tagIncest/TabooA Conversation with Roddy

A Conversation with Roddy


(When I got the first email from Roddy I was rather taken aback. Sex with grandmother? Was he pulling my leg. Well, I decided to encourage him to see how the grandmother responded - if at all.)



My name's Roddy and for some time now I have been lusting after my 63 year old granny. My mother and I live with her. I say live with her as it is her home. I've read many of your stories and have been plucking up courage to write to you. I hope you can help me out. May be tell me what to do. I just can't get her out of my head and I just don't know what to do. Please help.


Goodness me Roddy!

Skipping a generation is unusual! Do you have sex with your mom? Tell me about your grandmother - is she a sexy person - outgoing - provocative?


Hi Sarah

She's provocative and I think she's so beautiful. 5'6, slim may be 110 lbs, with grey hair. Oh and, no, I do not have sex with my mother. In fact, I have never had sex. At eighteen I'm still a virgin! Well, I have had a few bjs and I am told I am really good at licking. My nana has always given me longer hugs than any one in the family, and when we are alone, she puts her hand on my arm. She's always saying what good a boy I am. Oh yeah ... one more thing. When I masturbate I use her panties. She never wears granny panties nor thongs or any thing out of the ordinary. They are black, or a deep red. I don't know what they are made out of, but they feel really good on my skin, though a little cold. I am just not sure if she feels the same way about me as I do about her. Do you think you can help?


Well Roddy.

Sounds interesting! Does she know that you masturbate in her panties I wonder? What do you do with them after filling them with cum? When she tells you what a good boy you are, you should reply 'but not as good a gran as you are!' and give her a kiss, telling her how beautiful she is and how much you admire her. Flatter her. Then, when she gives you a hug, try stroking her bottom and see how she reacts. Does she have a lover already?

Tell me how you get on.


Hi Sarah.

I just put the panties back in the wash, and like I was saying, even when I was little she has been loving to me, even giving me back rubs after I help her out around here. Even before we moved in with her. She has no lover that I know of. My favorite thing that we do, is when my mom is out with Jenny or just staying the night with her. We sit down and she holds me and runs her hands in my hair, telling me stories about Germany and I do my best to flatter her. After your last email I gave her a really big hug, kissed her on the cheek, and told her she was more beautiful then any of the girls my age. Oh, and I got one of her bras out off the wash. Just so you know, she is a b cup.

Well Roddy,

Tell me when you manage to feel her tits! Or have her hold your cock.

How do I get her to do that Sarah?

Show it to her Roddy!!


I did it! My mom is at work, and I am out of college for the next few weeks so it's just me and nana. I got naked and put on my headphones but didn't turn them on. I started masturbating real slow with my eyes shut and the door half open. I called out for her, then didn't say any thing when she called back. It was so hard to keep my eyes from opening when she came in to my room. I shot my cum and called out "NANA". She did not do any thing and went to the tv room. I don't think she knows that I know she was there. God it was so hot.


Well done Roddy!

Sounds promising. Perhaps she went to masturbate herself. You turned her on, watching you cum. My guess is that she'll bring up the subject of sex with you, and masturbating. Let me know what happens.


Thanks Sarah.

I will. I hope it will be soon. It's 7am here and she's in my mom's robe. It's a lot shorter than her's. It stops just before her knees. God! Nana has hot legs. Do you think she will get mad if I ask if I can give her a leg massage. Maybe I can get a glimps at her panties.

Roddy. ps I "accidentally" walked in on her when she was getting out of the tub last night. She's just fabulous.

Hi Roddy

And what happened when you saw her getting out of the bath? I guess you went to your room and masturbated!!

By all means offer to massage her legs. If she asks why, just say because they're in great shape and I just want to stroke them! You might even get a glimpse of her pussy if she's not wearing panties! More flattery!



I got really good news. She let me give her a leg rub, and told me that she saw me masturbating, and that she knows all about family love. But she needs to talk to my mom before we make love. I didn't know she was in to it. I am so happy she let me see her naked and we agreed not to wear any thing inside the house now! I am so hard Sarah. Just so you know, her pussy is really hairy and her boobs hang down a bit. God! I want her to be my first. I'm going to ask her if I can lick her.

Roddy. ps - do you know what she is going to talk to mom about before we can make love? She won't tell me. I am just so happy Sarah. I wish that I can lick you too, and you can lick nana.

Gosh Roddy!

That's good - wonderful! - you see, she's quite happy to have sex with you - and is probably thrilled at the chance - but it sounds as if she wants to know if your mom would object. How do you think your mom would react? Perhaps she'll want to join in as well! Anyway, I guess your mom will say, 'It's up to you mom. I think you'd enjoy it! Go for it!'

What does nana think about your cock? Has she had a good look at it? And have you had a good look at her hairy pussy? Really hairy ... mmmm ... I love hairy women! I'm just trimmed myself, but don't have a thick bush. My girlfriend is nice and hairy though. Anyway, at 63, your nana will still have a strong sex drive - and will enjoy having her vagina filled with hard cock again. That is after you've given her a good lick and made her cum sucking her clitoris. I think your sex like is about to take off!! Tell me all about it. Perhaps I should join in the fun!


Wow Sarah!

I am on my cell at the min and I just got her to cum. Amazing! She cried out loud. Then she told me I was really good at licking. She has never cut her hair, so it's really thick. I told her about you. She wants to read your stories. I going to pull them up in a min. She's going to jack me off. She won't say what she wants to say to my mom. Oh, and mom won't have sex with me. She don't like guys. But it's ok ... I got nana and I love her you know. Not a lot of guys at college can say they have a older lover. Oh and she want's to know if you like rimming. What is that any way? She won't tell. Just that I'll have to get good at it, and she'll help me with it tonight. I hope it's a good thing.


OMG Roddy.

That was quick! FANTASTIC!!! Have her send me a message when she's read my stories. I'd love to hear from her. Rimming is tonguing the bottom - the arse hole! Many women like being finger fucked in the bum as well as the vagina.

I guess you're right about other young men having older lovers - certainly not grandmothers!! I must admit, this is one of the fastest experiences I have had from those seeking advice. You certainly didn't hang about after first emailing me! But you know, women are much sexier than you might think - particularly as they get older. Your nana will teach you a few things about sex! Give her pussy a lick from me! Tell me about your mom's sex life - is she a lesbian?


Hi Sarah.

Yes mom's a lesbian and I had to get nana to your stories. She's reading them now. She gave me a hand-job that was way better then any blow-job I ever got. Mom's been with her lover, Jenny, for about a year now. Just so you know, mom is 38, 5'4 black hair brown eyes around 120 lbs, c cups. I asked nana! Any way, her friend, Jenny is 5'7, same hair and eyes. 130 lbs, may be 140. D cups and she's black. I am 5'10, 160 lbs I play foot ball. Been doing it for years. Black hair, brown eyes. I am 18 but going to be 19 next week. Is it ok if I ask what you look like, Sarah love,


Well Roddy.

Here you are. Attached is a photo of me! You sound to have a magnificent cock there. Your nan will be thrilled with it filling her pussy. I must say I'm surprise you're still a virgin, but there's nothing to turn me on better than a young virgin cock - though not virgin for much longer! Congratulations on achieving your wildest dream! Don't rush it though - take your time and relish the experience of that first penetration.

OMG! I see that I have a message from your nana - so I'd better take a look at it!


Hello Sarah.

I am Annie, Roddy's nana. I have just read one of your stories. Now, Roddy has told me all about how you have been talking to him about family love and helped him out. It's so good to know that my family is not the only one that feels this way. I am using his email, but he will be a good boy and won't open any thing with my name on it. I am new to email. This is the fist time I have been online.

Hello Annie.

How wonderful to hear from you. Well, incest isn't exactly new - or unusual, as you know from my stories. All true! Though it's usually mothers who seem to lust after their children - and vice versa. I don't come across many fathers, though I know they are there, fucking their daughters! And boys lusting over grandmothers are not all that common! But he says you're very beautiful and in good shape.

Roddy tells me that you are to be his lover! That's marvelous - I told him that sex drive doesn't disappear with age - well 50s and 60s are great years for sex (I'm 51). I wonder how long ago since you had a cock deep inside you?! And from what Roddy says, his cock is a pretty big one! So enjoy your new found shared sex! I only wish I could watch - or even join in!

Sarah. xx

Hello Sarah.

It will be so wonderful making love again. And with such a big handsome cock. I thought I'd never enjoy another orgasm by another party. And my grandson? Never! But it is so beautiful. He makes me shake all over when he licks me. His mom is relaxed about it. She says it's better than him having some stranger for the first time. Besides, she knows I'm still sexually alive! I'm ready for him, wearing just a bath robe. Your stories have got me wet. There's no-one else in the house.


Hi Sarah.

OMG it was unbelievable! Your stories got her so worked up, she called for me. Her dressing gown was soon discarded. I had an instant erection! She knelt in front of me and licked and kissed my cock with lots of devotion! I was in heaven! Then she settled on the sofa and beckoned me over, opening her thighs to show me her hairy pussy. Gosh - so beautiful! Her lips are very plump, wrinkled and dark. I could see the juices between them. I couldn't take my eyes off them as I knelt between her legs and slowly guided my cock to the entrance. I remembered what you said. I just nudged it into the opening and held it there, relishing the warm wetness. Then I slowly slid it inside. OMG Sarah! I can't described the wonderful feeling I had. She moaned with delight as I pushed it in to the hilt. Paradise can't be better that this! I came fairly quickly, but just carried on thrusting hard and deep. We were making love for at least three hours. I lost count of her orgasms. Last night was just the beginning of lots more.

Oh, and she asked me to tell you that she's very grateful for your advice to me. So am I. You've been so wonderful.


Well Roddy.

I can only say congratulations. I'm sure you'll make your nana very happy. You cerainly made me cum thinking about you losing your virginity. WOW!!!


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