tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Cross Dressing Suck Off Fantasy...

A Cross Dressing Suck Off Fantasy...


A Cross Dressing Suck Off Fantasy Comes True

Yes, this is a true story that really happened to me a while back. I went out of town a few weeks ago on business, and at the same time, I was hoping to hook up for some hot man sex. I went to the Male Hookup Forum page for the city I would be visiting and posted a message. The message read " Will be in town for business next week, and hope to have some HOT MAN SEX the week of 9-20-07. I will be staying at ______ motel. Hit me up for some fun times". I posted my hottest pictures and made them all public.

Now, I really have to brag a little on my pictures, as they were absolutely HOT!! I posted several pictures of me sucking a young hot cock, as well as some of my HOT shaved tool in sheer, sexy panties. I got numerous responses raving about my hot pictures, but most were commenting on the sheer panty pictures. It seems a lot of Male Hookup Forum users in that city liked silky lingerie, and it showed by the amount of "Panty Comments" I received.

One users name really caught my interest, and his hard cock picture was very sweet. His user name was B_-_-_ Slut, and for some reason that got me hard in a second. I sent a reply, and we chatted for a while and exchanged E-MALE addresses. We swapped pictures via E-MALE, and man were his pictures ultra hot, and very sexy. He was a cross dresser, and although in the face, he was not passable, every other aspect looked very feminine and very sexy. I got an instant boner looking at those hot pictures, and of all the replies I received, his was the hottest of them all, and I was hoping to hook up with him.

I arrived in town around midday and got online to announce my arrival. I immediately got several replies from men who were online in the middle of the day, and since the nighttime seems busier as far as online traffic, I had high hopes for the evening to come. I went out for dinner, leaving the computer online and when I checked in, I had 6 replies from hot looking men. I was very disappointed that none of them were from B_-_-_ Slut, but I was in need of some hot man sex so I browsed the replies to see if any appealed to me. There were several nice profiles, but none of them seemed to be really serious, as all of them had some type of excuse for not being able to come over tonight, which is fairly typical for most of the users on there. Lots of talk, but not much real action.

I soon lost interest and turned on the TV, leaving the computer online. I watched a porn movie on TV, and that seemed to re-kindle my desire for a hot hook-up. I went back to the computer and there it was; an instant message from B_-_-_ Slut. My heart skipped a beat as he had sent me another new picture to my E-MALE address showing me what he might wear tonight if we did indeed get together. My heart skipped a few beats as the picture appeared on the screen. He wore a very sexy, and sultry outfit that looked as if it belonged to a street hooker. It consisted of a white see through blouse with a black bra beneath it; black fishnet hose with the garter hooks showing out from beneath a very short plaid mini-skirt. Now I have a thing for TS / TV's / CD's and this looked like a good chance to fulfill a longtime fantasy.

I typed my reply with shaking hands and waited for a response, which came very quickly. "Looking forward to getting together tonight. Are you still interested?" My reply read like this, "Yes. I am very much interested, and please wear that outfit you sent me a picture of, as it is extremely hot looking and very sexy and exciting!! He replied that was why he sent the picture to me as sort of a primer or preview of what the nights encounter may hold, and just to add a little more fuel to the fire.

In the last message, I gave him the motel name and room number and asked him to call me. It seemed as if only seconds passed until the room phone rang. In a nice soothing voice, he asked if I would like for him to come over. I almost screamed the word YES and then gave him directions to the motel. He said he could be there in 30 minutes, and that had to be the longest 30 minutes I had endured in a long time. I took a quick shower, but even after that, I was shaking with anticipation as the rest of the time slowly ticked by one lowly second at a time.

Finally I heard a knock on the door. I reached for the doorknob with trembling hands as the door swung open to reveal him in that sexy outfit. I don't know how he got he got in the motel without anyone seeing him, as he is not passable and looks very masculine in the face, but very feminine from the neck down. As he walked past me to enter the room I took in the sweet aroma of women's perfume and my cock instantly rose to new heights. This was turning out to be a fantasy come true for me. He stood near the bed as if posing for me wearing that sexy outfit. The mini-skirt was the crowning touch, as I like them a lot, regardless of who is wearing it. They look great on sexy women or TV'S and CD'S.

The view from behind as he passed me to enter the room was breathtaking. I loved looking at the fishnet covered legs flowing from beneath that sexy mini skirt. I noticed a distinctly exaggerated swing in that sexy little ass as he continued into the motel room. I locked the door and walked in his direction. I was still shaking with anticipation, as I got closer to his sexily dressed figure. He asked to use the bathroom, and I pointed him in that direction. He said that he would only be a few minutes, and for me to get "Comfortable" in the mean time.

I finally saw the bathroom light go out, and I knew the time for my fantasy to come true was here. He slowly approached the bed where I was sitting and stopped just inches from me. I reached out and wrapped my arms around him just below waist level, and then I ran my hands up under the sexy mini skirt to cup his sweet ass cheeks. I could tell that he was wearing a garter and a pair of sexy and silky, feeling panties. I cupped those fine buns and hugged his firm body. I then ran my hands along those sexy fishnet covered legs, which sent shivers along my spine.

I slowly raised the mini skirt up to reveal a very sexy sight that I had dreamed of for years. Before me was a already hard and bulging cock beneath a pair of sheer white bikini panties, outlined by a sexy black garter attached to a pair of black hose. Those slim shaved legs looked as good as any women's I had ever seen. Through the sheer panties, I could make out the sight of a lovely purple cock head that was leaking clear fluid through the sheer fabric.

I reached out to touch the lovely dick that was hidden beneath the sheer fabric and the pretty cock grew even harder as my hand as I slowly stroked it through the sexy panties that still constrained it. I lowered my head and extended my tongue to touch the swollen hot dick through the material of the sheer panties. I could feel it's extreme heat as I ran my tongue along is entire length. I cupped his soft balls as I worked up and down the length of his cock with my tongue. I squeezed his tight buns and slid one hand under the sheer material that covered his fine ass as I worked oral magic on the pretty sheathed cock. The dick grew even harder beneath the thin fabric and I took as much of it as possible into my mouth and he moaned with pleasure as the hard dick and the panty material was now getting dripping wet.

I urged him to shift positions and laid him back onto the bed. I stroked the dripping cock through the wet material and then moved to take his now dripping balls into my hot mouth. More moans of pleasure escaped from his mouth as I sucked both of his balls into my mouth. I tugged on them gently and rolled them around my tongue as they became even wetter with my own oral juices. I then pulled the panty material aside to reveal his man pearls. They were shaved smooth and I immediately sucked them back into my hot mouth. He moaned even louder as I sucked his smooth, lovely pearls in and out. I let them fall out with a wet sucking sound as they fell back into place, all dripping and shiny as he moaned vigorously with pleasure and encouragement.

I could see the wet outline of his steamy hard cock through the sheer panties, and I now had the overwhelming urge to see his beautiful hot dick for real so I slid the wet panty material away from the raging hot dick. The sight now before me took my breath as a beautifully shaved and extremely hard dick sprang into view. I could now see his entire manhood, and what a sight it was. I now had a 6 inch shaved cock and balls, dressed out with a chrome cock ring in dripping wet panties, just inches away from my still dripping mouth that seemed to be begging for oral attention. It was the most erotic sight I could have imagined. A hot wet cock, gleaming with my own juices and it seemed to be begging for some more oral attention.

I was more than willing to fulfill that need and I took the hot steaming balls into my sucking mouth once again. I rolled them and sucked on them and tugged gently on them until he squirmed from the pleasure. I licked the length of him from his balls to his swollen purple cock head. I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue and it was heavenly. Up and down my mouth slid along his cock and balls. He suddenly and urgently said that he would not last long with all of the oral pleasure I was giving him, and he wanted to see what equipment I had to offer him.

I rolled back onto the bed and let him slowly slide my silk running shorts down my legs and he dropped them onto the floor. I was also wearing bikini panties, and that seemed to give him an extra thrill as he rubbed his face along my panty covered cock and balls. He stroked the dick through the material as it soon grew to its full length. I am not greatly endowed; I guess average (Whatever that is) would be a fair description. In any case, he seemed very pleased and he commented on how "Nice" it was and it was still hidden beneath the panty material and all he could really see was its outline which indicated he too had a thing for panty clad hard cocks.

He stroked my chest and tweaked my firm hard nipples and then moved to suck them into his hot mouth. He was giving me sensations I had not felt in a long time. His soft warm hands and wet sucking mouth roamed over my flesh giving sensual feelings along every inch they touched. He stroked my legs and paid great attention to my sensitive inner thighs. He then returned his attention to my stiff cock that was now aching with anticipation. He again stroked it through the material, cupping my firm balls and then he pulled down the waistband just enough to expose the swollen purple dick head.

He finally extended his hot wet tongue and licked the swollen dick head. I could see a small drop of pre cum on the tip and he quickly licked it away, commenting on how warm and tasty it was. I was shaking with excitement as he finally grasped the panties and removed them from my body. I could see his excitement as my hot dick sprang up to its full length. He commented on how sexy and beautiful it was and the he proceeded to lick it from top to bottom. He sucked my shaved balls into his wet dripping mouth and sucked on them gently, first one, then the other. He suddenly seemed struck with lust as he quickly engulfed the entire hard cock, and it disappeared from my view, buried in his hot wet love tunnel.

I now could tell how much he loved to suck a hot dick as the wet slurping sounds came with every plunge of my hot dick deep into his throat. He sucked the hot dick with a skill and passion I had never experienced before that night. The wetness was running down my balls and into my butt crack as he passionately sucked the hard peter in and out of his hot wanting mouth. My hard cock disappeared again and again as he deep throated the hot little dick with great, and wanting passion. He stroked my chest and legs as he continued to suck my raging dick deeply into his hot and dripping wet mouth.

I was in pure heaven as he expertly serviced my hot aching dick as no one had ever done before; but I now wanted to taste his sweet dick again. I gently stopped his passionate sucking long enough to shift positions in order to gain access to his pretty dick. He now sat on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor as I knelt in front of him on a pillow in a worshipping position. His stiff dick was again hidden beneath the still damp panties. I gently pushed him back onto the bed and raised his legs onto my shoulders in order to remove the damp panties that still hid the swollen hot object of my desire.

As I grasped the waistband of the sheer panties as he raised his butt up high enough off the bed to allow me to slowly pull the panties across his shapely shaven legs. I removed the damp panties from his pretty legs and raised them to my face. I could smell the fresh scent of him in the material and I quickly got extremely excited about what lay in front of me. I was now looking at a pair of shapely smooth hose clad legs, and an extremely hard, and cleanly shaved cock and balls. I paid great attention to the hose clad legs as I gently stroked them from top to bottom as he moaned his approval.

His hot dick was a deep crimson color, and the swollen purple head seemed to beg for attention. I kissed and licked the smooth skin of his thighs just above the top of the hose line. I then kissed and licked the valley between his thighs and tight balls as he again moaned deeply in approval. My wet tongue traced all along his smooth skin and I could feel him trembling with excitement at my oral manipulations. My tongue seeked out the small cleavage of his butt, and I licked along as much of it as I could. He now squirmed with pleasure as my wet tongue licked the area below his tight firm balls, as his scent overwhelmed my senses and drove me to an even higher excitement level.

I could wait no longer as my desire to suck his hot dick now overwhelmed me. I took his hot tool in my hand and licked its length with hot and wet strokes. His moans now increased in intensity as I orally worshiped his throbbing hot dick. I licked the purple head to capture any sweet cream that may be there. The purple dick head was hot as fire as my wet mouth engulfed it. I gave the pretty dick head some tongue swirls and then I engulfed the hot swollen dick until it disappeared inside my wet sucking mouth. I gently tugged on his shaved pearls as I deep throated his beautiful dick.

His sweet cock disappeared again and again as I passionately sucked it in and out in deep wet strokes as the wetness streamed down the length of his hot cock and across his tight stiff balls. I then sucked on his wet dripping balls, but now they were so tight I could hardly get them into my mouth.

By this I knew he may getting close to the ultimate pleasure, and so did he. He said he wanted me back in his mouth very badly, so we shifted our positions to allow us to suck each other at the same time. We lay on our sides face to face and proceeded to suck each other's hot tools with extreme passion. I could hear the wet slurping sounds of him eating my cock as I did the same to his hot tool. I let his dick fall from my mouth just to get a close look at it again. What a beautifully hot dick he has, and he was offering it all to me for our mutual pleasure, as I was to him.

I felt like a cock slut myself as I viewed the hard cock before me. I suddenly had the urge to let him fuck my mouth so I asked him to let me lay beneath him and we again switched positions to give him access to my waiting hot mouth. As he straddled my face, I looked up to see the most beautiful sight of a hot stiff cock and balls, still shiny and wet just inches from my waiting mouth. I licked the stiff nuts briefly and then guided his hot swollen dick into my mouth. He fucked my face slowly and gently with deep strokes that hid his cock from view on every plunge.

As he slowly plunged his hot dick deeply in and out of my mouth, as he sucked my hot own tool at the same time. Oh my how erotic it was to be getting face fucked while getting deeply sucked at the same time. I could see and feel his silky wet balls on my face with each deep stroke as he face fucked me slowly. I reached to caress his smooth ass cheeks as he gently plunged his stiff dick in and out of my sucking mouth.

I could see his pretty pink pucker opening and closing slightly as he pumped my throat full of his hot dick. I now wanted to slip a wet tongue into that pretty little place above me, so I let his dripping wet cock plop from my mouth and grabbed his hips and guided his sweet pink pucker down onto my extended tongue. He almost screamed with pleasure as my stiff tongue touched his pretty little pink hole. I licked and kissed around the tight pink pucker which now seemed to be opening up to my plunging tongue. I could feel it going deeper inside him with every plunge, as he almost screamed with pleasure. I stroked his hot dick and tongue fucked his tight hot ass in unison.

As his moans continued, I could now feel his firm grip on my own raging hot boner. He stroked my hot cock with firm pressure as I continued to tongue fuck his hot ass and stroke his stiff dick. Suddenly he cried out that he was getting very close to orgasm, so I guided his lovely hot cock back into my wanting mouth. I could see his tight balls contracting and I got ready to accept his hot silky man cream with hungry anticipation.

His nectar squirted out in long gushes and it was very hot and creamy. I could not take it all and a lot of it dribbled down my cheeks. I scooped some in my hand and rubbed it onto my stiff cock and onto his hand. He rubbed it onto my aching dick as he continued to pump his cum coated cock into my now cum filled mouth. He stroked my hot dick with his own cum until I moaned that I was going to blow my hot load too. He removed his stroking hand and replaced it with his hot wet mouth.

Here I was with a mouth full of dick and hot cum, as he was sucking me deeply into his wet hungry mouth. I emptied my hot load into his mouth while trying to swallow the remains of his hot cream at the same time. My orgasm was so intense it felt as if my balls were going to follow along with the spurts of hot man cream. He then grasped my aching balls as if to coax more hot cream out of them as they continued to empty themselves into his hot sucking mouth. I could feel his hot mouth swallowing my entire dick and all of its contents at the same time.

He collapsed on top of me as we both lay there in complete sexual exhaustion. After recovering for a short while, we took a long sensual shower together. We soaped each other's naked bodies clean and then he got dressed in plain street clothes he pulled from a tote bag he had brought with him.

We exchanged casual goodbyes and he went out the door and on his way. Unfortunately, due to the distance between us, we have never gotten together since, but we do e-male each other occasionally. We have recently talked about driving to meet each other half way in another motel, but have not set an actual date.

I have to say that this was a fantasy come true for me, and I hope we can do each other again some time soon. In the mean time, I will have to be satisfied with the memory of that hot and sexy night that I will not forget any time soon. It was indeed one of the most erotic nights of hot steamy man sex I have ever had. I still get hard every time I think about that hot outfit he wore, and the goodies that were hidden beneath that sexy plaid mini skirt, and those hose clad legs.

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