tagLoving WivesA Cruise Adventure Ch. 01

A Cruise Adventure Ch. 01


The wife and I started cruising a few years ago. We have been to many exotic ports. Met some really nice people! We generally go on 7-day cruises and the passengers are mostly above 50 years old. Because of that we make more friends with crew members than passengers. This cruise we had more fun than we ever had on past adventures.

You know how cruises start. Wait in line. Get your boarding card. Wait in line. Check through security. Wait in line. Get your picture taken. Then you are free to roam the ship. Check out your stateroom and of course eat!

Once your bags get to the stateroom you unpack and settle in. Before you know its time for the sail out party! Always a great time! The party ends. Jean and I go back to our stateroom and get ready for dinner.

The first night is very casual. We go down to the dining room to find our table. We requested a table of eight but we were seated at a table all to ourselves. Little did we know sitting by ourselves would change this cruise for the better! Cuisine and service is top notch! Our headwaiter's assistant comes over and introduces himself. His name is Roberto. I'm sure it's not his real name. He's from Sweden. He gets us our water and drink order and goes to get our drinks.

Meanwhile Jean and I chat about the week to come. Ports of St. Thomas, St. Martin, Aruba, the Princess Keys and what we might like to do on those islands. Now you know what cruise line we are sailing on.

About 10 min later, our headwaiter stopped past and she introduce herself to us. Her name was Kristina she was from Russia. She was about five foot six inches tall and about the same build as Jean. She was a very striking woman. She and Roberto took very good care of us that first dinner! The food was wonderful and the drinks were never empty. We were getting ready to go out to the show. Kristina and Roberto came to the table told us goodnight. Kristina did something unusual. She gave both Jean and I a small hug with the promise of seeing us tomorrow.

We saw Kristina the next day up on the lido deck. She made the suggestion that she serve us our drinks while we sunned ourselves and swam. They get to wear short pants and button up shirts which are much more comfortable for them. She had a very nice body. I could not help but notice Kristina looking at Jean walk to and from the pool. She was not just looking, but staring at her great body. Jean was wearing a bikini with a Brazilian cut. I wasn't sure if Jean saw what I did or not. Jean came back from the pool and I told her just what I saw. She said she had not noticed but would keep an eye out. A couple hours later we were getting hungry so we went to get some food. As we were walking away Jean looked back and caught Kristina looking at her backside. Kristina quickly looked away. I would imagine she did not want us to know she was looking. Jean thought it was quite flattering which made me feel good from two standpoints. I see other guys looking at Jean but I've never have seen a women look at her that way.

We got back with our food. Sat down and Kristina came over and asked us if we wanted more to drink. She seemed to be a bit uncomfortable. Jean and I both ordered another round. Kristina went to get them. When she returned I got a little bold and told her it's ok to look at beautiful people. We did not feel bad about it and hoped she would not either. She said she was a bit embarrassed but felt better that we were not offended. Matter of fact she looked very relieved. We sat around a bit longer. Time for a nap and get ready for dinner.

Dinnertime came and we went to the Wheel House bar for a before dinner drink. We chatted about what had happened that afternoon. Jean said that she never had another woman look at her that way as far as she knows. I found it rather arousing knowing another woman found her attractive.

We went down to the dining room. Kristina met us at the table. She helped Jean with her chair and moved to the side of the table. As we chatted about our day she put her right hand on Jean's back and slowly rubbed it a bit with the tips of her fingers while we were talking. This kind of took Jean off guard. But it gave Jean goose bumps! Kristina took out her notepad and asked for our dinner order. Once again we had a fantastic dinner. Roberto cleaned off the table and asked for desert orders. After desert, Kristina stopped to see how things were. She told us of a crew party that was happening that night but she did not want to go but she did not want to go to bed. Jean and I looked at each other and without a word between us invited Kristina to our cabin for a nightcap after her shift was over. Kristina told us it is very much against the rules so she would think about it.

Meanwhile we went down to the casino to gamble a bit. After an hour of gambling we were not doing well. Loosing very successfully! Jean and I decided to call it a night and go to the stateroom for some quality time. We changed into out sleeping clothes then went out on our balcony and watched and listened to the waves crashing off the bow. It's so relaxing.

As we were relaxing we thought we heard a knock at the door. I went to check and it was Kristina! I opened the door and she asked if she still had an invitation for a drink. She was wearing a very tight shirt that showed off her B-cup breasts and a very tight pair of shorts. I told her of course and invited her in. Jean walked in from the balcony and said hello. Kristina's eye's and nipples grew big, as she looked at Jean in her sexy bedclothes. I also saw that Jean's nipples we showing through her top! We told her what we had for booze and what she would like. Let us serve you tonight! Crown Royal strait up She replied. Jean made drinks for all three of us and we went back out to the balcony.

We made small talk for a while. Learning Kristina grew up in Moscow. She was 36 years old. She is just like Jean. They both look younger than their age. Both have great bodies. Kristina told us she has been on 6 contracts. She was an accountant in Russia. She lost her job and that's what brought her to the cruise line. She enjoys working on cruise ships, but it's hard because her family was of course home and a serious relationship was out of the question on board. She had been single for about 5 years. Kristina said she has been feeling lonely for a few months and could not find anyone she felt she could trust. She thought she could trust us.

Jean and I told her about us. We have been married for 3 years with no kids. Secure in our jobs and us. We are looking for adventure and relaxation. The drinks started to do their job and we were all feeling a bit loose. I asked Kristina about her looking at Jean that afternoon. She told us she is interested in men, but sometimes has fantasies about women. Jean's curiosity was peeked. Plus she thought Jean has a beautiful body. The sexual tension was very thick. Jean and I looked at each other. Jean and I had fantasized about a three some a few times over the years with both male and female. But really never looked for one or ever thought we would. Kristina was a very attractive woman and I thought that both Jean and I were attracted to Kristina.

It was getting late for all of us. It was time for bed. Jean and I walked Kristina to the door. We gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodnight. Kristina stopped before walking out the door and asked if we could get together again after her shift the next evening? Jean and I told her we would give her and answer when we saw her next.

We slept in late the next morning.

The person delivering our breakfast waked Jean and me. It was good we ordered a late breakfast. Today was a sea day. No worries about getting off the ship. We could sit on the balcony all day and enjoy the sea. The conversation came around to the past evening/morning. Jean found herself thinking about both of us having sex with Kristina. Like I said, Jean and I had fantasized about a three some, but never pursued anything. Jean and I decided to have her stop past later that evening but do it well before dinner. Give Kristina something to think about until we saw her at dinner. Jean and I went up on deck to see Kristina. I thought it would be interesting if Jean told her while I waited at the bar. Jean did just that while I watched.

You could see Kristina's eyes light up! She and Jean walked over to me and confirmed the plans for the evening. This would give us a lot to think about the rest of the afternoon! Jean and I got a drink and told Kristina we would see her at dinner. We wandered the ship, ending up in the cigar lounge. We spent the next couple of hours smoking cigars and wondering about the night to come. We decided when Kristina comes past that night we would just let things run their course.

There was an air of excitement around Jean and me the rest of the day. Both of us were feeling very horny, but we chose not to do anything about it until later. We were looking forward to what dinner and later in the stateroom would bring.

We got ready for diner. It was formal night. Both of us were dressed to the nines. Jean was wearing a low cut red dress with no back. GRRRR!!! I wore my tux. We looked great! Jean and I went down to get formal pictures taken then off to dinner.

When we arrived at the dining room Roberto and Kristina were at the table to greet us. They both thought we looked wonderful. Roberto helped Jean with her seat and Kristina with mine. Kristina looked a bit uneasy. Her face was a bit flushed. Was the excitement of later getting to her? She stumbled over few of her words. It also looked like she was worried about letting Roberto in our little secret. Not to worry. Roberto was always kind of in his own world. Kristina took our dinner orders. Dinner came with a surprise. She handed me a note that said she had ordered a bottle of champagne and had it delivered to our room for later. There was also a set of lip prints with my and Jean's name next to them and a small heart next to each name. I showed the note to Jean and which put a big smile on her face. Dinner came to an end. We said goodnight to Roberto. I hugged Kristina and she then hugged Jean and whispered something into Jean's ear. Jean got a look in her eye's I've never seen before.

Walking down the promenade I asked Jean what Kristina had whispered to her. Jean said she had whispered that she was incredibly turned on and to stay in our formals. She would be at the stateroom about 12:30. I asked Jean what she thought. She thought it was very exciting, but was a bit nervous about what may happen. She asked the same of me. I felt the same way. I've never been given an opportunity like this before. Even if we just drink the champagne and enjoy getting to know each other that would be cool.

The time came around to go back to our stateroom at about 12:00. We made sure the champagne was in the room and on ice. It was. We took three towels out and put them on the chairs on the balcony. The chairs can have salt on them from spray and we did not want to get our formals full of salt. I asked Jean what she wanted to do when Kristina arrived. Jean thought for a moment. Come over to me and kissed me. She backed away and told me this is what I want to do to Kristina when she walks through the door. We'll have a glass of champagne ready for Kristina and us. Then both of us will give her a kiss. But Jean said me first! All I could think was Oh My!

There was a knock on the door. Jean went to the door and opened it. There stood Kristina in a long green sequined evening gown with her hair resting on her shoulders. Jean invited Kristina into the room. I walked over to the door behind Jean and rubbed her back for a bit of support. She was trembling. Kristina closed the door behind her and Jean moved to her. Putting her arms around Kristina and giving her a big hug. They were nose to nose. Jean tipped her head to the side and moved to kiss Kristina. Kristina did not pull away. They delicately kissed each other. Both of them gave a small moan of enjoyment. It was beautiful to watch. I took a step forward and kissed Jean. Then looked at Kristina and said good evening kissing her on the cheek. They both looked so hot in their formal dresses.

Come on in. Be our guest. I handed Kristina a glass of champagne.

We made ourselves comfortable on the balcony and began to talk about the morning to come. Here I was sitting with two beautiful women. All of us dressed to the nines. Not knowing what to do next. I told Kristina we had never done anything like this before.

Kristina started to speak. She said when I first saw you two at dinner. I knew there was something about you two I could trust. I saw Jean in her bikini and I fell in lust with her. I envied you Pete because you can make love to her anytime. I decided to take the risk. I want the three of us to make love to each other. We have come this far. Let's take it all the way? Jean and I agreed! Kristina picked up her champagne glass and made a toast. To lovemaking and us! Here! Here! Came from Jean and me!

I walked into the stateroom to get more champagne. I came back out and Kristina and Jean had taken their dresses down to their waist showing off their tanned breasts. Jean asked who's do you want to play with first? They were sitting next to each other. I walked in behind the both of them. I took one of Jean's and one of Kristina's breasts in my hands. Leaned over Jean's shoulder and kissed her nipple while caressing Kristina's with my other hand. They both let out an approving sigh.

I thought it was time to move things inside. I said I suppose we should get naked? Both of them agreed. Jean said you first my love. Jean came over to me and started to undress me taking off my coat and tie. Jean asked Kristina to take off my pants. Kristina knelt down in front of me and slowly undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. You're not wearing any underwear. Sliding my pants down she exposed a very hard and shaven cock. She looked at Jean and asked if she could touch me. Jean not only said yes she also knelt down in front of me. Jean took my cock into her hand and pointed it at Kristina. Here, lick it. Kristina licked the precum off my cock.

Jean asked me what else I wanted. I answered they should undress each other. Kristina took the lead and kind of cheated. She walked over to Jean and put her hands on either side of her head. Moving closer she kissed Jean deeply. Kristina moved her hands down over Jeans shoulders and stopped at her breasts. She said to Jean. You have beautiful breasts. Moving her hands further down, slowly working her fingers inside Jean's dress. Slowly sliding off her hips and letting it fall to the floor. Kristina got a surprise. Jean had taken off her nylons and underwear. Kristina was now kneeling in front of Jean. She loved how Jean has a clean shaved pussy. Kristina said I want you now seeing Jean's juices running out of her. Jean stopped her and said not yet. Kristina still needed to be undresses. Jean returned the favor. Slowly taking off Kristina's dress, letting it drop to the floor. Jean uncovered Kristina's pussy revealing that she too was shaven.

Jean stood up and looked at me and asked if I wanted any pictures for our scrapbook. Of course I did. I went to get the camera and asked both girls to stand next to each other. They were almost a matched set. I took a few pictures. They kept changing poses for me. I put the camera down and walked over to the two of them. I asked if it would be ok if I started things. I took their hands and moved them to the bed and had them lay down. Kristina said I should start with your wife. I gave Jean a deep, passionate kiss then kissing down her neck and shoulders, stopping at her breasts, using my tongue to play with her nipples. I continued down to her pussy stopping to take in her essence. I looked over at Kristina. She was watching us while playing with herself. I asked her if I could get a taste of her pussy. She drove a finger into her pussy taking her finger back out and offering it to me. Kristina was very sweet! Jean asked can I get a taste. Kristina told Jean, you will be able to taste me in a little while!

My attention went back to Jean. I slowly spread her legs and licked her from her clit to her ass. Yum I told both of them. Jean has the sweetest tasting pussy. I continued lapping Jean's juices. Jean stopped me and said don't forget about our guest. I bet she would like to have her pussy licked! Kristina nodded her head in agreement. Kristina's essence was just as good as Jean's. Her pussy lips were a bit bigger than Jean's. I took my firsts licks of her pussy then slowly circling her clit. I continued down and darted my tongue into her.

Kristina looked down at me with a look in her eyes that told me she wanted Jean. I knowingly nodded. Kristina moved over next to Jean. She slowly started massaging Jean. Letting her hands wonder over her body. She then climbed on top of Jean. Lying down on top of her, Kristina gave her a very passionate kiss. Jean kissed her back. I almost felt like I was in a dream watching these two on the bed in front of me. Kristina stopped kissing Jean and said are you ready for me? Do you want a woman to lick your pussy for the first time? Jean replied yes! Kristina did not waste any time and moved down to Jean's pussy. Kristina slowly put her tongue onto her pussy and began to lick up and down. I leaned over to Jean and kissed her. I asked if she was enjoying herself. Jean nodded yes. Kristina continued to go down on Jean. She told Jean how good her pussy tasted. Jean started to moan like she always does when she's ready to cum. Kristina used her fingers inside of Jean. A few more minutes passed and Jean looked like she was ready. Jean's juices started to flow faster. Kristina kept lapping them up. Jean started to say she was cuming! I'm! Oh God! Jean grabbed me pulling me to her. Kiss me while I cum! She came as another woman went down on her. Kristina kept on licking Jean until her orgasm subsided.

Did you like? I asked. She answered, yes I did! Kristina lay down next to Jean and slowly caressed her body. Kristina asked Jean how she liked another woman getting her off for the first time. Jean replied, better than I ever imagined! Not wanting Kristina wait too long. Jean had Kristina roll over onto her back. Jean had never gone down on another woman. Kristina helped her. Kristina took some of her own juice from her pussy offering then to Jean. Jean licked Kristina's fingers one at a time. She was losing her fear.

Jean started to kiss and lick down Kristina's arm moving to her breasts stopping to lick Kristina's hard nipple. Carefully at first then putting her whole mouth over her nipple and sucked on it. Jean laughed and said so this is why you like to do this to me? It's nice she said. Jean continued down Kristina's tummy kissing her belly button. Jean took in a deep breath and moved down to Kristina's pussy. Touching another woman's pussy for the first time she used a fingertip to trace around the outer lips pushing her finger into Kristina's pussy, running her finger back up to the top, stopping and taking a taste. Kristina looked as if she went to heaven. Jean slowly moved her down to Kristina's pussy inhaling her essence. She slowly and deliberately licked Kristina's clit making circles with her tongue around it. It was like she had done this before, Kristina commented. Jean did not answer. She continued to go down on Kristina finally getting to her honey pot. Kristina reached down and pulled her pussy lips open for Jean. Kristina almost pleaded for Jean to put her tongue into her. Jean complied with her wishes slowly plunging her tongue into Kristina.

Kristina moaned. Make me cum Jean! I'm almost there! Jean licked faster and faster. God I'm cuming! Kristina started to buck around. She arched her back and her whole body stiffened. Ohhh!! Ahhh!! Her body released her orgasm. Kristina sat up to Jean, kissing her, tasting her own sweetness on Jean's lips. Kristina told Jean for never going down on a woman you did wonderfully! I have only dreamed about watching two women making love. Watching my wife go down on another woman and getting her off. WOW! We were all a little wiped out. But I think we were all ready for anything.

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