tagLoving WivesA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 38

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 38


Part 38: Ron's birthday party

When Sharon returned home from visiting her step-sons things pretty much returned to normal. She was still working more than expected due to so many teachers being out with the flu. This was really starting to annoy Joe, but there wasn't a lot he could do about it. That following weekend Joe sent her over to Jeff's house to spend the day. What she did there I can't say, but she reported it wasn't unpleasant at all, contrary to her initial expectations. She also returned with a completely bald pussy. The "landing strip" had been shaved off. Joe wasn't too happy about that and ordered her to grow it back.

The next week Sharon reported that Bruce had taken her on a "date". They went to a movie in a nearby town and then went back to his apartment for sex. This time however, she also fucked his roommate Mike for the first time. That's just how she put it too, "Oh yeah, then Bruce told me to go out [into the living room] and fuck Mike too. So I walked out there naked and told him I wanted to fuck him. He had his pants down in a flash and I climbed onto his lap. I tried to make it last, but he came pretty quickly as you can imagine." Just like that. Such is Sharon's life these days.

After that things were pretty uneventful as far as I can tell, until the next weekend. Ron was having a party that weekend to celebrate his birthday. Remember it was Ron's birthday party a year ago that started Sharon on the path she is on today, so this seemed significant to her.

That Saturday Joe had her wear a relatively conservative dress, at least by recent standards, and a bra. It was a push-up type shelf bra that left her nipples uncovered, but normally he didn't want her wearing any, so she was a bit surprised. To complete the outfit he had her put on a thong, stockings, and high heels. All in all, not nearly as revealing as she was expecting. She felt sure he had something different planned, but he wouldn't say what until they were on their way over to Ron's house.

"Ron has told all the other couples that you were hypnotized while out visiting my sons. The story goes that you were particularly susceptible to being hypnotized and that the hypnotist secretly left a post-hypnotic suggestion in your mind," He explained. "Whenever you hear the phrase 'purple top-hat' you will enter a deep hypnotic state. While in this state you will do just about anything that you are told and will answer truthfully any question you are asked. When they snap their fingers, you will come out of it and everything will seem to be normal to you."

"Really?" She asked in surprise.

"Yes, and I want you to go along with it," Joe replied. "When you hear 'purple top-hat' I want you to stop talking and just kind of go limp. Close your eyes partly, like you are sleepy, and just put a vacant look on your face. Do you think you can do that?"

"I think so," Sharon answered, "I'll try."

"Good. Then just answer any question you are asked truthfully and do whatever you are told. Don't worry, Ron and I will intervene if someone tries to go too far," Joe said.

"You want me to answer all questions truthfully?" She asked.

"Except about being hypnotized or being my slave. You can tell them about your sexual escapades, but I want them to think they were on your intuitive," He clarified.

Sharon was a little worried about where this might go, but all of Ron's friends seemed friendly and fun. None of them gave her the impression that they were cruel or particularly perverted, so maybe it would be OK and they'd just ask her to cluck like a chicken and things like that.

At the party everything seemed pretty normal and Sharon relaxed. She was having fun and almost forgot about the whole pretending to be hypnotized. She was in a small group in the living room when Ron walked up and said, "I hope someone gives me a purple top-hat for my birthday."

Sharon wasn't expecting it, so she was a little slow getting into her fake trance. Fortunately nobody seemed to notice the delay.

"Is she really under?" Someone asked.

"Yes, watch," Ron answered. "Sharon, can you hear me?"

"Yes," Sharon said softly.

"Oops, I just spilled some wine on your dress. Do you see the stain?" Ron asked her.

"Oh my, yes, what an ugly stain," She said as she looked down at her dress.

"Don't you think you should get it off and into some water before the stain sets?" He asked.

"Yes, but..." Sharon started.

"It's a good thing you were right by the bathroom," Ron suggested. "Come over here and go inside."

Sharon walked in the direction Ron had pointed to, which was the dining room. She wasn't really sure what to do, but when she got there Ron said, "Don't forget to close the door."

She pretended to close the nonexistent door and turned to face the table. What should she do next?

"You are alone in the bathroom now. The sink is in front of you. Fill it with water," Ron instructed.

Sharon did as she was told. She pretended the table was the bathroom vanity and whet through the motions of turning on the water and filling the sink.

"Now take off your dress and put it in the sink," Ron said.

She doubted that pretending to take off her dress was what he had in mind. So Sharon tried to ignore the other people there and removed her dress, putting it on the table. She tried to act as though she was alone in the bathroom, even though the whispering from the surrounding crowd was getting louder.

"Shhhh, quiet down," Ron admonished. "Here comes Diane with a new dress for you to wear."

Diane stepped up with an empty hanger and offered it to Sharon saying, "Here you go dear. This should fit you."

Sharon accepted the hanger and went through the motions of getting dressed. The story of the Emperor's New Clothes went through her mind as she opened the nonexistent door and walked out back into the living room wearing only the revealing bra and thong.

"Now do you all believe me?" Ron asked all his guests.

They looked at Sharon, standing there almost naked, and murmured their agreement.

"I know you all want to take advantage of this and have some fun with Sharon here, but to prevent total chaos I'm going to turn this into a little party game," Ron explained. "Each one of you have two turns to put Sharon under. Once to ask her a question, which she will answer truthfully, and once to give her a suggestion. Remember that you can't make her do anything that is totally against her ethics, like commit a crime. So if you're smart you'll use your question first to help you find out what she will and won't do. If you are clever you may even be able to bring out deeply hidden desires. For example, at some unconscious level Sharon must be an exhibitionist, or she wouldn't have taken off her dress. By creating a little story for her conscious mind I have fooled it to allow her exhibitionist impulses to come to the surface. You will be more successful with your suggestions if you do the same. Another rule is that everything must be done out in the open; no private liaisons. Oh, and one last thing: since I'm the birthday boy I don't have any limits on how many times I can put her under."

That last part elicited a groan from the group.

"OK Sharon, I want you to forget the little speech I just gave. When I snap my fingers you will instantly awaken, but you will continue to feel and see your new dress. It will be completely real to you," Ron said and snapped his fingers.

Sharon blinked her eyes a couple of times while she tried to remember the conversation she was having before Ron came up. But she couldn't, so she just greeted Ron and asked him if he was enjoying his birthday party.

"More than you can imagine," He replied.

The other couples smiled conspiratorially, thinking that Sharon didn't understand the real meaning of his comment. Of course she did, but had to act as if she didn't in addition to pretending that she had a dress on. That's when she realized that the whole hypnosis thing was going to be much more complicated than she had first thought. And a lot more humiliating.

She was just starting to get used to walking around almost naked while everybody else was clothed when one of the women used her trigger phrase. Sharon went into her fake trance and waited.

"Have you ever fucked a black man?" She asked.

"Yes," Sharon answered.

This caused a bit of a stir and some giggling from the other women. Sharon thought it was kind of a weak question; one she probably would have answered without being "hypnotized". Shortly after that one of the men, David, "put her under" and also wanted to ask her a question.

"Do you find all the men here at the party tonight sexy?" He asked.

"Yes," Sharon once again answered. Of course, she found most men sexy that weren't hideously ugly and were in decent shape. He seemed happy with her answer all the same. After that Sharon seemed to be the center of attention and everybody always seemed to be there when she was "put under."

"Describe to me how you masturbate, including any toys you may use," Diane ordered after she came up behind Sharon and said, "Purple top-hat" unexpectedly.

Sharon didn't masturbate often, but sometimes Joe or the cubs made her do it for their entertainment. So she described those sessions, how she started with her tits and worked her way down to her pussy. She talked about rubbing her clit and pushing a couple of fingers inside. Or how she sometimes used her vibrating dildo to tease her clit and then plunge it into her wet hole. This was more embarrassing than walking around in only her bra and thong, but she managed to make her way through it without revealing the hypnotic trance as a fake.

"Wow, her voice was really quavering at the end there," One of the men observed. "I think she was reliving the experience."

He was half right. The other half was just the pure humiliation of describing such an intimate sexual moment. When Diane snapped her fingers Sharon excused herself and said she had to go to the bathroom. She was sure they all thought she wanted to secretly masturbate, but she really just needed to pee – and to regain her composure.

When she returned to the party Sharon was immediately intercepted by the David and his wife Angela. There was no preliminary conversation, she just blurted out "purple top-hat". Sharon fell into her fake trace easily, now that she had some practice.

"During sex do you like to take charge, or to be dominated?" She asked.

"I prefer to be dominated," Sharon said as tonelessly as possible. It was the truth, but she was uncomfortable admitting it to that group under the circumstances.

After that another man asked her what size cock she liked best and a woman asked her if she was bi-sexual. She didn't tell me how she answered those questions. That seemed to end the question and answer part of the game, because the next time she was put under it was by David.

"Think about all the sexy men at the party. The more you think about them, the more excited you become. Thinking about touching them, and hoping they touch you in return. You can't help fantasizing about them. When you awaken you will be aware of these thoughts, but they will seem like your own. You won't be able to stop yourself from flirting shamelessly with all the men here tonight. You will welcome their touch, so if they accidentally brush up against your tits or pat your ass, you will find it incredibly arousing and will not stop them," He suggested and then snapped his fingers.

If it was just her and the men, this wouldn't be too difficult for Sharon, but she was uncomfortable with the other women there. For some reason she didn't care too much what the men thought about her anymore, but it bothered her when women saw her as a slut. Still, she didn't want to disappoint Joe and Ron, so as instructed, she started flirting with all the men. She began standing closer to them and smiling more. When one of them told a joke she would fake a bigger laugh and then hang on them as if she needed their support.

That part wasn't too difficult, it was just a little weird to be doing it right in front of their wives. Especially because they weren't objecting. The men responded at first by brushing her tits with their arms or the back of their hands when she was close in. This had the appearance of being inadvertent, however it was carefully staged by the men, she knew. Eventually they started squeezing and caressing her ass when she was standing next to them. David even liked coming up behind her when she was talking to someone else, pressing his hard cock into her back, and reaching around to pinch her nipples.

The entire situation was extremely embarrassing for Sharon, which of course made her very horny. So when Ron came up and said, "Purple top-hat", she wasn't sure if she wanted him to end it or turn up the heat.

"I want you to close your eyes, Sharon. When you open them again and look at me you will see and hear your husband Joe. We will be alone in the laundry room. You will remember that he dragged you in there for a quickie because he was so horny watching you flirt with all the other men. You will not see or hear anybody else because we are alone for the moment. Do you understand?" Ron asked.

Sharon nodded her head.

"Now open your eyes," He ordered.

She tried to ignore the rest of the people in the room and treat Ron as if he were Joe. Ron swept her up into his arms and started kissing her. She kissed him back as his hands found her ass and started kneading her fleshy cheeks.

"We don't have much time, leave your dress on and just lose the thong," Ron told her.

Sharon removed her thong and Ron pushed a finger inside her snatch.

"Wow, you sure are wet!" He exclaimed loudly.

"Not so loud, someone will hear us," She admonished, going along with the charade.

He bent her over a chair, lowered his pants and quickly pushed his hard cock inside her steaming pussy. It felt so good to have her cunt full, especially after all the teasing, but it was a little strange to be getting fucked in front of all these people that she didn't know that well. As Ron slammed into her from behind she caught Diane looking at her with a wicked smile on her face. Sharon wondered if she knew that the hypnosis thing was all a fake. If not, what did that smile mean? It was hard to think with the wonderful feelings of pleasure radiating out of her pussy as Ron stroked away faster and faster. She was near her orgasm when he suddenly pulled out and spun her around.

"I want to cum in your mouth," He gasped.

Sharon quickly got down on her knees and took his cock, wet with her juices, into her mouth. It only took a few seconds before he shot his salty load into the back of her mouth and throat. She swallowed it all down without spilling a drop and after milking the last of it out of his softening cock, stood up. She looked for her thongs, but didn't see them. Someone must have picked them up. Now she really was as good as naked.

"That was great babe," Ron said as he pulled his pants back up and bucked them. "I want you to close your eyes again. When you open them we will have rejoined the party and I will be Ron again. But the quick fuck you had with your husband wasn't enough for you. For the rest of the evening, every time you are with a man you will imagine what it would be like to fuck him. You will not be able to stop or control this impulse. Now open your eyes and wake up."

Ron snapped his fingers with a theatrical flourish and Sharon opened her eyes. She was still very aroused and feeling the need for another cock since Ron's fuck didn't last long enough to allow her to cum. She didn't need anybody to order her to daydream about fucking all the men there; she was doing that on her own already. From that point on there was a sexual tension in the air that couldn't be denied. Sharon wasn't the only woman getting attention now; the men were flirting with the others too.

Before anything else could happen Ron and Diane announced that it was time to play the Dancing in the Dark game. Everybody moved downstairs and paired up with their spouse. But before the game started, Diane walked up to Sharon and said her trigger phrase. Sharon stopped moving and pasted a blank look on her face.

"You are so turned on that during the game you will do anything with anybody," Diane said, "Male or female. You will be a total slut. Repeat that last part if you understand."

"I will be a total slut," Sharon repeated.

"Very good," Diane responded and snapped her fingers. "Wake up!"

The lights went out and the music started. It was pitch black, but Sharon knew from experience that after a while her eyes would adjust and she would be able to see shapes in the darkness by the end of the first song. It wasn't very much, but enough to avoid bumping into other people or furniture. As she and Joe danced he wasted no time in removing her bra. Now she was completely nude, but it didn't matter as everybody would be in the same state soon as well. So she got started on Joe and removed his shirt for him.

Things progressed pretty quickly from there; in fact she was sucking cock before the second song ended. All pretenses at dancing ended after that and the game basically turned into an orgy. This was expected, of course, but it happened faster than the last time they had played. Sharon was pretty sure she was fucked by all the men there except her husband Joe. Ron even took another run at her. Once all the men were finished, she thought that was the end of the game, but she was surprised when a woman came up behind her and starting playing with her tits. She knew it was a woman because Sharon could feel a pair of tits pressing against her back.

"I'm not done yet," Diane whispered in her ear. "And neither are you."

Diane guided her to a couch and pushed her down onto it. Then she put her knees on either side of Sharon's head and slowly lowered her pussy down.

"Suck the cum out of my cunt, bitch," Diane hissed.

The slimy fluid slowly drained out of Diane's pussy in irregular clumps, plopping into Sharon's mouth. When the flow stopped, Diane tipped her hips so that her clit was within reach and Sharon began tonguing it. After a bit she started a rotating motion, smearing her wet snatch all over Sharon's face. It was about this time Sharon felt someone push her legs open and start licking up and down her slit. They were not very experienced, but what they lacked in skill they made up for with exuberance. Diane was holding onto Sharon's tits when she came and she squeezed them hard has she convulsed in orgasm. The pain this caused was probably the only thing that prevented Sharon from coming too.

After Diane got off the couch Sharon looked down and saw a head with long blond hair between her legs. She knew that could only be David's wife. She had no idea Angela was bisexual, or maybe bi-curious given her obvious inexperience at giving oral sex to another woman, but that certainly explained her question earlier. Then she noticed that a man had moved up behind Angela and started fucking her. Sharon wasn't sure who it was until he grunted something to her. She knew that grunt anywhere, it was Joe!

What a strange situation she found herself in; getting eaten by a women she hardly knew who was getting fucked by her husband. But then it got stranger yet: Angela turned around so that the two of them were in the classic 69 position, and Joe moved with her. So now Sharon was licking Angela's pussy while Joe was fucking her from behind, his balls slapping her in the forehead.

Sharon came first, but she's not sure who was next. All she knew was that when it was over her face was covered with Angela's juices and Joe's cum, what there was of it. At his age there wasn't as much fluid with the second or (rare) third orgasm. Then Diane announced the lights would be coming back in in a few minutes. Everybody started looking for their clothes and getting dressed. Sharon spent most of that time trying to find something to clean her face with. Eventually she found some tissues and did the best she could in the dark, but because she spent so much time doing that she wasn't able to locate her bra before the lights were turned back on. It didn't really matter at that point anyway since it didn't cover much up, but it was still a little unnerving to be the only one in the room naked. She found out later that Joe had picked it up and concealed it from her.

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