understand why you dote on your vulva. It is really gorgeous! The inner labia are set rather lower than I am used to, and slightly smaller than mine, but delectable. Wishing I could engulf the entire vulva in my mouth and suckle it, I was unexpectedly reminded of a girl at boarding school who had a supple spine. She was able to double up her waist until the thighs pressed against her face, taking her own vulva into her mouth. I was so jealous! I dearly wanted to suck my own.

'Whilst still toying with my new-found idol, my left hand reaches to the right breast. Yes - rather bigger and fuller than my own, with a hard chunky nipple. I roll it between thumb and finger sending trembling currents of desire down to the groin. But it's no use! I can't hold back any longer. I must feel the center of your being - your clit, still hiding coyly beneath its hood. My thumb pushes back the hood, allowing my fingers to find the touch paper of the body. I flinch and jerk involuntarily. Oh yes! That superb knot of gristle capable of the most sublime sensations of ecstasy and delight.

'I can still smell the scent of your vagina - taste your bottom - feel the texture of you skin - I'm fingering myself again before James gets in - any time now - so it'll have to be a quickie - just for you. Oh jeez - here we go - again - mmmmmm - my Gawd! I'm trying to visualize your face - your vulva - your body - mmmmmmm - I can smell your personal scent - delicious - here we go - aaaaaaaaaaa - yes yes yes! Again!

'Phew ... that was so good.'

'Sarah. Did you really come that many times just for me? How lovely ... do it again tomorrow! - and tell me all over again how good it feels to come whilst thinking of me. Love, kisses and such fragrant wetness waiting for you and Sue (kiss her pussy for me)'

'I was feeling pretty horny Clara - and you helped get it under control!! You sexy lovely lady! Besides, four orgasms isn't all that many - is it?? You lost count of yours, if you remember - watching Sue and me in your story! Are you around this week? I can still smell the heavenly scent of your vagina on my fingers.'

'As sexy come-on confession-seductions go, your e-mail has to be as close to as good as it gets. Wow! Reading it again all I can think about is having you between my thighs. Shall I lift up my skirt for you, pull down my panties and kneel across your face? I know that would feel so good, your lips kissing the soft slippery gooeyness of my warm vulva, your long tongue driving deep inside me, stretching and straining to reach my very sensuous soul. I taste so good, Sarah. 'Love me slowly, enjoy my sweet creamy taste, enjoy the warmth of my smooth thighs against your cheeks, enjoy the feel of my swollen clitoris against your nose. Then be rough with me for a moment, pull your tongue out, clamp your lips hard and tight around my bud, nibble and suck me, hard, harder, pull me into your mouth, deeper, harder now. Pull open your blouse for me, pull down you bra, let me lean back and feel your warm smooth breasts, your hard nipples in my palms while you drive me wild. Mmm, I would love that. 'Then love me slowly again Sarah, take me inexorably, ineluctably towards the orgasm you so want to feel flow across your tongue ... take me, I'm yours.'

'Darling Clara. Thank you so very much for bringing me such a lot of joy and relief over the weekend - even though we had guests yesterday, my thoughts were between your gorgeous thighs for much of the time. And again this morning when I woke up. I chewed your labia and nibbled your clit with stiff lips and teeth! Drank your copious juices as I fingered your bum. You really enjoyed me feeling your bum, slipping the finger in as I licked and nibbled your vulva. You had such a long slow build up to your shattering orgasm! To say nothing about mine. I inhaled your vaginal perfume, fingered your vagina and licked the sticky fingers afterwards! It was delicious - of course.'

'Oh Sarah. It's Friday. It's lunch time. Feeling good and sexy, I'm wearing these beautiful scarlet silk'n'lace side-tie panties beneath a short grey skirt ... and all morning long, through a series of boring meetings, I thought of you all the time, wanting you. You are so sexy! All I could think about was finding some quiet little room where I could imagine you kneeling before me, pushing up my skirt, untying my panties with your teeth and then kissing my pussy slowly and lovingly, your lips sliding between my labia, around my clitoris, then south to my juicy hole ... pulling your blouse open while you did so, pulling up your skirt, pushing down your knickers, having yourself while you have me ... do it for me sweetie. 'OMG Sarah, please, come and lick my juicy pussy NOW! - I'm mad with desire right now, I might have to let this company's ugly dyke of an accountant use me in a minute - she can't stop staring up my skirt, I swear she's unbuttoned her dress since lunch ...

'You're deeply frustrated and very very wet Clara.'

'Must have you this weekend Clara. Really must!'

'What can I say, Sarah? Thank goodness it's Saturday! I'd been working really hard all week. I knew Luke would be out till quite late. Fiona - that was the accountant's name - was far from pretty, but intuition suggested she would be very attentive ... and then I'd had you e-mailing me all week, making me hornier and hornier.

'So, in fact, really, it is all your fault. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling so randy I could have shagged anything. I think I all but forced Luke to stay in bed for another ten minutes ... and then I lay there afterwards with my hand between my thighs, letting all those warm juices pool in my palm, while he scampered about trying to get ready and out in time to catch his train. As soon as he'd gone I skipped into the bathroom - apart from anything else I needed to pee.

'The instant I sat down I thought of you. I smeared all the juices from my palm over my breasts and called out for you to come and lick me clean. I wanted us to be dirty together, I wanted you to kneel by me, I wanted you to kiss my breasts and gently caress my clit while I peed - I'm into any kind of urolagina fetish, but equally there are times when I would just love to have someone kiss my pussy while I just let go.

'Anyhow, within seconds I was out on the landing, rolling around completely naked, taking myself quite wildly while thinking of you ... finding me, watching me, joining me. So, of course, I came wonderfully - and again ... which led me to those very sexy panties, which led me to get horny all over again yesterday afternoon, which in turn left me vulnerable to an advance later on from Fiona.

'I've been doing some work with her company on and off for a year now, so I was quite used to having her around. Can't say I'd ever expected to give way to her, though she is the kind of woman I quite like for a bit of casual - obviously needy and so certain to be ineffably grateful. Anyway, I didn't finish all that I wanted to get done till nearly seven. (Oh, we hard working consultants!) Only she and her boss were left in the office, and although he's a real bore, I accepted the offer of a quick drink a nanosecond after she did. He took us to this really nice little bar, bought a good bottle of wine, drank barely half a glass himself, and left - perfect.

'So, Fiona and I were left alone - and actually, the place didn't get very busy at all (credit crunch I guess) so we kept a nice private little corner all to ourselves. The more we chatted the more I could sense her getting nervous - I had guessed her for a lesbian ages back, but not an especially active, confidant or lucky one. So, I flirted with her ... leaning against her one minute, leaning back and crossing my legs another, touching her arm gently one minute, smoothing out my stockings the next ... and so on. She drank a full glass of wine quite quickly, beginning to relax. Whilst I'm quite a tactile person, she had never been, so I knew she was playing her bravery card when she started to reply to my soft touches. I refilled her glass and, as I did, I whispered, as if suddenly surprised, "oh, sorry Fiona, but your dress seems to have come undone."

'In truth, she only had the same three buttons undone she'd had all day and whilst that gave a nice glimpse of a very wantable cleavage, she was hardly improper. Her reply confirmed that it would be mine if I wanted her . "No-one can see," she smiled shyly.

'"Except me," I smiled back.

'"Th... that's O... OK," she whispered.

'"Good," I whispered while reaching up to unfasten another button. She sighed, but did nothing to stop me. "There," I breathed huskily, "now you look even more relaxed."

'She stuttered something or other before taking another large glug of wine. "Fiona," I smiled, "your choice: would you like me to buy another bottle of wine and we get separate taxis later, or would you like me drive you home?" There was a pause. No contest!

As she leaned around looking for the seatbelt I reached across whispering something chivalrous like "may I" - save I had no intention of helping with the seat belt. I unfastened the next button down on her dress and watched as her dress fell open to reveal a soft, pale and fleshy bosom in an ordinary, but pleasingly half-cupped, white bra. "I've been wanting to do that all day," I lied, while leaning across to kiss her. She kissed quite nicely but her frustrations were obviously gaining control - without any finesse she pushed her hand between my thighs.

'"Later," I whispered, breaking the kiss.

'Following her directions we ended up at this seemingly quite isolated little cottage. It was dark so I couldn't be sure, but I don't think there were any houses nearby. I say this only because, even with that apparent seclusion, she rushed into the sitting room and began drawing all the curtains before I'd had the chance to have one of those great hallway moments. So, I followed her into what was a lovely room. She turned to face me after drawing the last set of curtains. She looked incredibly nervous again - so much so that it almost made her pretty.

'I think, Sarah, that I was cruel yesterday when I suggested she was ugly. She isn't. Just plain and perhaps too often unloved. She is a mousy late-thirties woman, who has never been helped to understand such beauty as she has - but she does have beauty in her. Every woman does.

'"D-do y-you want a dr-drink?" she stuttered.

'"No, I want to make love with you Fiona," I smiled all vamp-like. I walked over and kissed her on the forehead and then whispered, "would you like that?"

'Well, I thought the woman was going to cry, so passionate was her declaration of love and more. I stepped back a pace and unbuttoned the rest of her dress. Her body was fleshy, with curves in all the right places. Her knickers were as plain as her bra, but, a little surprisingly perhaps, she wore a rather sexy red and black suspender belt with lace topped stockings.

'Anyway, the long and short of it is, I sat on a sofa and told her to undress save for the stockings – and she did. I told her to lie on the floor and masturbate for me to watch – and she did. I pulled my skirt up and told her to come and untie my panties – and she did. I told her to kiss and lick my pussy – and she did. I told her to do it to me again with her nipples – and she did. Then I told her to lick me again – and she did ...

'And by this time I had decided I would use her, and do nothing for her until she actually asked me to. So, I let her kiss me and lick me again while she made herself come. Then, with a nervously shy and embarrassed giggle she said she needed to pee. I smiled, thinking of nothing more than my morning, but I guess she saw something else in my mind - or perhaps it was just in hers.

'"You won't go, will you?" she whispered

'"Of course not," I said, "I'll come with you if you like."

'"Would you," she smiled taking my hand as she stood. So I followed her upstairs to this beautiful bathroom.

'"Do you want me to watch you?" I asked, now a little uncertain of the erotic possibilities.

'"C-can I k-k-kiss you while I go?" she stuttered ... which sounded exciting enough so I unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the floor and stood next to her while she sat, and let her nibble and suck my clitoris while filling the air with a warm fragrance of lemon and pinot noir - it was actually quite exciting, I came in no time at all.

'Then she asked me, no, begged me, to do something no-one has ever asked before . "P-p-pee over me Clara," she pleaded . I worried for a moment about such submission, but in truth I did need to go - so I did. I pressed my pussy tight against her lovely warm and fleshy breasts and bathed her, while she masturbated quite wildly. She screamed out with delight as she came, thanking me over and over, telling me how much she loved me and would do anything for me ... it was both weird and touching. It was also finished, I thought. So, I kissed her once more and said goodnight. I picked up my skirt and left her there in the bathroom, found my panties and went home, getting into bed moments before Luke returned. I pretended to be asleep as he climbed into bed.

'So, Sarah, now I've confessed all, what shall I do - go back and let Fiona have me again or wait for you? Unbutton your blouse for me Sarah, or take off your jumper or whatever - I want to be able to kiss your breasts from here ... please, unfasten your bra and hold your soft bosom against the screen and press your nipples into it for me to suck ... mmm, I promise, I could make you come just by the way I kiss and lick and nibble and suck your nipples.

'Now, slip off your knickers and let me see your gorgeous pussy for real - I love the photo of your pussy Sarah, I've been looking at so much, longing to kiss you, lick you, make you come, then have you rub yourself against me, smearing your juice over my thighs, my breasts, my nipples ... let's go on line.'

"Here I am Clara. All ready for you."

"Hi e-lover, how are you? Tell me how much you would like to slip your fingers up my skirt ... well, it would be great to feel your readiness for myself - and how jealous you are that I let tubby Fiona kiss my pussy through my panties again, yeah ... the lovely warm crotch between your thighs."

"Oh! I am very very jealous! Are you ready?"

"Sarah, darling, of course I'm ready ... that's the point of these little get-togethers! When what I want is to believe that, when I say how much I want to stroke up inside your thigh, your fingers are doing my work for me!"

"Well, my fingers are toying with your little friend ... I think I would rather feel your tongue right now, just where it matters most"

"Baby, that lady is potentially a real little lifesaver - for when I feel in need of a little tlc ..."

"Perhaps you're busy feeling my fingers probing your bottom ... slipping into your wetness ..."

"Tell me about your knickers while I imagine licking your pussy through them ..."

"Oh they common or garden M&S today, Clara - but rather damp ... they soak up a lot of juice."

"I was busy imagining your fingers along the valley of my vulva, so you could suck the juices through the material which is lovely and warm AND a little sticky ... and I would have liked to take them off for you ... and then, if your tongue works quickly, I might manage a quick orgasm!"

"You could slip them down to my knees... well, that's where they are right now ...ready for you."

"And let you imagine licking my come from the inside ...'Cos sweetie, this wasn't going to be my first orgasm ... nor yet the second one ... my tongue wouldn't fail you Sarah ... ever."

"I know ... I know - oh yes, please!"

"Feel my tip pressing into those M&S cottons ... mmm, love your juice ... love your taste ... love your smell ... work it inside both entries ... love your mature everything."

"Go on you devil ... she devil ... work me up more - go on - go on."

"You'd need to take them off for that darling."

"Oh alright then ... hang on ... there - I've popped them into the top drawer."

"Are they creamy inside?."

"Yes, VERY creamy ... and all because of you."

"Do you like having your bottom licked?."

"Love it."

"A tongue rimming around your tight little hole? Fingers tongue lips ... does Sue do that for you?."

"Yes ... and me to her."

"You knelt on the vicarage kitchen floor ... she's really into anal tonguing?."


"I'd want you on the kitchen table Sarah ... with her leaning against the table, nuzzling my nose between your buttocks ... oh yes ... smelling the syrupy stickiness...."

"Go on then - I'm ready for you."

"Love that smell ... whilst I sample the taste of your pussy ... licking your tight little crater ... it's all rather sticky and messy ... then licking down into your pussy. Don't sample me angel, EAT me! No baby, I want a clean but aromatic bottom ... please!"

"I can take the whole of your vulva - labia and all- deep into my mouth and chew hard ... but I'll like any kind of sticky pussy ... as my fingers explores your bum ... mmm, swallow my vulva?"

"My God baby - I shall come in minute ...."

"With your tongue deep inside me? ... I am chewing your vulva with my lips ... deep, deep inside? ... with my tongue feeling for the vagina."

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