tagLoving WivesA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 41

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 41


It was the middle of January and things had been slow since New Years Eve. Joe didn't trust the remaining kids as much as Tommy and Bruce, so with them gone Sharon had not been getting as much sex. Which meant she was horny has hell when Joe called her on a Friday night from the Center and told her to dress up for dinner; they were going out. Nothing too sleazy for a change. A nice partially transparent blouse, lacy bra, thong underwear, and a short denim skirt. She was happy to be going out with just her husband for a change and hurried to get ready.

They went out to a nice seafood place in town that she really liked. They talked and laughed and had a wonderful time. It was just an ordinary evening out with her husband, which should have been a clue that something outrageous was planned for later.

After they finished eating she thought they were headed home, but instead Joe guided the big Town Car out of town. It didn't take her long to realize they were going to his brother's house. No wonder they went out to eat so early; it was a long drive there. Sure enough, a little over an hour later they pulled into Jeff's driveway.

"I am here to play some poker with my brother and some of his friends. Just do what you are told and everything will be fine." Joe instructed.

She had no doubt what that would involve. Her stomach was doing flip-flops. Even though she had experienced plenty of group situations before, she always knew the people involved. At least somewhat. This time was different, she didn't even know their names at that point. And knowing Jeff, he had some extreme humiliation planned for her.

When they walked into the house, the other men were already there.

"It's about time you arrived. We were just about to start without you." Jeff yelled across the living room.

"Hey, I thought the rule was no women." One of the other men complained.

"No, dipshit. The rule is that the host has to get rid of his wife for the evening." Jeff responded. "And you notice she's not here. It's OK for the guests to bring their ball and chain if they wish."

"Yeah, like any of us would." The man huffed.

"Now we gotta watch what we say." Another one bemoaned.

"Nah, don't worry about it. It's not like Sharon is a school teacher." Jeff answered. "Ops, actually she is a school teacher, but I'm sure she's heard it all from those high schoolers. Isn't that right honey?"

"Pretty much." Sharon responded.

They grumbled a bit more, but accepted her presence. Jeff then introduced his friends. Steve was an ordinary looking guy, about 40 or 45. "Big" Mike was a very heavy man about 50 years old or so and balding. No, it would be fair to say he was obese. He wasn't that tall, so it was obviously his weight was the reason for his nickname, but Sharon couldn't understand why he'd want to be reminded of it all the time. Maybe it was his way of coping with it (or avoid dealing with it). The third guy was introduced as Theo and was the youngest of the group at probably 35. Once again, not great looking, but not repulsive either.

After brief introductions were finished, the men all sat down at the table. Jeff shuffled the cards and Joe passed out the chips. As he was dealing the first hand, Jeff said, "Be a sweety and get us all a beer and some peanuts, Sharon".

The three guests seemed very interested in her response, but she didn't get to see their reactions because she quickly turned around and got busy doing what she was told. Sharon knew that's what Jeff, and ultimately Joe, expected of her. And she was determined not to disappoint her husband and Master. She had two ways to deal with these situations: turn out her inner slut and enjoy all the sex, or take up her "I don't care" attitude and just endure everything that happened. For this evening she decided on the latter approach since she wasn't attracted to any of the men, except for Joe of course.

When she returned with the beers she wasn't sure if they were just finishing the first hand or if they were already onto the second. She quickly placed an open beer bottle in front of each man and then returned to the kitchen to get the peanuts. After filling two small bowls with roasted peanuts Sharon walked back into the dining room and put them on the table.

"Hey Sharon, come over here and stand next to me. Maybe you'll give me some luck," Jeff told her.

But she seemed to have just the opposite effect; Jeff was losing chips and an alarming rate. This surprised Sharon because she knew that Joe and Jeff played a lot of poker throughout their lives and both were good players. But Jeff didn't seem bothered by his losing streak. In fact, he was relaxed and even took the time to rub and pat her ass from time to time between hands when Sharon was getting them more beer. As soon he as out of chips Big Mike declared that Jeff was out of the game.

"I'd like to buy some chips from somebody, if that's OK," Jeff replied.

"You know this is just for fun, nobody wants your money," Steve responded.

"Actually I was thinking of auctioning off Sharon's blouse," Jeff stated in a matter of fact tone.

They all looked surprised except Joe; he must have been expecting something like that.

"Who will give me 20 chips for her sexy blouse?" Jeff asked. "The winner can even take it off."

His three friends were either too stunned to say anything or unsure of the situation given that Joe was sitting right there.

"I will," Joe finally spoke up.

That definitely shocked them.

"Sold. Go over Sharon and let him get his prize," Jeff ordered.

Joe forked over the chips as Sharon walked around to the other side of the table where Joe was sitting. He took his time unbuttoning it, to extend the anticipation. When he was finished he faced Sharon towards the others and stepped behind her. Then he opened it up and slowly pulled it down her arms. Three sets of very big eyes followed her as she returned to Jeff's side. Sharon could tell that they weren't sure what was going on, but they were not going to complain either.

"I hope you keep losing," Mike said, as he stared at Sharon's tits barely concealed in the frilly bra.

And that's exactly what happened. Sharon was no longer surprised. In fact, she suspected that he was losing on purpose. She didn't know how exactly, but that's the only explanation she could think of. When Jeff was out of chips again he put up her skirt for auction. This time they all bid. Theo was the winner with 25 chips. Sharon thought the other two were holding back for her underwear.

His hands were shaking a little as he unzipped her skirt and lowered it to the floor, bringing his face level with her pussy, covered only by the small thong. Ignoring him, she stepped out of the skirt, now laying on the floor, and returned to Jeff's side. This time there was some appreciative applause and low whistles.

"Brings new meaning to "Hot for the teacher!" Jeff commented as he shuffled the cards.

"I had a couple of teachers I wish I could have seen like this," Steve replied.

"Hell yeah!" Mike exclaimed. "And a few others not so much."

They all laughed, but continued to eye Sharon's nearly nude form. As before, it only took a couple of hands for Jeff to lose all his chips and the bidding for her bra began. At first it looked like Theo would win again, but in a surprise move Big Mike bid 50 chips and easily won. Sharon walked over to him and stood silently as he unclasped her bra and made a little show of removing it, managing to cop a little feel at the same time.

"Your wife has nice tits, Joe." Mike commented.

"The best. But you should be thanking Jeff that you are seeing them now." Joe informed him.

"Yeah, she may be Joe's wife and sex slave, but he lets me borrow her from time to time." Jeff explained. "And tonight she's my little slut to order around. Isn't that right, bitch?"

"Yes." Sharon answered quietly.

"Yes what?" Jeff raised his voice.

"Yes Sir!" She corrected herself.

"That's better. Now let's play."

Despite the fact that he had twice as many chips, Jeff still managed to lose them all in only two rounds. This was because the bets went much higher than the previous hands. They all wanted to deplete Jeff's chips so that they could bid on Sharon's thongs. Sharon was sure they wanted to find out what would happen after she was completely naked.

The bidding for her last piece of clothing went much higher than before, but Steve eventually prevailed simply because he had the biggest pile of chips. He had obviously been saving it for that moment. After he handed over most of his chips to Jeff, Sharon walked around the table, her tits jiggling seductively, and stood next to him. Steve took his time slowly pulling her thong down, revealing her nearly bare pussy inch by inch until it was on display in its full glory. The string that went up the back made a satisfying "snap" when he finally pulled it out of its resting place between her ass cheeks. Steve lowered the small garment to the floor and Sharon stepped out of them as he made sure they didn't catch on her shoes. Then he put them to his face and inhaled deeply.

"Sweet. Oh so sweet." He proclaimed.

Everybody chuckled. Sharon returned to Jeff's side, naked as the day she was born except for her shoes. He put his hand between her legs and slipped his ring finger into her pussy.

"Wet, but not wet enough yet." Jeff announced to the group of horny men.

"It looked like your finger went up there pretty easily." Theo observed.

"When she really gets going it runs down her leg." Jeff countered.

"If that's true, then why did you use your finger to check?" Theo challenged.

"Now that's a stupid question!" Was Jeff's retort, which prompted another round of laughter. "Now that the chips have been spread around again I'm going to change the rules a little."

"Figures." Steve responded.

"What do you have in mind?" Joe asked.

"From now on, Sharon sucks the cock of the winner of each hand until the next hand ends." Jeff answered.

Theo whistled and the other two smiled broadly. A part of Sharon was humiliated that she was being forced to do this, but was resigned to the fact that she would indeed do whatever she was told. There was also a part of her that was excited by her current situation, which of course, was why she was there in the first place.

"That'll make it hard to play the next hand." Steve said.

"So it's a handicap as well as a reward." Jeff replied.

Jeff dealt the cards again, but this time Sharon could tell they all played more seriously. Obviously the new "stakes" appealed to them. In the end Big Mike won the hand with a full house.

"Read 'em and weep assholes." He declared as he laid down his cards after being called.

"OK, get under there and start sucking, bitch." Jeff told Sharon as he gave her a sharp slap on the ass.

She crawled under the table and freed Mike's cock from his pants. That's when she understood why they called him "Big" Mike. He was very well endowed. She'd had bigger to be sure, however Mike was quite a bit larger than average. At least by her experience. He could easily be in pornos with his equipment. She could hear the cards being dealt above her as she began to suck on Mike's prick. His appreciative moans told her that she was doing a good job. Which was no surprise since she had plenty of practice.

Mike didn't pay too much attention to the game and lost the next hand, but who could blame him? Steve was the lucky winner, so Sharon moved over to his chair without being told and fished out his half hard cock. Like his friend Big Mike, he was not able to get a blow job and play poker at the same time. The others declared his hand a "fold" when he became unresponsive. Next up was Jeff, but he managed to keep his concentration and actually won the next hand as well. Maybe because he had experienced Sharon's oral talents a number of times before, or perhaps he was just lucky.

This went on for a while with Sharon sucking each man's cock several times. Then Jeff unexpectedly pulled her out from under the table.

"It's time to see if she's ready now." He growled as he lifted her up by the waist and put her down on the table.

He pushed her down so that she was laying flat on her back. Then he put her feet on the table too, but far apart so that her pussy was exposed and even gaping open a little.

"Yeah, now the slut is juicing. Look at it leaking out of her hungry cunt." He remarked.

It was true, she knew. Giving blow jobs always has that effect on her. All the men stood up and leaned over to get a good look. Jeff picked up an empty long neck beer bottle and handed it to Sharon.

"Give us a show bitch. Fuck yourself with that and don't stop until I tell you to." Jeff ordered.

He knew she didn't like to masturbate in front of others, and especially not with something as crude as a beer bottle. But that's exactly why he demanded it. He loved to humiliate his sister in law and doing it for the entertainment of his friends was probably even a bigger turn on for him.

Sharon did as she was told and began stroking the ersatz glass dildo in and out of her very wet pussy. The men still all had their cocks hanging out of their pants and weren't about to just stand idly by. Steve was the first one to move over to the side of the table where Sharon's head was resting and press his cock to her lips. She turned her head and took it into her mouth. In that position she was not able to give him a proper blow job, but he still seemed to enjoy her ministrations.

Someone turned her head away from Steve's cock and right into another erection. From the size of it, she was sure it belonged to Mike. She started licking it and trying to get the head into her mouth. Suddenly hands were on her tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. With the state she was already in and all the additional stimulation, Sharon was soon approaching her climax. Steve got there first however, spurting his warm sticky cum all over her face. Theo quickly took his place and Sharon once again had two cocks to suck.

She held the beer bottle deep in her cunt as she shuddered through her orgasm, only vaguely aware that Theo was spraying his cum onto her chest. Her pussy was still clenching around the hard glass when Jeff slapped her ass.

"Hey! I didn't say you could stop, bitch." He barked.

It wasn't easy since she hadn't really finished coming yet, but Sharon resumed fucking herself with the beer bottle. Mike pulled her head to his cock and she automatically started sucking it. He held the back of her head with one hand and used the other to play with her tits.

"What a hot god damn slut!" Mike moaned.

Joe appeared to be proud, and Jeff had a satisfied grin on his face. A few seconds later Mike filled Sharon's mouth with his cum. She swallowed it all down.

"You can stop now." Jeff told Sharon.

"Thanks for a most interesting poker game." Mike said as he zipped his pants up.

It looked like Jeff's three friends were preparing to leave.

"Oh, we're not done yet." Jeff informed them as he helped Sharon off the table, playing cards sticking to her back.

"What?" Theo asked.

"We're just getting started. Don't you want a chance to use this slut's other holes?" Jeff asked.

For a second they looked stunned. Then Steve spoke up. "Hell yeah, let's fuck this bitch until she can't stand up!"

"That's the spirit!" Jeff exclaimed and led them all down the hallway to the spare room.

The full sized bed had been stripped of bedding except for the fitted sheet. There were several towels hanging on the headboard. Jeff buckled a wide leather collar on her neck. Sharon guessed that it was new, because she had never seen it before. It was heavier than her other one with a big d-ring hanging right off the front. Nobody could mistake this one for a fashion accessory; this was clearly a slave collar.

"Since you three have already shot your first load, it's my turn." Jeff told his friends.

Then he had Sharon lay in the middle of the bed on her back while Steve and Theo each grabbed an ankle and pulled her legs apart as far as they would go. Mike held her hands above her head. None of that was necessary because she would have done whatever Jeff ordered, but he seemed to enjoy subjugating her as much as possible. With these preparations complete, he climbed onto the bed between her widely splayed legs and looked down on her naked body.

"Beg me to fuck you." He commanded.

"Please fuck me Jeff, I need your cock in me." Sharon begged.

"Call me Master." Jeff insisted.

"Please fuck me with your magnificent cock, Master. I need it so badly." She cried.

Just as she was admiring her own acting skills, Jeff pushed his cock all the way into her sodden pussy in one stroke. Sharon gasped at the sudden intrusion, even though she should have been expecting it. Jeff just laughed.

"You're just a horny bitch that needs a cock in her cunt all the time." Jeff said. "Tell me what you need, slut, and don't stop."

"I need your cock. Just fuck me, fuck your horny slut." Sharon responded, telling him what he wanted to hear.

She continued talking like this, varying the wording as she went. She knew what he wanted to hear, and she had gotten pretty good at it. Jeff continued to fuck her, slowly picking up speed. A few minutes later he was pounding her pretty hard, making it difficult for Sharon to talk, but she did her best anyway. Sweat started to trickle down the sides of Jeff's face, but he showed no signs that he was close to finishing. It was a different story for Sharon though. Despite her negative feelings towards her brother in law, she was feeling a strong orgasm building inside her. She tried to hold it back as long as possible, but he outlasted her.

"Oh god! Ungh!" She grunted through clenched teeth as her climax rolled over her.

Jeff flashed a triumphant smile and continued his assault on her spasming cunt. He was breathing heavy now, but instead of slowing to rest, he increased his pace. Sharon knew what was happening; that he would cum soon. But she was also approaching another peak, and now perversely hoped he would hold off until she reached it. But the bastard suddenly plunged his cock as deep as possible and held it there as he pumped his seed deep inside her quivering pussy.

"That was nice. Anybody want sloppy seconds?" Jeff asked.

"I'm ready!" Mike roared. "But let's flip her over so I can take her like the bitch she is."

The men holding her legs and ams let them go and Jeff made her roll over onto her knees. Then Mike got behind her and slowly started working his big prick into her ready cunt. Jeff moved up to her head and ordered her to clean up his cock. Joe just sat in the corner watching as his brother and three friends had their way with his wife. When Mike was finished, the other two fucked her ass after complaining that her pussy was now too stretched out for them.

A little over an hour later after Jeff's friends had left Joe looked down on his slut, cum dribbling out of her cunt and ass, and smiled.

"You have been a good slut tonight, but you're not quite done yet." He told her.

"Please tell me you are going to fuck me now." Sharon responded; she loved fucking her husband.

"No, we are both going to fuck you." Jeff interjected from the doorway.

Joe stripped and laid down on the bed. Then he had his wife climb on top of him and guide his cock into her sloppy pussy. Jeff pushed her down onto Joe's chest and stuffed his meat into her ass. It went in easily after having been fucked twice already that night. This was something new for Joe. Normally he just wants to fuck her alone after everybody else is finished with her. Sharon had a hunch that this was Jeff's idea, but she wasn't able to think about it more than that as the two brothers started thrusting. Soon they set up an alternating rhythm that drove her crazy.

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