tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 22

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 22


Part 22: Sharon and Joe double date with Jeanne and Dick.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. If you don't approve of these behaviors and you still read on anyway then you are an idiot and I take great delight in knowing I've made you disgusted. Please leave me an anonymous note and let me know how well I've done.

Apr 04/18/09 9:11AM


Thanks for the detailed letter. Your determination is amazing. I have not had the time to process everything yet, but I do have a few questions and observations as usual.

Firstly I'm thinking that Joe must be telling his brother something about your recent sexual adventures. That's the only thing I can think of to explain the change in the way that Jeff is treating you. Perhaps Joe just told him that you were hot for him (Jeff) but were just too shy to make a move. It would be interesting to find out.

Secondly I'm pretty sure that Joe recruited Erin to come over and coached her on what to say and do. Since you said that normally she's not much of a drinker and you two were friends I'm thinking that she had to get drunk to get up the courage. That way she could always blame it on the booze if needed. I do wonder though, if she still harbors any resentment for you marrying Joe instead of her.

Tommy seems to be coming along well. He handled things nicely, from what you said; he's really learning to take charge and treat you like a slut.

Do you think Joe has been having an affair with Erin or do you think that Sunday was the first time they'd had sex since you got married? Have you talked to your sister since Sunday? I'd like to hear about that conversation if you did.

I have a lot to do today, but I'll try to write more tonight.

Your friend,


Apr 04/18/09 10:17AM


After I sent the last email I got Joe off to work and took care of a few things. Before he left Joe told me he would have a surprise for me this afternoon (he only has to work until 1:00 today). So I decided I had better write to you while I had the chance.

First I'd like to talk about your email. I agree with you that Joe must have said something to Jeff about me because as you guessed the way he treated me on Easter was much different. He was always a condescending jerk, but he never pawed at me before. I probably should ask Joe what he's told Jeff, but to tell you the truth I'm kind of afraid to find out.

I also think that Joe convinced Erin to act that way and probably coached her for days if not weeks ahead of time. I know that one of Joe's fantasies is to see me have sex with another woman, so that was his shot. No, I don't think they are having an affair. I think that he only had sex with her on Sunday as payment for going along with his plan.

To answer your question about my sister I'll have to tell you about Monday.

I had to work on Monday, so Joe said he'd take Tommy home since I had to get ready. It was a boring day since I was subbing for a Math teacher. After supper my sister Jeanne called. I had been kind of expecting and dreading it. I knew what she wanted to talk about and after some forgettable chit-chat she asked, "So, tell me about Tommy."

I just tell her that he's an ex student that I'm tutoring. She knows that's not the truth and says so. I try to avoid answering but she just asks straight out, "Are you fucking him?"

I finally admit that I am and tell her about Ron's party, playing the "dancing in the dark" game with them later, giving him a blow job and the second party where I fucked Tim. She's not too surprised because she knows I'm a horny girl like her. Then she asks what this has to do with Tommy. I don't want to tell her about the GB, so I tell her that Joe had always fantasized about me having sex with one of my students.

She says "Wow, I had no idea Joe had those kind of fantasies."

I told her I didn't either but that we talked about it and he convinced me to have sex with one of my ex students and that Joe arranged it all. I didn't mention anybody else. She wanted to know why Joe picked Tommy. I told her that Joe knew Tommy had a crush on me when he was in my class and that he had worked at the Center for a while.

She says, "I knew you were into some kink big sister but I had no idea."

I informed her that I was doing it for Joe and that I could never initiate something like that. I wasn't like her. She said she wasn't even sure she could do something like that on her own.

We talked for quite a while after that with her wanting the all the details about about all my sexual experiences with Tommy. I don't tell her everything, of course. For example I don't mention the Pittsburgh trip at all or the other kids. I did tell her about Jeff groping me and she thought that was hot. Then again, she's only met him once so she has no idea what a jerk he is.

After I got off the phone Joe asked who I was talking to. I told him it was Jeanne and he wanted to know what we talked about for so long. I just told him it was "girl stuff" and he didn't press it. I should have known I wouldn't get away with that, Joe's not dumb. But at the time I thought I did. I'll explain this latter when I tell you about Friday night.

I had off on Tuesday and woke up horny because I had not had any sex on Monday. I told you the more sex I get the more I want! Anyway about 10:00 Tommy calls and says he wants to come over fuck. I tell him that would be fine (great). He asks me if I'm ready for some cock. Thinking about what you keep telling me about being more vocal I say, "I'm always hungry for cock."

To which he says, "Need a lot today slut?"

Feeling playful I answer, "Oh yes, fill me up Tommy."

Then he says, "OK, then you won't mind if I bring a friend."

I panic a little and try to say I just want him but he hangs up. I call him back but he won't answer. Now I'm not sure what to think. Was he just playing mind games or was he really bringing a friend? Maybe he was bringing Scott or Bruce. I'm thinking that's probably it, but I'm not sure. I couldn't decide what to wear. I was only wearing one of Joe's dress shirts at the time. Should I change? I finally decided to just take a chance and stick with the shirt. It probably didn't matter because if Tommy wanted me naked that's what would happen regardless of what I was wearing.

I was relieved when they arrived and Tommy's friend was Chuck. I let them in and Tommy says, "Sharon you remember Chuck don't you? Chuck Morgan?"

Now I knew why he looked familiar: his father is James Morgan, one of the teachers I work with. I had never had Chuck in my class, but I had met him once, a few years ago. James was the teacher on Joe's original GB list, by the way.

So we go into the living room and Tommy tells Chuck to take off my shirt. Chuck hesitates and Tommy says, "Tell him it's OK Sharon."

I say, "It's OK, go ahead."

His hands are trembling almost as bad as Tommy's were that first time and he's having problems with the buttons. He is only half way done when Tommy walks up and pulls the shirt open roughly. The remaining buttons fly in all directions and I jump a little. I didn't expect that from Tommy.

He leaves the shirt hanging open and says, "Isn't that a banging hot body? I just can't get enough of it."

Chuck just stares at my nakedness. Then Tommy tells Chuck that he can feel it and demonstrates by grabbing one of my boobs. Chuck copies him and soon we move to the couch where they both kiss and push their fingers into me. After a little while Tommy tells me to take Chuck upstairs and "fuck his brains out."

I lead him into the spare bedroom and undress him. I also take off the shirt. It wasn't covering much anyway. Figuring he was probably a virgin I push him down on the bed and climb on. He has a smallish cock, but by that time I was so horny that it still felt good.

Chuck comes quickly but I keep moving on him and have a nice orgasm. He never really gets soft and after a while he says he wants to "reverse positions". So I roll off and onto my back and he climbs between my legs. I have to guide his cock into me and as soon as it's in he starts thrusting wildly. It was obvious he didn't know what he was doing. It reminded me of Scott's first time. It was only a few minutes before he came again.

Afterwards he got nervous and dressed quickly. I followed him naked back downstairs to where Tommy was waiting in the living room. He asked Chuck if it was good. Chuck's answer, "It was fucking great."

Then Tommy asked if I had cleaned him up with my mouth and Chuck shook his head no. Then Tommy surprised me again by yelling, "You stupid bitch. Always offer to clean up your man after he fucks you. It's the least a slut can do for him."

I ask Chuck if he wants me to clean him up and he just nods. So I pull his pants down and lick him clean. This makes him hard again but Tommy tells me that's too bad because it's his (Tommy's) turn. He bends me over the arm of the couch the way Joe did on Sunday and fucks me from behind. He tells me that my "cunt" is still tight even for "sloppy seconds." He does not last long, but this time he pulls out and shoots his cum all over my back and butt. Then he says, "Don't you have something to ask me bitch?"

For a second I didn't know what he was talking about. He rolled his eyes and was about to say something when I remembered to ask him if he wanted me to clean him up. Of course he said yes, so I knelt down and licked him clean as his cum ran down my back and dripped on the carpet. After they left I took a shower and cleaned up the spot on the carpet.

When Joe got home I was still horny. Even though I had been fucked three times, Chuck didn't last long as was not very good at it (probably a virgin). Anyway I told him about Tommy and Chuck's visit. He asked if I had remembered who Chuck was and I told him that I did. He said it would be hot to get Chuck and his dad to "double team" me. You were sure right about him wanting to do the father-son thing. I think that's why he picked Chuck to be in the GB. We made love after that which helped with my horniness, but didn't get rid of it completely.

That was Tuesday.

I have a lot more to tell you but Joe just got home. I'll try to get on the computer tonight. I really want to tell you about Thursday with Bruce and Friday night with Jeanne and Dick.


Apr 4/18/09 6:05PM


From what you have said I'm thinking that Joe colluded with your sister to provide an interesting adventure on Friday night. I guess I'll just have to wait until your next email to find out. I'll hold off on my questions until then.

I think your assessment that Chuck was a virgin is correct. That's at least the second one for you now. So it looks like Chuck is now officially part of the big GB. That makes four; I wonder how long you'll have to wait to find out who the last two are. Now long, if I'm reading Joe correctly. Maybe that's your surprise tonight. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I think it's very likely that Joe will try to arrange a threesome with James and Chuck. The only fly in that ointment would be if James is not willing to cheat on his wife or is against his boy having sex with you. By the way, I agree with you that this was a big reason that Chuck was picked for the GB.

I have to go watch a movie with the wife. I'll check my email later tonight.


Apr 04/18/09 10:31PM


I don't know how you do it, but you guessed right about Joe's surprise today. I'll tell you all about it I promise, but first I want to catch you up on last week's activities.

On Thursday I was pretty much planning on spending all day devoted to bringing you up to date and I got a good start in the morning before Bruce called. Here's how that conversation went. The lines in () were things I was thinking but didn't say out loud.


Bruce:Hi Sharon, this is Bruce.

(Bruce? Bruce who?)


Me:Oh! Hi Bruce. How are you?

Bruce:I'm great. How about you?

Me:I'm fine. Um...


Me:Where did you get my number?

Bruce:From Tommy.

(I'll have to have a talk with Tommy)


Bruce:Is that OK?


Me:Yes. I was just curious.

Bruce:Um, I just wanted to tell you what a good time I had in Pittsburgh.

(So did I)


Bruce:You are so hot.

Me:Thank you.

Bruce:I thought my ex girlfriend was hot, but she has nothing on you.

Me:That's nice of you to say that.

(That was pretty weak. Paul would tell me to put on the slut act)

Bruce:I'm not interrupting anything am I?

Me:No, why do you ask?

Bruce:You seem distracted.

(This kid is pretty perceptive)

Me:No, you just surprised me tiger.

Bruce:OK. I, ah, I've been thinking about you.

Me:That's interesting.


(Paul will like this)

Me:Because I've been thinking about you.


Me:Yes, and how good your cock feels in my mouth and pussy.

Bruce:Fuck you're making me hard.


Bruce:I wish I was fucking you right now.

Me:So do I.

Bruce:Can I come over?


Bruce:Yes. I want to fuck your brains out.

(God that sounds good)

Me:OK. What do you want me to wear?

Bruce:Dress like a teacher.


Then I gave him my address and told him to come to the back door. While he was on the way I dressed in one of my work outfits and put on a little makeup. I was waiting in the kitchen when he knocked. I let him in and he started kissing me straight out. I really enjoyed it. He's even a better kisser than Tommy. Then he says, "I want your hot mouth on my cock."

So I get down on my knees and pulled his pants down. Then I start sucking him off right there in the kitchen. It wasn't long before he was shooting his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all down and kept him in my mouth until he started to get soft.

Bruce told me that he wanted to see me naked again so I led him into the living room. He sits down in a chair and says, "Strip for me."

I try to do a nice sexy strip, but that's not something I've practiced. He seems to like it though, because when I'm done he's hard again. Then he tells me, "Come over here and sit on my hard cock."

We fuck for a while that way, sometimes he's doing the work and sometimes I am. I have a couple of nice orgasms before he comes inside of me. After that we sat on the couch and talked for a while. Actually he did most of the talking. At one point he told me that he didn't believe Tommy and Scott at first when they told him about me. He didn't think that they were the type to attract a hot lady like they had been describing, so he wasn't planning on going to on the Pittsburgh trip at first.

I asked him what changed his mind and he tells me that Scott showed him a picture of me blowing Tommy. I guess that answers the question of whether Scott really did take pictures that time. He went on to say that even though my face was half covered by my hair I definitely looked beautiful so he agreed to go along. Then he tells me that the picture does not do me justice. That was sweet of him to say.

Then he starts telling me how much fun he had in Pittsburgh and how he was looking forward to the GB. He said he had never cum so many times in one day before and still couldn't believe how much I could fuck and suck without wearing out. I assured him that I was very tired afterwords, but he pointed out that I never quit or said no. That's true. By this time he was hard again and I was horny as ever so I suggested we go up to the spare bedroom. He says, "No, I want to fuck you in your bed."

I told him I'd rather use the spare bedroom, but he said, "It's your bed or nothing."

I really wanted him to fuck me again so I gave in. He fucked me hard for about a half hour. He is easily the best out of all the kids and gave me several more orgasms. He didn't talk as much as Tommy, but it seemed less forced when he did. This gave me an opportunity to talk dirty to him. It wasn't easy for me, but I said things like "Your such a stud Bruce, fuck me hard," and "make your slut cum." You would have been proud of me, Paul.

After that I told him that Joe would be home soon so he left, but I got the feeling he wanted more. I wouldn't have minded either, but the idea of having Joe come in on us while we were fucking still seemed wrong somehow. When Joe did come home I told him about Bruce's visit because he always loves to hear about them. He seemed a little surprised that Bruce came over by himself; I don't think he expected it. As usual he wanted me to give him all the details and he asked quite a few questions.

That was Thursday.

On Friday I taught and we had plans to go out with Jeanne and Dick so I didn't have any time to write you. When Joe came home I was sitting at my dressing table touching up my makeup with a towel wrapped around me. He pulls out the same cocktail dress that I wore when we went out with Ron and Diane a few months ago and says, "I'd like you to wear this tonight."

I ask why and he says, "Because you look good in it."

I wasn't born yesterday. He obviously had something planned that he hadn't told me yet, but I knew better than to ask anymore questions. What I did know was that we were meeting Jeanne and Dick at the restaurant and then we were going dancing. The drive was about 30 minutes during which I tried to get more details out of Joe, but he insisted that we were just going to dinner and some dancing afterwords.

I was relieved to see that my sister was wearing a sexy cocktail dress too. Her husband was even wearing a nice suit, which was more than I could say about Joe. He stood out in his jeans, t-shirt and sport coat. I've tried with that man, I really have.

We ate at an Italian place called Vetri's. The food was great, but as usual for Italian restaurants the portion sizes were much too large. I couldn't finish my lasagna, but I had them put it in a box for me. It would make a good lunch for the next couple of days. The conversation during dinner was pleasant enough, but there was no hint of what the real purpose for the evening was. There was a certain tension in the air though, so I new it had to be sexual.

After dinner we went to little jazz club not too far away. Joe knows that I really like jazz, so I felt like the selection of this place was for my benefit. It was pretty packed, but Joe managed to find us a table anyway. We all ordered a drink and enjoyed the music. Thinking of my last time out with my sister I paid close attention to how much and how fast I drank.

After the second round of drinks Jeanne and Dick went to dance. I asked Joe, not expecting a lot since he does not like to dance normally, but this time he said yes. My husband is not a great dancer, but I enjoyed myself anyway. He even stayed out for a second dance, which surprised me a little. It was a slower number so he pulled me in close and just kind of swayed with the beat. He was kissing my neck and telling me how much he loved me and how I was the hottest woman in the place. He's not normally one for PDA (public displays of affection), but it seems like this was the night for exceptions. It was when he put his hand on my butt and started squeezing it that I felt his erection begin to push into my tummy. By the time the song ended and we returned to the table I was becoming aroused.

Jeanne and Dick returned at the same time. We all ordered another round and by the time that drink was half gone I was feeling pretty good and had all but forgotten my worries about what Joe had planned for the evening. Then Dick asks Jeanne if she'd like to have another dance. She turns him down and he looks at me and says, "How about you Sharon? Care for another dance?"

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