tagLoving WivesA Couple's Journey Into Depravity

A Couple's Journey Into Depravity


I'd been slowly easing my wife Lisa into my fantasies for awhile now. We're in our early 40's and have been married almost 20 years, so we had to find ways to mix things up a bit. It started with her wearing leather and pvc clothing for me, allowing me to shoot photos of her and fucking. She's so fucking hot, even though she's in her 40's, she has the body of a 21 year old, 5' 7", 145 lbs, great legs, great ass (she works hard on them at the gym) and nice tits and a pretty face. Then I started dressing up as well, still as a man, but wearing pvc or leather pants a shirt, jacket and tie, then it was chaps, bondage and domination really fast.

Well, when my wife leaves town I was crossdressing, dressing up in all the different outfits I could put together – mostly the stuff I bought for her that was big on her. I love how my legs look in heels and seeing myself in bright red lipstick. Eventually my fantasies evolved into wanting to dress up like a slut and having my wife fuck my ass with a strap-on. Then later, although I never thought I'd do it, I fantasized about sucking and fucking a real cock.

Finally I slipped up, left some make-up out and my wife asked me about it. I came clean. She was initially a little apprehensive, but eventually a smile crossed her face. I then added that I'd like her to take a masculine stance and fuck me with a strap-on every once in awhile and she just widened her smile and nodded and walked out.

Several months later I was walking in the door from work and Lisa was sitting on the couch in her typical domme garb: black leather blazer, white satin blouse with pearls, tight black leather skirt that came to her knees, stockings and black patent 5" heels. She had her hair back in a ponytail and all she said to me was, "John, we're going shopping. But first, if you haven't shit today, go do it." I immediately went to the bathroom.

She took me to the leather store first. As we were driving I just kept my eyes on her legs and her leather covered body. When we got to the store she headed directly for the women's leather pants and she quickly picked out a pair of tight, but masculine looking ones for her (she had several ladies pairs already) and a pair of tight feminine ones for me. She then walked over to the skirts and picked out three for me, a very short one, a knee length one and an ankle length one, all tight. I was marveling at her efficiency as she barely spoke and moved with a sense of purpose. She grabbed two leather dressed, both short and two leather vests, a ladies' and a men's. She grabbed a couple hats, collars and a few other miscellaneous items and then announced we were done. She ordered me to the car and I went.

Next stop was the women's shoe store. She picked me up a pair of black patent knee high boots, black patent pumps, black patent strappy heels and a pair of brown leather boots – all 5" heels. From there we went next door to Target and she got a cart. She filled that cart with all kinds of goodies: eye shadow, mascara, lip stick, lip gloss, foundation, pantyhose (the sexy kind with the seam up the back), nail polish, thongs, granny panties, tampons, KY Jelly, razors, women's deodorant, perfume, a few cute tops and dresses, a pair of dark skinny jeans, another pair of tight jeans she told me she planned to make cut-offs to go with my heels, a couple satin bras (white and black), a couple nice business looking outfits including my very own satin blouse and jewelry (just clip on ear-rings, necklaces, bracelets and rings).

When we got home Lisa demanded a fashion show. She took me into the shower, watched me shave my face, legs, armpits and chest and trim my pubic hair. She trimmed my eye brows and dried me off. She applied the bright red nail polish to my fingers and toes and sat there as it dried. She got up and found me a nice wig from her collection: black, short bangs and shoulder length. Then the fun part began. She had me put on the skinny jeans, the brown boots and a nice blouse. She then helped me with my make-up, making me look really slutty, with a lot of eye shadow, deep red but bright lips and put the wig on and allowed me to admire myself in the mirror. As I saw myself I felt my cock push on my thong and drive it up my ass, this only turned me on more.

After trying on several more outfits, we got down to business. She allowed me to admire myself while she left the room. When she returned her hair was up under one of the leather hats she bought, her make-up was off and she was wearing a leather vest under her blazer, her tight black leather pants she just bought and manly looking leather boots. On top of all of this was her strap-on, the cock was about 5", not too big, but I'm a beginner, so big enough to be enticing.

"Okay take off the pretty clothes, and put on the slutty clothes I bought for you." She then went to the bag and got out the black pumps, black seamed pantyhose, garter, short black leather skirt, a wide belt, the satin blouse, some fake pearl necklace and bracelets. I got dressed and she allowed me to admire myself in the mirror for a few moments.

Once she thought I had looked at myself long enough she pointed at the desk. "Go sit down. You are going to be my secretary, Jennifer. I am your boss and you will do as I say, understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

With that she came over, lifted me out of the chair and began kissing me forcefully. After a moment, she simply grabbed my head and forced me down to her cock and I wrapped my bright red lips around that rubber cock and I sucked it hard. I had been dreaming of this for a long time so I was afraid I'd cum too soon, so I sucked her like she had sucked me all those years. Soon she was fucking my mouth and I was gagging, she seemed to enjoy this.

"Get up and go over to the bed Jennifer."

I did as I was told and she then surprised me, she grabbed some handcuffs and cuffed my hands to the bed posts. Then she tied my legs with rope to the bed post. She then walked to a table and picked up a cell phone and dialed a number. "Come on up, he's all tied down."

I had no idea what was going on. Soon a buff young stud, no more than 21 comes into the room. He's carrying three wine glasses, two bottles of red and his wearing a leather harness, tight leather pants with an opening for his cock and black boots. I look at Lisa with a surprised looks and she just turns to him and says, "You get to live out your fantasies, then so do I and then some." He pours two glasses and they take a couple drinks and then start to kiss, her one hand on the wine and the other stroking his noticeably large hard-on. They both step away from one another and take a couple drinks of wine and she says to him, "You ready?" and he nods.

They put down their wine glasses and climb onto the bed next to me. He lies on his back next to me, but with his cock up by my face. Lisa climbs up and undoes the snaps that free his monster cock – it must be 10" long and as thick as my arm. It pops straight up in the air and next thing I know Lisa's mouth just engulfs his cock, slowly sucking him while looking me right in the eyes. I'm equally horrified and turned on, seeing my wife suck this young stud's monster cock. She strokes him, licks his balls, scratches his chest with her nails and takes about half of his cock into her mouth – I don't think she can handle anymore.

Next thing I know, she stops, gets up, unties my feet and I can see her begin to lube her rubber cock. She lifts my legs up in the air, pushes my skirt down, moves my thong aside and slowly pushes her cock into my tight little asshole. It is uncomfortable at first, but then I relax and I feel like such a naughty little slut being fucked hard like I a slut should be. But just as I'm getting into it, I feel something on my lips. I open my eyes and there's the stud's monster cock staring me in the face. I know what I'm supposed to do and I eagerly pull his cock into my mouth and begin to suck him hard.

Soon the stud says, "I think we should un-cuff her." Lisa nods and pulls out of my ass and un-cuffs me. "On all fours" she says. I do as I'm told. She again enters me from behind and begins to fuck my slutty little ass. I then grab the studs big cock and start to stroke the base of his cock while my lips suck on him and my tongue twirls his head. I hear him moan and I moan as my ass is being pummeled at the same time. I reach my hand into the hole in his pants and grab his balls and massage them. Then I strain to reach my finger back around his asshole and play with that.

This is a dream come true, I am being a nasty little slut like I dream about being: being fucked in the ass and sucking a big meaty cock at the same time. Soon I feel the stud begin to twitch and as I start to suck harder, wanting him to coat the back of my throat with his hot cum, he pulls out and sprays a monster load all over my face. It is on my nose, my cheeks, my lips and is dripping down onto my pearls and satin blouse. I eagerly lick all his cum off of my lips and finger what else of it I can and lick it off my bright red polished finger tips. I then take his cock back in my mouth and try to milk every last bit of him out of me.

Just then as I'm enjoying the ass fucking and the cum draining down my throat, Lisa reaches around and starts jacking me off and it takes all of 2 seconds before I cum all over the bed. She then pulls out and says to me, "Go clean yourself up, redo the make-up like I showed you and change outfits. Put on your leather catsuit with the zip through crotch and your new black boots.

I walk into the bathroom and I see Lisa head to the door, the stud is just lying on the bed with his meaty cock lying over his belt. It takes me about 20 minutes to get ready and when I come back out, Lisa is sitting on the couch with the stud having wine. She pours me a glass and points for me to sit down. She is now wearing her knee high black patent boots like the ones I have on, fishnet stockings, a short black leather mini skirt, a red leather button up vest, red leather opera gloves and has her hair down and her make up done. "Now I get to be a slut too" she says. We have our wine, we all do a little groping and then she gets up and leads us back to the bed.

The young stud sits on the bed and removes his cock piece and his huge cock springs back to life. Immediately Lisa and I begin to suck this cock as there is enough for the both of us. Both of our red lips sliding up and down his wet cock. Then Lisa jumps up on the bed and he spins around. She takes his cock into her mouth again and points to her ass. I make my way back there and begin licking her pussy and asshole. She starts to moan as she's been wet from the get-go and she cums hard and fast with this monster cock in her mouth and my tongue licking her pussy. She then gets up, pushes the stud onto his back and mounts his monster cock. I take things into my own hands and unzip my catsuit and kneel over his face. She instinctively reaches down and begins stroking my cock while she gets used to this huge dick inside her. Once she is accustomed to it, she bends down and takes my cock into her mouth and begins sucking me hard. She hasn't blown me like this in years. He pulls me down and starts tonguing my asshole, ah fuck this feels good.

We go on like this for sometime before Lisa gets off and motions for him to fuck her from behind. He eagerly begins to plow my wife's pussy from behind, his sweat dripping onto her shiny ass. I move around and lie down in front of her and she again takes my cock into her mouth, sucking me like her life depended on it. I feel her start to shake and she cums hard again.

Lisa gets up and pushes him down again and again takes his cock into her wet cunt. She lies on top of him and screams at me, "Fuck my asshole Jennifer. Make me a dirty fucking slut!" I do as I'm told, I lube up my cock, and move around to her asshole and plunge my 7" cock slowly into her tight ass. She begins to scream and growl like I've never heard her before. I fuck her hard, my balls and the studs balls slapping together which felt amazing. She came again and 30 seconds later again. Being filled out with two hard cocks just sent her over the edge.

I pull out and move towards the front of her and she begins sucking my cock. The stud apparently wants in on the action and he too pulls out and moves to her front. She then lies on her back taking turns sucking us off and stroking us with her free hand. Then I see him begin to cum in her mouth and the cum oozing out of her mouth, over her red lips and down her chin. This is more than I can handle and as she strokes me faster I cum all over her face and his cock. She takes her time, playing with our cum, licking it off of her face and sucking us, draining every last drop we have out of our throbbing cocks.

Without saying a word the stud gets up, grabs his things and leaves. Lisa and I are left lying there. She's still licking the cum off of her face and I climb on top of her and shove my cock into her pussy. I can barely feel a thing, from her wetness and the monster cock that had been in her all afternoon, she was stretched out, but I kept fucking and our leather ground together for another hour as we fucked passionately in our bed, climbing all over one another, licking leather, feeling leather and cumming hard at the end. Best sex we ever had.

We've never had another threesome, but that hasn't stopped our fun. We now have date night once a month where we dress each other up like sluts, go out with different guys (you better be wearing leather / pvc if you want me to suck your cock) and then come home, our hair and make up all fucked up and fuck each other brains out until long after the sun comes up. I now have my asshole used to bigger objects and now happily take big bulging cocks into my ass. I will share some of our date night stories in the future.

I love being a leather loving, cock sucking slut!

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